New UFO Sighting in the UK

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Article by Ashley Maaike                                August 27, 2020                                  (

• On August 10th, as a commercial jet approached its landing at the Doncaster-Sheffield Airport in South Yorkshire, England, bystander Andrew Pollard saw and videoed a UFO zooming past the jet, coming within a meter of the jet. In the video below, a cylindrical object can be seen next to the jet’s right wing. Pollard posted the photo on Twitter under his handle, “The Alchemist”.

• It appears that the UFO is much smaller than the plane, about the size of a car. But it is too big and moving too fast to be a bird. It moves so fast that even the camera loses its focus on it. Apparently, the control tower personnel and radar didn’t even detect that UFO.


Wouldn’t it be Earth-centric to think we’re the only lifeforms in the universe? It’d be ridiculous to believe that no other planets couldn’t foster sentient life. But if there were evidence to suggest aliens exist, would our governments tell us about it?

What if extraterrestrials made contact with Earth already? We have to keep our eyes peeled for any sign & note every sighting. You never know when a UFO will finally land on Earth and change our lives as we know it. It could be a reality much sooner than you’d think.

In fact, the latest exciting UFO news comes to us from the UK. Alien hunters have rallied, claiming that an alien spaceship has been spotted near an airport in Yorkshire. Here are all of the details we have about the exciting possibility of a UFO on Earth.

The UK UFO report

According to the sharp eyes of the conspiracy theorists, the UFO was zooming past an airplane that was landing at Doncaster-Sheffield Airport when they noticed it. As the incoming airplane descended toward the landing strip, what looked like a cylindrical object could be seen next to the airplane’s right wing.


2:30 minute video of UFO streaking past a jetliner in Yorkshire, UK (‘UFOmania – The Truth is out there’ YouTube)



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Andrew Pollard, Doncaster-Sheffield Airport, South Yorkshire England

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