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Conscious Participatory Ufology and the Pro-Institutional Disconnect


(We need a more constructive, participatory approach that can also be objectively verified)

Conscious Ufology: Like the study of meteorology, UFO phenomena are not easy to reproduce at will. Like social groups it is also difficult to predict how the phenomena are going to behave. However both meteorology and sociology are practical and valid fields of modern science with useful degrees of predictability. But the key to a more advanced ufology doesn’t rest in forcing or attempting to reproduce phenomena at will but instead to work as a new breed of scientists in a more participatory way. And, yes, it is in part like in the social sciences. The subject becomes involved with the object (and vice-versa) but what would correspond to social effects becomes physically visible in a way that deeply affects the ordinary behavior of matter expressing internal aspects that appear to “change reality.”

What we normally call “reality” can shift as subjectivity interacts with deeper material potentials. Here subject and object affect each other more deeply. Unlike the patterns of physical matter studied by classical physics, the physical patterns of genuine “anomalous,” otherworldly UFO phenomena are not completely stable but instead malleable and interactive, more inclusive of what seem to be more involved quantum macroscopic effects through mental coherence. That which is not normally detectable in common physical patterns becomes momentarily detectable as physical matter itself seem to show aspects that are normally hidden. The interplay between consciousness and being becomes more ALIVE and modifies stable physical matter and spacetime.

Retrocausal spacetime cancellation (accompanying the greater effect of subjectivity) also seem to be at work here.The regular scientific method is useful for many of ufology’s aspects once a trace, record or modification has been left but it is also insufficient in terms of a live interactive situation. Therefore, serious ufologists need to evolve their “proto science” accordingly (let ‘s think of “proto science” as a field of inquiry with emerging scientific aspects and with the potential to become a full-fledged science). And with this, the scientific method itself (as applicable to a whole new range of natural phenomena) can also evolve.

If we were to learn to respectfully summon genuine, otherworldly UFO phenomena in a participatory way by blending our subjective intelligence with the intelligences behind UFOs and were able to record the evidence, we would begin the next stage of ufology that would be more experimental and more participatory. And now that we are talking about “participation” in which subjects are involved, we need to talk about rights, respect and rules of engagement, both for humanity-respectful, intersubjective, inter-reality ET intelligence and for the small % who may not be in our best interests; not over-emphasizing the negative as this may be way too limited, an extension of the old warmongering mentality and deleterious in the long run for humanity.

There is a room for the military, even for defense against some ETs and for keeping some technological secrets from the public but the new approach must be about BUILDING COMMUNITY, finding and teaching a more connective universal paradigm. More members of humanity should grow to the point of not being vicariously represented by people with a traditional dichotomous mentality, however well-intended some may be. Unfortunately, predominant, classical military mindsets seem to be in those capable of being culturally influential and willing to take UFO-ET matters seriously. And they count with great material resources. Most other institutional cultural leaders do not care or want to risk getting involved. Revealing, communicating and educating is great but NOT with the Evil alien mindset underneath! This will expose humanity, the U.S., “them” and all of “us” to a continuity of problems. Like begets like.

It’s as if every time there is a massive institution involved, the discourse is distorted towards mass marketing, you name it: the Church or churches, universities, the film industry, the military, aerospace corporations handling UFO and retro engineering for better weapons, even the largest civilian UFO organization as it expands is falling into this. Big institutions suffer from a disconnection syndrome from the common folk, whom they are suppose to benefit. The practical, decision-making political power of the common man is almost nil compared with that of corporations and their lobbies. For the most part, the needs of the latter are heard over the needs of the former. And the first victim is the truth itself that should serve The People to make good assessments, to evolve in solidarity and choose wisely. That barrier between large, recognized institutions and The People prevents and stalls a beneficent outcome as per the extraterrestrial situation. And this lingers on and on year after year, all the while the small voices of The People, the grassroots having experiences is shared with modest repercussions. It is time for a major grassroots revelation, not manipulated under an “evil alien” institutional presentation. It is time for The People to prevail over the institutes that should in fact represent them much better under a “representative democracy” but which are controlled by “the few.” It is time for a very serious consciousness shift. To stop reinforcing through entertainment, catering to fear-based narratives or by excessively propping up marketing through negative news and views, or else we will remain behind the times.  

