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Constitutional Duties and Responsibilities

by Cheryl Costa            March 1, 2108             (syracusenewtimes.com)

• From April 29 to May 3, 2013, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. featuring 42 researchers and government witnesses from 10 countries who testified for 30 hours over five days before six former members of Congress regarding UFO events and evidence confirming extraterrestrials engaging the human race. Paradigm sent DVDs of that hearing to every congressional representative on Capitol Hill. Not one Congressional office acknowledged receiving a DVD. Since then Paradigm has tried in vain to organize a Congressional Hearing/ Political Initiative on UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence.

• This article’s writer sought to arrange a meeting with her own New York Senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, in a follow up to her sending them both a letter along with her book, UFO Sightings Desk Reference. Staffers told her that the packages probably got lost in the congressional mailroom. When she asked Senator Schumer to comment on the New York Times article on the Pentagon’s secret UFO program, she received no reply. When she contacted Senator Gillibrand’s office, she related that ‘Gillibrand’s staff began shunning me upon the first mention of the term UFO’.

• You would think that Congressional representatives would be concerned about an issue that affects the defense and general welfare of the United States, which is a Constitutional directive of Congress.

• I his October 2016 resignation letter to Defense Secretary James Mattis, the head of the aforementioned Pentagon UFO program, Luis Elizondo pointed out that UFOs are known to interfere with military weapons platforms, and so “there remains a vital need to ascertain capability and intent of these phenomena for the benefit of the armed forces and the nation.” Elizondo says that the most frustrating part of his former Pentagon position was “the inability to tell senior leadership what was going on because of the hypersensitive nature and stealth posture in the department.”

• All of this shows that a log jam exists somewhere between staffers and the elected or appointed officials at the top, ensuring that anything associated with UFOs and extraterrestrials never reaches those in authority. Senior staffers are determined not to inform their bosses on any vital information involving UFO and ETs ostensibly to protect their bosses’ political integrity. This is a miscarriage of responsibility that is in clear violation of their Constitutional mandate.


Many of us at work have tried to communicate some critically vital information up the management chain of command. But it always seems that either the big boss just never gets the message or the boss does get that information but it has been watered down and made palatable by somebody between you and the big boss.

So to ensure that the boss isn’t made unhappy by bad news, middle-level management and staff do their best to filter, spin and squash troubling information from ever reaching the big boss.

So what does this have to do with UFOs? Everything!

Let’s talk about responsibility.

Congress has authority over financial and budgetary matters, through the enumerated power to collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

You would think that congressional representatives would be concerned about an issue that affects the defense and general welfare of the United States. Especially since Article I of the Constitution gives Congress the power to declare war via the War Powers Clause.

From April 29 to May 3, 2013, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group produced a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The public hearing was modeled after a congressional hearing that had 42 researchers and military/agency/political witnesses from 10 countries who testified for 30 hours over five days before six former members of Congress regarding UFO events, evidence confirming UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The hearing was filmed and webcast.

Paradigm sent DVDs of that hearing to every congressional representative on Capitol Hill. When congressional staffers were polled later for receipt of the DVDs, not a single staffer acknowledged that their office had received the DVDs.

In 2014, Paradigm launched the Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative, which focused on seeking hearings for the scores of military/agency/political witnesses who were ready to testify on Capitol Hill about UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence. Despite Bassett’s valiant lobbying efforts, congressional hearings never came about.

This was a clear example of a civilian group attempting to get the attention of Congress via lobbying. Too bad Paradigm didn’t have the vast financial resources of the National Rifle Association.

On a citizen activist level, this reporter’s own repeated efforts to arrange a meeting with a senior staff member from New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand was a frustrating and wasted effort. For the record, both senators were sent a copy of my book UFO Sightings Desk Reference, which contains eye-opening and pervasive data.

When I asked Schumer’s staff four months later if they had received my letter, they said no and stated that the letter probably got lost in the congressional mailroom. I pointed out that my letter had a 2 ½ pound book stapled to it!

To their credit, Sen. Schumer’s Syracuse staff did request another copy of my letter, and an additional copy of my book, which I personally delivered to them. The staffer told me he’d get it into the hands of the right people in the senator’s D.C. office. In eight months’ time I have yet to receive an acknowledgment of any kind.

