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A Galactic Receiving Station Opens in Grand Marais, MN

by Susan Du                  March 27, 2019                    (citypages.com)

• Australian-born Christine Day, 65, communicates with Pleiadian Nordics from the constellation Taurus, and has written books about them as their conduit. In the 1990’s, Day lived for a time near Mt Shasta at the California/Oregon border where she studied homeopathic healing. This led Day to becoming a shaman and leading vision quests. One day she encountered a spaceship in an open meadow. Pleiadian Nordics emerged, telepathically bestowing upon her universal truths meant to help humans attain a higher state of self-awareness.

• According to Day, the tall blond Pleiadians have cultivated humanity’s progress since the dawn of time, building the Egyptian pyramids and transmitting teachings to indigenous civilizations worldwide. Day believes that she is a descendent of these Pleiadian Nordics.

• In 2013, Day spent 10 days in a remote cabin on Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail near the Canadian border, working on her second book. Once it was done, Pleiadians guided her out of the wilderness and down a long driveway to an unkempt house on three acres of land beside Lake Superior which happened to be for sale. The area is pristine, far from urban clutter. And the energy there is incomparable due to its ancient bedrock of magnetite-rich iron deposits which even creates a magnetic anomaly of 18 degrees. With spaceships in attendance, Day set about arranging large stone circles on the beach. She describes a transmission of light emerging from beneath Lake Superior as a submerged portal opened, activating what she calls one of Earth’s most powerful receiving stations for alien entry. In addition to this portal, located about a mile into Lake Superior, the property is bounded by two other portals within the property.

• In 2013, Day bought the house on the shores of Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Minnesota, along with another house in-town where she lives during the colder months. She replaced the roof of the beach retreat and remodeled a barn into a heated meditation room. As a “Pleiadian Ambassador” Day charges $450 per person to attend her weekend retreat. She points out that her students are wealthy people who would lodge in town and take their meals in local restaurants. Day’s Pleiadian teachings aren’t religious. Students come in search of guidance on how to live in this time, which is “pretty intense”. They pay thousands of dollars for online coursework, seminars, and immersive retreats in Grand Marais. Families with children as young as 10, groups of girlfriends, and people of all ages are drawn through her website and word-of-mouth. Business is robust.

• Lately, however, Day has been getting push-back from her neighbors who complain about the noise of the people on the beach, the increased vehicle and foot traffic, trash brought by Day’s students, and diminished property values. The residential district isn’t zoned for business, her neighbors insist. A nearby artist, Jan Attridge, believes that the Pleiadians pose a spiritual invasion. She can’t hear the noise of the retreat, but Attridge says she can feel the energy emanating from Day’s interdimensional depot, giving her migraines. “Clearly, a situation needs to be approved of first by Cook County and its inhabitants.”

• Day acknowledges that there’s hostility. Despite the small town’s liberal reputation, certain anonymous people exaggerate, and some churchgoers are prejudiced. Brian Larsen, editor of the News Herald and town crier for more than 30 years, is willing to entertain the idea that Grand Marais might be some kind of alien hotspot. Most people who’ve lived in Grand Marais long enough have seen UFOs, he explains. “[W]hen you see them and they fly in straight lines and they go as fast as you can see… I’m not saying they’re from outer space… but when… you’ve got 50 people all looking at the same thing, you’re going, ‘Ahh.’”

• Last year, Day requested a five-year permit for her Pleiadian retreat. According to the county’s zoning code, even in residential neighborhoods, cottage businesses are allowed as long they’re consistent with rural life. The county planning commission granted her a probationary permit so long as she soundproofed her gathering spaces and showed she could be respectful of neighbors. Day has decreased the size of her student groups from 50 to 25 at a time, and set business hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. She has booked six retreats this year, from May to August.

• “People go to these paranormal sites to have this sort of special spiritual experience with the land, or just to connect with something beyond themselves. It feels like there’s something missing in our society these days that makes people want to reach out for things like that.”


I. A slice of paradise

For 15 years, Kristen Sobanja has lived in a secluded house in the woods off Highway 61 in Grand Marais. Stalwart pines flank the gravel path to the front door. Her backyard is a rocky shore overlooking Lake Superior’s white immensity. The center of “America’s Coolest Small Town” is but a short drive away.

