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Houston in August… Hot, with a Chance of Another 9-11

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There is some startling “future news” that I think you should know about. Since it is about the future, I do not know if this news will come true, but here it is anyway. Remember to breathe and decide for yourself what to make of it.

Farsight Institute’s Time Cross Project

Dr. Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute has started a series of monthly sessions called the Time Cross Project, an attempt to forecast future events using a team of remote viewers. Dr. Brown cautions us that predicting the future is no easy task. Even using remote viewers with the best track records, the results are uncertain. The reason, he explains, is that there appear to be multiple timelines emerging from each point in time. An event on one timeline may not appear on others. We cannot be sure which timeline we are on until the time comes; a lot depends on our intentions. Nevertheless, he has tried to devise a protocol to heighten the chances of getting an accurate forecast.

According to his current protocol, Dr. Brown asked three remote viewers (Daz Smith, Dick Allgire, and PrinCess Jeaneé) to describe the most important news event to occur in the following month. In sessions conducted in July, they remote viewed an event to occur at some point during August 2016.

Unlike the results for previous months, their prediction for August involves a highly unlikely event. All three remote viewers came up with consistent descriptions, which, rather disturbingly, depict the result of something impacting the Earth near a large city. To understand the following analysis, you will want to watch their sessions on YouTube. As you do so, remember that this is a forecast as of mid-July. The future can change.

The Event Location

While the three remote viewers appear to describe various results of the same event, the location of the event is not clear. But by combining their descriptions, can we determine where it is to take place? Along with vivid descriptions of the effects, in the course of the sessions there are several clues given about the location:

  1. Urban Area. All three agree that the event is in or near a large urban area, yet none of them recognized the particular city. Dick mentions a regular street grid.
  1. Country. Daz says it does not seem to be Europe, and he is unsure whether it is America… it seems more “central”. Dick says it “feels like America” and sees Obama addressing the nation afterward. PrinCess hears people speaking English.
  1. Geography. Dick sees the city positioned beside a bay and peninsula and he draws a cluster of buildings on a flat horizon. PrinCess notes that there is not much foliage.
  1. Landmarks. PrinCess notes a tall building with a peaked roof, and Dick notes a domed building.
  1. Demographics. PrinCess describes people there as “brown in different shades” along with some white people and she notes that they speak in a variety of accents.

Using clues 1 (large city), 2 (in U.S.), and 3 (bayside) we will restrict our attention to coastal U.S. cities.  Examining them further with clues 4 (landmarks) and 5 (demographics) we can narrow the possibilities: New York and San Francisco have an immediately recognizable layout and so are out of contention. Several cities on bays can be ruled out because of demographics if we require at least 50% of the population to be “brown”, meaning non-white and non-black. Demographically, Boston is 53% white and 24% black, leaving only 23% brown. Similarly Seattle (22%), Tampa (28%) and San Diego (34%) are ruled out. Miami (12% white, 19% black, so 69% brown) has the right demographics. But here the landmarks are missing: no peaked skyscrapers, and no domes.

The city that best matches the clues we have is Houston, with a population that is 26% white, 24% black and the remaining 50% brown. The variety of accents encountered there would range from a Hispanic accent to a Texas drawl.

Houston By Night (courtesy NASA)
Houston by Night (courtesy NASA)

Houston has a regular street grid laid out on a flat landscape. Nearby are Galveston Bay and Trinity Bay as well as the Galveston and Bolivar peninsulas. So the geographical setting (clue 3) also matches.

Dick's sketch of buildings in the distance on a flat horizon
Dick’s sketch of buildings in the distance on a flat horizon
Houston Downtown in Google Earth
Houston Downtown (Google Earth)

Houston has peaked buildings such as 1600 Smith Street and the Bank of America Center.

PrinCess' sketch of peaked building
PrinCess’ sketch of peaked building
1600 Smith Street
1600 Smith Street
Bank of America Center
Bank of America Center

Dick sketched a domed building in the city. Houston has a dome downtown, the Toyota Center. Farther from the city center is the Chapel of St. Basil, another possible match. There is also the famous Astrodome, farther out.

Dick's sketch of domed building in the city
Dick’s sketch of a domed building in the city
The Toyota Center is in downtown Houston (Google Earth)
The Toyota Center is in downtown Houston (Google Earth)
St. Basil's Chapel has a dome, but is farther away from downtown (Google Earth)
St. Basil’s Chapel has a dome, but is farther away from downtown (Google Earth)

Dick also sketched a tall rectangular tower that he saw buckling. This could be the J. P. Morgan Chase Tower, the tallest building in the city, or perhaps one of the other skyscrapers. So Houston contains all the landmarks and is a match for all the clues we have.

