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Donald Trump’s October Surprise

Article by Jazz Shaw                            August 2, 2020                             (hotair.com)

• At this point, President Trump is far from assured of winning a second term. He has plenty of work in front of him between now and November. Could the President have a Trump card up his sleeve?

• In a recent article on medium.com, writer Bryce Zabel poses the question, what would Trump do if he looked like he was going to lose to Joe Biden in the election? Well, UFOs have become a popular and legitimate subject for news coverage lately. Zabel believes that Trump might just “play the wildest card in all of human history” by telling America everything he knows about UFOs, top secret government research programs, and the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth in a wild, last minute attempt to deflect, distract and scare enough people to win the election. We all know that Donald Trump is just crazy enough to do it.

• We know that Trump is a master disruptor who cares not one bit for traditional political rules. And we know that he’s a showman who knows how to play the press. Every time he’s mentioned the subject of UFOs he’s made headlines. Zabel speculates that the President might decide to let the cat out of the bag right in the middle of the final debate on October 22nd.

• But the key phrase here is Trump telling ‘everything he knows’ about UFOs and the extraterrestrial presence. What does Trump know? He’s hinted that he knows some things about Roswell that he found “very interesting.” It is highly doubtful, however, that the government’s intelligence agencies would tell Donald Trump, or any other president, much of anything about their greatest intelligence secret. After all, Presidents come and go. The military-industrial complex is dug in like a tick.

• Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence would be a massively disruptive, potentially ‘world-changing’ moment. Could this result in Trump winning over voters to reelect him as President for a second term? And how might Joe Biden respond? Would Biden jump on the UFO bandwagon and say that he would also be a disclosure president? Would it even matter to the electorate once they’ve been given a good reason to not vote for Uncle Joe? There isn’t a chance that Trump wouldn’t try for a last ditch “October Surprise” if he thought it could carry him over the finish line on November 3rd.

[Editor’s Note]   Trump planning an October surprise to win the November election? At this point, this is all but assured. But if so, wouldn’t Trump be planning this now? What if UFO disclosure was only a part of a world changing “surprise” that Trump had up his sleeve? What if he was in on the planning of a complete ‘global financial reset’? A restructuring of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury? The elimination of federal income tax; debt forgiveness on bank loans, mortgages and credit card debt; and the introduction of a new US currency under a global ‘quantum financial system’? What if Trump was planning to reveal the insidious deep state syndicate, arresting its satanic leaders? And wouldn’t it be prudent to disclose all of this, including the extraterrestrial presence, this month so that Trump could begin to build the momentum he needs in the run-up to the November election? This would certainly cause the American electorate to sit up and take notice. I’m just saying…


While some recent movement in the polls shows the presidential race tightening in the battleground states, there’s no denying that President Trump is far from assured a second term at this point and he has plenty of work in front of him between now and November. And if the pandemic keeps the economy in the dumps across much of the nation and the employment numbers don’t start bouncing back, that could be a tough job indeed. But does the President have a Trump card (pardon the pun) up his sleeve in that event?

Over at Medium, Bryce Zabel raises this interesting question. What might Donald Trump do if it looks like he’s actually going to lose to Joe Biden? Bryce suggests in all seriousness that Trump just might “play the wildest card in all of human history.” And what card is that? He could tip over the entire apple cart by emptying the bag and telling America everything that’s known about UFO study programs and, just possibly, the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth, either now or in the past.

We all know that Donald Trump is just crazy enough to do it.

And by “do it,” we mean throw the entire UFO issue into the upcoming presidential election at the last minute in a wild attempt to deflect, distract and scare enough people to win the election.

That’s right. Unidentified flying objects dumped smack into the middle of a presidential election by a sitting president who actually loves the idea of how disruptive it could be.

It sounds crazy. It’s not going to happen. Right? I mean, right?

Even Bryce admits this is a long shot, but it’s not off the table. He notes, as we have discussed recently, that UFOs have become a legitimate subject for news coverage and there’s been a lot of it recently. In addition to multiple articles in the New York Times, CNN has done two segments on the subject this week alone, with both Jake Tapper and Michael Smerconish. NBC News just published an opinion piece on the subject of both UFOs and the possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting Earth (which I’ll have more to say about this week), something unheard of for them for quite some time. This is something that’s happening right before all of our eyes.

So with that in mind, would the President throw this wildcard on the table in October in an attempt to shore up his reelection chances? And if so, would it work?



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