For a proper Galactic Diplomacy to succeed we need much more comprehensive assessments. And we need a more constructive, participatory, intersubjective approach that can also be objectively verified. And, along new scientific perspectives, we need to evolve our ways of feeling, judging, relating.

Hasn’t Tom DeLonge heard something credible about the need for “Conscious Evolution?” Tom needs to think about learning to work peacefully with our forefathers, in fact, space relatives; specially those aligned with the expectation that humanity will succeed in developing its full potential. This doesn’t discard God or the possibility that several ET civilizations intervened our developing species in the past some for good, some for illth.  But the overall picture emerging shows that we do not need to over-emphasize the negative aspect.  Neither deny but nor over-emphasize. 

Hasn’t he studied the many, in fact thousands, contactee-experiencer testimonies about mostly pro-humanity extraterrestrials given by sane people (even anonymously) whose voices cannot be denied and also HAVE TO be seriously considered? Unfortunately, his assessment of the situation – however popular it might get – seems to be really skewed by personal preconceptions, biases that incline him towards an “us vs them” limited and selective way of seeking information. Experiencers at large and dedicated, long-standing research such as Mary Roswell (author of “The New Human: Awakening to our Cosmic Heritage”) show that our perspectives and our conscious capacity to handle multiple perspectives without being dominated by an “us vs. them” mentality is key to work a healthy exopolitical relationship with multiple ET intelligences.

The enormous possibilities that Consciousness brings are applicable to humanity, to its awakening, (even for being respected by the few less respectful ET varieties without the need to over-rely on technology) and are much greater than a classical over-extended, dualistic, military-technological approach.

The anonymous survey by FREE (www.experiencer.org) expands our personal (preference-biased) assessments into a  more reasonable overview: See the 2016 initial research data summary at http://www.experiencer.org/initial-research-data-summary/


⦁    Overall, 85% have stated their contact with NHIBs have been “Positive”;
⦁    84% do not want their Contact experiences with the NHIBs to stop.
⦁    9.7% believe the NHIBs are Bad or Malevolent.
⦁    62% have stated that the NHIB have tried to help them.
⦁    71% feel Expanded Consciousness in the presence of the NHIBs.
⦁    66% have felt Love from these NHIBs.




The Catholic Church and Extraterrestrials: An evolving personal view

Filippo Lippi School Madonna St John UFO


Madonna with Saint Giovannino, 15th Century, attributed to Jacopo dell Stellaio or Sebastiano Mainardi, at the Sala d’Ercole, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy. Is the discoid object in the background a 15th Century structured, unidentified flying vehicle or is it simply an allegory?


Can exopoliticians orient major institutions if intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered and announced in a way that cannot be rationally denied by the intellectual leaders of those major institutions? We need to know something about theological thinking outside conspiracy theories. 

Our exopolitical thinking requires not only fine-tuning our understanding about extraterrestrials but also fine-tuning our understanding about major institutions such as the Catholic Church and the Vatican. If either a major (capital “D”) Disclosure or a minor “d” (gradual) disclosure takes place, our conversation must be informed by more than our preferred suppositions. 

The Catholic Church as well as the Vatican is not a monolithic single-headed organism (just like “the U.S.” and “Washington” aren’t) but they are often assumed to be so. After my experience as an advisor to an official institution, I’ve noticed that large, traditional state institutions are naturally and extremely easily found suspect of covering up the UFO phenomenon and the extraterrestrial presence. But the situation is, quite likely, more complex.


There’s a tendency to over generalize on all sides of the human political equation between and among political groups. Outsiders that feel that they are living to promote a non-orthodox cause (like some pro-disclosure activists, left-wing revolutionaries) also almost always speak of “the U.S.” as though it were a monolithic empire where most leaders confabulate to manipulate the rest of the world. But the trees are mistaken for the forest. In other words, as a tendency of the dichotomous mind, judgmental exaggerations about formal institutions of power are way easy to make when one is on the outside. As inheritors of a hunter-gatherer mindset, we tend to distinguish ourselves tribal-like from others in an exaggerated way.


I really suspect that elements within the Catholic Church are privy to information about the UFO and ET presence but, could it be like what the immensely dedicated disclosure and contactee Dr. Steven Greer tells in his lectures that, not even CIA directors are privy to the best information regarding UFO’s if they have no “need to know?”


