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Huge UFO in the Sky Scared the Inhabitants of India

by magictr                December 9, 2018                   (sivpost.com)

• The YouTube channel UFOmania has posted a video taken of the sky over Bangalore, India (in the Karnataka state) with what appears to be a massive UFO craft hidden in the clouds as they turn a fiery yellow. What is most impressive is the outline of a dark shape appearing through the clouds. It looks very similar to the UFO craft that burst through the clouds in the movie “Independence Day”(pictured above). (see 2:24 minute video below)


Among the thick clouds, the inhabitants of the Indian city of Bangalore, the locals saw a massive alien ship.
About it writes portal vladtime.

It became known that the capital of Karnataka state in southern India witnesses observed in the sky an unusual huge UFO. According to witnesses, an unidentified object had a flat shape, metal color and looked exactly like the UFO in the movie “independence Day” with actor will Smith in the title role.

Ufologists also note that even clouds changed the color to red when on the horizon appeared an alien object. Users of YouTube have been impressed by what he saw, but some users started to accuse the authors of the video in the installation.

2:24 minute UFOmania YouTube video of UFO Event over Bangalore, India



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