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I Blame the Deep State for the Collapse of the Medical Industry

by Duke Brickhouse, Chief Editor, ExoNews          May 1, 2019

Back in 1998, I suddenly developed multiple and recurrent throat ulcers that seem to correspond with changes in the weather. Through the 2000’s, I went to doctors and specialists from Virginia Beach/Norfolk to Berlin, Germany where I lived for a couple of years. If you look up ‘apthous stomatitis’ on the internet, you’ll see that there is ‘no known cause, no known cure’ for this condition. Therefore, all that the doctors could do was to prescribe pain medication, and I would just have to live with it until it ‘ran its course’.

Its twenty years later, and I am still suffering from these acute and recurrent throat ulcers that come in groups of two to five at a time, each lasting ten to fifteen days. So with overlapping occurrences, these episodes can continue for a couple of months at a time, continually. This is what happened last winter. I live in Virginia Beach. Between the middle of January and the middle of March, we had a non-stop series of low pressure rain systems roll in, along with severe drops and rises in temperature. This caused a two month series of severe throat ulcers when I cannot eat or drink without pain medication. At its worst, I cannot get out of bed.

In the past, I would get a prescription for 90 pain pills which would last me through maybe two or three of these extended ulcer episodes, costing me a $15 insurance co-pay. But since this recently manufactured ‘opioid crisis’, the Deep State has focused only on the abusers, making sure that people in actual pain are totally disregarded. The system dumped a ton of opioid pain meds on the population, allowing the ultra-selfish, third-density idiots with no regard for their own mortality to abuse them and eat them by the handfuls. The pharmacies got rich by over-selling them. The elite billionaire Richard Sackler and his family (owners of Perdue Farm/worth $13B) made a lot more money by creating this epidemic. (see John Oliver HBO video clip below) The Deep State used the foreseeable result of a small percentage of people abusing these pain meds to declare an ‘opioid crisis’, to justify the implementation of severely restrictive laws. This is what I found myself facing in the winter of 2019.

After waiting a couple of weeks for an appointment with my primary care physician, I was informed that she could no longer prescribe my pain pills. I had to go to a ‘pain management specialist’ for that now. More money. More time to wait. I was suffering and urgently needed the pain meds. So I made an appointment with the pain management doctor. He could see me in three weeks. Three more weeks of suffering to pay another doctor for what my own doctor used to do.  (I hadn’t harmed myself in twenty years of taking these medications, but now I am considered ‘high risk’.)

When I went to the pain management doctor, he had no clue about my throat ulcer condition and was therefore suspicious about whether I was really in pain or if I was just a dirty drug addict trying to manipulate the system. That’s exactly how I was treated. In two hours, I had to go through three rounds of paperwork promising that I would not abuse the pills or do anything else to attempt to relieve my pain, and I would be routinely pee-tested to make sure. I have never been treated so poorly, like a drug addict felon. Finally, at the end of this degrading encounter, the hapless doctor wrote me a prescription for 30 pain pills.

I took the prescription to my pharmacy and they informed me that they didn’t carry this type of medication, and they would have it shipped to them. This would take yet another week. More time and more suffering. After a week it came in, but at a cost of $350. I was astounded. I can’t afford that. So my pharmacist got my insurance company involved. After another week, my insurance company agreed to pay half of it. I still couldn’t afford $175 for 30 pills. So after five more weeks, the requisite ‘pain management’ only made me suffer longer, forcing me to take extra strength Tylenol like candy, which does not adequately control the pain. It was a complete waste of time. But that wasn’t the end of it. The pain management doctor sent me a bill for $625, and after insurance covered a portion, I was expected to pay them $135. So this elitist doctor, who knew that under the new ‘opioid crisis’ regulations he was the only option left to me, had no problem extorting the system for $625 for doing absolutely nothing. In fact, he only made my situation much worse by dragging it out for another 5 weeks.

I was missing a lot of work due to these ulcers, and my boss – a great guy – was worried. He went out of his way to find an ear, nose and throat doctor and told me to go see him. Well, it’s my boss, so I can’t say no. Of course, my boss doesn’t labor under the stress of money like the rest of us do. By this point in April, I had gotten past my throat ulcer episodes for a while. I told the receptionist at the ENT why I was there, and that I currently had no ulcers for the doctor to look at, but since I had made the appointment I would at least get into the computer system so that the next time I developed these throat ulcers I could go right in. I saw the doctor for less than five minutes during which time I explained my condition, and he looked at my throat for about ten seconds. He had nothing to offer except to come back when they were active again. A few weeks later I got a bill from the ENT doctor for a $283 ‘consultation’, of which my payment was $115. I complained that the doctor did nothing at all, and I was told that this was the standard charge for a consultation.