Now let’s get a bit more philosophical and theosophical. Theoretically speaking, “the Church” is most essentially composed by all baptized individuals but the Vatican curia leads/orients them allegedly guided by the Holy Spirit as per its doctrine. However, if we consider that “the Vatican” or key members within also orient UFO research, its secrecy, considerations and possible disclosure, I suppose that only a few high-ranking members would actually deal with these matters. They might be associated to the intelligence ranks within the Church.

This (parallel or included?) “special” social entity might be represented by those whose opinions would be relevant in case a massive, undeniable sighting were to occur. We may perhaps be referring to some of the most powerful decision-makers such as the Pope, or perhaps only to a few cardinals and bishops, or Jesuit priest researchers but I suppose that, whoever really knows in a transnational sense in association with those in the known in Europe and the U.S. would need to have a “need to know” clearance. Following a patterns from elsewhere, they might even be told that what they are participating in doesn’t officially exist.

So, perhaps asking who in “the Vatican” makes decisions above the official curia is like asking who rules the U.S. as per decisions being (perhaps extra constitutionally) made about the extraterrestrial presence.


Ted Peters, a Professor of systematic theology at the Graduate Theological Union found in a landmark survey that the leaders of several well-known religious institutions (especially conventional and moderate ones) felt at ease with the possibility of discovering an intelligent extraterrestrial presence and I don’t think that most of the intellectual and theological leaders within the Vatican curia and the Roman Catholic Church in general would be any different. Retrieve his explanation at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vy9y3-jW7I


When I asked brother Guy Consolmagno (astronomer from the Vatican Observatory, curator of the Vatican’s meteorite collection and author of “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial?” if he was aware of the possibility the Church is preparing for discovering ET life, ET contact happening right now or even disclosure he said that – judging from a few direct interactions with the highest Pontiff – he surmised that the Pope (back then Benedict VI) most likely wasn’t particularly interested in the ET subject. That was a bit of a cold shower, especially coming from one of the men that affirmed that, if an intelligent, rational extraterrestrial requested baptism, he would baptize him. His book “Would you Baptize an Extraterrestrial” is kindly and emphasizes (in Aristotelian and Thomas Aquinas fashion) the importance of rational capacity.


Pope Francis I also seems to share the idea that he would baptize an ET given the conditions Guy Consolmagno refers to. But we must realize that this has already been thought by theologians in the Catholic Church before and – however important – doesn’t qualify as an astounding “new concept.” The important detail is that they do not find an essential contradiction between discovering intelligent extraterrestrials and the faith or doctrine and this is a favorable position in terms of the possibility of disclosure.  The fact that it has often been said that “religions would crumble” if the truth be known may not be as clear-cut as is often simplistically assumed.

Please go to this link:


It is well-known that the main astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, Father Gabriel Funes, also accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life (albeit he doesn’t seem to believe it is going to be discovered soon) and that he holds a conservative theological position about Christ’s only incarnation on Earth as a one-time event valid for the whole universe.  Each time he has said anything about this there’s been much speculation and has been interpreted as if the Church were secretly preparing for disclosure or (now that Funes said he doubted ET life would be discovered soon) that – until a gradual educational campaign took place – there were reasons for still keeping it under wraps.


While it is reasonable to posit that some within the curia should know more and deal with the ET subject, it seems that many or most of the public figure leaders are kept “out of the loop” besides, quite simply (as most politicians and academics elsewhere) not being personally inclined to find out or to know more. Moreover, if those “in the know” would have psychologically denied, suppress or repress actual knowledge of ET life on Earth and thus preferred not to have known, and if they are currently making important exopolitical decisions representing a citizenry (and perhaps us all), they may not be the right persons to do it…and they may naturally extend that distaste for challenging truth by ridiculing/de-legitimizing the situation, generating doubt, confusing information and keeping us from clearly knowing about it. It would be a a psychological projection onto us, perhaps acting like “social super egos” to keep us from knowing. Just like they were not ready to know about it when they were “briefed” they project onto us assuming that we would not be able to handle it).


I think that the need to control the truth is not just a psychological projection but also largely linked to a traditional way of thinking and being in the world, a win-lose, dichotomous, two-value way of processing information, feeling and judging; one closely associated with survival instincts adequate for a physical world limited to classical laws. The ET truth challenges that increasingly outmoded, crude, physical survival-based way of thinking which is also present in a theology that emphasizes God as a thoroughly independent and distant-transcendental, perhaps authoritarian, be saved or condemned, strict, law-giving Father figure.


