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‘What Is the Alien Agenda?’ Asks Reader Who Witnessed ‘Air Battle Between Two UFOs’ 40 Years Ago

Article by Michael Alexander                                 September 26, 2020                                  (thecourier.co.uk)

• Malcolm Robinson is a Scottish UFO investigator, but somewhat of a skeptic, he says, because 95% of all UFO sightings can ultimately be explained. The glaring fact of this phenomenon is the enormous scale and secrecy. Reports of alien contact and craft sightings are world-wide, but their operations are still at the fringes of our awareness.

• Robinson himself saw an extraterrestrial craft forty years ago that was decidedly not military. He believes that aliens have almost certainly visited the Tayside and Fife regions of Scotland. Robinson says that the question is no longer “are we alone”? Instead we must ask “what is the alien agenda”?

• Australian investigator Phil Tindale also witnessed UFO craft forty years ago and is convinced we are not alone. The UFO question is “a question that we have ignored for the past 70 years,” he says. Actually, Tindale says that as 10-year-olds in the South Australian town of Aldgate, he and his twin brother Rob witnessed a “hostile chase between two highly advanced craft resulting in one of those craft crashing into a tree”. The crash was reported by a third witness who was able to have a close look at the craft which resembled an “eight metre long yellow speed boat from it’s under side”. But by the time police arrived, the object had disappeared leaving only unexplained broken branches. (see previous ExoArticle)

• Reported UFO cases date back to the 1500’s when townsfolk in Nuremberg, Germany witnessed a battle between celestial objects. It was reported in the broadsheet journals of the time.

• Then in the 1940’s, a new and increased wave of alien activity began. Pilots reported seeing strange spherical craft following them into battle during WW2 known as ‘Foo Fighters’. These were initially thought to be advanced Nazi technology.

• Then in 1947, the Roswell UFO crash was made famous by a military report printed in the local paper. The report was quickly redacted and replaced with an explanation involving a weather balloon. But first hand witnesses have since validated the initial report, leading to an explosion of conspiracies.

• In 1961 came the first report of an alien abduction, with Betty and Barney Hill providing compelling and consistent testimonies of the incident which occurred along a roadside late at night. They described being taken on board a craft and subject to various procedures. Subsequent investigations verified the Hill’s experience and left authorities scratching their heads.

• Even mass sightings have been reported on numerous occasions. One of the more compelling events occurred in in Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994 where a craft landed near the Ariel primary school. No less than 60 people witnessed the event. Humanoid entities disembarked from the craft and approached the children. Some witnesses reported telepathic communication that included a warning about humanity’s destructive trajectory. A number of investigators looked into the Ruwa event, including John E. Mack, head of Harvard Medical Psychiatry.

• The environmental message is now recognized as a common theme of the contact experience. “It is estimated that nearly 40% of people who have had alien contact receive some variation of an environmental message or warning, says Tindale. “Mass sightings and high quality witnesses have been useful in confirming the reality of the alien presence, but it is the individual and detailed accounts that provide better insight into what is truly going on.” The emerging picture is complex and incomplete. It shows multiple alien groups exist with different intentions, and varying degrees of interest in humanity’s well being, ranging from benevolent to hostile.

• Before Terry Lovelace became a lawyer, he was in the military. While serving in the US Army, Lovelace and a friend were camping at ‘Devils Den’ in Arkansas when they had a terrifying abduction experience which left Lovelace and his friend badly burned by radiation. Both were brutally interrogated and humiliated by the Army’s investigation unit. “It was made clear to them that the event was not to be discussed ever again,” says Tindale.

• Disagreement and even conflict between alien groups has been observed. Yet other people describe ongoing contact with entities that seem benevolent and appear to be concerned for our welfare. Reports describe varying physical features, while other extraterrestrials are indistinguishable from humans.

• “Many people are helped physically and spiritually by these contact events,” says Tindale. “Over half of all contact experiences are described as positive and nearly all communication is telepathic. “Telepathic ability seems to vary between alien groups, but it appears to be the galactic language.”

• Abductees describe being “willed” to perform tasks or comply with requests. The experience resembles a compelling need or a personal desire to obey. Some abductees report using their own will power to deny the alien requests, but claim that it is considerably difficult to do so.