So I went back to my primary care physician and related my story.  She prescribed me 30 pills of a different kind of pain medication called Tramadol.  The pharmacy said that, again, they would have to order it since it was not a common medication.  When it came in a week later, I was told that it cost $250.  The pharmacist said that my insurance might cover it if my PCP doctor called them.  So I waited three more weeks to learn that my insurance had denied coverage. I spoke to some people in my office who had been prescribed Tramadol, and our mutual insurance carrier, Anthem Healthkeepers, had covered it for them no problem.  But I received a letter from Anthem saying that they had denied my request because “We did not see information that show you have an illness that qualifies… such as a diagnosis of cancer-related pain…terminal condition…sickle cell anemia, or …chronic pain.”  These doctors have no idea what apthous stomatitis (throat ulcers) is so they relegate it to a milder disease.  I tried to call the person who denied my request at Anthem but she would not take my call.

I got someone else at Anthem on the phone who told me that my PCP could schedule a ‘peer to peer’ phone call to restate my case and try to educate them.  When I told my PCP doctor this, she responded that she would not do this as she was monitored for this sort of activity, and I would have no alternative but to go back to the pain management specialist.  So after about ten weeks in chronic pain, I was right back where I started, in the same situation with an incompetent pain management doctor who was indifferent to actually helping patients since he is the only game in town.

I must interject here that the only relief that I have found has been through Karl Mollison, a channeler of Creator and the Higher Self, whom I met through my friend, Denny Hunt, in 2017.  Karl provides medical issue channeling through his websites, TeamArchangel.com and GetWisdom.com.  After “vetting” Karl, and being so impressed by his channeling of historic figures that I wrote a handful of articles on them for ExoNews, I asked Karl to do a channeling for my throat ulcer condition.  He did so in the summer of 2017, through a ‘holographic memory resolution’ protocol, and I saw a marked improvement literally overnight.  I must say that it did not completely eliminate my throat ulcers, but it did reduce the frequency and severity of them. (They are still quite painful when they do come.)  Thank God I found Karl when I did.  Everything, it seems, is tied to our spiritual self.  This is a promising field of medical research that the Deep State does not want revealed, and is widely disregarded by the mainstream medical community.

The medical industry is no longer about providing medical treatment to patients. It is about making money, and lots of it. And this concocted opioid crisis has allowed the system to jack up prices and place the burden of paying it on the patient.  This funnels more money into the Deep State coffers.  If you cannot afford their costs, then to hell with you. By my research, fully 50% of the US population cannot afford these costs – much less any sort of life insurance or retirement savings. Most of these people cannot even afford health insurance, which I have only because it is provided through my employer. But these days, fewer and fewer employers are even offering a health insurance plan. And the Deep State Republicans are trying as hard as they can to eliminate the Affordable Care Act so that even fewer people can afford health care. This is a manufactured crisis.  And they are using this crisis to bleed us dry.

In Germany and other European countries, doctors and attorneys charge their fees on a sliding scale according to the person’s income. Not in America. In America is it all about the money, not the people. And it’s not only the doctors, but the pharmacies, hospitals and health insurance companies who are complicit in this unconscionable system that the Deep State elite have devised. Today, the medical industry doesn’t care one bit about treating patients. The only thing it wants to preserve is the tradition of paying doctors a six-figure salary to support these Deep State policies while doing less and less for their patients. In America, medical services are only for the wealthy who can grudgingly afford this ridiculous system. As for the rest of us, we are left out in the cold and nobody cares. And on top of it all, we are hearing from insiders that we now have amazing medical technology in the secret space programs that are kept from mainstream society. This latent technology could eliminate all disease, cancer, anything at all.

Why would the Deep State elite want to do this? Because it keeps the lower half of the population both economically and medically subjugated so that we have no time to look around and see what is truly going on here, and we have no resources to do anything about it. We are the ones who are suffering under this corrupt Deep State system. The top economic half of the population are simply grateful that they are not in the bottom half, so they consider themselves as ‘winning’ in this system and they don’t want to do anything to upset the dynamic. In other words, it is the Deep State’s way of keeping us all as economic slaves, one way or the other, rich or poor.

The corruption and collapse of the medical industry is only a microcosm of the Deep State tactics employed in every sector of American society. They manipulate small fluctuations in various taxes, interest rates, inflation, bank loan requirements, student loan debt, stock market, etc. in order to keep us right on the edge – financially insecure and frightened that we are but one small catastrophe away from losing everything. This is so we don’t have the time, the resources, or the nerve to rise up and demand the reform of this corrupt American system. It is a system where all they want is to do is to generate money, and then funnel all of that money to an elite wealthy class.  And they employ all of these mechanisms to make sure it stays this way. The corruption of the medical industry is only one of these mechanisms, which I’ve just experienced first-hand.

