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China In Space: Does the US Contest Or Cooperate?

Article by Theresa Hitchens                           May 04, 2020                            (breakingdefense.com)

• In an April 2020 Brookings Institution Report entitled “Managing China’s Rise In Outer Space” (see Brookings Report here), author Frank Rose asserts that “The United States faces a fundamental dilemma as it attempts to effectively manage China’s rise as a major actor in outer space.” The U.S. must find a balance between countering China’s anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons efforts and cooperating with China to address the key challenges facing the outer space environment, namely orbital debris and the rise of mega constellations.

• With over 120 intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance satellites in orbit, China is second only to the U.S. This includes 14 Gaofen satellites, China’s most advanced class of high resolution imagery satellites launched since July 2018. China also operates 34 communication satellites, four of which are dedicated exclusively for the military. China’s BeiDou ‘precision, navigation, and timing’ system (similar to the U.S.’s GPS system) will this year reach its goal of global coverage. The report notes that this will lessen China’s dependence on our GPS system, making it less vulnerable to U.S. interference, especially “during a crisis”.

• In the Brookings Report, Rose, who was Assistant Secretary for Arms Control in the Obama State Department, says that the US must live with the fact that China will be a peer in space, both militarily and in the civil and commercial spheres. While the U.S. needs to deter China’s growing ASAT capabilities, it also must also boost languishing diplomatic relations with Beijing on space issues. Rose accuses Trump of failing to continue the “robust period of dialogue during the Obama administration.” The bilateral US-China dialogue on space security has been largely neglected in the Trump administration,” the report says. The only inroads that Trump has pursued with China have been over the legal status of commercial mining of the Moon and asteroids.

• Rose believes a diplomatic strategy should include: deterrence against Chinese anti-satellite weaponry; reinvigorating bilateral dialogue on space security and civil policies; developing norms of behavior for outer space; and overcoming Congressional limitations on cooperative civil space projects with China.

• A recent study by the Secure World Foundation (see SWF study, “Global Counterspace Capabilities”, here) stated that China’s premier SC-19 mobile-launched ballistic missile can destroy “low earth orbit” satellites up to 2,000 kilometres (1,240 miles) in altitude – the altitude of most “observation” satellites.

• Another March study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (see CSIS study, “Space Threat Assessment 2020”, here) says that China has already started training specialized units of the Strategic Space Force in the use of “direct-ascent kinetic” anti-satellite weaponry. The studies found open-source evidence of a variety of Chinese efforts to develop counterspace-related technology from radio-frequency jamming to lasers for blinding satellites to ground-based missiles to on-orbit ‘killer satellite’ techniques.

[Editor’s Note]  In a a recent ExoArticle (see “The Truth Behind Russia’s Mystery ASAT Launch – ‘Not Operational’” here), director of the ‘Russian Nuclear Forces Project’ and senior research fellow at the ‘United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research’, Pavel Podvig pointed out that the Russian anti-satellite ‘Nudol’ interceptor can target satellites up to 1,240 miles in low earth orbit. Most U.S. spy satellites are in geostationary orbits of about 22,200 miles above the earth. “[I]t’s hard to imagine a military mission in which this capability would be useful,” said Podvig. The Chinese ASAT weapons mentioned here have a range of only about 2,000 kilometers (or 1,240 miles) as well.

Once again however, I fear that all of this hand-wringing over Chinese and Russian ground-to-space ballistic missiles being able to reach our low earth orbit ‘observation’ and GPS satellite constellation is a smokescreen hiding the real space race going on among the respective nation’s secret space programs.

Dr Michael Salla has just published a new book entitled Rise of the Red Dragon: Origins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program (see here for book info) which looks behind the curtain of China’s secret space program. I reached out to Dr Salla to comment on the concerns and military threats that Frank Rose presents in the foregoing Brookings Institute Report.

