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John Podesta – Back with Barack

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Toronto [ZNN] ZlandCommunications has learned that Barack Obama is bringing back former Clinton White House Chief of Staff – solicitor and CEO – John Podesta as an advisor. Podesta also served as Co-Chair of the White House Transition Team following Obama’s election as President.

However there appear to be several areas of significant differences of opinion on major issues between Obama and Podesta. Among the areas of disagreement, as listed in an article posted by Time’s Zeke J. Miller, are major issues such as:

Drone Secrecy, NSA Spying and yes – you guessed it UFOs.

Even the most casual observer of the wild world of Washington politics would wonder why Obama would bring Podesta’s brand of disenchantment on major tactical issues back into the White House squadron of minds. On the surface, this seems like Barack is leaning into a right hook.

Is Podesta sticking to his guns when he made public statements in 2002 at The National Press Club in Washington DC against the White House by stating: “It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the real nature of this phenomenon.”Watch video for the complete Podesta statement.

Podesta also wrote the foreword to UFOs – Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record a book by Leslie Kean that rose to number 29 on the NY Times Bestseller list.

The litany of pro-UFO statements made by Podesta goes on – seeming like an invasive venom that Obama is either ignoring or embracing for some unknown reason. It simply does not make sense that a US President – latched into a regime of secrecy – would employ the offices of a high profile public advocate of the UFO/ET issue. Then again when has American politics ever made sense?

Many questions arise from this surprising appointment of Podesta as an advisor. Podesta’s work and leadership as CEO of the Center for American Progress have engendered many sharp edged criticisms among his researchers and writers about the direction of democracy under the current administration.

Does Podesta’s appointment signal a new approach to Obama’s poor and constantly eroding public image? After all, this is the season of giving; this appointment would be a gift of immeasurable value to a President whose popularity is little more than a vanishing star.

Does this appointment signal a new approach to Obama’s exceptionally poor record on government secrecy and transparency?

Is Podesta’s appointment the first of several harbingers heralding Obama’s administration is in trouble – sensing it is on the road to a one term Presidency and that something needs to be done – now – to rescue the floundering White House tycoon?

Finally – does John Podesta’s political resurrection, including his palpable and reborn influence, mean the UFO/ET Disclosure movement has found a voice within the White House intelligentsia?

It comes as a rare and peculiar twist of fate that Podesta’s historical rebuke of the US policy of secrecy and silence on the UFO/ET matter originated from the very same hallowed institution that hosted the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure sponsored by American disclosure activist Stephen G. Bassett and Canadian entrepreneur Thomas Clearwater this passed May – yes – at ‘Disclosure Central’ – otherwise known as The National Press Club in Washington DC.

Being this close to Christmas, this apparently joyous news just might be the perfect gift to those advocating the birth of government disclosure of the UFO/ET issue.

Make no mistake – Podesta’s star is certainly rising – but will it shine on the UFO matter and give rise to renewed hope to those who follow disclosure … and the star?

As aired into the ether of Radio Land by a legendary UFO enthusiast, radio host and broadcaster – countless numbers of times – “These are strange days… indeed.”

Read more: Click on – Time and NBC

Why do you think John Podesta was brought back into the Obama White House?

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US Congress discusses extraterrestrial life, but not cover-up

Congress-NASA-ETOn December 4, the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology of the U.S. Congress held a session discussing the possibility of extraterrestrial life and what should be done to find space aliens. Titled: Astrobiology: The Search for Biosignatures in Our Solar System and Beyond” the session lasted 90 minutes. The meeting was chaired by Lamar Smith of Texas and featured three prominent astrobioligists from NASA, MIT and the Library of Congress. The questions asked by House members were rather general and vague, sometimes descending into the ridiculous. Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Tex) asked the panel: “Do you think there’s life out there and are they studying us — and what do they think of New York City?” Some members of the Democratic Party criticized the meetings as a waste of time. So why did the House hold this meeting at all, and why now?