North Shore summers aren’t long, but they are sweet. Sobanja and her sister spent those precious months last year tending their garden and staining the deck, where they’d watch for eagles and play board games.

One day a howl rang out from the house next door. It was a low, full-throated bellow so loud she could hear it over the television. Somebody’s being killed, Sobanja thought with a start, rushing to the window.

She found a train of cars parked in the neighbor’s yard. Down on the beach, a large assembly of people were crying, chanting, and hugging trees.

The neighbor was Christine Day, a motivational speaker who moved to the neighborhood in 2013. The women never got to know each other, as tentative plans to get together for a glass of wine always fell through. Day was polite but somewhat brusque, giving the impression of forever rushing off somewhere to attend to more important matters. She spent three-quarters of the year away, teaching self-improvement classes around the world.

               the beach on Lake Superior

If they’d struck up a conversation, Sobanja might have learned that Day called herself the “Pleiadian Ambassador,” and that her work involved channeling the energy of Nordic aliens from distant stars. Last summer, Day booked five weekend retreats for groups of 50 to commune with extraterrestrials inside galactic portals constructed on her property. Each person was charged $450 to partake.

“I do believe in life other than on earth, so that aspect doesn’t bother me at all,” Sobanja says.

But tipped, overflowing garbage cans do. Beeping cars, wailing as early as 6 a.m., and the traffic of dozens of people on the boat path ruined her solitude. Their residential district wasn’t zoned for business.

And then there was the more baffling transgression: Day had neglected to inform her human neighbors about the imminent arrival of aliens—and their adherents.

II. Visions on the Gunflint Trail

Christine Day is an energetic 65, with a smooth face, sharp violet eyes, and a shock of silver hair cropped short, which gives her a monochromatic, slightly futuristic look. She speaks in gently coursing tones with a soft accent courtesy of her native Australia.

Two decades ago, Day traveled to California and lived at Mt. Shasta, a volcano near the Oregon border so striking that people have conferred spiritual meaning on it for centuries. A sacred site for Native American tribes turned New Age tourism hotspot, it’s now a mecca for believers in Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, and UFOs.

Day studied healing touch—the homeopathic concept of transferring wellness energy from one person to another through laying hands—before becoming a shaman and leading vision quests.

One day she encountered a spaceship while walking in an open meadow, Day says. Nordic aliens emerged, telepathically bestowing universal truths meant to help humans attain a higher state of self-awareness.

She claims to be descendants from these Nordic aliens, a.k.a. Pleiadians, who are tall, blond, and beautiful. They’ve existed in popular culture since the 1950s as benevolent visitors who hail from the Pleiades, a brightly burning clutch of stars in the constellation of Taurus. Day is one author among many who writes books about them, and considers herself a conduit.

In her telling, Pleiadians have cultivated humanity’s progress since the dawn of time, building the Egyptian pyramids, and transmitting teachings to indigenous civilizations worldwide. Minnesota’s Native Americans inherited their star knowledge from Nordic alien astronauts, she says.

“A lot of the Native people say only Natives can do these ceremonies, but the Pleiadians would say it was important that the pure teachings went out.” She describes Native practices as “broken down” derivatives of Pleiadian tradition, “twisted” by the erosion of time.

In 2013, Day spent 10 days holed up in a remote cabin on Minnesota’s Gunflint Trail, working on her second book. Once it was done, she says, Pleiadians guided her out of the wilderness and down a long driveway to an unkempt house on three acres of land beside Lake Superior. It happened to be for sale.

With spaceships allegedly in attendance, Day set about arranging large stone circles on the beach. She describes a transmission of light emerging from beneath Lake Superior as the portals with the circles opened, activating what she calls one of Earth’s most powerful receiving stations for alien entry.



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FAA Tapes From That Oregon UFO Incident That Sent F-15s Scrambling

by Tyler Rogoway            February 15, 2018           (thedrive.com)

• This article gives a play-by-play of a UFO event that occurred on October 25th, 2017 over Northern California and Oregon, according to the radar images and lengthy voice recordings of FAA officials, Air Force radar operators, and airline pilots as they track a white aircraft at 37,000 ft.- bigger and faster than a Boeing 737. These recordings provide compelling insight how such an event is actually handled in real-time by Air Force and FAA officials. What it does not provide are explanations. Air control officials are completely puzzled as to what this UFO might have been.