That said, there also are good indications that “special” statements by influential Church representatives have at least been allowed by “those in the know” to continue for some time; the most notable being those repeated statements by Monsignor Corrado Balducci who was allowed to continue speaking theologically about the hypothetical position occupied by (at least some) extraterrestrial beings in the order of creation.

Having had some priest friends from different orders I think that, generally-speaking, they –especially encumbered priests – have enough respect from their superiors and personal freedom to be able speak their own opinion regarding ET life if need be…especially if that doesn’t contradict Church teachings. And for the most part, speaking about intelligent extraterrestrial beings has become a respectable (even if still interspersed, partly avoided and somewhat controversial) tradition.

Theology About Extraterrestrials

For instance, upon researching a little bit, I found that considering extraterrestrials is not something new. Influential Catholic theologian and priest Karl Rahner uses the term “Star Inhabitants” admitting the possibility of other salvation stories and multiple incarnations of the Word.

Influential Catholic theologian and priest Hans Kung also wrote that the possibility of other intelligent life in the Universe had to be granted.


XV Century Franciscan theologian, defender of Duns Scottus’ theology Guillaume de Vaurouillon proposed that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice had a universal value, in case other rational, intelligent beings exist in the cosmos.

The Dominican friar and renowned theologian Thomas O’Meara considers in his works titled  “Vast Universe” and “Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life” that Thomas Aquinas left the door open for the possibility of a Holy Person of the Trinity to extend salvation to other intelligent beings in the Cosmos and that we shouldn’t limit what the divine can or cannot do, including the possibility of a further divine incarnation. You can read O’Meara’s “Christian Theology and Extraterrestrial Life” at http://cdn.theologicalstudies.net/60/60.1/60.1.1.pdf


Back in the Middle Ages, Dominican friar Tommaso Campanella said that extraterrestrial civilizations would not have suffered from “original sin” but perhaps of another type of sin proper to them. Tommaso Campanella, along with another Dominican friar, Giordano Bruno were some of the proponents of the “plurality of worlds.” For some of his views, Bruno was burned at the stake but the Church has recognized that as a mistake.


The Jesuit Father Domenico Grasso theologian at the Pontificial University of Rome said “Why would all the perfection that God granted so vastly to the universe be hidden without declaring His glory? Who writes a book that is never going to be read?” He also mentioned famous German theologian and Dominican priest Joseph Pohle who in 1904 wrote “Celestial Worlds and Their Inhabitants.” 

Father Pohle wrote “It seems that the purpose of the universe is for its celestial bodies to be inhabited by beings that reflect God’s Glory in the beauty of their bodies and worlds just as man does it in a limited way in his world.” Commenting on that position Domenico Grasso adds “But these are not angels since angels are pure spiritual beings and can only perceive matter indirectly, just as we can only perceive the world of spirit indirectly.” As a comment I’ll add that, here a distinction is being made between “pure spirits” or incorporeal angels and other types of material beings. And, technically-speaking, since humans can also be considered as material “angels” in the sense of messengers doing good and acting in the name of God, technically-speaking this could be extended to at least some possible extraterrestrial varieties according to their orientations and actions.


XIX Century erudite priest Januarius de Concilio in his book “Harmony Between Science and Revelation” also wrote in favor of extraterrestrial beings as creatures “with intelligent substances united to some type of body.”


Father Theodore Zubek in his article “Theological Questions on Space Creatures” published in 1961 The American Ecclesiastical Review said that the extraterrestrial beings not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures are also not forbidden by them. This recognizes that many things that can be discovered are not necessarily mentioned in the Bible nor precluded by it. Zubek posited that extraterrestrial beings not descending from Adam and his sin would not inherit original sin.


The Dean of the “School of Sacred Theology” of Catholic UniversityFather Francis J. Connell wrote the essay titled “Flying Saucers and Theology” and said “It is good for Catholics to know that the principles of their faith are entirely compatible with the most incredible possibilities about life in other planets.”