• In May 2018, at Melkbosstrand South Africa, a witness described seeing a point in the sky that looked “crinkled”. Then from this small area a craft emerged into the atmosphere, and then three more objects chasing and attacking the first craft. Then a fleet of around 100 “cloaked” craft of varying shapes and sizes popped out of the sky, flying towards the horizon at incredible speed. Their color matched the blue sky but not perfectly. Some of the craft were so large they covered as much as 90 degrees of his field of vision. And all were totally silent.

• Knowledge of the UFO reality affects every aspect of our society. It challenges our beliefs in religion, science and even politics. We are now faced with arguably the greatest challenge in human history. One consolation is the common environmental interest that we share with these beings.

• It is not difficult to understand the secrecy, both from an extra-terrestrial perspective and from our own military’s point of view. Can we learn to appreciate the creatures that we share our planet with, and appreciate the value of our own beautiful Earth? Will this new reality change our view towards each other? Whether this intervention ultimately helps humanity or not, our response will be paramount.


16th century illustration of UFOs over Nuremberg

Australian investigator Phil Tindale, who witnessed an “air battle between two UFOs” 40 years ago and is

                  Malcolm Robinson

interested in Scottish sightings, explains why he is convinced we are not alone.

Australian man Phil Tindale has good reason to have a strong interest in UFOs.

As 10-year-olds in the South Australian town of Aldgate just over 40 years ago, he and his twin brother Rob witnessed a “hostile chase between two highly advanced craft resulting in one of those craft crashing into a tree”.

The crash was reported by a third witness who was able to have a close look at the craft which resembled an “eight metre long yellow speed boat from it’s under side”.

                Betty and Barney Hill

However, by the time police arrived, the object had disappeared leaving only unexplained broken

                            Phil Tindale


Phil recently contacted The Courier from Australia after reading a Courier feature online about renowned Scottish UFO investigator and self-confessed UFO sceptic Malcolm Robinson who believes that aliens have almost certainly visited Tayside and Fife.

Like Malcolm, Phil has concluded 95% of UFO sightings are explainable by “natural identifiable solutions”.

         WWII “Foo Fighters”

However, he also takes the view that 5% fall into the unexplained category.

                     Terry Lovelace

Four decades on from his own experience, Malcolm says he is “100%” convinced what he saw was extra-terrestrial, and not military.

But he also believes the question is no longer “are we alone”. Instead we must ask “what is the alien agenda”?

“It’s a question that we have ignored for the past 70 years,” says Phil.

“Reported UFO cases date back to the 1500’s when a township in Germany witnessed a battle between celestial objects which was reported in the broadsheet journals of Nuremberg.

“From the 1940’s a new and increased wave of alien activity began.



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Telepathy and Channeling – Do You Know The Difference? Part 2

 by Anela Izadi, PhD., M.D.       (Part 1Part 2

Origins of Telepathy, Mediumship, and Channeling

The term “telepathy” originated from the Greek tele meaning “distant” and pathos meaning perception. It refers to transmission of information between individuals without using the five traditional senses.

The term was coined in 1882 by Frederic W. H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research [15]. Parapsychology is a pseudoscientific field that investigates paranormal and extrasensory (psychic) events. Experiments involving telepathy have been heavily criticized for the lack of appropriate controls and repeatability by the mainstream scientific community.

Telepathy came into our cultural focus parallel to when mediumship became popular after the rise of the Spiritualist religious movement. Mediumship is the practice of establishing and mediating communication between the living and the dead. Both, telepathy and mediumship practices became so prevalent in the United Kingdom that in 1951 England passed the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951, which repealed the Witchcraft Act of 1735 and s.4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824. The Act states that express provision is made “for the punishment of persons who fraudulently purport to act as spiritualistic mediums or to exercise powers of telepathy, clairvoyance or the similar powers.” In England, mediums found guilty of fraud can be prosecuted, imprisoned, and fined [16].

I feel it would be beneficial for the Exopolitics community to understand the Spiritualists’ definition of mediumship, which from their reference point is synonymous with channeling. For the Exopolitics community, while the term mediumship could be preserved to describe only communication between the living and the dead, channeling could be used as an umbrella term to encompass exchange of information between the living and the dead as well as physical and non-physical entities from different density and vibration levels.

