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Footage Shows Apparent UFO; Drunk Alien Driver

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Article by Dave Basner                     August 6, 2019                     (kfiam640.iheart.com)

• UFO Hunter UK YouTube released a video clip of a wobbly, yet well defined, metallic saucer UFO over Mexico, in broad daylight. Viewers joked that this might be the first-ever UFO DUI.


There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy alone, and a sextillion of them in the universe – that’s a 1 with 21 zeroes after it. If there are eight planets around our star, the sun, and one of those planets has life on it, chances are pretty good there is at least one other planet somewhere out there with intelligent lifeforms. And since there hundreds of UFO sightings a year, it seems even more likely. In fact, there are so many UFOs spotted in the sky that when video of one comes out, people don’t even react to the unidentified flying object and instead, get distracted by other things.

Take this latest footage of a purported UFO that was allegedly spotted in Mexico. In it, a saucer is floating in the clear blue sky, but because it is wobbling side to side, people who’ve watched it are more interested in if the alie nbehind the wheel has been drinking than the fact that extra-terrestrials might be visiting us.

37 second video of UFO disc over Mexico (UFO Hunter UK YouTube)



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