The Shocking Truth About Aliens

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by Dan Taylor            March 24, 2018             (

Many scientists think it is not crazy to think that aliens exist somewhere in our universe, and for some very good reasons.

• In an online profile of a new National Geographic series entitled “One Strange Rock”, the website Mashable reached out to former American astronaut Jeff Hoffman, and former Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. Hoffman told the site that he believes there is “life elsewhere in the universe.” Hadfield noted that virtually every star has planets, and there are countless stars in our universe. So it is highly likely that there are other intelligent beings in the galaxy.

• So why haven’t we met an alien? The Milky Way galaxy is tremendously vast. It would take an entire lifetime to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other at the speed of light. Also, like ours, civilizations come and go. Intelligent life on Earth has only existed for a mere blip in Earth’s existence. Whether we will ever encounter them, however, is tough to say.

[Editors Note] Once again, the premise is that Extra-Terrestrials labor under the same galaxy-view and technology that the people do here on Earth. But what if ET technology isn’t limited to the speed of light? What if ET civilizations last for millions of years? What if ET are already here but reluctant to reveal themselves? The “shocking truth” about aliens is far beyond most people’s imagination.


Take a poll of scientists when it comes to the existence of aliens, and you may get a surprising answer. While we often think of aliens as the stuff of science fiction, the surprising truth is that many scientists think that it is not only possible that aliens exist somewhere, but likely.

Take a recent report by Mashable, which profiled an upcoming series called One Strange Rock on National Geographic that involved interviewing some astronauts on their thoughts about aliens. Jeff Hoffman told the publication that he believes there is “life elsewhere in the universe.” Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield noted that virtually every star has planets, and there are countless stars in our universe.

The idea that aliens exist, when you think about it, isn’t so crazy. After all, we somehow exist, so why is it insane to think that this could happen somewhere else in our universe?

Of course, many might point out the lack of alien encounters. But think about it: our universe is practically infinite for our purposes. The closest star to our solar system is more than four light years away. And if you got in a spaceship as a baby and traveled at the speed of light, you wouldn’t even reach the end of the Milky Way galaxy before you died of old age. And there are billions upon billions of other galaxies out there.



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