“The threat posed by China’s expansion into space is far greater than it simply developing anti-satellite weapons systems to neutralize the US military’s extensive satellite grid,” said Dr Salla. “China has been developing a secret space program with electromagnetic propulsion and weapons systems that have been developed through the acquisition of foreign technologies gained through espionage and corporate theft. Perhaps even more significant has been China’s secretive reverse-engineering programs of off-world technologies. These advanced space technologies are being enhanced through China’s unrestrained adoption of Artificial Intelligence for communications and control systems. China is devoting significant resources into the expansion of its secret space program as part of the asymmetric “Assassin’s Mace” strategy of countering US hegemony on Earth and in space.”

“The long term strategy of China’s ruling Communist Party is to exceed US space capabilities by 2030, and it will exploit the vagaries of international law and space law to advance its hegemonic aspirations. There needs to be full disclosure of the capabilities and technologies all major space powers to prevent a future Space Pearl Harbor as China expands its military presence in space.”


WASHINGTON: The US must find a balance between countering China’s antisatellite (ASAT) weapons efforts and cooperating with it to stave off broader risks to the space operational environment, says a new Brookings Institution report.

          Frank Rose

“The United States faces a fundamental dilemma as it attempts to effectively manage China’s rise as a major actor in outer space,” says author Frank Rose,,State Department assistant secretary for arms control under President Barack Obama. “On one hand, China’s development of anti-satellite weapons represents a direct threat to U.S. and allied space systems. On the other hand, it is difficult to see how the United States and the international community will be able to address the key challenges facing the outer space environment — i.e., the growth of orbital debris and the rise of mega constellations — without engaging with China.”

“Managing China’s Rise In Outer Space” says the US must live with the fact that China will be a peer in space, both militarily and in the civil and commercial spheres. For example, the report points out that China is second only to the US in the number of military and commercial remote sensing satellites it operates.

While the US needs to deter China’s growing ASAT capabilities, it also must boost languishing diplomatic relations with Beijing on space issues that are, by necessity and physics, of mutual concern.

Such a strategy should include:
 “Enhancing deterrence and increasing resiliency against Chinese ASAT threats;
 Reinvigorating the U.S.-China bilateral dialogue on space security issues;
 Continuing the U.S.-China Civil Space Dialogue;
 Developing bilateral and multilateral norms of behavior for outer space;
 Identifying ways to cooperate with China on pragmatic civil space projects; and,
 Reviewing current congressional limitations on civil space cooperation with China.”

Rose notes that, while the Trump administration has taken efforts to counter Chinese ASAT capabilities, it has also allowed diplomatic efforts to languish.

“After a robust period of dialogue during the Obama administration, the bilateral U.S.-China dialogue on space security has been largely neglected in the Trump administration,” the paper says.



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Obama & senior US officials blackmailed into silence about UFOs & alien life

Title screen from new ExoNews TV Episode examining blackmail of Obama and US officials on UFOs.
Title screen from new ExoNews TV Episode examining blackmail of Obama and US officials on UFOs. Click here or image to watch

Edward Snowden has released official documents that show the extent of NSA surveillance of foreign political leaders. According to another NSA whistleblower, Russell Tice, the NSA does the same in the U.S. It conducts regular surveillance of senior U.S. officials including military officers, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices and even members of the executive branch. The goal, Tice claims, is to gain sensitive personal material on such senior U.S. officials for the purpose of blackmailing them into supporting policies favorable to the recipients of the NSA surveillance information. One of the policies is maintaining secrecy about UFOs and their extraterrestrial origins.

In December 2005, Tice came forward to publicly reveal how the NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency were conducing unlawful wiretaps of U.S. citizens. He revealed to various media sources that among the targets were senior U.S. officials:

They went after high-ranking military officers; they went after members of congress — Senate and the House — especially on the intelligence committees and the armed services committees, lawyers, law firms, judges, State Department officials, part of the White House, multinational companies, financial firms, NGOs, civil rights groups …”

In June 2013, Tice was asked about the potential for blackmail of senior U.S. officials from NSA surveillance files:

Collins: Now Russ, the targeting of the people that you just mentioned, top military leaders, members of Congress, … intelligence committees, … and then executive branch appointees. This creates the basis, and the potential for massive blackmail.
Tice: Absolutely! And remember we talked about that before, that I was worried that the intelligence community now has sway over what is going on.

