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Branson Evangelicals To Evaluate ETs, Hyperdimensional Physics and So Much More

In anticipation of the upcoming annual Branson gathering sponsored by devout Christians who discuss matters relating to ETs, Dave Hodges has published several articles about his knowledge of UFOs. https://www.derekpgilbert.com/event/true-legends-conference-answering-the-alien-question/

The latest addition of his multi-part series regarding “Revelations From The Underworld” refers in detail to the controversial work of Richard C. Hoagland, specifically as it relates to his Face On Mars Theory and discussion of hyperdimensional physics. 

Hodges is an avowed Christian who has much to say about the New World Order, political corruption and other serious topics related to contemporary events that he covers daily on his Common Sense Show website that is accessible at www.RevolutionRadio.org.

His contribution to Ufology, the topic of ETs, and related issues will be on display along with the work of others with similar beliefs such as Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli in Branson the weekend of September 13-14. https://www.groundzeromedia.org/8-30-19-god-like-w-la-marzulli/

This year, The True Legends Conference intends to answer “The Alien Question!”  Whether they will be able to do so to the satisfaction of the entire UFO community remains to be seen.  It is likely to be a fascinating discussion for all who travel to Missouri to see if the participants are able to integrate advanced scientific theories such as those of Hoagl and with their deeply held religious leanings.

The presence of Richard Dolan with his grounded, evidence based approach to the topic might have provided an interesting bridge between those reluctant to embrace certain aspects of Christian theology and those espousing theories about wormholes, stargates, EBEs and related matters…….but Dolan has apparently bowed out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqpWk_MG_0E

When one contemplates that it was Mueller’s uber prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who went after Enron while they were attempting to implement a “free energy community” in Colorado based on Tesla’s physics, the relevance of more mundane events like Russia Gate to aspects of the Secret Space Program become evermore intriguing:  https://exonews.org/the-secret-space-program-roy-cohn-donald-trump-robert-swan-mueller-the-very-deep-state/

One thing seems to be certain: more and more people across a broad continuum of differing perspectives, have come to believe in the reality of ETs. For those curious about what these folks have to say, a trip to Branson, MO may be a good way to spend some time only a few days from now.   

Rich Scheck, Burlington, WA, September 4, 2019

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