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Big Pharma’s Big Connections: Congress Exposed as Protecting Drug Companies While Opioid Problem Worsens

by Kalee Brown         October 19, 2017        (collective-evolution.com)

• American is experiencing a major opioid crisis that is killing people every day from an opioid or heroin overdose.

• Opium is first removed from the poppy plant, which is then refined into morphine, and can then be further refined into heroin. Some opiates are entirely synthetic, and others are a cross between the two.

• Big Pharma companies ensure that their market grows by creating products that are addictive and have negative side effects so they can keep people sick and take more drugs.

• During the Vietnam War, the CIA worked with Laotian general Vang Pao in smuggling heroin via “Air America” to create a world hub for heroin in Southeastern Asian countries.

• In the 1980’s, Afghanistan had become the largest suppier of poppies for opium production. The CIA trained, armed, and funded Afghan “rebels” and supplied them with trucks and mules to transport the opium. Then the Taliban moved in and eradicated 90% of the world’s heroin supply. After 9/11, the US military occupied Afghanistan, and under US “protection”, opium production skyrocketed.

• Back in America, doctors were being paid by Big Pharma to prescribe opioids. Through formidable lobbying efforts, the US Congress, led by Pennsylvania Republican Tom Marino, passed laws that weakened the DEA’s ability to stop excessive drug distribution. Corrupt doctors and pharmacists were able to prescribe more pain killers and introduce them into the black market. Big Pharma paid at least $1.5 million to the 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored the bills.

• President Trump chose none other than Tom Marino to serve as his “drug czar” to lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Marino wisely declined the nomination.

• In response to a renewed crack-down by the DEA, Big Pharma poached 46 top DEA officials and hired them to devise new ways to avoid the DEA’s enforcement.

[Editor’s Note]  It is quite apparent that the CIA relies heavily on the revenue derived from Big Pharma’s legal and illegal sale of opiates to fund its’ hidden Deep State agenda.


Many people often picture drug dealers as these scary individuals selling pills on street corners, but when it comes to the opioid epidemic, these drug pushers don’t exactly fit the stereotype. The true “drug dealers” largely responsible for America’s opioid epidemic aren’t thugs, they’re doctors and members of the U.S. government.

As former DEA agent Joe Rannazzisi put it, “They weren’t slinging crack on the corner… These were professionals who were doing it. They were just drug dealers in lab coats.”

You have physicians heavily pushing and marketing opioids, you’ve got countless doctors being paid by Big Pharma to prescribe opioids, and then you have the U.S. government overseeing the opium trade. This isn’t news to many people, as the reality of America’s war on drugs has lain exposed for decades, but mainstream media has been honing in on the deep ties the people we’re expected to trust share with Big Pharma.

An in-depth investigation into the opioid epidemic and the U.S. government’s ties to it was recently conducted by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes, revealing how U.S. Congress effectively weakened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) ability to go after drug distributors, despite the worsening opioid epidemic.

The Washington Post‘s report on the opioid epidemic focused on one bill in particular that protected some major drug companies, allowing the flow of opioids to reach more people and creating more profit for their producers in turn. The law was presented as a more “industry-friendly” approach to law enforcement, but it undermined the DEA’s ability to monitor the flow of opioids.

So, corrupt doctors and pharmacists were able to effectively prescribe more pain killers and introduce them into the black market. Big Pharma funded this through lobbying efforts, worked closely with a handful of Congressmen, and even made some hefty donations to political campaigns (to the tune of millions of dollars) to ensure this bill came into fruition.

The Washington Post stated that the key member of Congress who paved the path for this bill was Pennsylvania Republican Tom Marino, as he allegedly spent years attempting to push this bill. The law Marino so desperately wanted to succeed basically acts as a protective barrier between Big Pharma and the DEA, preventing the DEA from freezing suspicious shipments from companies.

Why was Marino so supportive of this particular bill? Though we clearly do not have the full picture, we do know that he received $100,000 by “political actions committees representing the industry” for his efforts. Marino wasn’t the only lawmaker to accept payments though, as the industry paid a collective $1.5 million to 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored the bill (and these are only the known amounts).

“The drug industry, the manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and chain drugstores, have an influence over Congress that has never been seen before,” explained the former head of the DEA’s division responsible for regulating the drug industry, Joseph T. Rannazzisi. “I mean, to get Congress to pass a bill to protect their interests in the height of an opioid epidemic just shows me how much influence they have.”