While Tice was not widely believed at the time, the Snowden NSA document leaks have confirmed many of his claims.

In a June 2014 interview with the Washington Blog about forthcoming Snowden based stories of NSA surveillance of U.S. citizens, Tice explained that the Snowden documents belong to a database called the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System.

These documents are accessible to all within the NSA with the necessary Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance levels. However, Tice claims that there are more restricted NSA information networks based on higher security levels. He describes two of these as Exceptionally Controlled Information (ECI) and Very Restricted Knowledge (VRK). It is in these more secretive networks that Tice found information concerning the surveillance of senior U.S. officials going back as far as the 1970s and the surveillance of Senator Frank Church who led a Senate investigation of the U.S. intelligence community.

Tice revealed that one of the recipients of the NSA’s secret surveillance files of U.S. leaders was former Vice President Dick Cheney:

… the whole thing was being directed and was coming from the vice president’s office … Cheney, through his lawyer David Addington…. all “sneaky pete” under the table, in the evening when most NSA employees are gone for the day. This is all being done in the evenings … between like 7 [at night] and midnight.

According to another whistleblower, Derek Hennessy, Cheney had direct knowledge of a secret UFO program based on extraterrestrial technologies at the highly secret S-4 facility at Area 51. Cheney was therefore well placed to use NSA information to find out who among U.S. officials had received information about UFOs and extraterrestrial technologies. He could use this NSA information to blackmail senior U.S. officials in order to maintain UFO secrecy.

Among the U.S. officials that have been monitored and blackmailed, according to Tice, is President Barack Obama who first came under the radar of the NSA when he became a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

In the summer of 2004, one of the papers that I held in my hand was to wiretap a bunch of numbers associated with a forty-some-year-old senator from Illinois …. That’s who the NSA went after. That’s the President of the United States now.


This helps explains why Obama backtracked on many campaign pledges, including that of the most open and transparent U.S. government in history. Obama’s pledges and choice of administration officials fueled speculation that was being prepared to disclose the truth of UFOs and their extraterrestrial origins.

The Art of Deception is a 50 page powerpoint presentation released by Snowden that confirms deception involving UFOs is part of online covert operations maintained by the NSA and its global intelligence partners.  Blackmailing senior U.S. officials into silence would be critical for the success of covert programs aimed at deceiving the public about UFOs. Based on documents released by Snowden and Tice’s earlier revelations, one can conclude that President Obama and senior U.S. officials are blackmailed by recipients of NSA surveillance information on a number of issues, including maintaining secrecy about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

© Copyright 2014. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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New Roswell Petition V – Seeking Transparency



There appears to be no end to the determination of researcher – one Stephen G. Bassett to challenge the Obama administration to live up to its promises of greater transparency in government.

By posting his fifth in a series of “We the People” petitions to the White House dealing with the UFO/ET issue it may represent an obsession with government prevarication, or a truly genius search for the truth that no one else is willing to take on; or both.

This time Bassett is demanding that the US government re-investigate the multiple and suspect military explanations around the crash near Roswell New Mexico in 1947. Bassett has once again placed yet another demand before the President and constitution-watchers.

Similar to other White House administrations, and despite immense evidence, the Obama administration has shown itself to be abjectly silent on any and all public discussion of the UFO/ET issue. Bassett however is abjectly determined to continue knocking on the White House door until he receives an answer. Although one of Bassett’s petitions did extract a comment from the Office of Science and Technology Policy, it failed to ignite any further media discussion about the UFO/ET matter.

One could argue that the historic Roswell incident is the key issue here. Quite the opposite. Bassett seems to have cleverly positioned the entire UFO/ET issue on the much larger American political agenda by using the popular and iconic Roswell event as a lightning rod into a deeper examination of government transparency, secrecy and media manipulation.

