Did Apollo 17 find a Stargate on the Moon? Exonews TV (S01E13)

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Title-page-Stargate-MoonThe latest episode from ExoNews TV examines a high resolution photo from the Apollo 17 mission (AS17/AS17-151-23127) that shows a strange glowing object on the surface of the moon. The object appears to be a space portal of some kind with an eery blue glowing ring around a central darker portion. The object looks similar to the travel device depicted in the fictional television series – Stargate SG-1. The photo was taken from the vantage of the Apollo lunar lander. Could Apollo 17 have photographed a stargate on the surface of the moon, or is it just a strange anomaly caught on camera?

Video examines the theoretical basis for traversable wormholes and the claims by South American contactees that extraterrestrials use stargates called “Xendra” for transporting themselves and contactees large distances through space and time. Sixto Paz Wells for example claims that in 1974 he walked through a Xendra created by extraterrestrials that instantly transported him to Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. The stargate only existed temporarily as a projection from the extraterrestrial ship. Watch episode to learn more.

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  • Stargate is fictional and therefore does not exist. The consequence is that an actual stargate would be expected to look quite different to the fictional version.

    In this case it looks a lot like a blemish on the film, a chemical droplet. The question is whether the image is electronic or film (analogue) then you have to ask if it’s been scanned – was there a mark on the glass of the scanner.

    Further more the object doesn’t seem to have a shadow? So it looks like a chemical burn to the negative or the film. NASA could give hundreds of such examples and the moon has lots of strange problems like levitating clouds of statically charged dust which were seen by astronauts and are currently being investigated.

    “It must be a stargate”, because it looks like something someone invented for a cheap sci-fi series on TV. Clearly this is not good reasoning and it doesn’t match Occam’s Razor which suggests that the simplest solution is the one most likely to be correct.

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