Were Cowboys Witnesses to the Arrival of Extraterrestrials?

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In the Season 3 premiere of History’s Ancient Aliens, the show examined paranormal incidents reported in the ‘wild west’
by Verona Jones                    June 4, 2019                     (huluwatcher.com)

• In the Season 3 premiere of History’s Ancient Aliens, the show examined paranormal incidents reported in the ‘wild west’ of the United States in the 1800’s. Here are three incidents.

The Elizabeth Lake Monster – When the Spanish still occupied the northern Los Angeles area, they called what is today Elizabeth Lake “Laguna Del Diablo” or “Lagoon of the Devil” because of a monster living in the lake that terrorized the Spanish ranchers between 1830-1886. A Spanish rancher, Don Pedro Carillo, had all of the buildings on his ranch burn down in one night. A giant winged shadow would pass over the ranch and his animals began to disappear. Ranchers shot their rifles at the winged monster, but the bullets would bounce off of the beast’s hide. Eventually, all of the ranchers left and avoided the nutrient-rich and fertile land in that area.

The Tombstone Thunderbird – In the area of what is today southeastern Arizona, the Tombstone Thunderbird was a ‘metallic bird’ shaped like a Pterodactyl that spewed fire and created a thunderous sound while flying. On April 26, 1890, the Tombstone Epitaph reported that six local cowboys tracked down and shot a “Thunderbird” out of the sky. But here are no pictures or evidence left of it, and there were holes in the story. Was this metallic Pterodactyl an alien craft?

The Aurora, Texas UFO Incident – On April 17, 1897 in the small town of Aurora, Texas, just north of Fort Worth, townspeople saw an airship flying low over the town at a slow speed. The craft crashed into a windmill leaving a debris field across a nearby ranch. A small non-human body was found in the wreckage. It was given a proper ‘Christian’ burial in an unmarked grave of a local cemetery, and it was rumored that the rancher chucked the craft’s debris into a deep well on his land. Today there is a sign posted that describes the crash and how the alien pilot is buried in the cemetery. Cemetery authorities have refused, however, to exhume the alien body. But when Brawley Oates bought the ranch in 1935, he claimed that he contracted a debilitating disease from the contaminated water in the old well that he had tried to dig up and clean out – where the UFO debris had been dumped. Oates cemented the well in 1957, before he died from the medical condition.


In 2011, the movie Cowboys and Aliens made its auspicious debut. It was produced from a graphic novel written by Stephen Mitchell in 2006 which was then adapted into a film starring Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde. The story itself sparked new conversations amongst ancient astronaut theorists, and that inevitably lead to real investigations into the topic, most notably in an episode of Ancient Aliens.

In the Season 3 Premiere, ancient astronaut theorists cite specific events that took place in the late 1800s. Events they feel are proof that extraterrestrial beings did indeed visit America’s old west.

The sporadic sightings between 1830-1886 of a creature that is supposedly a pet of the devil himself, was just one of the strange things reported. Apparently, it lives at the bottom of Elizabeth Lake located right on the San Andreas fault line. The early Spanish called the lake Laguna Del Diablo because of the horrible monster that terrorized the ranchers for over fifty years.

Don Pedro Carillo, a Spaniard, built his ranch along the shores of the lake in 1830. Everything was fine for a few months but then one night every one of his structures caught fire, burning to the ground. The attacks escalated to where his animals were disappearing following the visit of a giant winged shadow passing over the ranchers at night. Combined with strange unnatural noises, visions, dreams, and other unexplained occurrences; ranchers kept away from settling on the nutrient-rich fertile land.

Ranchers claimed they’ve shot at the monster, but the bullets kept bouncing off the beast’s hide. With their ranch hands quitting and animals disappearing — the land was sold. Everyone just left shortly after. The land is reputed to be the most fertile land in the area so the sudden migration is strange.

Most paranormal enthusiasts are familiar with Tombstone, Arizona, and her haunted past. But what isn’t as well known is Tombstone’s extensive history of ancient alien activity.

On April 26, 1890, the Tombstone Epitaph reported that six local cowboys tracked down and shot a “Thunderbird” out of the sky. A picture of the beastie supposedly revealed that the bird looked a lot like the prehistoric Pterodactyl.



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