Finally, I made a press request for commentary from Sen. Schumer in regard to the December mainstream media coverage of the Pentagon’s, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The senator’s media point of contact never returned my call.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s staff began shunning me upon the first mention of the term UFO and has never answered any letters or press queries.

So much for expecting my state’s U.S. senators to do their constitutional duty: providing for the common defense and general welfare of the United States.

But maybe it’s not the senators’ fault. Maybe their staffs and advisers seem to be functioning like characters from the Hans Christian Andersen 1837 story “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” as the couriers who filtered, spun and squashed troubling information from ever reaching the emperor’s ears.



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Programmed Sighting at Chilca Desert March 30-31 2014

fotograma video ovni chilca 31 marzo 640-645 PM Canon Power Shot SX20is Marco Barraza telemundoChilca OVNI March 30 2014 Gino d'AngeloTop image : Night time Fotogram  by Gino D’angelo. Marco Barraza reporter/researcher & a Telemundo Network cameraman were present. They may have filmed more with a better video camera. More images or film should be upcoming. March 31st 6.40-6.45PM Canon Power Shot SX20is Underneath image: March 30 2014 day time photo by Gino D’Angelo also in Chilca during programmed sighting

Imagen2 (1) Rahma
Possible ET spacecraft at a previous Mission Rahma gathering.

A message corroborated by a daylight sighting was received for inviting the press for the 9th occasion to a “programmed sighting.” This particular programmed sighting (after a telepathically received transmission) was telepathically received by Sixto Paz Wells and it included the participation of some simple and (otherwise normal) key persons from “Mission Rahma” in Perú. I think that it was basically a success. It was not a dramatic or “jaw dropping” series of sightings or a landing of craft with a boarding but it was, nonetheless, successful. There were anomalous objects during the expected dates and at the place expected as the message said. Some reporters invited declined to attend but one of them came (Marco Barraza acting on behalf of Telemundo Network for the TV program “Caso Cerrado”). Marco is also a member of our civilian committee assisting the Peruvian AF in its newly opened office (DIFAA).

On March 30, at 7.40PM approximately there was one ‘OK’ anomalous-suggestive sighting (short lasting for a few seconds unique enough to suggest an ET craft). It was unique enough but nothing extraordinary. It may have been some 10 miles away, displaying with a yellowish color and it appeared to zigzag a little. It was a bit too short in duration and too distant. On this occasion the telepathic message received had not specified an exact hour or period of time as it had happened before on previous years. However, after that brief sighting event of March 30th there were others, more mostly taking place the following day.

During the camping event seeking contact verification we meditated, prayed and dedicated ourselves to many guided and intentional spiritual visualization efforts and activities requesting spiritual assistance not from ETs but from divinity (mostly God the Father & master Jesus Christ in our cultural milieu). After deciding to telepathically ask once again what would happen (very little seemed to be happening until then) our friend Sampiac, an ET human from a friendly civilization somehow located in Venus (likely under a different advanced inter-reality physics) communicated and said that they were in the area where we were and said to be attentive during day time. During daytime some minor UFO photos were taken after that. It is not ‘channeling’ with the unrealistic, grandiloquent expectations in the typical U.S. “New Age” sense. It is a method connected to verifiable collective experiences. I hope there is a cultural opening to what genuine and serious Hispanic & Latin American contactees can offer to the world.

Marcahuasi ET OIGA 16 de agosto 82'
Photograph of an Extraterrestrial Person/Extraterrestrial ‘Guide’/Friend in Perú

Then, the following day (March 31st),  there was a second and quite definitive sighting (semi “jaw dropping”) of an illuminated object lasting for 5 minutes slowly flying above closer and distinctively from West to East over the campsite in the desert of Chilca. We were 22 witnesses at the campsite and all of us saw it clearly. It also had a yellowish color. It was perhaps materially located above us at 1-3 miles in altitude and – for certain –  it wasn’t the Space Station, a drone, a meteorite, airplane, Chinese lantern or satellite. I still don’t know  if it was detected by AF radars. It happened yesterday, on March 31, 2014 according to my watch between 6.45.PM-6.50.PM. I tried to film it and perhaps did a little but failed because of choosing the wrong camcorder. Others filmed it and I should be getting one of those versions soon. I did take some photos. Only Marco and I were there – in a way – as reps of the Peruvian AF as civilian advisors.