As per Spiritualists, there are two types of mediumships – mental and physical [17]. In mental mediumship, the information is received in the medium’s mind and then communicated to those present. On the other hand, in physical mediumship, everyone present can witness the event taking place with their five senses.

Mental mediumship is further classified into perception and control. In mental mediumship via perception, the medium engages his mind or consciousness to establish the link with the spirit. Mental mediumship via control is often referred to as trance mediumship and can take the form of spirit slightly overshadowing the medium’s mind to completely causing unconsciousness. The spirit can then use the medium’s body and vocal cords to address those present. Since the spirit can take control of the medium’s body from afar, this in no way constitutes a possession.

Some of the most common phenomena found in mental mediumship are: clairvoyance (seeing the spirit), clairaudience (hearing the spirit), and clairsentience (being aware of spirit’s feelings, and even smells).

Physical mediumship takes place via ectoplasm, a viscous substance that exudes from the body of a medium who is in deep trance. To  produce physical phenomena, a séance is held with environmental restrictions to ensure the safety of the medium (i.e., dark room, no photography). Spirit then uses the ectoplasm to form physical manifestations, such as an appearance of a person or levitation of objects. Again, everybody present can witnesses these physical phenomena.

Some of the phenomena associated with physical mediumship are: materialization (appearance of spirit’s body), transfiguration (appearance of spirit’s face), direct and independent voice (spirit speaks via voice box attached to a trumpet or without the trumpet, respectively), levitation, telekinesis (movement of objects), and apports (de-materialization and transportation of objects), asports (de-materialization of an object which is then found elsewhere).

Dr. Michael Salla
Dr. Michael Salla – Author,  Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs 

Phenomena such as levitation and telekinesis are not unique to physical mediumship; however, under these circumstances, ectoplasmic rods are used to move the objects.

During Exopolitics lectures, Dr. Michael Salla explains that telepathy is a relay of information coming through the universal communication system whereas channeling is allowing a frequency to come through while our “self” steps aside. Although I largely agree with Thaheld’s thesis that through quantum entanglement all intelligent life can communicate with each other, I find the definitions of telepathy and channeling lacking universal agreement and as a source of confusion (and disagreement) among public, spiritualists, parapsychologists, and the Exopolitics community.

Telepathy and Channeling Defined

Telepathy and channeling (and mediumship) are all considered part of psi – paranormal or psychic phenomena conducted through the power of the mind. ESP is the category of psi that deals with knowing while psi, in addition to knowing, also includes the power of the mind to do things [18].

Telepathy is the ability to communicate information by means other than the known five senses. This type of communication extends to interspecies and most likely has played the most important role when it comes to development of humanity as influenced by Inner Earth (IE) or Extraterrestrial (ET) beings.

Telepathy can take place in the waking, dream, and hypnotic states (i.e., Edgar Cayce). It can be categorized under mental channeling via perception group of psychic phenomena. Based on my personal experience with living person-to-person telepathy, there seems to be a subjective and an objective component to telepathy.

Inner Earth Telepathy Room with telepathy chair-devices used by Inner Earth beings to connect to surface population as described by Corey Goode, Secret Space Program Insider (art by ArthurHerring.com)

At certain times, telepathy can take the form of “hearing words” in their own voice, “hearing words” in the voice of the interlocutor, or “feeling words” and “feeling emotions” from the same interlocutor. We cannot disregard the psychological context from the principles of communication where we are “verbally communicating” to someone with our mind, we are also “non-verbally communicating” with transmission of our state of mind and feelings.

Based on my research on the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, I believe it may be possible to telepathically communicate with artificial intelligence or objects used to store and imprint mental energy information [19]. 

It is commonly believed that with channeling, “self” must be pushed aside to allow the “other” to communicate. I would like to point out that this is the case for telepathy as well. When you are in communication via telepathy, you must “reign in” or control “yourself” otherwise you will not “hear or feel” or be able to exchange telepathic messages effectively.

If you observe yourself talking normally to an individual next to you, you will notice active thoughts in the back of your mind as you are exchanging verbal information. You are selectively choosing what you say and how to say it from the pool of your active thoughts. The same occurs with telepathy. You still preserve your pool of active thoughts and emotions but choose to communicate with your mind only a selection of thoughts in clear sentences and feelings. You also must be able to separate “self-thoughts” from “other messages” that requires a certain degree of dissociation from “self” and includes quieting the mind. This suggests that communication via telepathy has its own region within the brain akin to Broca’s and Wernicke’s area specialized for production of speech and comprehension of language.