• It began at 4:30pm PST when Oakland Center (California) Sector 31 first detected the target on radar traveling at very high speed due north up the eastern border of California in the vicinity of Mt Shasta. When it reaches the Oregon border, the “intruder” drops off radar. Over the next half hour air traffic control tracks the UFO through visual sightings reported by airline crews. Air Force F-15 fighter jets are scrambled out of Portland International Airport in northern Oregon.

• Commercial aircraft Alaska Airlines 525 cannot get a visual. United 612 can see it but cannot make it out. The Southwest 4712 crew has the best view of the large white UFO. It follows the Southwest flight at a visible distance all the way from Mt Shasta to the Portland International Airport. The Southwest pilot remarks that in 30 years of flying, he has never seen anything like it.

• At this point, the commercial aircraft lose sight of the UFO, the F-15’s apparently are not able to intercept, and radar is never able to reacquire the UFO. Seattle Center’s Manager In Charge of Operations is heard talking with Seattle Center and the three commercial airline pilots trying to figure out what just happened. An official with the FAA’s Quality Assurance Group, the division that specifically deals with unique aerial phenomenon, could only say, “Wow. That’s weird.”


Last November, The War Zone posted an exclusive story detailing a bizarre incident involving an unidentified aircraft that transited the skies of the Pacific Northwest in the early evening of October 25th, 2017. What started as a radar target moving at very high speed over Northern California turned into a series of eyewitness accounts made by nearby airline pilots traveling northward over Oregon. Even F-15 fighters were launched to intercept the mysterious intruder that quickly became invisible to radar.

Now, through the Freedom of Information Act, we present what could be one of the most insightful instances of official documentation surrounding such an encounter that had already been confirmed to have occurred by both the FAA and the USAF. These materials include fascinating audio recordings of radio transmissions and phone calls made as the incident was unfolding, as well as pilot interviews, and conversations between FAA officials made in the aftermath of the highly peculiar incident.

Fast forward three months later, and now we have so much more evidence that adds incredible depth and color to our original report and the limited radio recordings we originally had to go off of. Via our Freedom of Information Act Request we received hours of audio, all with unique elements that add to this story. What we have done is packaged that audio, as well as the radar data provided, into four separate videos. We will highlight some of the big takeaways from each video in our piece, but we cannot stress enough how interesting and eye opening this audio is to listen to in full, so we highly recommend you do so by watching each video in its entirety.

The first video includes audio from the initial spotting of the object as it ripped its way across Northern California at high speed, before it took a turn north and merged with nearby air traffic and disappeared from radar. Once again, beyond becoming invisible to radar, this aircraft had no transponder broadcasting nor did it ever communicate verbally with air traffic controllers. The audio in the video goes on to be sync’d in real-time with radar data obtained via our FOIA request.

Oakland Center Sector 31 first detected the target around 4:30pm PST. Below is a chart showing where Oakland Center’s high altitude sectors are situated around Northern California. Sector 31 spans roughly from Sacramento up towards Redding, before its northern edge, which is near the border with Oregon, terminates and Seattle Center’s airspace begins. To the east, the airspace sits along the California-Nevada border. This makes sense as the craft was eventually tracked by airline pilots as it made its way up over Crater Lake and towards the Willamette Valley.

In the audio the Oakland Center controller notes that it is near his boundary, so it seems the aircraft’s first appearance officially occurred near the border of Oakland Center Sector 31 and Seattle Center Sector 13 or 14. The target was moving “very fast at 37,000” feet when it was first detected.

The “intruder” quickly dropped off radar and that’s when the visual sightings made by airline crews began. They continued for roughly half an hour and over hundreds of miles. The exchanges between nearby pilots and air traffic control regarding the unidentified aircraft were constant in the audio, with the same description coming back time and again—that of a white aircraft cruising at around 37,000 feet that is too far away to tell the type or if it has markings of any kind on it.

