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Wright-Patterson AFB, Ray Szymanski and Hidden Aliens

by Paul Seaburn              September 7, 2017                 (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• Raymond Szymanski worked at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for 39 years.

• In his first days on the job, his mentor asked him if he’d heard about their aliens recovered from the Roswell UFO crash.

• “Everybody who works on base knows.”

• Not one single person ever denied that there were alien bodies on base.

• Szymanski never actually saw the alien bodies. Nevertheless he wrote a book about it.


Here’s a well-known mystery: many people believe that aliens and their spacecraft from the Roswell incident are hidden in special tunnels at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Here’s a little-known fact: Raymond Szymanski worked at Wright-Patterson for 39 years and wrote a book published in 2016 called 50 Shades of Greys about what he saw there. Here’s a new mystery: why is the book suddenly back in the news? Is someone getting us ready for full disclosure?

A number of media outlets revisited (or visited) 50 Shades of Greys recently after its author was interviewed by Sun Online. In the book, published in January 2016, Szymanski begins with details of his first days on the job at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 1973 when a mentor named Al introduced him to the Avionics Laboratory’s Management Operations Office by asking, “Have you heard about our aliens?”


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Angels versus Aliens

ets-5thdensity-2By Alan Foster

One of the main conclusions that comes with any honest assessment of the Extraterrestrial situation on Earth, by those involved in UFOlogical studies such as the Exopolitics Institute, the Disclosure Movement, the French COMETA report etc., is that once we have full and open Disclosure, this will affect the political and economic situation, but most particularly the Theological situation. Discussions and arguments about the central figures of world religions, and whether they are of Divine or Alien origin, will be hotly debated by spiritual and religious people, by UFOlogists, aetheists, sceptics and the media; particularly in light of the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory. This is an emotive subject, so to put this into a wider context, I would like to put forward the reasons why Angels, regarded as being of a Divine spiritual origin, should not be confused with the physical properties and motivations of Extraterrestrial beings. This does not have to be an either-or scenario, as it will be easier for many people to accept Disclosure if it doesn’t come at the expense of their religious beliefs.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci was a leading theologian at the Vatican, and interestingly enough, he was also one of their expert exorcist priests. He ended up speaking out openly, particularly on Italian mainstream T.V., about the fact that he was on a Vatican Commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters. In 1997 he was interviewed by the cultural anthropologist and UFOlogist Michael Hesemann , where he advised that the Vatican was receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans, from their papal ambassadors in various countries such as Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Father Balducci said that he was on the Vatican Commision looking into extraterrestrial encounters and how to cope with the emerging awareness of the reality of extraterrestrial contact. In August 1998, he said, “It is reasonable to believe and affirm that extraterrestrials exist. Their existence can no longer be denied, for there is too much evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials and flying saucers.” He also made reference to Angels while being interviewed by Michael Hesemann in 1997, when he said, “We know with certainty of the existence of God, of the Angels, and of us. The Angels, God’s messengers, have always concerned themselves with humanity, and it is certain they are still doing this today. Each human being has his or her own Guardian Angel that follows him or her everywhere. There are visible appearances of Angels.” He also emphasised that extraterrestrial beings are like us, they are physical, you can touch them. However, there is a spiritual reality as well. It is important people realise there is a difference.

This is one of the aspects of reality I have also referred to regularly in articles and lectures, and I feel it is imperative we are aware how the spiritual realms differ from UFOlogical and extraterrestrial interactions. The ET technology has anti-gravity capability, seems to be able to go inter-dimensional and super-luminal, even warping space and time, and is able to beam people through solid objects like windows, car roofs, walls etc. This gives them a god-like status. And yet our own ‘mainstream’ technology would make us seem like gods, compared to only 110 years ago, with the first attempts to fly by the Wright Brothers, let alone from the perspective of Neanderthal Man. However, there is a difference between Divine spiritual beings like the Angels, whose purpose seems to be to subtly and unconditionally help souls in their evolution at pivotal moments in their soul existence, compared to the more physical properties of the various ET’s interacting with humanity. The extraterrestrials purpose, briefly, seems to range from those involved with manipulation, control and the taking of our resources and genetic material, to those who are observing as we go through these incredible changes on Earth, to those beings that are more benevolent and also concerned with a higher purpose, morality and a more cosmic evolution. It is a complex scenario.

