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Russian Military Zapped by Aliens After Executing Down UFO, CIA Affirmed

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Article by Akshay Tiwari                        February 17, 2020                         (thedigitalweekly.com)

• In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, numerous KGB files found their way to the CIA. Among these was a 250-page dossier detailing a UFO encounter that occurred in Siberia (in 1987). The now declassified CIA dossier included a translated March 27, 1993 article from the Ukraine newspaper Ternopil vechirniy, which depicted the encounter. The CIA report also listed the Canadian Weekly World News as a ‘wellspring of data’.

• The report indicates that a ‘flying saucer’ was flying low over a Soviet military unit in Siberia, and was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. As the downed UFO was surrounded by 23 soldiers, “Five short humanoids with enormous heads and huge bruised eyes got out (of the craft).”

• While the soldiers watched, the extraterrestrial beings converged into a ‘splendid white circular chunk of light that hummed and murmured’. Suddenly, the 23 soldiers were transformed into stone. Two soldiers, who were ‘concealed’ and apparently not watching the light beings, survived unharmed.

• The KGB document reported that the ‘froze fighters’ were moved to a place near Moscow for examination. It related that the soldiers were ‘transformed into a substance whose sub-atomic structure was indistinguishable to limestone’. A CIA agent noted that “this is an amazingly threatening case”.


The hair-raising report, which incorporates claims that 23 troopers were transformed into stone by the outsiders in the UFO after they changed into a bundle of light, was covered among a great many declassified documents distributed online by the US knowledge organization.

The report is referred to, made on March 27, 1993, is an interpretation by the CIA of news from the Ukrainian paper Ternopil vechirniy.

The paper report said that after Mikhail Gorbachev lost force in 1991, numerous KGB records advanced toward the CIA, remembering a supposed 250-page dossier for the peculiar UFO assault, which included pictures and witnesses declarations.

The report proposed that a low flying saucer had shown up over a military unit in preparing in Siberia, before one of the officers terminated a surface to air rocket, cutting it down.

It stated: “Five short humanoids with enormous heads and huge bruised eyes got out.”

Two troopers are said to have endured, who depicted how, in the wake of rising out of the garbage, the five creatures converged into a splendid white circular chunk of light that hummed and murmured.

It at that point detonated, and as it completed 23 warriors who stood watching were transformed into stone, the report guaranteed.



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