Sor Ilia Delio, a Franciscan nun, theologian and scientist accepts the likely extraterrestrial presence in the cosmos and tries to reconcile this and science with faith by creating a new cosmology which she calls “EXOCHRISTOLOGY.” Please read “Christ and Extraterrestrial Life” http://www.michaelsheiser.com/UFOReligions/Christ%20and%20ET%20Life.pdf and see “The Christian Life in Evolution” (video en inglés): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDRvaqUjJkI


Attorney Daniel Sheehan who was General Counsel for the Jesuit Order in the U.S. between 1975-1977 recently predicted that the Vatican would disclose knowledge of an extraterrestrial presence after Pope Francis “Laudato Si” encyclical focused on protecting the Earth ‘s life forms and ecology and condemning excessive, abusive capitalism. His prediction was misstated as saying that he knew the Pope would disclose the ET presence in June, 2015. It was confounded with Mr. Sheehan also speaking about the Jesuit’s general scientific and theological “call” to prepare for the probably discovery of life outside Earth (one of the reasons for which the 2009 astrobiology conference was organized by the Pontificial Academy of Science and the Vatican Observatory). Mr. Sheehan is quite actively participating with New Paradigm Institute in which theological ecumenical conversations preparing for the eventual confirmation of intelligent extraterrestrial presence are taking place.

“The Octave of Worldviews and the Philosophical, Theoretical and Public Policy Implications of Extraterrestrial Contact by Daniel Sheehan”:  https://es.scribd.com/document/313807825/Daniel-Sheehan-Implications-of-Extraterrestrial-Contact-New-Paradigm-Institute

The following is an interesting conference by Mr. Sheehan about his involvement with the UFO subject and the preceding issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4O55wKY-xg


Whether the Church (does anyone represent “The Church” as a whole?) is – under some circumstances – speaking about human-type aliens, I don’t know but I doubt it. Perhaps contactee and mystic George Adamski did indeed meet with Pope John XXII as he claimed and perhaps that Pope indeed met with human-looking extraterrestrials as his personal secretary Loris Francesco Capovilla is reported to have reminisced, but I don’t have the actual source of that information.


Perhaps some theologians would be able to uphold their faith while considering that the “angels” allegedly encountered by Abraham were flesh and blood and human-looking beings and not “pure spirits.”  I don’t know but I truly hope so as many human-looking ETs (albeit not necessarily all of them) would (according to various contactees) make good friends of the Earth-human family. It would also be easier to initiate contacts with them. Furthermore, I hope that the likelihood of an actual extraterrestrial presence already on Earth is officially (rather than covertly) dealt with besides dealing with the extraterrestrial issues only being backed up by formal astrobiological discoveries.


In Catholic theology and in the theology of other monotheistic religions human creation is considered to be a unique event and in the Catholic tradition, a creation deserving “salvation” by God’s only begotten Son. But what is the deep meaning of “salvation? How far can our interpretations go? Can other beings – similar and not similar to the human form – be legally considered “human?”

If intelligent extraterrestrial life is discovered either through the exploits of astrobiology, contacteeism, SETI, official disclosure, grassroots contact and “citizen diplomacy” efforts or if “they” (the ETs) make themselves known, theology and doctrine will have to accommodate that reality. In doing so, a more common integrative ground will possibly have to be found sharing essential ideas from various religious doctrines and spiritual, scientific, esoteric and philosophical ideologies. A common basis will have to be found to coordinate apparently incommensurable ideas.

Some Personal Evolving Evaluations

I do NOT think that “Jesus was an extraterrestrial” or that “extraterrestrials are going to replace God” or easily accept similarly superficially said blanket statements about the theological implications of discovering extraterrestrial life and – in particular – intelligent, rational, technological extraterrestrial life (however advanced they might be with respect to us). Instead, I think that we need to think more carefully about all these matters. We need to learn to think integratively, with greater nuance, finding a shared essence, shared metaphysical principles, common patterns, connecting (not reducing or subsuming the major tenets of spiritual traditions) under an integrative methodology.

What I agree along with some other theologians is that articles of faith will not be thrown into the bin. Instead, they would expand and mature in order to include the discovery of rationally intelligent extraterrestrial life and of other forms of life in general (a “second Genesis” even if not related to self-conscious, rational and technically proficient life?).

Even if it were true that extraterrestrials intervened our genetics in our past, that wouldn’t mean that they would replace God or that God doesn’t exist or that Creation didn’t happen because, as contingent beings, the former would act “in time” and the latter (GOD) “outside of time” or rather, “sub specie aeternitatis” “under the category of eternity.” Thus, metaphysically-speaking, God (a lofty, non-dual, understanding of this term as Source of all being and existence) would have “created” and, still, continuously creates unchanged, “dreaming the cosmos” (Panentheistically and as per our mental understanding within time).