Features of an Alien.
Kim-Carlsberg-ET-FamilyIn 1964, Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean was stationed as an Intelligence Analyst at the NATO Headquarters, at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), originally in Paris, and then in Brussels, Belgium. With that role he had a clearance above Top Secret, actually ‘Cosmic Top Secret’ clearance. It was while there he came across the ‘Assessment’ Document, that was only for those with a ‘need to know’, as an assessment of the current extraterrestrial situation on Earth. It became clear that the military who were aware of the ET situation knew there were at least a dozen different species of ET interacting with Earth at that time.This comprised different types of the Grey Alien, Reptilians as physical beings, or in some cases as inter-dimensional negative entities, there were Mantid types and also Human types eg: the Nordics. Infact the document made it clear that the ‘Top Brass’ were more concerned with the Human-type of ET’s, rather than the non-humans, because they knew they could walk in the corridors of power, eg: political and military buildings, and not be noticed. Whereas the non-human types, who also had incredible technological superiority, could easily be distinguished as not human. It was with thanks to Bob Dean that we are now aware of this document and the military’s assessment of the situation, even back in 1964. It is generally regarded now that the count of ET species is much higher than a dozen. Once again, it is because of this that when Disclosure happens, and debates are raging about the many types of ET beings, that there will need to be a distinction between physical and spiritual beings, to give the full picture of extraterrestrial reality and hierarchies of heaven, so as not to simply overlay one with the other.

Features of an Angel.
angels1– References to Angels appear in most of the religious texts, from over 600 acknowledgements in the Bible, to references within Islam and Judaism. They have appeared with wings and without wings, physically, and in dreams and visions. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek – Angelos, and the Latin – Angelus, which means Messenger or Courier. ‘EL’ at the end of Angel means ‘bright’, ‘shining’, or ‘shining being’. Within religious texts, Archangel Gabriel is referred to as the Angel who appeared in front of Mother Mary at the Annunciation, and who also, known as Jibra’il, dictated the Holy Koran to the Prophet Muhammed. They are often regarded as heavenly beings that work for God and the Divine ‘Light’, and facilitate the transition of the soul between this world and the next.
– Prior to the first battle of the First World War in 1914, at Mons, there were many witness reports from both the British and German Forces, that a huge Angel was seen over the battlefield with his hand raised, as if to say ‘stop’ to the slaughter that then followed.
– Within the Native American tradition there are references to the Angels, where they are called the ‘Bird Tribes’. It was believed that the Bird Tribes (Angels) would not interfere with their freedom of will without invitation. Extraterrestrial beings were generally referred to as ‘Star Nation People’.
– In David Morehouse’s book ‘Psychic Warrior’ (1996), David relates to his experiences working as a U.S. military remote-viewer for the CIA’s Paranormal Espionage Programme. The covert programme originally started with remote-viewing, but as the accuracy rates become higher, it was decided to also operate a ‘remote-influencing’ programme. It was then that David wanted to get out, as the operation became more nefarious. What is of interest here, is that via remote-viewing operations, he states that all the members of the unit were aware of other races and species of extraterrestrials, many who were more advanced than us. However, through all the trials, tribulations and retaliations from the CIA for trying to get this information to the world, he says that he was saved by his Angel, who helped him, and who he refers to many times in the book.
– In the Oct / Nov 2014 issue of ‘Nexus’ magazine, there is an article by Paul Stonehill about ‘Cosmonauts on UFOs and Strange Phenomena’. On p.43 he refers to the 1984 Salyut incident, where six cosmonauts seemed to have a profound Angelic experience. Outside the orbital station they saw seven gigantic shapes,… “that turned out to be seven heavenly Angels. The Angels looked so much like humans, and yet they were different: they possessed huge wings and blinding haloes. When the Angels gazed upon the Soviet crew, they did so with the most wonderful smiles of joy and rapture; no human could smile like that.” The cosmonauts’ report was classified as Top Secret, and medical tests indicated they were of sound mind.

Angelic Appearances.
The more research you do, and the more eye-witness reports and experiences you have of personal Angelic appearances, the conclusion is that Angels are Divine helpers, guides and messengers, whose remit is to help the greater good as seen from their elevated perspective. And yet, their interactions are subtle, personal and deeply relevant to the situation at that intense moment when they are needed. It is the relevance to the situation in the moment, and the life-changing effect it has, that makes so many people feel they have experienced an Angelic interaction. Below follows just a handful of those testimonies I have been made aware of:-

Two Angels in London.
I spoke to a lady who said that in 2004 she had been to a Conference in central London, and after taking the train late at night to another area of the city, she had a long walk in the dark to her car. She was nervous and asked that the Angels would be with her to protect her. She then instantly saw, next to her own shadow on the ground cast by a single street lamp, two new shadows appear, one on either side of her. She then had an overwhelming sense of peace, and felt that the shadows were cast by the Angels helping her.

