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UFO Splits Into 6 Crafts and Disappears Leaving Airline Passengers Terrified

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by Susan Leighton                    June 10, 2019                      (1428elm.com)

• Lucas Kim, a passenger on a Korean airline flight en route to Thailand when he noticed something just off of the plane’s wing. It wasn’t just another plane. He video recorded six flying craft surrounded by a “greenish-yellow pulsating light.” (see Kim’s 54-second video below) They appear to be distinct objects performing maneuvers not typically of an airplane.

• Was it another commercial airliner’s pulsating strobe lights? Was it light reflected from the wing? A military exercise? Judge for yourself.


A UFO kept pace with a Korean airliner recently that was en route to Thailand terrifying the passengers on board. The saga began when Lucas Kim looked out of his window. Just like the classic scene from The Twilight Zone episode, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, something was near the wing of the plane.

According to Mirror U.K., Kim thought it was another jet despite the fact that the aircraft was too close for comfort. Something wasn’t sitting right with him, so he grabbed his phone and started recording the object.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It wasn’t a plane. It was something else entirely. There wasn’t just one vehicle, there were six! What made it even more concerning is the fact that they were surrounded by a “greenish-yellow pulsating light.”

Since this was happening during the day, it is possible that what Kim witnessed was another airliner with its strobe lights on. Commercial planes do use them during the day. That would explain the pulsating.

Some of his fellow passengers that witnessed the strange UFO felt that reflected light from the wing may have led to an optical illusion. In looking at the video, you can clearly see there are distinct objects that are performing maneuvers that aren’t typically what commercial jets do or even personal planes.

54 second video of UFO next to a Korean airliner (News Leak YouTube channel)



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