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Film on Netflix Finds UFO Whistleblower Bob Lazar Seeming Less Crazy Than Ever

Listen to “E20 Film on Netflix Finds UFO Whistleblower Bob Lazar Seeming Less Crazy Than Ever” on Spreaker.
by Vinay Menon                     June 25, 2019                     (thestar.com)

• In 1989, a young scientist working at the top secret Area 51 in Nevada told CBS affiliate KLAS News in Las Vegas that the US government had recovered and were analyzing numerous alien spacecraft at the even more secret S-4 base near Area 51. His name was Bob Lazar. It made global headlines and put Area 51 on the cultural map. Jeremy Corbell tells the story from a perspective of 30 years in his Netflix documentary, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.  (see 1:37 minute trailer below)

• Lazar claimed there were nine UFOs at the facility, some of which were operational. He had been hired at S-4 to “back-engineer” the propulsion systems. Powered by Element 115 — which at the time had never been synthesized in a lab — these UFOs allegedly had an antimatter generator that created gravity waves and manipulated the space-time continuum.

• Bob Lazar’s story has not changed in 30 years. To his supporters, family and friends who know him best, Lazar has always been telling the truth. Others refute Lazar’s story and his veracity.

• Says Corbell, “These milestones along the way, no matter how much we nitpick it apart, no matter how much people don’t want to believe, the evidence that he’s telling the truth outweighs the evidence that he’s not.”

• When Lazar first cited Element 115 in 1989, mainstream science had never heard of it. But in 2003 the element was synthesized, added to the periodic table, and later named Moscovium.

• Lazar also says in the film that these UFOs flew “belly-up”, with the ‘bottom’ of the craft pointing at its destination. Recent Navy footage shows UFOs flying exactly as Lazar described: tilted at an angle, rotating, emitting no exhaust, and maneuvering in ways that violate the laws of physics.

• The biggest questions hanging over Lazar concern his pre-UFO past. He claims to have studied at Caltech and MIT. He said his job before S-4 was with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. But investigators could find no record of Lazar at either of the schools or the facility. Lazar says his whistle-blowing led to the government scrubbing him from existence. But wouldn’t he still have physical evidence – diplomas, photos, correspondence, the names of professors or other students and colleagues?

• Investigative reporter George Knapp, who broke the story in 1989 and continues to publicly defend Lazar, found an old phone directory from Los Alamos that listed him. There were also newspaper stories that identified Lazar as a Los Alamos scientist. And some classmates and colleagues have since come forward.

• For decades, the US government’s position on UFOs was blanket denial. But that deep freeze is starting to thaw. The Navy recently issued guidelines for pilots to report sightings, free of stigma and judgment. Congress was recently given a classified briefing on the subject. And U.S. President Donald Trump, to his credit, has been forthright in acknowledging unexplained encounters.

• If Lazar is a hoaxster, as many claim, what did he actually get out of this whistle-blowing? He certainly hasn’t profited. He’s mostly shunned the spotlight and attempted to distance himself from UFOs while coping with relentless attacks on his character and credibility. Still, all these years later there is no persuasive evidence that he is lying. But what if Bob Lazar is telling the truth?

