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How Do You Study Aliens If They Don’t Want To Be Studied?

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Article by Jazz Shaw                        November 17, 2019                             (hotair.com)

• Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and now a senior adviser for ‘To The Stars Academy’ has argued that there are a significant number of intelligence and data gathering assets that could be put to use by our government to study UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon), but apparently are not being used. (See TTSA article here) Mellon poses the question: “If these are vehicles created by another species, (how do we) study an intelligence greater than our own that apparently does not wish to communicate or be understood(?)”

• Through their interaction with our military, we have now established that there are unknown craft displaying phenomenal capabilities entering and leaving our airspace at will, and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. We’d like to learn more about the beings who created them. We’d like to examine their technology which could launch a new era in human development, or result in our immediate self-destruction.

• But by all indications, these extraterrestrial beings have shown zero interest in making contact with us. They appear to go out of their way to avoid it – publicly anyway. They could have landed a tic-tac on the lawn of the White House and said hello. What if they simply choose to ignore us and go on about whatever business they have here on our planet? What are we supposed to do then?

• Some have suggested that we shoot one down so we can examine the wreckage. This is a horrendous idea. It is far better to attempt a cordial greeting. Are we too unthreatening and uninteresting for ET to even bother with us? Do we have weapons that could bring down such advanced technology? Would they wipe us out in retaliation?

• This entire conversation relies on the assumption that our government is being at least somewhat honest with us, which is far from assured. We know for a fact that the United States government has covered up all manner of things in the past. And during the Nimitz encounters, it’s been reported that unidentified officials showed up in the aftermath, collected all of the video and radar data, and ordered the records to be erased. It is reasonable to assume that the military/government has a lot more data than just those three short video clips we’ve seen.

• At this point, full official disclosure by the government would go a long way in building confidence with the public, and to let bygones be bygones for past deceptions and indiscretions. Has there been any real interaction between extraterrestrials and our leaders? Or do these ETs have a different agenda? As paranormal investigator John E.L. Tenney says, “When was the last time you flew across the globe to visit a far distant land in order to explain algebra to a cat?” Is this how these technologically advanced extraterrestrials perceive us here on Earth?

[Editor’s Note]   There certainly has been contact between extraterrestrial beings and Earth humans since the dawn of time, as evidenced by ancient rock art, sculptures, and even accounts in the Old Testament. This has continued throughout human existence. But with the huge mobilization that came with World Wars I and II, and particularly with the detonation of the first atomic bomb in New Mexico in 1945, extraterrestrial beings took notice that humanity had arrived at a level of technological development to make us worthy of intercommunication. ETs telepathically communicated the means to build anti-gravity spacecraft. Spacecraft probes manned by android “Greys” and “Ebens” were deposited on the Earth for us to reverse engineer. Benevolent ETs came in peace to exhort us to end our military escalation in order to join with our galactic cousins. Seeing in the 1950’s that our military leaders were loath to demilitarize, negative ETs offered our ‘military industrial complex’ their space technology in return for assisting them to impound our industrial resources and enslave the population of the Earth for their own negative agenda.

Unfortunately, our ‘leaders’ chose the latter and Dwight Eisenhower gave a dire warning that this was happening. The benevolent ETs could only watch as we endured the consequences of our choice. For the past seventy years, the corporate and military elite, allied with a negative ET group, have harnessed advanced ET technology to create a “breakaway civilization” of off-planet bases, manufacturing plants, and secret space programs capable of traversing the galaxy, while placating an increasingly contentious Earth population through mind-control. Although the ‘prime directive’ in the universe is to keep any interaction with lesser developed beings (like us) to a minimum, higher benevolent beings realized that this situation was impeding humanities’ natural spiritual development. Recently, they have been more willing to assist positive human factions with overcoming the negative ET agenda so that a greater proportion of the human population might ascend in consciousness to a higher level of spirituality during this limited window of opportunity.

This is the situation in which we currently find ourselves, while the majority of the populace remains mind-controlled and oblivious to our true reality. So yes, full disclosure of what the shadow government or “Deep State” knows would be of enormous benefit to humanity. Open knowledge of advanced technologies would eliminate most of this planet’s societal and environmental problems, and allow us to become a space-faring civilization. But this also reveals the tremendous scope of the latent conflict. It is now up to us – all of humanity on this planet – to awaken to our plight and overthrow this elite negative agenda that is preventing us from our natural positive technological and spiritual development as a species.


The question I want to toss out for everyone’s consideration today is a bit complicated and it deals once again with all of the revelations that have been coming out about interactions between America’s military and the strange UFOs (or UAPs as the government now wants to call them) in our airspace. But this very serious question requires a number of assumptions, so let’s get them out of the way first.

First, we don’t know who built these vehicles and the government at least claims that they don’t either. So let’s take them at their word and accept that they don’t know. (I don’t find this an unreasonable assumption, by the way. Our government and military probably don’t know nearly as much about UFOs as some of us may suspect.) And since the technology displayed by the tic-tacs seems to be such a quantum leap ahead of any current human capabilities (emphasis on seems to be), let’s just assume for the sake of discussion that they were created by some non-human, presumably extraterrestrial intelligence.

If that’s the case, we’re witnessing one of the most remarkable moments in human history. And we should naturally want answers. Who are these aliens? Where do they hail from? What do they want here? And we should rightly be very, very interested in that technology and if we might be able to use it to launch a new era in human development. (Or possibly our immediate self-destruction. I wouldn’t rule either of them out.)

Christopher Mellon

Now here’s the big question. How do we manage to study this situation and come up with any answers? Earlier this year, Christopher Mellon, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and now a senior advisor for To The Stars Academy (TTSA), published a paper on how best to collect information on these visitors (whether there’s anyone inside of them or not) and their technology. He lists a significant number of intelligence and data gathering assets that could be put to use by our government, but apparently are not.

That’s all useful information, but no matter how good our gear may be, there’s still one outstanding problem. At the end of the paper, Mellon poses the following question. (Emphasis added.)

This UAP issue is already uniquely challenging. It lacks recognition or understanding; it lacks acceptance; there is a serious stigma to overcome; and even more difficult is the deceptively serious challenge of helping government officials and the public process such incongruous, disorienting, disruptive and potentially disturbing information. Finally, if these are vehicles created by another species there is the wholly unprecedented challenge of seeking to study an intelligence greater than our own that apparently does not wish to communicate or be understood.

That emphasized excerpt strikes at the heart of the matter. We have now established, at least to my satisfaction, that there are unknown craft displaying phenomenal capabilities entering and leaving our airspace at will and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. We’d like to find a way to get in contact with whoever or whatever created these vehicles and learn about them. We’d like to examine their technology because it could potentially revolutionize our entire global culture.



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