Testigos Enero 87
Sixto (in the center) and friends from Mission Rahma 1987

There also were some semi good pictures taken. One by another contactee in daytime: disc shaped but not jaw dropping. A bit blurry, disc shaped object…metallic appearing. It will be better analyzed on computer later on. I’ll get the picture soon. Sixto also photographed a smaller manifestation dot like sphere. Not dramatic. Also, besides satellites seen and confused as space craft by less informed people at night some of us saw an ‘anomalous’ pulsating white light and others (including my wife saw a rather strange light descending too fast behind the mountain ridges some distance away from the campsite.

While it was not a fantastic landing event to shout to the four winds, I think it was an important corroboration and an appropriate beginning for a new stage of mutually respectful, easygoing, peaceful and natural interactions with benevolent, human ET friends waiting to interact with us in more intelligent and collective ways that what has taken place until now; this in a harmonic relationship and with a diversity of allies. The moderate but corroborated sightings and mental interactions after the telepathic appointment indicate to me that there also exists a gradual, reasonable, non-intrusive approach, good so as not to stir those people who while “in the know” harbor fears and suspicions attempting once again to block what may be going on- My opinion is that the ETs in general (and – more poignantly – those contacting through Mission Rahma) are respectful of our average collective mindset, of our human leadership and our human institutions trying to show restraint out of respect, but they know that humanity as a whole needs to know this reality and to make wise choices without being continuously caught in the fear of ignorance.

Success depends on our less divisive and dismissing attitudes, on greater openness but with objective criteria, greater humbleness, knowing that friendship and good will are possible; inviting them while respecting the meditation and consciousness preparation processes used in esoteric, “shamanic” and mystical ways. I think that most of “Them” don’t want to traumatize or to force their presence upon us. We should NOT just jump into judging them as “potential enemies” as traditional political relations (and political theories) have normally been. Maybe not even those genuine cases of typical abductions should be understood as such under simplistic terms. The rules of engagement coordinating different ET groups may be more sophisticated than what we normally proyect unto them.

The situation has a complexity that needs to be treated differently under an enhanced, less divisive, less simplistic approach. However, the tendency in the U.S. and elsewhere is to focus so much on the negative, the gory; on secrecy, manipulations, abductions, cover-ups, abuse of technology and so forth that (from the beginning of the “Modern UFO Era” in the 40’s & 1950’s some of the genuine contactee cases were – sadly and in detriment to human understanding- dismissed as crackpot cases (specially by some nuts & bolts Ufologists, academics and other “scientifically-minded” cultural leaders following modern-rational institutions). Officialdom and accredited institutions did not give the genuine contactees a proper, respectful chance to verify that what they said was true. The giggle factor prevailed backing up the official, orthodox view. That was unfortunate; against improving our collective understanding of an important aspect of what is really going on and credibility must be regained about respectful physical contacts with respectful extraterrestrial beings. Whether really necessary to wrap it up in secrecy and denial, it was a time in which protecting people’s innocence from disruptive news was taken seriously; a time in which understanding the technology involved was considered crucial to gain military advantage, especially soon after the Second World War in the midst of the “Cold War” and so forth.

Very good news: I learned that Sixto Paz was recently invited by two current congressmen (I think they may be Robert Menendez & Rep. Pascrell) to give presentations or to inform them (don’t know where) in NY, NJ,DC and after 25 years since the 1989 “programmed sighting” in Chilca (with several national and international reporters) after which when he was invited by two US Hispanic TV networks Telemundo and Univision to report on the events, he was stopped at the Miami Intn’l Airport and deported back to Lima. The events back in 89’ were a bit more dramatic and were witnessed and filmed by more reporters than the ones we witnessed yesterday and the day before yesterday. Now Sixto has been granted a VISA once again. It’s important for exopolitics. It’s important for all of us if we care for knowledge, truth, freedom of choice and positive cultural options in relation to our better future with extraterrestrial matters. What will take for the cultural elite and even many ufologists to at least open up to the possibility?