[Editor’s Note]   In response to the Netflix documentary, Dr. Eric W. Davis has been quite outspoken in denouncing Bob Lazar. In a November 2018 conversation with writer, Joe Murgia on George Knapp’s public Facebook page promoting the Lazar documentary, Eric Davis had this to say about Lazar: “[I]t is impossible for Lazar to have any Muscovite isotope in his house nor the gigantic particle accelerators that produced it via the collisions of other large atoms.” (Which Lazar purported to have built.) “… unless the house or their entire property is dozens of square miles in size.” (see Joe Murgia’s article here from www.ufojoe.net)
• Dr. Davis went on to say, “[A] Roadrunner (who ran programs at Area-51 for Los Alamos) told me that he knew Lazar’s female supervisor at Area-51 and had her pull up his personnel file. Lazar worked as a radiation health monitor in the unsecured logistics contractor facility outside of Area-51, so he was never inside that site, and he never held security clearances because he didn’t need them to work in an unclassified area. Lazar made up his entire cockamamie story about the UFO that he saw in a building inside Area-51. He was never exposed to any classified information, facilities, or programs in his work area.”
• “It was impossible for Lazar to do Ph.D. level work at (Los Alamos National Lab),” writes Dr. Davis, “because he only had a high school education with a C average grade, thus he had no education or training to be a scientist. He did not take high school physics. His job was radiation health monitor which did not require security clearances so he did not get access to Area-51 since his workstation was at the off-site logistics support facility which is unclassified. He’s also a convicted felon in the state of Nevada.” 
• Dr Davis is an astrophysicist with Austin-based EarthTech International and is affiliated with Tom DeLonge’s “To The Stars Academy”, which some including Dr. Michael Salla have labeled a “limited hangout” effort, influenced by the Deep State government to only disclose a threshold of information on the vast UFO and extraterrestrial presence. Dr. Davis was also a central figure where it was recently revealed that in 1997, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson, who was the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Vice Director for Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time, was flat out denied access to the admitted reverse-engineering of an extraterrestrial craft by a US defense contractor. (see Exoarticle here)
• Stanton Friedman is another critic of Bob Lazar. In a 1997 article on Lazar (see article here), Friedman wrote: “(Lazar) was publicly asked when he got his MS from MIT. He said “Let me see now, I think it was probably 1982.” Nobody getting an MS from MIT would not know the year immediately. He was asked to name some of his profs, He said: “Let’s see now, Bill Duxler will remember me from the physics department at Caltech.” I located Dr. Duxler. He’s a Pierce Junior College physics prof, and never taught at Caltech. Lazar was registered in one of his courses at the same time Lazar was supposedly at MIT! Nobody who can go to MIT goes to Pierce JC, not to mention the rather long commute between LA and Cambridge, Mass.” Later, Friedman would confirm that Lazar would, in fact, go on to work at the Los Alamos National Labs in an unknown capacity, and that this would have required a security clearance just to get inside the building.


The most chilling part of Bob Lazar’s story is that it has not changed in 30 years.

The scientist first made global headlines in 1989 with allegations that were truly out of this world: the U.S. government had recovered alien spacecraft and were analyzing the vessels at a top-secret base in Nevada, close to Area 51.

It was like hearing a whistleblower claim there was a clandestine cistern near Sea World that contained the Loch Ness Monster. Equally unsettling was the matter-of-fact manner in which Lazar detailed his astonishing claims.

In total, Lazar said there were nine UFOs, some of which were operational. He had been hired at the S-4 facility to “back-engineer” the propulsion systems, which were unlike anything on Earth. Powered by Element 115 — which at the time had never been synthesized in a lab — these UFOs allegedly had an antimatter generator that created gravity waves and manipulated the space-time continuum.

Or something like that.

The interviews Lazar did that year with KLAS, a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas, ricocheted around the world, put Area 51 on the pop-cultural map and cemented his status as one of the most polarizing figures in the realm of ufology.

To his supporters, including the family and friends who know him best, Lazar was telling the truth then and he’s telling it now. To critics, including some who otherwise believe aliens are real, Lazar was a terrestrial liar.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, I encourage you to watch Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers, now streaming on Netflix. As director Jeremy Corbell puts it: “These milestones along the way, no matter how much we nitpick it apart, no matter how much people don’t want to believe, the evidence that he’s telling the truth outweighs the evidence that he’s not.”

That’s an audacious statement.

But the milestones, big and small, are definitely intriguing.

