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‘Fleet’ of Strange Glowing Objects Seen Off North Carolina Coast


Article by Katy Gill                     October 20, 2019                      (dailystar.co.uk)

• William Guy was travelling on a ferry across the Pamlico Sound on the Outer Banks of North Carolina when he spotted a “fleet” of fourteen luminous objects in a cluster in the western sky as the Sun was setting. Guy immediately began recording and the sight. (see 3:16 minute video below)

• The video begins with the sight of the sky at sunset. Guy pans the camera across the horizon to see the cluster of UFOs floating aimlessly. Guy asks, “Can anybody tell me what that is?” “We’re in the middle of the ocean, on a ferry.” Guys later said that the objects disappeared from sight before coming back some two minutes later.

• YouTubers commented, “Earth is under heavy observation” and “[T]he Earth is swarming with alien advanced craft.” One YouTuber skeptically claimed, “It’s not a UFO, they’re training targets for military aircraft.”

{Editor’s Note Update]  The thing is, I’m from Virginia Beach and have spent a lot of time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  This flotilla of lights doesn’t look like they are “in the middle of the (Atlantic) ocean” to me, as the ‘out-of-towner’ claims.  He points at the sunset.  The sunset is west.  Then he shortly pans left to see the lights.  This must be south-southwest. The writer reported that they were in a ferry crossing the “Pimlico Sound lagoon”. Well its the “Pamlico Sound” and it’s no lagoon. It is a huge body of water – so wide that you cannot see across it.  So it looks a lot like the ocean.  But its the sound. And they were crossing it from Ocracoke to Swan Quarters North Carolina as it says in the YouTube video description.  Therefore, these lights would be situated over the Croatan National Forest.  Beyond this forest is the city of Jacksonville, NC and Marine Corps’ Camp Lejeune. 


A “fleet” of bizarre objects has been captured hovering off the coast of North Carolina.

William Guy was travelling on a ferry across the Pimlico Sound lagoon when he spotted 14 bizarre objects in the sky.

He immediately started recording and the footage has left the conspiracy world in shock.

The video begins with the sight of the sky, seemingly showing the sun setting.

William pans the camera across the horizon showing nothing in sight.

“Look, nothing in the sky, at all,” he said.

As he cuts across the sky the lit up cluster is seen floating aimlessly.
“Can anybody tell me what that is?” William asks.

He adds: “We’re in the middle of the ocean, on a ferry.

“There’s nothing around, no land, no nothing.”


3:16 minute video of UFO fleet over the Atlantic Ocean off of NC (‘Only Real UFOs’ YouTube)

Since this video was disabled by the owner, click here to see the YouTube video.



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