It is not a “civilization crisis” that has to ensue. From my assessment with Mission Rahma it is simpler and more natural than what many may think. Kindness, openness, humbleness and good will with serious effort and group coherence with the use of some basic techniques can be a path to real contact. We can indeed make contact and connect with many of these respectful, conversant civilizations on a definite but gradual basis, feeling at ease and neither treating them as “aliens” or us being treated as “specimens.” And it is real, although it may take time to realize that…to open up our eyes and cease thinking that it must be a fantasy, delusion or mistake. I think our focus should not basically be on technology but on the development of consciousness, values and (why not?) a more integral, less dichotomous spirituality. Feeling, idealism and effort with care and balance seem to be the key to success for these peaceful contacts rather than intellectual prowess (even if a good dose of objective and critical thinking should always be present).

Moreover, if there are some other types of beings unlike those more respectful ones known in Mission Rahma we may learn to understand them without considering them either as “enemies” or necessarily allowing them to use us as “specimens.” We can also come to understand how ETs in general operate and “travel” in space-modifying ways (not “through” space), even if most current academicians avoid dealing with the subject because it doesn’t make sense to them according to their current theories.

In general these friendlier, communicative ETs which have been the focus of attention within Mission Rahma may also be more “mental” and less emotional than us (although not like many of the so called “grays”) but they also transmit kindness and tranquility in peace and harmony and act accordingly. It’s been 40 years of such interactions which include preparations for different levels of contact and the reproduction of the contact experience in different countries and with different contactees; basically not a follow-the-leader cult. Many messages and contacts have been collectively verified. The next stage in “ufology” (to really find out what is going on) may be more interactive, as the work by astronaut Mitchell from www.contactee.org , Dr. Joseph Burkess from www.etletstalk.org/ , Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI  and Dr. Michael E. Salla’s efforts also show.

An important point is to definitely establish that this is really happening and IS GOOD for Earth civilization(s) to grow up seeing themselves/ourselves as participants in a vast community of intelligence composed of larger wholes that may precede us in linear time but which have maintained a continuous involvement with our species since the beginning; growing up by taking in new perspectives that may lead us to assume a more integral responsibility and a more inclusive ethical approach.  No major social disruption is obligatory as a Brooking Institute report once suggested for NASA. Social cultural changes would be self-determined and gradual; increasing conscious interaction with extraterrestrial civilizations, understanding a more complete physics, cosmology, metaphysics and epistemology that instead of debasing our religions may render them more brilliant, inclusive, enhanced, tolerant, resilient, adaptive and non fear-based. We need to recognize that ET reality which sort of tangentially (until we become more aware and responsible as a species) interacts with our physical Earth system. I think that the contact is becoming less of a taboo and more obvious. We need that reference frame in order to develop into a more coherent/self-determining planetary society, better integrated while maintaining our healthiest regional/national differences.

It is convenient for the U.S. and the world to find out who are our friends and which ET varieties are more respectful of our conscious choice and doing it by going beyond an “us vs. them” attitude or unendingly reproducing a of lack of trust, focused on real or contrived abduction stories, and militarization, secrecy and a fear that sells with a quest for technology and manipulation as the only conduit for making sense of the ET reality. We should not blindly move against the ETs, particularly against those that may be more respectfully protective of us while trying not to create dependencies or unnecessary fear-based rejection. We may also gain respect from other ET varieties by consciously choosing with knowledge and certainty how to interact more as equals. Citizen diplomacy continues being a reality and it might be on the rise while (even in the absence of formal institutional recognition) each person or small group interaction should affect humanity through a form of non-local, quantum-related, information-based, holographic-type of connection. Nevertheless, a sufficiently clear, truthful official disclosure would probably be as important as contact events springing up worldwide.

I will try to post some current pictures and-or video of the March 30-31, 2014 event as soon as I get them. The pictures posted thus far are from previous efforts and gatherings. The following is a You Tube post from a March 30-31, 2009 event after a previous telepathic appointment.  Telemundo Network Marco Barraza reports https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMmcTDQj1lg

Next is a link to my 1st photo taken with Sony SELP 1650 Lens: 3.5-5.6 16-50mm. Date: Marzo 31, 2014.