1:37 minute Netflix’ trailer for Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers (The Orchard Movies)



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Area 51 Bombshell: Could Papers Prove FBI Raided Property Looking For Substance?

by Callum Hoare                       May 4, 2019                      (express.co.uk)

• Thirty years ago, Bob Lazar (pictured above) was a scientist working on extraterrestrial technology and spacecraft at the government’s top secret military installation known as S-4, near Area 51 in Nevada. He revealed this to journalist, George Knapp in 1989. Lazar then went silent for thirty years.

• Recently, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell convinced Lazar to retell his story for a documentary called “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”, which went to number one on iTunes. One of the film’s scenes showed an FBI raid on Lazar’s business, United Nuclear.

• The FBI claimed that they were looking for a purchase receipt for ‘potentially toxic materials’ that may have led to a death of a past client of United Nuclear. But Lazar and Corbell found it curious that in a private conversation the day before, they had been discussing an anomalous, non-Earthly material known as Element 115, which Lazar had secreted from the top secret military base thirty years prior. (In the 2 minute video below, Lazar and Corbell relate how they had their cell phones in their pockets during the conversation, and they strongly suspect that the government was monitoring their conversation.) The FBI’s extensive multi-agency raid turned up nothing.

• “Lazar was able to acquire some of the element when it was being machined at Area 51,” Corbell told Express.co.uk. “Lazar did have a stabilized version of Element 115 in his possession at one time… He did tests on it – and filmed the element bending light due to its unique gravitational characteristics. A handful of witnesses observed these tests – including investigative reporter, George Knapp. There is footage of one of these tests in my film.”

• Corbell believes that the raid was meant as a direct threat to Lazar. “I suspect the raid was used as a tactic to apply pressure to Lazar because he was about to talk publicly again – regarding his role in a top-secret government UFO back-engineering program,” said Corbell. “This admittedly bizarre raid comes off the heals of the exact moment Lazar was planning to speak out publicly again – after essentially 30 years of silence.” “[P]eople have been trying to debunk Lazar for 30 years, they have not succeeded.”


Bob Lazar became a conspiracy legend when he sparked a frenzy more than 30 years ago, claiming alien technology was being tested inside Area 51. In 1989, with the help of journalist George Knapp, Mr Lazar detailed a story where he claimed he was stationed at a base known as S-4, south of the USAF’s Homey Airport. He speculated the auxiliary facility in the Nevada Desert was being used by the US Government to reverse engineer technology used by UFOs.

Following the revelation, Mr Lazar went quiet for three decades, until investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell finally convinced him to retell his story.

Together, the pair filmed “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”, which aimed to prove the claims of Mr Lazar.

During the show, which shot to number one on the iTunes chart in just days, a scene showed Mr Lazar’s business “United Nuclear” allegedly being raided by federal agents.

Many critics claimed the FBI were simply carrying out a standard investigation due to the nature of Mr Lazar’s claims.
However, Mr Corbell claims that documents shared with Express.co.uk suggest that the FBI, alongside assistance from Laingsburg Police Department, were following up on an investigation using a material believed to have been purchased from United Nuclear.

The papers discussed the search for a “poison” explaining why a HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) truck was present.

However, Mr Corbell believes they were actually looking for something known as Element 115, which Mr Lazar is said to have taken from Area 51.

2:00 minute video clip of Lazar and Corbell on Larry King (Hulu) discussing the FBI raid



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Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars & Heavy Metals

Famed whistleblower Bob Lazar has recently been in the news with a new documentary about his groundbreaking experiences at Area 51’s highly classified S-4 facility. In his initial TV interviews with George Knapp back in 1989, Lazar first discussed element 115 (Moscovium) and how it was used in the propulsion system of the alien craft hidden at the S-4 facility. He said that aliens had supplied 500 pounds (227 kg) for reverse engineering purposes.

In 2014, Lazar did another interview with Knapp where he discussed Element 115 and how it is created both synthetically and naturally through supernova, which is the cataclysmic explosion of a star.