Help with the Transition.
I know a lady who worked in a Cancer clinic in a major city, and in 2005 she told me about one case, of the many Angelic appearances she was aware of, that had happened to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. It involved a man who was sadly on his death bed. His wife was there as he was dying. The man said to his wife that he could see an Angel in ‘Light’ at the foot of the bed, who had come to meet him. The reason this seemed a particularly powerful testimony, was because his wife said that her husband was normally sceptical about this subject.

In March 2006 there was a programme on U.K. Television about bereavement and its effects on people concerned. One of the accounts in the programme was of an eight year old boy who died of leukemia. Just as he was dying, he sat up and whispered to his mother, who was by his side, “Angel.” She said, “Can you see an Angel?” He said, “Two of them!” Then he passed away. This incident helped his mother greatly as she had to deal with the bereavement and loss of her young son.

Averting a Driving Disaster.
A lady told me that in about 1999 she fell asleep behind the wheel of her car while driving. She had just been to see her husband in hospital and was concerned and very tired. As she fell asleep, the car drifted onto the verge and was going to crash, she then felt a presence on the back seat and a voice said, “It’s OK, just keep going straight, you’ll be alright.” She felt very peaceful, and was able to calmly drive the car back onto the road. She looked into her rear-view mirror and saw a figure sitting behind her in the supposedly empty car. She said she knew it was her Guardian Angel and he had saved her.

The White Feather.
Over the years, countless people who believe they have had an Angelic experience or feelings of protection, have said they have come across a small white feather that appeared inexplicably as if to acknowledge that there had really been the presence of an Angel. One case involved a lady in 2008, who said that her husband had just died in a hospital in Somerset, U.K. She and her family had gone to the hospital, driving through thick fog to get there. As they stood around the bed they all noticed a white feather on her husband’s chest, on his pyjamas by his heart, and said that it hadn’t been there previously. Simultaneously, the fog seemed to clear outside, and a shaft of sunlight shone through the window and shone on his face. Her daughter, who recently had been suicidal, was so affected by this event that it changed her view of life and she kept the feather and a cutting of his pyjamas. When his wife visited his grave for the first time, there was another white feather on it, which she showed me from her purse. This also gave her great courage and helped with her bereavement, but also with her belief that the soul goes on after death, and that her husband was OK.

Any serious discussion of Angels and their interactions with humans becomes deep and profound, when you genuinely look at the implications. It invariably involves appearances at pivotal times, such as life-changing moments, healing meditation, helping lost souls and ghosts, protection against dark forces, and in many cases at the point of death, when a person is passing over. This seems to be not only to help the person passing over, but also to give faith to those who are left behind afterwards. This is why this goes far beyond physical extraterrestrial encounters with humanity, and to the subjects of life, death, soul, reincarnation, Divinity, God and Holy purpose. A most profound subject. And if we are to truly understand the processes that are at work on Earth, at the most basic level, we also need to respect the eye-witness testimony, and the evidence given. In a court of law the eye-witness to an incident is listened to with respect, but when it comes to Angelic experiences and also to Alien abduction, it is as though the eye-witness has no value. This needs to change.

With Disclosure will come many complex discussions regarding not just the Cosmic neighbourhood but also the Realms of Heaven. By recognising the distinctions between the two, it can help Cosmic and Heavenly truths to co-exist, rather than come into conflict.

Alan Foster. Copyright 2015.
Email: alanfostersky@googlemail.com

Growing ET Awareness to Awaken Religious & Cultural Leaders

Theological Implications Regarding the Impending Discovery of Extraterrestrial Humanities

By Giorgio Piacenza

(This is an updated version of an article previously published in 2012)

The term “Catholic” means “universal” but is the official Roman Apostolic Catholic Church doctrine truly universal in relation to what we are gradually discovering about the Cosmos? If we consider that at least some of the most important elements of Roman Catholic doctrine and (and of other religions) are ESSENTIALLY and principially universal, there will be room for an interpretive development suitable to the current growing awareness that we are being “visited.”

What is happening right now? Perhaps the unofficial (yet-semi-official because of being high-level in the hierarchy and not being formally suppressed) declarations of Mons. Corrado Balducci and Fr. Gabriel Funes S.J. (director of the Vatican Observatory) are the first intended and un-intended stage of promoting a revolutionary conceptual move in the direction of a truly more “universal” (catholic) and cosmically appropriate kind of interpretation. This entails not just making faith more agreeable with modern science but  also developing or extending/amplifying more adequate theological interpretations that attend to the increasing factual evidence connecting Earth humans with the extraterrestrial presence. The growing awareness is happening now and the role of “God” (also understood not just as “creator” but as “sustainer of being” in some alleged and real ET contact experiences) should increasingly become a matter of discussion and study.