My explanation of the telepathic process makes the definition of channeling more transparent. It is my personal observation that most of channeling in the Exopolitics community is telepathy in disguise either due to the fact that the person transmitting telepathic communication is not aware of the telepathic process itself, or due to confusion over the telepathy and channeling definitions.

However; as spiritualists describe, true channeling does exist and can take the form of the mental channeling via control (trance channeling) and can vary from an entity slightly overshadowing the channeler’s mind to causing complete unconsciousness, or physical channeling where the channeler themselves step aside while the entity takes control of body parts or the whole body while the channeler is in deep trance.

Professor Xavier, the founder of the X-Men, has exceptional telepathic abilities. Are there beings in the Universe with similar abilities?

Both processes may appear akin to remote mind control technologies or remote psychic influence. However, I believe these are separate processes which employ either the influencing of the brain as a sensing organ directly or exploiting an individual’s inability to differentiate self-thoughts and feelings from non-self [20].

The importance of physical channeling should not be discounted when it comes to communication with IE or ET beings. The main difference between mental and physical channeling lies in witnessing the events of each by those other than the channeler. While in mental channeling under trance control, the non-physical entity uses the channeler’s body to various degree to express himself, there is no manipulation of the external environment as observed during physical channeling. I believe this is one way to test the claims of channeling in the Exopolitics community.

Parapsychologists have various tests to determine whether a channeler is under a trance control such as slowing of the heart rate; a slow, deep, and steady breathing pattern; no rapid eye movement; a lowering of body temperature; a greatly reduced reaction to touch and pain; and various degrees of unconsciousness. In addition, the voice pattern, inflection, and the general manner of speech differ from the normally exhibited by the channeler. As seen in the Seth material and Eileen Garrets trance communications, there is often a broken speech pattern, reversal of sentence structure, and change in sentence structures [21,22,23].

Physical mediumship has faced a rapid decline in practice and currently I know only of one practicing physical medium, David Thompson. I do not believe that IE or ET beings have the need or must use ectoplasm to communicate. Perhaps physical mediumship and ectoplasm were needed at certain points during human evolution and development for people to learn to believe in the existence of the spirit or perhaps the existence of ectoplasm is just malarkey.

Currently, 3 out of 4 individuals in the USA believe in paranormal events despite mainstream science claiming that they do not exist (at least not with any statistical significance) [24]. The only requirement for communicating via telepathy and channeling is the belief that it can be done and accessing the portion of the brain that is responsible for imagination.


As a Ph.D. trained scientist in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a M.D. trained physician, I realize that science continually builds its knowledge based on observations and testable and reproducible explanations. I believe in science. As someone who has experienced the paranormal, I can attest to its unpredictability, and yet I believe that telepathy and channeling are possible and feasible.

I feel that the current scientific approach to studying these phenomena is lacking ingenuity. I believe mainstream researchers should be reminded of the double-slit experiment, which reveals that all waves that pass through two narrow parallel slits, as well as a single photon will form an interference pattern on a screen. The variation of that experiment called delayed choice quantum eraser experiment indicates that observing the photon can change events having already happened [25,26]. Perhaps the issue with mainstream science’s approach in studying telepathy and channeling is in its mode of observation.

To quote the Oracle from the movie The Matrix Revolutions,

“He doesn’t understand them – he can’t. To him they are variables in an equation. One at a time, each variable must be countered and solved. That’s his purpose: to balance an equation.”

Perhaps, the purpose of pseudosciences is to keep the equation unbalanced.

(Part 1)  Part 2 

This article was originally written by Anela Izadi Ph.D., M.D., as part of an Exopolitics 101 course, which introduces students to the field of Exopolitics as the study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life, and to the main evidentiary sources and perspectives that relate to an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that has not been disclosed to the general public and most elected officials.


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Copyright 2018 Anela Izadi Ph.D., M.D.