Given recent studies showing that suns regularly undergo micronova or “solar flash” events, we have another process by which a star can produce and eject heavy elements, which are subsequently mined by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in a cyclic manner.

Lazar further explained in his interviews that bombarding Element 115 with protons leads to it creating Element 116 (Livermorium) which immediately decays and produces antimatter. The antimatter collides with normal particles creating a massive energy burst, which can be used for propulsion. It’s quite likely Element 115 could also be the famed exotic matter that is needed to create traversable wormholes that physicists such as Drs. Kip Thorne and Carl Sagan have speculated, and was the subject of a recently leaked Defense Intelligence Reference Document titled “Traversable Wormholes, Stargates, and Negative Energy” .

What follows is a post from May 21, 2005 where I first discussed Element 115 and how its discovery had provided scientific corroboration for Lazar’s earlier claims.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

[Repost from May 21, 2005 – Exopolitics Comment 31]

I wish to focus on some recent scientific advances that vindicate some of the information that Bob Lazar provided from his alleged experiences at S4, and respond to some of his critics. The most important criticism concerned Lazar’s initial claim in 1989 of the existence of a stable form of element 115. The existence of such an element was initially dismissed by some of his critics and became a factor in Lazar not being taken seriously. For example Stanton Friedman wrote in 1997:

“There is no evidence that any 115 has been created anywhere. Based on what we know about all other elements over #100, it would certainly have been radioactive with a short half life, and 500 pounds could not have been accumulated. His scheme sounds good, but makes no real sense especially in view of how difficult it would be to add protons to #115.” (http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/sflazar.html )

However, in February 2004 scientists announced that they were able to reproduce an isotope of 115 in a laboratory, and said that a stable isotope is possible. Dr Joshua Patin, one of the creators of the 115 isotope, confirmed in an interview with Linda Moulton Howe that with sufficient technological advances, the creation of a stable form of 115 is possible:

“[Howe:] Could there be an element 115 isotope that is solid and can be held in the hand?
[Dr Patin:] “Some day down the road, I think so. If it’s true that we find something that is long enough lived. To hold something in your hand, you would need a significant quantity of these atoms. We’ve produced four atoms of Element 115 in a month. It would take you don’t have enough time in the rest of the universe to create enough that you could hold in your hand through these same kinds of production methods (that we are using).

That’s why I say a future technology might allow us advances in terms of how much can be produced and the target material, maybe a better way of producing but somewhere down the road, there might be a possibility, sure (see http://www.intalek.com/Index/News/Element115.htm ).

As to how element 115 is formed, Lazar claimed it is formed in massive stars. In an article he wrote:

“[M]any single star solar systems have stars that are so large that our Sun would appear to be a dwarf by comparison. Keeping all this is mind, it should be obvious that a large, single star system, binary star system, or multiple star system would have had more of the prerequisite mass and electromagnetic energy present during their creations.

Scientists have long theorized that there are potential combinations of protons and neutrons which should provide stable elements with atomic numbers being higher than any which appear on our periodic chart, though none of these heavy elements occur naturally on earth.” http://members.fortunecity.com/groom51/interstellartravel.html

Lazar’s idea that element 115 is formed in stars led to more criticism this time by astronomers and physicists that Lazar was incorrect since stars could not produce heavy metals with atomic numbers greater than iron (atomic number 26) in stable stars. This criticism was raised by Dr David Morgan in 1996 whose critique was kindly sent to me by Stanton Friedman.

Dr Morgan says:

“[Lazar] SEEMS to be suggesting that his element 115, the alien fuel source, which doesn’t exist on the Earth, should be present in those solar systems that were more massive at their inception. The implication here is that a star system which condensed out of a more massive primordial cloud should have a greater abundance of heavier elements.

This is quite incorrect. Heavy elements – all elements heavier than iron – are not formed during the normal life cycles of stars. The only time when these nuclei are “cooked” is during the collapse and subsequent explosion of supernovae.