I bet that in trying to find fresh explanations matching settled theologies with current ET-related surprising facts theoretical leaders of many religions will come to recognize how much they share in common. A transdisciplinary-theological, trans-religious approach (if that is a correct term) based in deeply shared commonalities may be born. It is not just that the nations of the world will set aside their differences in case of an “alien threat” as president Reagan once suggested at the UN, the news will be that religious and fundamental metaphysical commonalities should also be gradually realized. Many of the faithful will come to realize that ETs can be welcome in the classical versions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. While some ETs may be kind and respectful to us and not all ETs may be benevolent or ideal in our terms, we’ll still be brethren in the Cosmos.

The ET presence will inspire the finding of inter-faith ecumenical connections and -perhaps- more sophisticated concepts about God’s nature and notions such as “PANENTHEISM” will form a basis to supersede excessive, strict, intolerant “us vs. them” or “this vs. that” more superficial doctrinal disagreements. Furthermore, these enhanced interpretations should inspire many of the faithful to update their cultural perspectives. A well-guided religion can assist many persons to evolve their understandings in a healthy, positive way. In relation to Christianity, how are we to understand the redemptive role of Jesus when the extraterrestrial presence becomes widely known?

Is “original sin” and Jesus redemptive intervention on Earth applicable to extraterrestrial beings in the Cosmos? This is a crucial issue here. This was mentioned and discussed in the Vatican sponsored conference (in Vatican grounds) regarding the plausibility of extraterrestrial life in the universe in 2009. However, we should probably not assume that there’s ample awareness about intelligent ET life visiting Earth at the Vatican. As in most cases within large, conventional social institutions, most people either avoid the subject not to imperil their credibility or lack sufficient information about it.

I believe that, after periods of being on the wrong side of the rational debate by rejecting scientific advancements which routinely and quantitatively displace Earth’s Man as the center of all creation, the Vatican curia’s attitude is now becoming quite auspiciously agreeable with the findings and extrapolations of biological-cosmological-material-astrobiological science. This is becoming obvious in articles like those of investigative journalists Paola Harris and Marc Kauffman in which public opinion-relevant, researcher-priests (like Fr. Funes and Mons. Balducci) were consistently allowed the freedom to declare that God may have created intelligent extraterrestrial beings. While both Funes and Balducci suggested that extraterrestrials would be like cosmic brothers to us, the latter was allowed to speculate (beyond a scientifically safe orthodox view) that extraterrestrials may have already visited Earth. There is a time when excessive doubt against so much human testimony about an ET presence is not prudent or wise, he basically said.

Whether most conventional academic scientists look at the best objective evidence today or do it later on, the fact that serious persons are reporting ET encounters and even some air forces in the world are not excluding seriously considering the possibility that some UFOs can be of extraterrestrial origin (besides serious whistle blower testimony, photographs, analyzed photos, videos, archaeological signs, scientifically analyzed, alleged ET implants  and more) should be taken into consideration by objective, open-minded, critical thinking individuals able to think and to express themselves with freedom. On the aggregate, the more serious types of evidence overcome often criticized, flimsier types of evidence also provided in less rigorous form by individuals with less critical thinking skills. One piece of evidence being genuine would be enough to warrant a serious, responsible interest. Not wanting to see this evidence as a whole is a serious and sad oversight which – nonetheless – can and should be remedied for the good of humanity.

Personal dislike for the ET presence theme or for it not conforming to established theory, regular methods and procedures and known facts (as implicit grounds for not looking into this) already smells incredibly out of touch and in itself less credible. Evidence (however unique) and experience (however different from stable reality patterns) should dictate the scientific course to follow.

In my view, the Funes and Balducci declarations are part of a tardy but, nonetheless, healthy move towards the really valid idea of complementing faith with reason, even if it was in principle done in order to remain culturally relevant in the modern world. However, I think that complementing faith with classical “and intuitively-obvious” physical science is simpler than what may be in store for upcoming theologians. All cultural leaders will have to stop sustaining extremely conservative stances as per the ever-more-evident extraterrestrial presence not necessarily manifesting in a classical material ‘realistic’ or classical- intuitive way. The space-time altering phenomenon seems to interact more with subjectivity, meaning and qualitative factors than classical phenomena.