The answer according to most astrobiologists is that the discovery of exoplanets makes it certain that there are millions, if not billions of earth like planets capable of hosting life in our galaxy alone. A recent statistical paper found that 22% of sun like stars may host habitable planets. Given the high unlikelihood that so much cosmic real estate would be devoid of life that has shown itself to be so robust on Earth, astrobiologists have basically reached a consensus that it is a only a matter of time before alien life is found. This was the observation of Bill Posey, Republican of Florida who said: “You’ve pretty much indicated [the discovery of] life on other planets is inevitable…. It’s just a matter of time and funding.” Posey and other members acknowledged that there needs to be more funding for NASA to build better space telescopes to find exoplanets and support detection programs like SETI to find intelligent alien life out there. Dr Stephen Dick from the Library of Congress challenged the current separation between detecting microbiological and intelligent extraterrestrial life, and called for a renewal of funding for SETI:

In addition to a renewed search with the latest technology, the reinstatement of funding for SETI would allow a systematic examination of these intriguing questions. It would also repair the artificial programmatic divorce between the search for microbial and intelligent life, which, despite engaging different scientific communities, are part of the same research problem. And I believe SETI would be supported by the public, which as always is interested in life beyond Earth, whether microbial or intelligent.

Earlier in May a subcommittee of the House Science Committee heard evidence of the latest astronomical findings concerning exoplanets, and the need to continue funding such research. There are many congressional members sympathetic to NASA and its budgetary needs despite the strict fiscal conservatism of the Republican Party that has led to cut backs in NASA funding. The White House has submitted a budget for NASA of $17.7billion for 2014, which is a slight decrease from 2012. It is not certain that NASA will even get this which is a worry to its supporters.

This latest Congressional meeting comes roughly seven months after a mock congressional hearing involving six former members of Congress. The Citizen Hearings on Disclosure examined evidence of a UFO cover-up and that we are being visited by various extraterrestrial civilizations. The former congressional members did not think it likely that the current Congress would take up any time soon the issue of extraterrestrial life, or at least claims of a cover-up. Yet here we are seven months later and Congress has indeed begun openly discussing extraterrestrial life, though not evidence of a cover-up.

Curiously, current members of the U.S. Congress are open to discussing extraterrestrial life in the context of the latest astronomical data provided by NASA, yet won’t hear from former NASA employees and astronauts about what they know of a cover-up. Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, for example, has been very prominent in speaking out about the cover-up for over a decade. Indeed he testified by live video before the Citizen Disclosure Hearing. Yet don’t expect the House Committee to call upon Dr Mitchell soon to testify. The official stance seems to be that discussion of extraterrestrial life is now fine as long as it’s done in the context of NASA’s discoveries of exoplanets, but don’t discuss the possibility of a cover up by NASA employees and others. That way NASA can get funds for more efforts to find alien life somewhere in deep space, while ridiculing those claiming that NASA has already discovered ET much closer to home.

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Introduction to Galactic Diplomacy: Exopolitics Journal Special Edition

Available online for free at

This second volume of the fourth edition of the Exopolitics Journal continues with the theme of “Extraterrestrial Contact.” This time, the focus is on “Galactic Diplomacy.” While “Official Contact” still is the subject of science fiction, Extraterrestrial Contact already is happening, has been happening for a long time, and is ongoing, on a large scale. Indeed, to date, thousands of individuals have had contact experiences, and the indications are that this phenomenon will increase. As such, there is a growing need for galactic diplomacy; not only for official – or “track I” – diplomacy, but also for “Track II” or “Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrials.”

The first article, “Track Two Galactic Diplomacy: The Role of Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations” is by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. It is an extract from the first chapter of his latest book, Galactic Diplomacy: Getting to Yes with ET (2013). In it he examines the key principles of ‘galactic diplomacy’ at the unofficial level, as a form of ‘track two’ or citizen diplomacy aimed at establishing contact and communications with different extraterrestrial civilizations. The article analyzes the nature of diplomatic representation on Earth that might be recognized by various extraterrestrial races. Particular focus is on the representative status of different global constituencies such as politically organized humanity, cetaceans, alleged subterranean civilizations, and the role of Earth or ‘Gaia’ as a self-regulating organism with vital interests. Each of these constituencies has their own vital interests that must be included in negotiations that directly impact upon them.