Dick's sketch of impact on a tall tower
Dick’s sketch of impact on a tall tower
J. P. Morgan Chase Tower
J. P. Morgan Chase Tower

The Target Site and Main Structure

While all three remote viewers described effects in or near a large city, Daz and PrinCess were more specific about the target location they were tasked with viewing. PrinCess mentioned that it had the feel of a military base, while not actually being one. She said it had “rather tall buildings” and is close to a “city city”. That could describe NASA’s Johnson Space Center, located 20 miles south east of Houston.

Houston and NASA's Johnson Space Center (Google Earth)
Houston and NASA’s Johnson Space Center (Google Earth)

A multistory building, wider than it is tall, drew Daz Smith’s attention as the “main structure” he was tasked to view; it is crushed by the event. Building 1 at the Johnson Space Center seems to match his sketch.

Daz's sketch of the Main Structure
Daz’s sketch of the Main Structure
Building 1 of the Johnson Space Center southeast of Houston (Google Earth)
Building 1 of the Johnson Space Center southeast of Houston (Google Earth)

While it may not be the only answer, NASA’s Johnson Space Center near Houston matches all the clues we have regarding the place that the remote viewers saw.

The Bolt from the Blue

The three remote viewers all describe an impact of some sort, which arrives with shaking and a boom or a bang. Dick Allgire sketched a view of the incoming energy from far above the Earth. This viewpoint shows the curve of the Earth, and is at a very large scale… it appears to span over a thousand miles. From here he perceives the incoming energy zip across the frame of view in a second, or a fraction thereof. We do not know if he is perceiving time at the normal rate, but, if so, then this movement is extraordinarily fast, covering over thousand miles in a second.

Dick's sketch of the Curve of the Earth and the Bolt of Energy
Dick’s sketch of the Curve of the Earth and the Bolt of Energy
The curve of the Earth: the red arc indicates a distance of 1750 miles (Google Earth)
The curve of the Earth: the red arc indicates a distance of 1750 miles (Google Earth)

A thousand miles a second equates to 3.6 million miles per hour, which is far too fast for a missile (18,000 mph) or a meteor (64,000 mph). However, particle beams can move that fast, and even approach the speed of light, 176,000 miles per second. Dick does mention plasma, but it is not clear if this is due to the friction of an object with the atmosphere or an aspect of the incoming energy itself.

The remote viewers could not tell for sure whether what they saw was the result of a natural event, such as an earthquake or meteorite impact, or a man-made catastrophe, either accidental or deliberate. Dick’s perception of a trajectory coming in from space suggests it is not an earthquake or terrestrial accident. Finding that NASA’s JSC might be the event location suggests that the damage is not the result of the random impact of a space rock, or even an accidental crash. With the speed implied by Dick’s trajectory, we could surmise that an advanced weapon may be part of the story.


An event like that described by the remote viewers would be devastating for any city and the surrounding area. But Houston serves as headquarters for many oil-related companies. Texas City, 40 miles south east of Houston, is a hub of the oil industry, with distribution, refining and manufacturing as well as oil export. The Port of Houston ranks as the largest in the U.S. by international tonnage. So such an event in Houston would debilitate the U.S. oil industry and have far-reaching economic consequences, nationally and globally.

Dick perceived a cloud of black smoke rising “thousands of feet” over a “jut of land” near the remote viewing target. The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve is stored underground at four locations. The Big Hill (52 miles east of JSC) and Bryan Mound sites (48 miles south west) together hold about 60% of the reserve. Could the jut of land be the Bolivar peninsula, with black smoke rising from burning oil located at the Big Hill storage site? 

Dick's sketch of a Black Cloud rising over a jut of land
Dick’s sketch of a Black Cloud rising over a jut of land
Johnson Space Center, Bolivar Peninsula and Big Hill SPR (Google Earth)
Johnson Space Center, Bolivar Peninsula and Big Hill SPR (Google Earth)

Echoes of 9-11

The sketch Dick made of something causing a tall tower to buckle looks an awful lot like the plane hitting the World Trade Center. The sketch by Daz of the pile resulting from the collapse of the “main structure” is also reminiscent of 9-11. Could the forecast be connected to 9-11?

