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Alien Invasion? Not a Problem, Says Russia

Article by David Axe                               April 25, 2020                         (nationalinterest.org)

• Mainstream scientists maintain that we have not yet made contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, and believe that first contact with alien life will come in the form of either a robotic space probe finding evidence of microbes on Mars, Enceladus, Europa or some other distant body; or telescopes detecting radio broadcasts from far-away civilizations.

• In a 2011 paper (see here), a team of scientists from America’s NASA Planetary Science Division conceded that contact with intelligent extraterrestrials “remains possible”. “Contact with uncooperative [extra-terrestrial intelligence] seems likely to be harmful to humanity,” they warned.

• In 2012, Paul Springer, a history teacher at the US Air Command and Staff College in Alabama, told an Australian TV program that Washington has contingency plans for ‘attackers from beyond the solar system’. In the event of an alien invasion, “the first thing you would need to try to do is preserve your forces,” Springer said. In other words, hide. After that, “learn as much about the enemy as possible.” The aliens, meanwhile, would probably target Earth’s communications networks and its most potent weapons.

• As the world’s leading military powers, America and Russia would be the main targets. The two super powers would likely lead the eventual counterattack. Together, the two countries could field huge air, land, sea and space forces numbering thousands of warplanes, millions of soldiers, hundreds of ships and most of the world’s spacecraft.

• In the event of an alien attack, America and Russia would need to join forces, becoming close allies in the ‘First Alien War’, says Springer, and would remain unified thereafter. “Keep in mind, many of the greatest civilizations in human history formed to counter a common enemy.”

• In 2013, Sergei Berezhnoy, a Russian space official on the staff of the Titov Space Control Center remarked, “There are enough problems on Earth and in near-Earth space.” Moscow has no strategy for combating an invasion by galactic marauders.


In an odd episode in 2013, a Russian space official admitted, unprovoked, that Moscow has no strategy for combating an invasion by galactic

                Paul Springer

marauders. Luckily for Planet Earth, the United States does have a plan. And it counts on Russia and America fighting together.

Sergei Berezhnoy, on the staff of the Titov Space Control Center near Moscow, said that Russian air-defense officers “have not been tasked with preparing for the contingency of an alien attack,” according to Ria Novosti.

“There are enough problems on Earth and in near-Earth space,” Berezhnoy added.

A team of scientists from America’s NASA Planetary Science Division disagreed. “While humanity has not yet observed any extraterrestrial intelligence, contact with ETI remains possible,” Seth Baum, Jacob Haqq-Misra and Shawn Domagal-Goldman wrote in a 2011 paper.

The scientists conceded that extraterrestrials could be friendly or ambivalent—but we can’t be sure. “Contact with uncooperative [extra-terrestrial intelligence] seems likely to be harmful to humanity,” they warned.



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Is the Pentagon anticipating an alien invasion?

American Professor says US military has a contingency plan.

Toronto, Canada [ZNN] Professor Paul Springer from the U.S. Air Command and Staff College has been authorized by his employers to discuss US military plans to respond to an alien invasion.

Springer’s statement, according to research by Dr. Michael Salla of the Exopolitics Institute, reveals that the Pentagon does indeed have contingency plans in place to react to an alien invasion.

The fact that a US government agency like the Pentagon would entertain such a scenario could be considered a reaction to documentation by former military personnel that craft of unknown origin have been captured on radar and have indeed intruded upon restricted air space over nuclear installations.

The Pentagon’s alien invasion contingency plan also appears to contradict the US Air Force stated position that no intrusion by craft of unknown origin – reported, investigated or evaluated – was ever an indication of a threat to national security.

Why an academic of high standing like Professor Springer has been permitted to speak out is unknown – although recent events involving surveillance of ICBM nuclear installations by craft of unknown origin and a growing list of commercial and military pilot sightings of UFOs may be factors in a Pentagon decision to leak information through an accredited professional, thus linking alien intelligence with unacknowledged national security priorities. Dr. Salla states, “…Springer reveals that the Pentagon acknowledges the importance of thinking through the many national security issues surrounding the possible existence of extraterrestrial life and technology.”

Furthermore, in the midst of an on-going effort by the US government to deny the presence of extraterrestrial intelligences, it is more than perplexing why public statements about an alien invasion plan would surface on Australian television, while receiving little or no media coverage in the United States.

When asked about these plans, one UFO research expert stated: “These plans represent a military mind-game designed to incite fear and uncertainty among an uninformed public. Two major issues need to be answered; first, when will the US government realize that well over half of Americans polled believe their government is engaged in a cover-up? Secondly, citizens are mature enough to engage in discussions about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. Once these questions are addressed, a responsible and authentic public dialogue will emerge.”

The spokesperson went on to say, “Regrettably, while the Pentagon continues to deny UFOs are real – a military style of cowboy-diplomacy and a foreign policy entrenched in the 1940’s demand they shoot first and ask questions later.”

Read the assessment by Dr. Michael Salla about the Pentagon plan to deal with an alien invasion at: http://exopoliticsinstitute.org/news/index.php/21370/ (The Australian TV news interview of Professor Springer is also available at this site.)

or, http://www.examiner.com/exopolitics-in-honolulu/pentagon-plans-for-alien-invasion-exist-according-to-military-professor

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