Telepathy and Channeling – Do You Know The Difference? Part 1

by Anela Izadi Ph.D., M.D.       Part 1   (Part 2) 

“Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein

Principles of Communication

Communication is often seen as a deliberate process where even avoiding or refusing to communicate conveys a message. Consciously or subconsciously, we are constantly sending and receiving some form of verbal and non-verbal signals. The intimidating part of this process is its irreversibility – you cannot take back something once it has been communicated.

When we consider our daily verbal and written exchanges, we are not just exchanging words but rather symbols that stand for ideas; however, no two individuals assign the same meaning to the same word or a symbol.

As was said in the movie The Matrix Revolutions, “Love is not a human emotion. It is a word. What matters is the connection that word implies.”

As a non-native English speaker, I do not have an emotional connection to words in the English language the same way a native English speaker does. Communication with the Inner Earth (IE) or Extraterrestrial (ET) beings is inevitable once we enter each other’s awareness. It is not difficult to extrapolate that communicating with IE or ET beings may present similar challenges to those we experience in our daily lives.

Whether the communication is verbal, written, or conducted via extrasensory perception, the contextual circumstances under which communication takes place adds an additional layer of complexity. Examples of the contextual circumstances include but are not limited to:

(1) psychological (state of mood or mind), 
(2) relational (your reactions to the other individual),
(3) situational (psycho-social milieu where the communication is taking place),
(4) environmental (physical location where the communication is taking place), and
(5) cultural (your beliefs or traditions).

This means that we cannot re-capture or recover the exact same situation, frame of mind, or relationship dynamics that defined our communication at a specific moment in time. Whether we communicate with IE or ET beings as individual citizens or via local or global representatives, the potential for miscommunication by using our current mode of communication is just as inevitable as the communication itself.

Telepathy and Channeling – The 19th Century Phenomena

Although, religious scholars will promptly point out that telepathy and channeling are present in every major religious text, it was only in the 19th century, that telepathy and channeling of the dead (mediumistic spirit channeling) gained the recognition and momentum, and became the focus of those interested in the occult and parapsychology [1].

Maria Orsic Vril Society
Maria Orsic – Vril Society

Once our society became aware of the ET presence, examining telepathy and channeling as a new way of communication was likely the result of ET’s preference for communication. From the Nazi SS, Vril and Thule Societies, to the U.S. government and the Soviet Union, these psychic phenomena have been viewed as potential methods to gain power over the competition [2]. Thus, it is not surprising that, in the interest of national security, they would be practiced, studied, and advanced in secret.

Despite mainstream science’s inability to prove, with any reliable measure of success, the existence of psychic phenomena such as telepathy and channeling, these phenomena have continued to be self-utilized and self-acknowledged by individuals across the globe.

Until the scientific community realizes its limitations in the experimental approach to studying these phenomena, telepathy and channeling will stay in the realm of pseudoscience. In addition, until the secret and unacknowledged government groups release their data and confirm the use and funding of these phenomena, mainstream public will be divided on their existence.

Are Telepathy and Channeling Possible? – Scientific Perspective

I find it beneficial to explain telepathy and channeling by first establishing whether they are possible from the scientific perspective. What I am about to convey is my personal view, which I had formulated before taking the Exopolitics 101 class and before reading Fred Thahled’s opinion on the subject matter.

All matter including the human body is composed of vibrating energy in the form of moving atoms. Our physical and non-physical worlds are nothing more than a collection of quarks and photons constantly exchanging energy with subatomic matter in the zero-point energy field (ZPEF) where particles cannot be separated from the surrounding empty space.

When you take into consideration that all matter in the Universe is connected through the ZPEF, it becomes easier to grasp the concept of Oneness – the state of interconnected beings [3, 8].

The scientific framework which studies the behavior of subatomic particles belongs to the branch of theoretical physics known as the Quantum Field Theory. This theory describes the individual behavior of particles (quantum mechanics) as well as their interaction in space and time (quantum electrodynamics).

While formulating his theory of special relativity that would conform to the principle of locality (an object is only directly influenced by its immediate surroundings), Einstein found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another. The totality of all events is absolute in space-time, but space and time are not. Everything is observer dependent [4].

At the same time, Einstein realized the ability of particles to instantaneously know about each other’s states, even when separated by large distances. While he called this “spooky actions at a distance,” modern day physicists refer to this as non-locality.

