A New Stage of Contacts Predicted: Interview with Luis Fernando Mostajo from Bolivia

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Luis Fernando 2014-03-29.Movie_SnapshotGiorgio Piacenza Interview to Luis Fernando Mostajo Maertens (7 April, 2014)

GP: OK Let’s start. What were the circumstances of the March 29, 2014 sighting? (see link to video attached).

LFM: Well, really only Anita and I went to a place called Janko Amaya which is almost at the base of Mount Illimani. Then, we went there because I was commemorating 36-37 years of my first contact here in Bolivia.

GP: Oh OK.

LFM: On March 23rd of 1978, after having my contact experiences in Perú, I had my first programmed contact experience here in Bolivia with 7 persons after a communication. So, I had received from the (ET) guides the message that they invited us to an experience of approximations though which they could also express their continuous support in this new stage that has begun according to some.   So Anita and I decided to go and travelled to a place about one hour away from La Paz to a mountain range where in 2012 I had a contact experience with the ET guide Amani. At 7.30 PM to almost 20 minutes to 8 PM, a space craft showed when we already where at the site and which simply sent beams of light, like intermittently. And the object could not be seen. It simply lit up its fuselage and turned it off. And it was interacting for about 15 to 20 minutes with Anita and I until Anita tells them out loud “OK OK OK, it’s time for you to show up more definitely! We want to see you from much closer!”

GP: Her Italian character came through (Anita is Italian)!

LFM: It is interesting but I (telepathically) received that we were going to have a second approach experience, not only, in that place but also at the Mount Sajama during the New Moon in April. So, I received that message but asking a confirmation for what I was then telepathically receiving since they were present at that moment.   Then that object that was sending us beams of light intermittently lit up and began travelling slowly, while still producing those light exchanges and then is was lost from sight. But seconds later after that object disappears another object that was stationed next to us lits up its fuselage at low altitude and begins to move slowly toward us, so Anita and I began to see it enraptured and, when it was almost directly above us and, upon observing that its light intensity did not diminish, I took my cell phone which was handy and began recording it. However, before that the object had moved for another 40 seconds approximately. Then, at that moment I am able to….   Em…you know that the recorder doesn’t really show how we witness things. The object was in fact lower than what it seems.

GP: Yes, I understand. It appears farther than what it is.

LFM: That’s correct. And it was a telephone camera, one of those Samsung Galaxy III. So, in fact, all of what it could register is there on the video.


LFM: So, the fact is that this sighting is a confirmation, a support which they provide to us at any rate and taking place after 37 years of a sustained contact, telling us that the experience continues. But the most important thing is that a new stage for their approach has begun; something which they had already told me in August of 2012…Do you remember a sort of sighting at Lake Titicaca?

GP: Yes.

LFM: There they had already anticipated me about a new stage of approach and of closer experiences.

GP: We are speaking about the submarine object inside Lake Titicaca.

LFM: Exactly! They had already told me that there would be closer experiences.

GP: To me it seems that it is not a school of fish because these assemble and disssemble in movement and this is different (compact, staying in one piece).

LFM: Off course and I’m an on-site witness that…look after 37-38 years of being in this contact experience, I had never seen anything like that at  Lake Titicaca as what we saw with that group from Italy in August. What we experienced is evident. And there they also told me that the experiences would be closer and it is true. In this new stage and with this contact and approach experience which I had with Anita that message was ratified. They are as never before committed to assist us, to support us and, although the responsibility is ours, they are on a par, by our side.

GP: How good.

LFM: And we are not going to have ordinary UFO sighting experiences as they have occurred on the previous decades in general with the (contact) groups…distant experiences. On the contrary, they are going to be very close approximations and contact experiences.

GP: Yes, how good. I would love to have a contact experience. I have always felt them as being my family and friends and have never been afraid of them, but on this life time I have never had a contact.

LFM: Ha Ha! You are going to have it.  Sure you will.  But you have been there (referring to the programmed sighting with invited reporters in Chilca with Sixto Paz in March 30-31, 2014) and, from what I have read, it has been quite interesting, right?

GP: Yes, thanks God.

LFM: Clear but not extremely so.

GP: Well, that depends on who has seen them. They were not extremely close, or like the best videos in You Tube, or perhaps not as close as your recent recording but, yes, there were several events day and night. They were not satellites, drones, airplanes, meteorites, although meteorites were also seen. And the March31st event was much clearer than the others. It had like an orange color and was a medium size sighting. It may have been 3KM away or so, appearing from West to East slightly low, over the Chilca desert toward the sea and from there began to fly toward us, flying over the camp site at that altitude and then disappeared above a hill behind us, a hill which commemorates the contact group’s 40th anniversary, disappeared after slightly changing course.

LFM: And could you film it?

GP: Well yes a little because Telemundo Network went there with Marco Barraza and they did film it. I will send you their report which is good, quite good. And I took some gadgets but couldn’t really film much. I took a picture and something comes up in it. Another person took another picture. They all look similar. It was visibly orange, a bit ovoid shape, a bit like a globular ovoid.

LFM: Well, you could record it. Having a good camera is another important thing.

GP: Yes, I’m getting another camcorder for another possibility there might be in the future.

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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