Karen Kael wrote the second article, titled “Awakened Humanity and Exodiplomacy.” In it the author explores the concept of “awakened” humanity, the qualities inherent in that characterization and the role such humans might play in initiating citizen diplomacy with extraterrestrials. The article also addresses the question of what right minorities and individuals have, in democratic societies, to influence the future of the planet through such diplomatic initiatives. Throughout history, ordinary citizens have on occasion sparked revolutionary changes, without violence, without bullying, without imposing their will upon the majority, but rather by declaring and standing up for what they knew in their hearts to be right and true. The author argues that when it comes to Extraterrestrial Contact, it is the citizens transforming their consciousness and empowering themselves as exodiplomats who will lead and help the rest of humanity navigate through the chaos, the fear and the inevitable confusion as we take this inevitable and exciting next step in our evolution.

Return of AeonsThe next article – “Other Worlds” by Richard Cook – is a chapter from his book, Return of the Aeons: The Planetary Spiritual Ascension (2013). The book’s objective is to explain today’s spiritual ascension of earth and humanity at this unique period of planetary history and how the Divine Beings are helping us transcend and transform. The book is part of the literature that is being created about the post-2012 transition. It is deeply grounded in the author’s own personal experience in working with the spiritual masters, in teaching spirituality to others, and in connecting the spiritual changes with current world events such as the environmental crisis, financial collapse, UFOs, and war and political crises. The book also offers detailed information in the traditions of Gnosticism and the perennial philosophy and provides numerous aids for seekers on establishing and maintaining their own spiritual practice… How, in the face of overwhelming environmental, political, economic, and ethical problems facing humanity, the New Earth is yet in formation and how each individual can be a part of it.

The fourth article, “Physical Contact on Mount Shasta,” is from the hand of Ricardo González.  He is a Peruvian contactee, and the author of eight books which deal with the UFO phenomenon and underground civilizations. González saw his first UFO in 1988 at the age of fourteen, and five years later, in 1993, he had his first telepathic contact experience, while observing a craft. In this article, he describes how he met with 54 other people from all over the world at Mt. Shasta in August 2012. On Sunday 26 August, he had a physical contact experience where he was beamed aboard a ship, and got to meet the extraterrestrials he had been having telepathic contact with face to face. Most of the article deals with his encounter on board the ship, and the conversations he had.

Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera, B.A., wrote the fifth article of this volume, “Integral Exopolitics.” In it, he explores how Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” could be applied to Exopolitics, and as such could assist in its different fields, such as the promotion exopolitical activism, the gathering of evidence, or galactic diplomacy. When one has a contact experience, or if Disclosure actually occurs, a more-encompassing frame of reference – a “meta framework” – is needed to make sense of the complex social, cultural, scientific, spiritual and psychological implications of contact. Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” aims to provide such a comprehensive model, which can enhance many orthodox and non-orthodox academic fields including the emerging field of “exopolitics.” The author makes the case that there is an urgent need for a shared understanding of how the entire “Kosmos” is organized. Ken Wilber’s “Integral Theory” in its current stage could possess a few of the general elements of a beginner’s “Cosmic ABC” necessary to build a much vaster scientific and metaphysical Integral Knowledge, and – conceivably – a better rapport with extraterrestrials.

The sixth article, “The Creation of Modern Man, his Society, Culture, Civilisation and Religions by Extraterrestrial Races” is by Wendy Flentri. In it, she explores the role played by the Anunnaki in the creation and subsequent history of mankind. She concludes there is overwhelming evidence which demands new ways of explaining our existence. As puzzle pieces slot together, a complex picture emerges incorporating Evolution Theory, ancient aliens and Creationism. Ancient myths are proving to be accounts explaining ancient technologies, extraordinary beings and occurrences shaping all aspects of our existence and witnessed/reported by our primitive ancestors.

The seventh and final article again is by Giorgio Piacenza, and is called “Toward an Exo-hierology: Extraterrestrials, Human Contacts with the Cosmos and a Sense of the Sacred.” Analyzing a number of case studies of Andean contactees, the author finds that the contactees and the Extraterrestrials who befriended them have a trait in common: a sense of the sacred.

Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris.
Special Edition Co-Editor
Exopolitics Journal

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