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Rising UFO Presence? Nearing Disclosure? Competing Interests?

Photo: Antonio Urzi in Guadalupe Mexico January 26 2013
It seems that in this year 2013 the number of good UFO sightings and videos is showing a rising trend. may this stimulate formal governments to take initiatives to begin disclosing some previously kept secrets in their own ways? In spite of so many earthly matters to be solved, how long can they hold on to denial without looking foolish? Some of these craft may even be from the so called "secret space program" as triangular vehicles (sometimes with bumps or strange protruberances) clearly seen and filmed also seem to be on the rise.
Antonio Urzi in Guadalupe Mexico January 26 2013Mr. Antonio Urzi who filmed a craft on December 22, 2012 recently sent me through Facebook photos of UFOs from Guadalupe, Mexico, dated January 25, including people watching them (see above & right).
Even famous abdectee, authorr and researcher Whitley Strieber wrote that there may be an ongoing wave of sightings:
Is this a temporary wave or a trend that will last? Perhaps some otherworldlers want to show up a bit more in a purposeful manner to stimulate awareness and promt government(s) disclosure and yet perhaps others can't help it (due to changing physical-hyperphysical conditions linking ET physical densities with ours?). So far the year has started quite promising: 

If disclosure were to become inevitable due to a greater number of ET craft seen and filmed (for instance click here) let me venture into orienting suppositions: Most ETs may have something in common: An interest in our manifesting-creative potentials as a species. Perhaps these potentials are of such magnitude that they could even change our "visitors" realities right now. Perhaps only by being ignorant of our inherent power "they" are able to manipulate us. Thus we would definitely need to be educated about who we are as the "space brother" types allegedly suggested to Truman and Eisenhower in the 1950's also allegedly before certain varieties of reptilians and grays (and other less ethically lofty species) were semi-officially engaged into aliances with greater acceptance. Perhaps many patriots were trying to but time and to acquire technology. But perhaps this is now out of hand. If we recognize our spiritual and creative potentials and also essential spiritual and physical birthright (the highest reasons why we were seeded in the first place, even if we were interfered with afterwards), we won't feel the need to rely so much on technological advantage and manipulation out of false pride or fear and we will learn to act in accordance with our sovereignty.
As contactee material suggests some ET beings may be respectfully waiting to inform and educate us so we can realize what our greatest potential is all about and this may include eventually reaching spiritual levels of manifestation beyond our ET forefathers. Some other ET groups may care less and want to harvest us sooner than later being after our genetic, psychic and spiritual potentials in intrusive and -sometimes- subtly deceiving ways since we implicitly allow their interventions or "exopolitical intervention" consciously or unconsciously, by our secret craving for externally manipulating technologies (transdimensional or not), by holding on power intererests or by secret alliances (sometimes motivated by patriotic self-defense and sometimes by selfish power interests). Perhaps primarily self-serving ETs or desperate ETs with atrophies and other problems consider the fact that we don't display our rights as sovereign beings an exopolitical permission to come after us..after all, perhaps they or their ancestors donated and invested into our gene pool. . Perhaps our destroying ecosystems emboldens them to proceed even more. They seem to need our complex, multi-species potentials to reach a higher level of reality manipulation than what is available through their technology?
Are the main ET groups (perhaps 12 main genetic lines?) that allegedly seeded us claiming a right to intervene each in their own ways in their own ways for their own benefits. Their descendants or subgroups would also claim to have a right on this "harvest." However, actualizing that "right" would depend on how much awareness about our spiritual condition selves we have, want to have and-or how much awareness was suppressed by abusive interventions. There may be many factors to consider in "cosmic law" order to allow or not to allow different forms of intervention on our species. Our collective disrespect for the planet and our holding on to a state of ignorance (perhaps supported by a dumbing down negative educational programming) may even give them more rights under certain rules of intervention.If genuine ET crafts appearing in greater numbers are increasingly making some kind of disclosure inevitable may our governments and us choose a path that restores our sovereign rights and principled ideals.
Perhaps our greatest safety rests in discovering who we are and why there's so much cosmic interest around us. Let's not surrender hearts and souls to despair and cynicism but start educating ourselves with awareness, respect, love.
By Giorgio Piacenza

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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