At roughly 27:30 into the video we get our first indication that the F-15s out of PDX are about to scramble, with the air traffic controller noting this while talking to another FAA controller, during which the controller also reiterates that there has still been no radar contact with the aircraft. The controller also repeatedly asks aircrews nearby to check their Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems for the aircraft, which all come back negative.

The F-15s first appear on radar as they climb out of Portland to the south at time index 33:33 as “Rock” flight—a common call-sign used for the alert F-15s stationed at PDX. Alaska 439 asks for an update on the unidentified aircraft and the controller notes they still have nothing on him, saying colloquially that it must be in a kind of “stealth mode or something.” It’s also interesting that the F-15s first went south when it seems as if the object would have been north of PDX by the time they finally launched.

This second video is just the radar data in its raw form. It starts before the sync’d recording begins above so we thought we would post it in full so our readers can take a closer look if they want.

Next we move into some very interesting recordings of FAA phone calls that occurred as all of this was taking place. We edited out dead space in the audio between phone calls and bleeped the names of those who named themselves. Aside from that, the audio is unedited by us, although we cannot be certain if parts were redacted by the FAA or not. There were a few strange areas where conversations went mute and it’s not clear if this was edited or just an anomaly. The primary person talking in most of these calls is the Operations Manager In Charge for Seattle Center at the time that the incident took place.
The first call is to Oakland Center, and it occurs early on after the initial radar detection and as pilots began spotting the craft visually. He also mentions that “air defense” is looking for the target now too (on radar), so it shows how early the military was involved in the encounter.

You will notice that the term “DEN” is referred to repeatedly in these recordings. That is the Domestic Events Network, a sort of hotline system that is used to bridge the FAA with federal authorities, namely the military. You will also hear the term “WADS” and the nickname/call-sign “Bigfoot.” This refers to the Western Air Defense sector of NORAD that monitors the airspace over a huge swath of territory in the United States and Canada. Based out of McChord AFB in Washington, WADS scrambles the fighters when needed and works to direct them to their targets of interest during domestic air sovereignty missions, among other responsibilities.

When the Manager In Charge is asked if he was asking for military assistance by another FAA controller, the tape goes blank. The same inquiry is heard moments later, and it goes silent again before another call begins. Although it really doesn’t have much impact on the greater mystery, who asked for the F-15s to scramble and when, comes up in the next video in an exchange between the same manager and an FAA official.

In the final set of calls in the video we hear controllers talking about how the Air Force wants to set up an air patrol over Battle Ground, Washington, which is a dozen miles directly north of PDX. We know the F-15s headed south initially, so it isn’t clear if this call came after they initially headed in that direction or before they were even airborne and the plan changed later on for some reason. Once again “Rock” refers to the call-sign of the alert fighters.

Finally, we get to our last and most interesting of our evidence videos. It contains the calls made after the incident occurred. Seattle Center’s Manager In Charge of Operations tries to figure out what happened exactly. In doing so he talks once again with Seattle Center and the trio of airline pilots that spotted the craft visually and has some very interesting conversations with the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization Security office and the agency’s Safety and Quality Assurance Group.



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An Encounter with Antarel at Mt Shasta

By Paola Harris
September 29, 2014

As in the movie CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, I was invited.

This 1977 film began my life as a researcher because I went to find the father of Ufology, Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hynek, and I worked with him for 6 years until he died. So it is logical that the film invitation would be followed by a invitation to experience actual contact 34 years later on September 21st, 2014.


This past year, I was researching Contact from the Stars and Spacebrother / Human-type alien interactions when I encountered Ricardo González from Peru. I interviewed him for my Italian magazine X-TIMES.

His Extraterrestrial contact is the three meter tall, muscular Spaceman named ANTAREL from the Alpha Centauri system.

Ricardo is perhaps one the most prepared, brilliant researchers in the world. He is impressive with his commitment to world peace and his search for truth and his many travels around the world. He is a Peruvian who lives in Argentina with his companion SOL SANFELICE , who has the singing voice of an Angel.