Place “Quebrada de Chilca, Perú” (Chilca Gully, Perú). Time: 6.40PM. Seconds after sighting I turned the camera on and took this picture with its  “Superior Auto” mode as the object began to approach toward the group while seemingly maintaining its altitude.

The object was basically orange and appeared due West at an approximate angole of 45 degrees over the horizon. it seeemd to be at 3 KM altitude approximately. It looked larger at plain sight. The object approached the campsite (toward the east) and passsed almost above us turning a little bit above the hil that conememorates Mission Rahma’s (contact group) 40th anniversary and suddenly could not be seen anymore. We were 22 witnesses at the campsite. According to my watch the sighting lasted 5 minutes and clonclued at 6.45 PM. The object apparently reacted by lighting up to our verbal expressions like “Thank you brothers. You are welcome.”

Upon enlarging the image we can see some detail. Like a filament of orange plasma or light coming down from its right side and perhaps some (blurry) structure inisde the main ovoid shape.


In service,

Giorgio Piacenza

Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure – Will the US Congress act?

Committee of former Congressional Members sitting at Citizen Hearing
Screenshot of Committee of former Congressional Members sitting at Citizen Hearing

Today began the Citizen Hearing on (UFO) Disclosure at the National Press Club. Six former members of the US Congress began hearing 40 witnesses and experts reveal what they know about UFOs, and the extraterrestrial hypothesis – that some UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft. In the first two panels, four experts in each testified about the history of the UFO phenomenon and the likelihood that they are guided by an extraterrestrial intelligence. The event is being live streamed to the world. For organizer Stephen Bassett the hearings aim to stimulate the U.S. Congress to investigate the issue of UFOs, and whether they are alien in origin. The ultimate goal for Bassett is to pressure the executive branch of the US government to disclose what they know about UFOs, extraterrestrial life and technology, and lift what he calls the “government truth embargo.”

The motto for the Citizen Hearing is: “If the Congress won’t do it’s job, the people will.” The Citizen Hearing hopes to progress beyond earlier UFO disclosure related events at the National Press club – the first was in May 2001 – and get the U.S. Congress to act. Unlike earlier UFO events which were hold over a two hour period or so, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure will last five full days. The former Congressional members will hear 30 hours of witness and expert testimony on UFOs, and the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Bassett succeeded in raising over a million dollars to fund his Citizen Hearing and related projects. Each Congressional member is being paid $20,000 which is a nice paycheck to hear people speak passionately about a topic that the former member may have had little active interest or knowledge about previously. This has led to some criticism, but so far Bassett appears vindicated insofar as the former Congress members have demonstrated keen insights into the political process and what is feasible in getting the current U.S. Congress take the UFO issue seriously.

The common element for the witnesses and experts is that the UFO phenomenon is very real, and raises profound questions about the occupants and their intentions. Are they extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, time travelers or something else? Why are they here, what are they trying to achieve by flying in our skies, and why has there been an official cover-up of this information? In the first two panels, the experts focused on the physical and documentary evidence to substantiate what they know about UFOs, and offered helpful insights into questions about the occupants of UFOs and their intentions.

The Congressional members agreed with the approach taken by the experts, and asked about the physical evidence of UFOs and whether it could be submitted for the public record. Interestingly, the role of religion came up a few times in discussions. It appeared that religion offered a means of moving forward on UFO disclosure, in the face of official political resistance. One of the experts, Daniel Sheehan, a former legal counsel to the Jesuit headquarters in Washington DC pointed out the Vatican’s interest in UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Now that we have a Jesuit Pope, Francis 1, the Vatican could play the lead role in disclosing the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation as Congressional members suggested. Indeed a recent book, Exovaticana, argues that the Catholic Church plans to do precisely this.

All the members of Congress appeared genuinely impressed by the quality of the expert testimony and the range of official documents available for public review. By lunch time of the first day, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure already has succeeded in getting evidence of UFOs and the extraterrestrial hypothesis taken seriously, at least by former members of the U.S. Congress.

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