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Footage Catches UFOs Flying Over Surface of the Moon

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Article by Susan Leighton                       April 6, 2020                       (1428elm.com)

• On March 26th, Jean-Michel Tenac was video recording the moon with a Nikon P1000. At the 40-second mark, a small silvery object comes into frame and is then joined by a similar object. While there are no details about where it was taken and no links to an original source, a fascinating aspect of the video are the shadows cast on the moon’s surface by the UFOs. (see 2:20 minute video below)


UFOs are a hot subject lately with various series on the air like Project Blue Book and The Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch that question whether or not we are truly alone in the universe. There are some schools of thought that believe most Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon are explainable.
They cite swamp gas, weather balloons, weather anomalies and the list goes on and on. Others feel that we have been visited before and are still being visited today by otherworldly beings.

With access to complex video editing technology, anyone can create a UFO sighting by just pointing and clicking their mouse. That is why when presented with something out of the ordinary perhaps people shouldn’t just jump to the conclusion that an unfamiliar craft in the sky is automatically the product of extraterrestrials.


2:20 minute video of two objects moving over the Moon’s surface (‘willease’ YouTube)



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Jean-Michel Tenac, The Moon

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