Daz's sketch of the collapse of the "main structure"
Daz’s sketch of the collapse of the “main structure”
Rubble of WTC Building 7 (911 Research)
Rubble of WTC Building 7 (911 Research)

With 9-11, we have had a collective experience that has left us with powerful emotional memories. An analytic overlay based on those memories could have caused the remote viewers to see a much smaller event through the 9-11 lens and imagine a catastrophe. The possibility that the remote viewers are letting their imaginations run away with them is something that Dick Allgire mentions at the end of his session and is a possibility to consider seriously.

On the other hand, according to an analysis by Dr. Judy Wood, a directed-energy weapon may have been used in the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. The Farsight team has used remote viewing to take a look at 9-11, also revealing a story quite different from the official narrative. So it is possible there is an unknown actor with the capability to strike again.

As far as we know, no one on Earth has such advanced weapons, and NASA has not made mortal enemies. So the interpretation of the event as a deliberate act lacks the essentials: an actor with the capability and motivation to strike. Plus the fact… I can guess what you are thinking here… anyone who would mess with Texas has got to be crazy!

Well, such an attacker is either crazy or supremely confident that they can disguise their identity. An attack can be accompanied with a deception, as a “false flag” operation. In order to disguise the real attacker, a narrative placing blame on a different actor is manufactured and sold to the public. This is the scenario described to Dr. Carol Rosin in the 1970s by Dr. Wernher von Braun. In order to justify large military expenditures, he told her there would be a four stage process of manufactured enemies for the United States: (1) Soviets (2) terrorists (3) asteroids and (4) aliens.

If what the remote viewers saw is part of this scenario, and it actually happens, we would expect a cover-story to be put forward. The reasons given by officials, if there is a catastrophe, will need careful scrutiny. In searching for those responsible, we must go beyond the usual geo-political suspects and consider some exo-political ones.

Shifting Probabilities

Well, it is fine to speculate about what it means if the event happens, but what are the chances of it really happening? Bear in mind that this analysis is based on the assumption that all the remote viewers were correct in every detail. Not very likely. To come true we also have to grant that the remote viewers could and did witness a real future event, and were not misled by a disaster scene from a blockbuster movie, video game, YouTube clip, theatrical presentation, or simulation exercise. In addition, the associations drawn from the details they described are perhaps even less likely to all be correct; there could be alternative explanations for several of the sketches. So overall, the chances are quite low that things will really play out exactly as described here.

But what if the conclusions are accurate and there actually is a nefarious plot involving a powerful directed energy weapon ready to be fired at the rooftop of Building 1 of the Johnson Space Center in Houston on the night of (say) August 27, 2016?

Here we are in luck. Merely being aware of such a possibility changes the chances of it happening. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. The outcome of such an attack would be different than if we did not know about it beforehand, rendering it significantly less effective psychologically. A 9-11 style deception will not work if we expect it, so any attack now is more likely to expose the perpetrator than succeed in sowing misguided conflict. It may even lead to full disclosure of the technologies and actors involved, and so now it carries a significant risk for the aggressor.

The Time Cross Project may succeed by failing. Instead of validating remote viewing as a reliable tool to predict the future, it might instead prove to be a valuable warning system that inspires us to co-create the future we want. However, if nothing happens, we may not know right away if it was because there was no danger or because the danger was averted. The Farsight team will have more work to do, this time in retrospect.

Your Powers of Consciousness

We have only a few more days to find out if  Dr. Brown’s protocol is really able to forecast important events. We all hope he is wrong about this one, and we can do more than just hope.

We evolve by mastering our fears. Hearing of an impending catastrophe can certainly inspire anxiety and perhaps fear; we are only human. But holding steady in the face of fear is a human quality as well. Breathe deeply and find that still calm place within yourself and your fear will subside.

We all possess a quiet voice of inner guidance. When we pull back from external distractions and our mental self-talk, we can sense what is right for us to do. That sense is there to guide us when our conscious mind does not have the information it needs to make the best decisions.

No outside agent can take away our free will. We can use that will in all that we do to create a positive future, regardless of our circumstances.

Our state of consciousness determines our timeline. By maintaining a loving and open heart, we welcome into our lives the highest and best for ourselves and for those around us.

Farsight Institute’s Time Cross August forecast, startling as it is, can serve us as a reminder that we have the capacity to take our future in our own hands, molding it collectively in order to realize our aspirations and honor our common humanity.

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