God would have also created extraterrestrials who may have the capacity to choose to forget their deepest connections with Source, thus to err or to “sin” with various degrees of depth (making spiritual mistakes) thus thinking or acting in ways that may strengthen or dilute their closeness to God.

They would certainly not be perfect and some would be closer to God’s ways than others but – logically speaking – all would truly be our brothers as other intelligent beings dependent on the same Absolute (our common Source) for their contingent existence. However, what would also have to be considered is (from a Catholic perspective) if “original sin” (beyond a literal interpretation) would only apply to Earth humans, to all other types of “humans” (beings capable of rational choice) in the Cosmos and furthermore, if the Logos only manifested in all the vastness of the Cosmos as Jesus Christ on Earth. Or perhaps, a Thomas O’Meara suggests we shouldn’t limit what the Logos can or cannot do, as the Logos can manifest/incarnate through any other limited rational being/also-spiritual-master-and-prophet (in human or perhaps even non-human form) as need be for the spiritual salvation of other specific planetary civilizations. Thus, in a way, the same reconnecting, salvific Intelligence manifesting through different relative, contingent rational vessels could be considered as applicable to extraterrestrial civilizations according to context as need be.  


By reading the theological positions of several theologians as the ones previously listed, I think that (in case either “the Vatican,” another institution, world events or someone else of world recognition and stature reveals the extraterrestrial presence) the concept of humanity’s uniqueness, original sin, and the role of Jesus Christ’s “salvation” will have to evolve, include more, go to the utmost mystical depths of their dogmas and complexify, transcending monotheist Christian traditions and other monotheist traditions in order to allow a conversation integrative space for all benevolent spiritual earthly traditions, also considering the existence of extraterrestrials once it is also recognized that they are neither simply good or evil “pure spirits” nor that all of them are alike.

Regarding who is to be considered as “HUMAN,” the issue goes beyond biology and I think that several theologians (including Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno and Dominican theologian Thomas O’Meara, both inspired by Thomas Aquinas) would agree that it is alright to extend this category to extraterrestrials not only if they are rational but if – as children of the same Source – we and God can befriend, admire, respect and… LOVE them.

Exopolitical Highlights at the VI World UFO Forum at Foz de Iguazu – Brazil

UFOZ 2014 VI UFO Forum Brazil

The field of Ufology is moving forward and EXOPOLITICS is also becoming more recognized and talked about in this move. At the well-led forum by Mr. A.J. Gevaerd, the “Foz de Iguazu Letter 2014” intended for Brazilian representatives and senators was perfected and signed to ask them to begin to openly discuss UFO issues. The forum’s emphasis was on the social implications of the extraterrestrial presence. There also was an emphasis in speakers that proposed using effective psychic and “espirita” (spiritist) means to develop verifiable human-extraterrestrial interactions.

While there were several outstanding researchers (like France’s CNES’ Jean Jacques Velasco and Professor Erling Strand of the Hessdalen Project and Østfold University College) objectively substantiating the high probability of advanced, intelligently directed objects behind some UFOs, definitely the tenor of the event was not about whether the ETs might be here but about moving forward now that it was clear for most researchers that they were. Next (from notes taken personally at the conference) I’ll give a few summaries of three specific presentations more specifically relevant to exopolitics.

From the presentation by Mr. Thiago Luis Ticchetti (co-editor of “Revista UFO” from Brazil):  

QUESTION: What will happen after disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence? Some possible answers:

After 1 min: Call relatives and tell them about the news. After 1 hr.: Billions of emails. After 1 day: More serious questions are asked.

First reactions

Are they similar to us? Are they intelligent but non-human? What are their goals? Are they benign or malignant? Are we safe?

Handling of disclosure information

Will it be handled stealthily? With how much aperture to the public? Will only a few of the secrets held be given to the public or all of them? Will this information be given voluntarily? A total radical aperture including the good and the bad?

What will happen with the political conflicts around the world? Will some be set aside to face as a species the new challenges? Ufologists will become important.

If there’s a partial (controlled) aperture it may be because governments fear a generalized panic. How will the world financial markets be affected? How will they be affected by extraterrestrial technology thereafter?