As per how this bill truly got passed, it remains a mystery. Yes, Big Pharma and Congressman Marino clearly played a huge role, but how did the DEA and Department of Justice accept this? Were they unaware of the effects this would have on the opioid epidemic? Former President Barack Obama, who was responsible for the final sign-off of the bill in 2016, and multiple DEA officials declined to comment on this matter to the Post.

In addition, the DEA and Justice Department refused or delayed requests made by the Post and 60 Minutes for files under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that could provide more information on the law that passed. A number of these FOIA requests have been pending for a year and a half, and so the Post is now suing the Justice Department in hopes of obtaining these files.

DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge John J. Mulrooney II commented on the law, stating that because of it being passed, it’s “all but logically impossible” for the DEA to suspend a Big Pharma company’s operations even when they do not comply with federal law. How can drug companies continue to operate when they’re not even operating under federal law? This is the power that Big Pharma holds over the U.S. government.


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Veterans File Lawsuit Accusing Big Pharma Companies of Funding Terrorist Organizations in Iraq

by Kalee Brown         October 20, 2017        (collective-evolution.com)

• On October 17th, 100 US military veterans filed a federal lawsuit against numerous top multi-national pharmaceutical companies, claiming that these companies funneled funding to enemy terrorist organizations through “kick-backs” to Iraq’s Ministry of Health.

• The lawsuit claims that these Big Pharma companies are responsible for hundreds of American casualties.

• The lawsuit was filed against five major pharmaceutical giants: AstraZeneca, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Roche Holding.

• The plaintiffs state that these corporations funded the ministry employees by supplying them with additional drugs and equipment packaged for resale on the black market, in addition to creating a “slush fund” for ministry officials sympathetic to the terrorist groups.

• The ministry was essentially a front for Jaysh al-Mahdi, which many U.S. army officials refer to as “the pill army” because the troops were compensated in pills instead of actual money.

• These companies have paid generous amounts of money in the past to settle similar claims in order to successfully gain further contracts in Iraq.

• The lawsuit alleges that the companies are in violation of the U.S. anti-terrorism act.

[Editor’s Note]  It appears that in the Deep State cabal/ capitalist world, paying kickbacks to enemy groups in order to gain lucrative contracts and settling the resulting lawsuits are simply ordinary costs of doing business, so that these huge multi-national corporations may continue to fund their secret space programs and off planet operations that are earning them even greater profits.


On October 17, over 100 U.S. veterans and relatives of American soldiers who were either injured or killed during the Iraq war filed a federal lawsuit against numerous U.S. and European Big Pharma companies. These aren’t just tiny corporations, they’re some of the leading companies in the medical industry, including Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Those involved in the lawsuit are claiming that these companies regularly paid officials in Iraq’s Ministry of Health, who then used the money to fund the militia that was responsible for many attacks against U.S. troops.

So, why are Big Pharma companies funding Iraq’s Ministry of Health, and more importantly, did they know the money would end up in the hands of terrorists?

It seems sort of strange that Big Pharma companies, especially those based in the U.S., would fund the very terrorist organizations that were attacking U.S. troops in the first place. But then again, it’s also sort of strange that the U.S. government funds and trains terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS, so perhaps this shouldn’t come as such a surprise.

The lawsuit was filed against five major pharmaceutical giants: AstraZeneca, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Roche Holding. The lawsuit claims that these organizations financed terrorist organizations that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers, and numerous soldiers and veterans who were wounded in the Iraq war.

These companies allegedly paid kickbacks to higher-ups at Iraq’s Health Ministry, and these payments were made when the ministry was controlled by the Jaysh al-Mahdi, or Mahdi Army, an “anti-American” Iraqi militia backed by Iran. The lawsuit includes a 27-page list that details all of the reported deaths and injuries of American troops that were caused by Jaysh al-Mahdi from 2005 to 2009.

In terms of how much the officials at the ministry were being paid, these companies allegedly bribed them with as much as 20% of a total contract’s value. The plaintiffs stated that these corporations funded the ministry employees by supplying them with additional drugs and equipment.

They noted that these free items were packaged in “a manner conducive to street resale” so that the ministry officials could resell them on the black market. In addition, the companies allegedly designed a “slush fund” from 2004 to 2013 in order to fund “after-sales support and other services,” but in reality, the money was apparently used for the Health Ministry officials.

The lawsuit argues that by funding the officials, the corporations “aided and abetted Jaysh al-Mahdi’s terrorist operations against Americans in Iraq.”


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