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Extraterrestrial Tourism Posters Make Us Believe

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by Alejandro Rojas                   August 28, 2018                      (denofgeek.com)

• The online travel fare aggregator Orbitz asks, “Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects has happened for millennia. Is it life from other planets? Are we alone in the universe?”

• Orbitz selected ten UFO sightings from across the globe and created vibrant posters illustrating and explaining the events. The ten are:

1. DISKS OF FIRE, Ancient Egypt, 1440 BC – The scribes of Pharaoh Thutmose III report unearthly fiery disks floating over the skies…. Do they come in peace to observe, or to do battle?

2. GALACTIC GLOBE FALLS TO EARTH, Italy, 91 BC – Roman writer, Julius Obsequens, reports a potential threat from outer space. Terrifying noises come from the sky as a globe of fire gyrates towards earth, lands, and then rises again, making its way east.

3. JUDGEMENT DAY, Germany, 776 – Saxon invaders besieging the Sigiburg Castle flee in horror when they encounter a spacecraft in the skies. Eyewitnesses report the craft to bear the likeness of two large flaming shields.

4. THEY CAME FROM THE STARS… TO FIGHT FOR PLANET EARTH, Germany, 1561 – Citizens of Nuremberg witness an epic battle. Blood-red circular arcs and globes fly back and forth, fighting each other for more than an hour, until all the crafts fall to the earth and burn with black smoke.

5. THAT’S NO MOON, England, 1801 – Reports emerge of a mysterious moon-like globe appearing in the sky, which bathes Hull in a mysterious blue light. Suddenly and without warning, it splits into seven fireballs. No traces are left behind.

6. SHE CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, Japan, 1803 (featured image above) – Local fishermen spot an unusual vessel adrift and tow it to land. A woman with red and white hair appears. She speaks a language utterly foreign to them. They return her and her vessel to the sea, and she drifts away.

7. THEY’RE HERE, USA, 1947 – In Roswell, New Mexico, the US Armed Air Forces encounter a crashed flying saucer and capture its alien occupants. The military engage in a cover-up, and continue to deny the encounter to this day.

8. YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE, USA, 1952 – In Flatwoods, West Virginia, eyewitnesses see a bright object cross the sky and land. They gather a group to investigate and encounter a 10 foot mutant, who glides towards them hissing. They run for their lives.

9. ATTACK OF THE TENTACLED TORMENTOR, South Africa, 1996 – In Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, a glowing disc emitting bright green tentacles is spotted by police. A helicopter is dispatched and a chase ensues. The mysterious craft makes a vertical ascent and evades capture.

10. SPIRALING LIGHTS HAUNT SCANDINAVIAN SKIES, Norway & Sweden, 2009 – A spiraling light is spotted in the night sky. The light vanishes, as what looks to be a wormhole opens up. Russian authorities claim the anomaly is the result of a failed missile test, but many doubt this explanation.


According to the travel fare aggregate Orbitz, “we are not alone,” and they have a list of places aliens may have already visited on Earth you can visit too.

“We selected 10 intriguing sightings from across the globe and created vibrant posters illustrating and explaining the events that took place,” according to an Orbitz representative. “Sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects has happened for millennia. Is it life from other planets? Are we alone in the universe? Have a look at these engaging posters and decide for yourself.“

The alleged events of extraterrestrial visitation Orbitz have decided to highlight in their posters span from Ancient Egypt in 1440 B.C., to Norway in 2009. The collection includes the famous Roswell, New Mexico event when alien visitation went awry. In 1947, an alleged alien spacecraft crashed outside of Roswell in 1947. However, the majority of the rest of the events featured in the posters are much more obscure, including the most recent incident.

In 2009, witnesses saw and photographed a beautiful giant glowing swirl in the skies. Many speculated that a massive portal to another dimension had been activated. Astronomers and scientists said it was a rocket mishap and the swirl effect was due to rocket fuel leaking in a swirling pattern as the rocket spun in the air.

The later is the most likely explanation, and examples of similar rocket failures including the swirling phenomenon have been recorded before. Of course, there are those who are skeptical of this more mundane theory, which is understandable. It is more fun to think it is a dimensional portal.



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