In an election year, where a second term for Obama is by no means guaranteed, Bassett may have provided Obama a perfect opportunity to end the silence – even if only a little – to give the American electorate a tiny taste of UFO goings-on. The chances of this – remote? – of course, however the abundant and growing evidence from highly credible military officials, astronauts and intelligence community insiders demonstrate the increasing flimsiness of the cover-up’s sustainability and the blatant use of government secrecy, in tandem with intimidation, to keep well equipped insiders quiet about the UFO reality.

In the petition Bassett points to documented and unshakable testimony by military and intelligence officials:

  • Lt Col. Philip Corso (USA) “I came into possession of the Roswell File. This file contained field reports, medical autopsy reports and technological debris from the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle.”
  • Capt. Edgar Mitchell (USAF/NASA) “Roswell was a real incident, and that indeed an alien craft did crash, and that material was recovered from that crash site.”
  • Chase Brandon (CIA) “It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet.”
  • Lt. Col. Richard French (USAF) “There were actually two crashes at Roswell.”

Needless to say, under any other set of circumstances, testimony of this magnitude by the likes of a former NASA astronaut-USAF pilot, a former CIA agent and American and foreign military officers would be taken as prima fascia evidence in a court of law. However because it just so happens to be about craft of non-Earth origin, it is all ignored, ridiculed and dispensed with – case closed – no discussion.

How does this happen in a democracy? One explanation, as Bassett appears to be implying, is that government is writing the news of the day for the press. If this is a shock to you – then you haven’t been paying attention.

The mainstream media has a distinct role to play in this matter – but they’re not. The press must be the public agent asking the dynamic questions that constitutionally require not only a response, but the truth. There is a difference.

Regrettably the media has remained silent on this matter – giving government a free hand in lying to its citizens about how NASA, the Navy, Air Force, the Army and FAA have engaged off-world-craft on a regular basis.

It is worth noting how the following statement by Bassett – made years ago – rings true today. He stated: “Governments have constitutionally always been allowed to keep secrets but they have never been granted the right to lie to its people.”

It is here that Bassett parts ways with many in the UFO research community in demanding that the American government uphold the constitution and cease prevaricating about the extraterrestrial presence engaging the planet.

A political act if there ever was one.

Larger groups like MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) for example, can take a page or two from Mr. Bassett’s playbook and step forward to profile these questions in a more public and political manner – especially in an election year in which an issue like this could thrust itself onto the Presidential campaign agenda in a heartbeat.

Therefore three things need to happen:

1. The US government must be engaged in a positive and cooperative manner to come forward and openly inaugurate public discourse about all evidence in this matter, examine the testimony of its own military officials and ultimately admit they have been wittingly or unwittingly part of an extended generation of liars.

2. Amnesty must be offer to all and every individual within the military and intelligence community who may wish to come forward about their experiences or part in the cover-up.

3. The mainstream media must set aside their indolent corporate conscience and get to work on exposing every aspect of the cover-up. Transparency in government was a corner stone of Obama’s new residency in Washington at the time of his election. However the truth be told, no other bounce-back rhetoric catches Barack Obama in his tracks than his January 2009 statement on transparency.

Will a new investigation of the Roswell crash be a response to Obama’s transparency promises? Maybe. Will the constancy and determination of Stephen G. Bassett knocking on the White House door jar loose a few rafters at the White House - revealing cracks in the truth embargo and an end to secrecy?

The short answer – One thing is for sure – Bassett won’t give.

The long answer – Bassett’s onslaught of now five separate petitions to date on the UFO/ET issue are perhaps less significant individually than they are collectively. Because the whole is greater than the sum of all its parts, Bassett’s ‘petition’ messages to government and media are clear: Fulfill your mandate both constitutionally and journalistically and let’s get on with a new era of truth.


To see and sign the Petition go to: “We the People”.

See also: The Paradigm Research Group 

Review by Dr. Michael Salla: White House Petition


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