Most likely there’ll be a “false,” deceiving aperture because “nothing is certain in a trillion dollar industry filled with cover-ups. But changes do take place. Perhaps the population will have about 6 days to digest information that will change life forever.

Martial Law will be declared in a number of places in the world. The media will say that UFO stories were true after all. INTERNET will be working at maximum capacity. There will be some technical problems.

In Budhism, Hinduism and Spiritism there’s belief in extraterrestrial existence. Some other religions may have a problem with that.

There will be opposing and favorable opinions about ufological opening. Opposing: More armament will fall into aggressive hands. In favor: Technology can help people.

By the time of that dialogue/controversy perhaps more will be known about who the ETs are and what they want?

Who are they and what do they want?

Are they a threat or are they friendly? Are they in fact “extraterrestrials?” Are they intelligent machines? Are they terrestrial entities? Are they “extra” or ultradimensionals? Are they angels or demons? Are they time travellers? Are they from the future and cannot interact with us openly so as not to alter the future?

Are we like laboratory rats? Are they in a rescue mission? Do they want our DNA? Do they want to create a new type of species and-or save their own species? Do they want to eat our meat perhaps like the mutilated cows? Some evidence indicates that they were alive when they were eaten. 30,000 persons disappear every year.

Do they want our souls? Do they want our “oasis” planet? Perhaps they want nothing? Do they have empathy towards human beings? What technological level do they have? Have they already infiltrated in our society? Would some hybrids be able to pass for us easily?

Giorgio Piacenza: I’ll add: Do they want us to teach them something (let’s not assume that they can’t learn some things from us). Do they want to have our capacities, even capacities which we have not clearly recognized in us?

Institutional, Social & Cultural Questions

Will some cultural foundations crack? Will some institutions suffer credibility problems for having previously hidden this reality? How much did they know inside the government? Who knew?

There will be a new “energy equation” (new sources of energy affecting societies, productions, the economy).

How will the legal system of countries with extraterrestrial presence change?

In the coming Age what is liberated-disclosed will determine what is going to happen.

How will the day-to-day life of people continue? How will the educational structure change?

History will be re-evaluated. With respect to anthropology and archaeology we will ask: What is true or false?  Psychology will have questions like: Is it possible to control experiences and memories like some ETs have shown?

Exopolitics will grow. All politics will be global. Since Brazil is the 5th country in terms of population and area and with several ufologists it will become a ufological power.

Soon we will all know the truth.

In 1986 there was a night in which after several dramatic sightings UFOs were admitted in Brazil with the presence of Brigadier Moreyra Lima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT8VuLKOGzE#t=58

From the presentation by Dr. Alexandre Dittrich Buhr “Proposal for an Ethics for the Encounter with Cosmic Civilizations”:

Dr. Buhr is a professor and a judge, with a MsC in legal sciences and lives in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina (where important crop circles have been regularly appearing in the past few years). He’s also had a long-time interest in Space Law, is the author of “Direito Espacial” (Space Law) and clearly includes important Exopolitical considerations.

We have to consider Space Law, Ufological Events and Ethics: Space Law regulates how countries and businesses use space. Ufological Events need to be understood under a legal perspective and Ethic need to be developed for encounters with cosmic civilizations.

By convention In Aeronautical and Space Law the limit where space starts is at 100 Km over sea level. Space technology is present in daily life. Economy, agriculture, airplanes already use space related technology.

There is Public International Space Law; Public Internal Space Law and Private International Space Law.

Space activities tend to be messy. However, there have been some treaties like the foundational 1967 Space Treaty, the 1968 Agreement on the Return of Astronauts and the Return of Objects Launched into Outer Space, the 1972 Space Liability Convention (how states are responsible when satellites fall), the 1974 Registration Convention (only 62 signing states have to inform the UN of satellites launched and their orbits but military satellites are not controlled), the 1979 Moon Agreement (subscribed by very few countries). But the 1967 Space Treaty is for the good and interests of ALL countries, stating that nothing from Outer Space can be an object of national appropriation. But the U.S. probably places weapons in space even if the UN is in agreement with the spirit of the 1967 Treaty.

Brazil has already celebrated treaties with the European Space Agency (ESA), Germany, Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, France, India, Russia, Ukraine and the US. Brazil has been a member of the United Nation’s COPUOS (Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) since its foundation in 1959.