The supernova explosion then spreads heavy elements throughout the galaxy. For this reason, the abundances of heavy elements in any particular star system depend NOT upon the properties of the current star, but on the properties of the nearby stars of the PREVIOUS GENERATION!

Therefore, all of the star systems in a particular region of the galaxy will have essentially the same abundances of heavy elements, regardless of the mass of star. If element 115 is STABLE, as Lazar claims it to be, then it should be created in supernova explosions and it should exist EVERYWHERE!” (http://www.serve.com/mahood/lazar/critiq.htm).

Dr Morgan’s criticism of Lazar is not supported by recent breakthroughs in understanding the formation of heavy metals in stars.

It has been discovered for example that heavy metals with higher atomic numbers than iron (26) can and are found in stars in their normal cycle rather than just through supernova which was the ‘old understanding’.

A NASA astronomer reflecting on this new theory answers a question concerning the existence of heavy metals with higher atomic metals forming in massive stars and answers:

… it does not require a supernova to create elements heavier than iron. Heavy elements can also form in the cores of massive stars before they go supernova. (http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/ask_astro/answers/010125a.html ).

This new theory has been recently confirmed with the recent discovery of three massive stars that have ‘lead’ (atomic number 82) in them:

“The theory has now been supported by data from the three binary, or “double” stars, studied by French and Belgian astronomers using the European Southern Observatory 3.6 metre telescope at La Silla, Chile.

Each star, which is otherwise light in metal, contains an amount of lead weighing the same as the Moon (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_383487.html?menu=news.scienceanddiscovery.space ).

The process by which some stars develop high concentration of heavy metals such as lead towards the end of their lives is called the ‘slow fusion’ or ‘s-process’ and is described as follows:

“The high abundance of Lead in these otherwise low-metallicity stars also provides detailed clues on how the s-process operates inside the AGB stars. When a Carbon-13 nucleus (i.e. a nucleus with 6 protons and 7 neutrons) is hit by a Helium-4 nucleus (2 protons and 2 neutrons), they fuse to form Oxygen-16 (8 protons and 8 neutrons).

In this process – as can be seen by adding the numbers – one neutron is released. It is exactly these surplus neutrons that become the building-blocks for making heavier elements via the s-process.” (http://spaceflightnow.com/news/n0108/30heavy/ – thanks to Stan Friedman for notifying me of this article)

It is estimated that half of all metals heavier than iron are caused by supernova explosions where these are rapidly formed through nuclear fusion (r-process) and the other half in stable stars with low metallicity that slowly build up heavy metals in a more gentle fusion process.

The new understanding of the formation of heavy metals in stars and discovery of large quantities of lead in some stars basically negates Dr Morgan’s criticism and shows that Lazar’s idea that some massive stars in the normal stellar cycle may have element 115 developed in them is a very real possibility.

What are the exopolitical implications of this given Lazar’s claims that extraterrestrials use 115 for their propulsion systems?

If element 115 is naturally formed in the core of some massive stars and element 115 is used in the propulsion system of extraterrestrial races, then it would be fair to assume that some extraterrestrials may have discovered how to mine stars of their heavy elements to use as a propulsion fuel.

Indeed, extraterrestrials with sufficient knowledge in mining suns of element 115 and other elements may be using this as part of an interstellar trade. Indeed, such knowledge and possession of large quantities of 115 and other elements may lead to interstellar conflicts over certain star systems.

Indeed, the Earth’s sun or nearby stars may have heavy elements that may attract extraterrestrial races who seek to mine these precious natural resources. We are now slowly moving to an understanding of how certain star systems might be highly prized by extraterrestrial races that seek to gain control and mine stars of heavy elements such as element 115.

With new advances in physics and astronomy, Bob Lazar’s information so widely dismissed in the early 1990’s appears to have more relevance than ever.

© Michael E. Salla, PhD
May 21, 2005

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