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By Neil Gould

Proponents of ET disclosure continue to debate the manner in which Disclosure of the ET presence will take place. Viewpoints include:

  • Star Nations
    Star Nations

    Government will make the announcement.

  • Disclosure through a religious Institution such as the Vatican.
  • The military might come clean on Disclosure to include a self serving spin on how the ETs helped humanity back engineer downed Craft or helped in advancing Bio, info and Nanotech sciences for the good of humanity.

Other free thinkers believe that Disclosure will come about from the bottom up within the advanced Western nations as official documents and whistleblowers continue to appear on line. This would be their preferred method of awakening since it bypasses the self-serving institutions that have shackled humanity to religion, fossil fuels, geopolitical wars and the US Dollar.


The method of Disclosure would not cause the greatest impact on our civilization given that many of the 3rd world countries have historical, archeological and cosmological evidence in the form of artifacts and ancient texts describing historical contact with off-worlders. The ancient texts also describe flying Vermanas used in epic battles using advanced weaponry with Blue colored beings at the helm. The Sumerian seals of Iraq around 5000 years old depict the Solar System with the Sumerians paying homage to large humanoids. Large humanoids are mentioned in the bible as the “Nephilim”.

The advanced countries unfortunately will have a harder time dealing with Disclosure having been brainwashed with a skewered worldview contained within a very effective Counter Intelligence Program that has declared the Universe as almost sterile of life, let alone intelligent life.

Let us now assume that Disclosure and Contact has just taken place, either through government or institutions; where would the greatest impact be within the societal structures of our civilization?

Following all assumptions any nation be it terrestrial or extra terrestrial, would have to appoint representatives or ambassadors from their different star systems. Almost certainly each would come with an agenda on hand, albeit, partly hidden. Assuming such,  these agendas may well be past our ability to understand and could range from extremely beneficial to mainly negative towards our civilization. Some ambassadors would be from different dimensions using super technology to sync with human expectations allowing humans to feel that they were actually there. Others might lower their vibrations to become more “tangible”. Galactic councils and Federations of Planets would send their Ambassadors too.

On the terrestrial pulpit would sit heads of state, the U.N., Heads of Religious, Military and Financial Institutions. A track 2 diplomatic channel would be present, comprised of human experts representing the business, mathematical, medical, astrobiological, cosmological and scientific communities.

In such a scenario one could imagine a human agenda also present, fully intent on gaining as much technological advantage as possible from the visitors. Such could be the greed of some of our nations that consequences might be overlooked. The outcome may well result in sectors of the ET alliances breaking away to support or exploit opportunities within fragments of the human communities that were intent on fulfilling their “service to self” agendas.

Over time Galactic agreements might be strained beyond repair and the nett result could have sectors of our Earth Civilization forming alliances’ with Greys for example who might not see eye to eye with Andromedans over Galactic Diplomatic issues. Earth civilization as we know it, could not be contained as selfish human ambitions exceed common sense, as usual!

Agreements previously forged amongst star nations and Earth and or its sovereign countries could be shattered as ET-Exits take place around the globe in the face of the mighty “service to others” orientated civilizations bringing about a reset or rescue. A shockwave with impacts greater than that of Disclosure could alter our human evolution beyond recognition as parts of humanity venture off in different directions within a predatory multiverse.

Perhaps this is an extreme scenario which can of course be avoided. The Space Brothers who have been visiting us for centuries have tried to show mankind that we have to raise our levels of spiritually in line with our technology, to change the orientation of our civilization by releasing back engineered technologies to create abundance. Less to fight about, more spare time to persue interests in the sciences. To drop our nuclear weapons programs and put more effort into the greater whole in order to benefit all of mankind, moving from war to love, from slavery to freedom, from religion to spirituality and from scarcity to abundance. To create a rock solid base from which to springboard into Galactic Diplomacy and move away from our current paradigm of greed and war.

Finally our Earth nations will have to decide who represents the planet, as opposed to who represents the nations? Our evolution needs to bring us to a world governing body represented by all nations and by people who care deeply about the biota on this planet, who would protect every aspect of our living planet against destruction through greed. Such a world would be in a state of homeostasis to the benefit of all and only then will we, as Earthlings be ready with enough stability to enter into Galactic Diplomacy with Star nations and avoid an ET-Exit.

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