Chinese Man Claims to Have Had Sex With an Alien

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Article by Matthew Bossons                            June 7, 2020                            (

• Meng Zhaoguo (pictured above with polygraph machine) worked at a logging camp near Harbin in Heilongjiang province (at the northeastern tip of China, bordering Russia). On June 7, 1994, Zhaoguo spotted lights and metallic flashes from nearby Mount Phoenix. Assuming it was a downed helicopter, he went to investigate. Suddenly, Zhaoguo was hit by an unknown force or entity “square in the forehead”, knocking him out instantly.

• When Zhaoguo came to, he was with a 10-foot ‘human-esque’ female alien being. She had six fingers on each hand and fur-covered legs, but “otherwise she looked completely like a human.” Zhaoguo and the alien were then transported back to his home, where he engaged in a 40-minute sexual encounter with the being while hovering above his sleeping wife and daughter.

• After the sexual encounter, Zhaoguo was left with a mysterious scar on his thigh. When investigated by a doctor in September 2003, the scar was deemed to be unusual and not caused by a normal injury or surgery.

• A month after this encounter, Zhaoguo claims to have ascended through a wall to visit the aliens on their spaceship. Onboard, he requested to see his alien lover again but was denied. Zhaoguo was told by his alien hosts that his human-alien hybrid son would be born on a far-away planet in sixty years.

• Zhaoguo says that the extraterrestrial beings spoke in Chinese “… but with a heavy accent so it was hard for me to understand at first – that they were refugees. Like me, they wanted to escape their former lives, so they left their dying home.”

• Zhaoguo claims to have never heard of UFOs or outer space people until he reported his experience. “I told my wife all about it afterwards,” said Zhaoguo. “She wasn’t too angry.” In addition to the medical exam he received in 2003, Zhaoguo was also subjected to a polygraph test which proved he was telling the truth. As a result of his abduction, Zhaoguo received numerous gifts, including a Sony television, a cow and a new job at a nearby university.


          Heilongjiang province China

Alien-human sex is not something that’s a common topic of conversation. This is likely for a number of reasons: For one, it’s a bit strange, and two, there is no concrete evidence aliens have visited our planet – let alone get intimate with our species. Even Hollywood has largely ignored the concept, with only a handful of films exploring the idea, the most notable of which is a passing comment in District 9 about Nigerian prostitutes selling sex to the film’s alien refugees.

While the notion of interplanetary love may seem like something that is strictly bound to the realm of science

                      Meng Zhaoguo

fiction, it does (allegedly) have a precedent on our green and blue galactic home. This month’s Tales from the Chinese Crypt will recount the story of Meng Zhaoguo – a man from Wuchang, near Harbin in Heilongjiang province, who claims to have engaged sexually with an extraterrestrial.

The tale starts in June 7, 1994 when Zhaoguo was working at a logging camp and spotted lights and metallic flashes from nearby Mount Phoenix. When our humble protagonist went to investigate what he assumed was a downed helicopter, he was hit in the head by an unknown entity or force – knocking him out instantly.

“I thought a helicopter had crashed, so I set out to scavenge for scrap,” Zhaoguo told a reporter from The Huffington Post. “Foom! Something hit me square in the forehead and knocked me out.”

When Zhaoguo came to, he encountered a tall human-esque female alien, which he described as: “10 feet [3.03 meters] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human.” Some forms of the story also claim the alien had fur-covered legs.



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