Issues for an Upcoming Theology After rather simple generalizations about possible intelligent extraterrestrial biological existing only in our physical universe are superseded by a realization of the multilevel-multidimensional diversity of actual contacts with extraterrestrials already ocurring semi-discretely, a conceptual challenge will arise. I think this will occur when science and gradual ET disclosures advance to the point of exposing extraterrestrial diversity and complexity in relation to the dependence of multiple physical realms on non-physical realms. This sophistication about the multi dimensionality of creation will call for a more sophisticated theology.

According to some believable contactee friends, this gradual reconnection with -a long forgotten- ET life will increase after December 21st, 2012 which will mark a “point of no return” towards ending our relative and conceptual isolation from the rest of the intelligent Cosmos. What may ensue is an awareness of additional theological implications in relation to how different extraterrestrial beings may have been affected by a more universal type of Fall into sin (defined as an interpretive mistake or deviation from an adequate relation with God through the Logos).

The “Fall” would also have included non-physical (non-ET) angelical creation-helpers established in a higher, non-physical realm and capable of negatively influencing and-or challenging a variety of physical civilizations some of which may have also “fallen” for it and some of whom may have resisted. Many civilizations may have suffered a form of Fall. Perhaps all of creation was somehow implicated. This is also part of contactee lore. Considering that human witnessing is decisive for faith and for validating human experience in general (as Monsignor Balducci proposed), I would say that in-depth ET contact research also suggests that there is credible witness evidence that some extraterrestrials some some the many mansions in the “Physical Multiverse” may have also been swayed more than others by this Fall originating in beings from yet other higher ontological mansions in a higher ontological non physical realm. Accordingly, different context-dependent ways to reconcile with the Creator (the Profound LOVE of Cosmic Consciousness) by positing different kinds of interventions by the LOGOS, perhaps other incarnations of the Christ-Logos Principle may become necessary as we gradually learn how complex the history of the entire Cosmos may really be and grow out of our cosmic parochialism.

Again, we must collectively find how in relation to extraterrestrials- the partially understood essential truths expressed by today’s religious leaders (of all sincerely-inspired world faiths and denominations) may harmonize much better with each other. To advance the cause of reasonable faith in this global-planetary (and perhaps soon-to-be) new cosmically aware age we need to converge the most plausible truths under a truly spiritual, non-reductionist, integral attitude. In our untapped potentials must be ways to overcome excessively dividing fractional thinking.

Integral metaphysicians like Fritjoff Schuon which profoundly and reasonably explored the mystical (but also simultaneously rational) “PRINCIPIAL” shared core of WORLD RELIGIONS discovering common truths could function as guides for the mind-expanding and sentiment-expanding stages leading to a more mature world civilization to come. We need that. We need more world unity andf to beging perceiving that religions have a deep shared core.

Protestant minister Gary Bates (2009) of Creation Ministries International stated that the entire focus of creation is mankind on this Earth. He may be correct in that the entire focus of creation is mankind but he may be clinging to a false interpretation if we limit mankind or human kind to Earth. He may be rightfully defending his understanding of a pure version of Christianity against excessive flights of fancy and I applaud him for that. However, the expansion of concepts is slowly but surely coming for the good.

Perhaps, if we think about mankind not as quantitatively limited to this Earth, but as defined by an essential quality of consciousness and mode of being capable of personally relating with God in a uniquely profound way, a being created by God’s infinite power in innumerable, beautiful, varied forms and measures in His Cosmos, an intelligent, self-aware being equally capable of saintliness as of paying homage to temptation into sin (or error), we may approach a more useful understanding.

The outer appearance of this essential being “created in His image and likeness” may be similar or vary but the essence -qualifying as human- may not. The role of God personally creating Man in each habitable planet or as a universal template (the Adam Kadmon of Jewish mysticism?) after which particular beings representing God and His template molded particular human-suitable forms will need to be carefully addressed. We may also need to further inquire and discover which created physical beings (of different physical forms and physical “densities”) do not correspond to the category of “Man” but must, nevertheless, be essentially loved and respected as they would still be part of God’s Creation.

Some beings may have instincts and a biology that enslave them more reducing their free will and some may be quite benevolent and protective of our highest potentials but nonetheless more mental and lacking a degree of sentiment necessary to approach the higher creative echelons of reality and God. We will also need to essentially understand those (human or humanoid in appearance or not) who do not respect us because we have been unconscious and a peril to the planet, becoming more aware, not necessarily allowing them to hurt us or to replace us as a species but assisting them with compassion to align themselves with God’s will. It is us who need to awaken first and be an example without co-dependencies on extraterrestrials or traditional xenophobic enmity responses.


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