It is currently considered that private activity is not contemplated under Space Law. This includes activities like space tourism, asteroid mining exploitation and rendering services to space agencies. There also is the issue of space waste. Also militarization of outer space is prohibited but it is done. There are unilateral and multilateral considerations. There’s the possibility of “space terrorism” (like attacking necessary satellites). There also is the possibility of encounters with hostile cosmic civilizations.

For most aerospace legal authorities there is no UFO phenomenon to consider. However, the violation of air space requires a legal interpretation. Also the issue of human contamination due to contact with extraterrestrial organisms requires more understanding. Moreover, the Penal Code would apply to implants, as a form of creating damage to the human body. It would also apply for sexual experiences during abductions and to the sanctity of home space violations.   Some UFO-ET related events typified in the (Brazilian) Penal Code are implants generating corporal lesions (art 129), subtraction and/or placement of genetic material (213), kidnapping and withholding a person (art 150), illegal subjection of a person.

Mario Nogueira Rangel who wrote “Secuestros Alienígenas” (Extraterrestrial Abductions) made clear that many symptoms associated to the Abductions are violations both of the Penal Code and of Human Rights. However, we should recognize that there also are positive types of contacts. Think of Ezequiel’s experiences and of Elizabeth Klarer’s reference to the extraterrestrial Akon from Alpha Centauri. Interestingly J.J. Hurtak provided additional insights to the revealed names present in Klarer’s case.

But how should we position ourselves before a variety of extraterrestrial encounters? We need to develop an ethical understanding, a philosophical understanding and Interplanetary Space Law. We need to identify who they are and if they correlate with our basic ethical norms. We need to develop the philosophy of Interplanetary Space Law. For instance was the European civilization that brought modernity but enslaved so many in the New World good or bad? Are older extraterrestrial civilizations that have been interacting for a long time with us but which violate our rights good or bad?

From the presentation by Dr. Michael Salla “Exodiplomacy: How will Humanity  Negotiate with the Extraterrestrial Visitors”:

“Exodiplomacy” is defined as the profession, activity or skill of managing diplomatic interplanetary relations by national and/or planetary representatives. There are many events signaling an increasing recognition of issues dealing with the extraterrestrial presence. Exoplanets are being discovered; in 2009 the Pontificial Academy of Sciences held an astrobiology conference; followed by the Royal Society conference on the Scientific, Societal Agenda on the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life. On September 18-19, 2014 there was a NASA -SETI – Library of Congress symposium called “Preparing for Discovery.” The message (in agreement with the Royal Society is that it is important to prepare.

In a ceremony dedicated to unveling a bust for Pope Benedict XVI on October 27, 2014 Pope Francis I stated that God gave autonomy to beings in the Universe assuring them of His continuous presence according to the internal laws he gave them to develop http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-francis-lauds-benedict-xvis-emphasis-on-harmony-of-faith-and-science

Dr. Salla announced that the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii, a sovereignty independence political movement dedicated land to welcome the extraterrestrial visitors and could be a lead which governments could follow.

Regarding the practice of exodiplomacy who will represent the Earth? The UN? Major nations? Amnesty International? Popular Individuals? The Dalai Lama? Is there a role for private citizens? We can speak of “second track” exodiplomacy which includes non-official efforts to establish lines of communication. We need to educate society. However, discovery of extraterrestrial life may have already happened and secret negotiations may have taken place. For instance, Canadian Engineer Wilbert Smith found that UFOs exist and that they were the most highly classified matter in the U.S. Also, whistleblowers claim that President Eisenhower had two secret meetings with extraterrestrials (one at Edwards AFB in 1954 and one at Holloman AFB in 1955). Moreover, former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer believes (as stated in his 2014 “Money Maffia” book) that secret negotiations with ET races have taken place. First-hand testimonies also suggest that alien technology has been reversed-engineered.

Dr. Salla informed us that – according to the U.S. Constitution – the U.S. senate has to ratify International Treaties but that “Executive Agreements” “other than treaties” are allowed. If such agreements had been held in 1954, 60 years would have passed until today (2014).

However, “Galactic Diplomacy” or extraterrestrial contact is also already happening through private citizens and perhaps we already have enough information to start preparing as citizens for more open contact with ETs. We can also educate and prepare other private citizens.


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