Bell demonstrated that the results predicted by quantum mechanics could not be explained by any theory, which preserved locality – including Einstein’s special relativity [5]. By 1972 Clauser and Freedman experimentally showed that the effects of non-locality are real. Non-locality occurs because of entanglement where interacting particles become permanently dependent on each other’s properties and start acting as a single entity [6].

In 2013, Arkani-Hamed and Trnka created a geometric structure called amplituhedron, which to date is the most efficient mathematical tool used to describe particle behavior. This structure does not exist in space-time. Although particle collisions described by the amplituhedron still occur in space-time, the structure itself is outside of space-time. This nulls the idea that space-time locality and unitarity (the sum of probabilities of all possible outcomes of any event always equals one) are the necessary components of particle interactions [7].

Amplituhedron – Illustration by Andy Gilmore www.breedlondon.com

In simple terms, what is already known by non-locality and entanglement as well as the limitations of the special relativity theory as it pertains to space-time, is confirmed by the amplituhedron calculations. As previously suspected by theoretical physicists, space and time may not exist. If they do not exist and non-locality and entanglement are our reality, then the interaction between the physical and non-physical is a certainty.

Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, but rather transforms from one form to another, life as we know it continues its existence after physical death in a non-physical form. Understanding the magnitude of the physics behind these observations makes communication between the non-physical and physical a foregone conclusion.

Understanding Your Senses and Perception

A sense is a physiological capacity of organisms to recognize a physical stimulus, which is often referred to as sensory information. Beside the five traditional senses of vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, humans have additional senses for temperature, kinesthetic sense, pain, balance, vibration, and various internal physiological stimuli.

Perception is the ability of organisms to recognize and process sensory information in order to interact with the environment. Although we easily perceive our physical environment with our five senses, these senses fail us when it comes to perceiving interactions with our environment on a quantum level.

Individuals missing one sense do not just learn to use other senses more efficiently. Alternatively, their brains undergo neural reorganization and rewiring to augment those other senses [9]. For example, studies have shown that blind people compensate for their lack of sight with enhanced hearing or other abilities [10]. Some even develop the ability to echolocate, a biosonar ability used by dolphins, whales, and bats [11].

Atoms are electrically charged objects thatproduce electromagnetic energy (EM) field via their stationary (electro) and moving (magnetic) charges. In classical physics terms, this electromagnetic field is a continuous wave-like field, while quantum field theory describes this field in terms of individual quanta or particles (i.e., photons).

Electromagnetic radiation refers to the waves or the quanta propagating (radiating) through space in the form of frequencies and their corresponding wavelengths, which form an EM energy spectrum. This spectrum includes known (radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light, and X- and gamma radiation) and uncharacterized frequencies and wavelengths of energy.

Electromagnetic Spectrum
Electromagnetic Spectrum – Wikimedia Commons

Unlike humans, many animals can sense minor changes in their electrical environment. Some animals (sharks and birds) and insects (bees and cockroaches) can sense electrical and magnetic fields. For example, birds can see electrical energy fields and migrate by sensing the Earth’s magnetic field. Currently, scientists like Kirschvink, a geophysicist at the California Institute of Technology are trying to discover if humans could have this ability [12]. Electroreception is the biological ability to perceive natural electrical stimuli and is used in electrolocation and electrocommunication. [13].

Buddhist philosophy, Ayatana or “sense-base” includes the mind as one of the senses. The mind can sense a spectrum of phenomena that we are not able to perceive with our physical senses. Combining what we know from theoretical physics data involving ZPEF and quantum entanglement as well as meditation studies performed on Buddhist monks [14], we can arrive at the conclusion that our brains, like other sense organs, may have evolved to extract and interpret information consciously or simply become aware of the information from the ZPEF without conscious processing.

As our mind fields are willing co-habitants of the ZPEF, their communication with each other may be taking place in a reality not bound by space, time, or language as we know it. The mind-to-mind “spooky interaction at a distance” could explain the science behind the claims of telepathy and channeling, which according to mainstream science do not exist.

Part 1   (Part 2) 

This article was originally written by Anela Izadi Ph.D., M.D., as part of an Exopolitics 101 course, which introduces students to the field of Exopolitics as the study of the key individuals, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life, and to the main evidentiary sources and perspectives that relate to an extraterrestrial presence on Earth that has not been disclosed to the general public and most elected officials.


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