Ricardo has a group of 7 confidants, including SOL SANFELICE, his companion. Corinna Muzi was my Spanish interpreter as she speaks Italian, my first language. She was another of the 7 confidants —  friends who travel with Ricardo and with whom he has recently returned from ALTAI in Russia. They all were very aware of the precarious, geopolitical situation that interests, not only us, but the star people. In three days on Mount Shasta, we surrounded the planet with light, chanting OM and meditating and praying for peace.

Ricardo and Sol, Mt. Shasta, September, 2014

In August of this year, Ricardo wrote me that he was holding his annual Mount Shasta meditation seminar and that Antarel asked I be present. I have always wanted to go to Mount Shasta, and for three days that I was there with 165 Spanish speaking participants. It was an emotional experience.

We were sleeping in tents under the stars, fasting — with little food — to raise the vibration, and meditating on WORLD PEACE most of each day. It was here that I experienced a life changing moment. I was quite content to be part of this wonderful group of Hispanic light workers, knowing that Extraterrestrial craft was flying over our heads — at times captured by Ricardo’s night vision equipment. At 20:00 hours, two UFOs flew parallel over our heads as predicted [see video above].  It was an omen of things to come.

Around 22.30 PM, the night of the Autumn Equinox, Ricardo asked us to do a most unusual exercise. We were to chant OM in the Sand Flats under the stars, not using any flashlights, with no full moon in total darkness. We were then to disperse and walk in a limited area for one half hour. In that time we were to select a small rock to place on the peace flag which was created out of stones in the main camp site. Then we were to return to our chairs.

The WoodsI noticed my interpreter, Corinna, was missing. It was that moment that Ricardo rushed over to me and said “Antarel is here. My people are with him, do you want this contact? Can you handle it? Can you come to the Forest Area with me?”

It was a terrifying, split second decision that would change my reality forever. My heart was beating very fast.

Antarel had invited 2 more ladies and all three of us held hands, walking toward a corner of the dark forest on Mt Shasta. Ricardo shouted back to his Group to continue meditating with a friend, who he put in charge. It was quite unexpected for him as well. I was on the right side of the group and as long as I my right hand was in the hand of the other woman, I felt safe. From far away, I saw a light mist rise from the ground, on the left side of a spruce tree. Ricardo explained to me that a porthole had opened called a Zendra.

Mt Shasta ET contact

I then saw Corinna and, next to her, Sol Sanfelice, whose arms were stretched out. She was standing still, looking at at a three meter giant in the woods. Sol was inching her way towards him because that was the first time she had seen him in the physical form. She told me later she wanted to embrace him. I was asked to drop the hand of the woman on the right. As I stood in the darkness, that was perhaps the most terrifying moment of all, that feeling of being alone. I could hear Ricardo chanting in the background, as he was not to be part of this encounter.

It was an invitation of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and a moment in time that transformed a human like me to awareness that the forest, the people, the stars, Antarel and the group were ONE!


Antarel spoke in a language I could not understand. It was an echoing voice, much like a radio transmission. I tried so hard to hear his words that were coming from high on the trees to the right of me. Two words were very very clear “THANK YOU”! They echoed in perfect English. They were perfect and clear and came in an Echo.

We all felt him, some saw him…and he spoke to me. It was Contact. “Thank you” was for all of us. It was what this phenomena is all about. There is no separation.

As terrifying as the darkness, the forest and the situation was, it is that moment which changes everything. I remember when I first met Colonel Corso in Roswell, New Mexico in 1997. He told me that he had contact with an Alien being in Red Canyon and that the ET being asked the colonel to come aboard the ship. The Colonel asked him “What do you have to offer me?” The Extraterrestrial being answered “A NEW WORLD, IF YOU CAN HANDLE IT.”

Seventeen years later, Ricardo González asks Paola Harris,“Can you handle this contact tonight?” It comes full circle in the human experience of my research.

The answer is “YES!” Yes to contact and yes to the Paradigm Shift.

Grazias, Ricardo and your friends.

Thank You to Antarel.

I recently found out that there was a psychic transmission, on September 16th, of this event, which one of Ricardo’s friends drew on paper. There are 3 drawings depicting this very event with my name, marked “Harris,” standing next to that spruce tree in the exact spot I was standing on September 21st. It was all pre-programmed. All I needed to do was
to say “Yes!”


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