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‘Templar’ Sign In French Cornfield Attracts Thousands Of Tourists

Article by Aanchal Nigam                                 July 14, 2020                               (republicworld.com)

• On July 5th, in a Vimy field near Lens (in northern France), farmer Gerard Bernoit was astonished to find an elaborate crop formation in his wheat field. At first, Bernoit first only noticed some ears of corn lying on the ground and figured someone had vandalized the farm overnight. He didn’t imagine it could be a crop circle, because ‘they only see crop circles in movies’. The crop formation covers 300 square meters of corn/wheat that was supposed to be harvested the following week.

• Bernoit posted images of the giant crop circle on his social media without understanding what it actually meant. The images went viral and attracted a few curious visitors. But soon, flocks of people were coming to the field to see the crop circle which some say resembles a ‘Templar Cross’. Now it has triggered curiosity as well as the excitement of thousands of people.

• Bernoit says that several people have told him that ‘energy apparently flowed from the earth’ or that their field is ‘blessed’ and it can ‘cure multiple sclerosis’. The farmer calls these people crazy. But he admits to being overwhelmed by the attention while also stressing on the fact that the field is ‘private property’. “We have more people in our field than in our farm store,” says Bernoit. He has taken down the images he posted on Facebook.


In a rather shocking incident, a giant crop circle appeared out of the blue in Northern France and is now responsible for drawing people in huge flocks to witness the phenomenon. According to reports, the giant ‘templar’ sign appeared earlier this month on July 5 in a Vimy field near Lens and has triggered curiosity as well as the excitement of thousands of people.

The farmer who is the owner of the crops where the mysterious formation appeared, Gerard Bernoit reportedly said that he initially just thought the crops had been damaged because they only see crop circles in movies.

Bernoit had posted the images of the crop circle on his social media without the understanding of what it actually meant. However, the images not only went viral, but they also managed to attract several curious visitors. According to reports, the French farmer has explained that he first noticed the ears of corn lying on the ground and figured someone vandalised the farms overnight until they learnt about ‘crop circles’. Even though according to the family it is still ‘vandalism of crops’ but his son, Nicolas Bernoit noted ‘it’s good for once’.



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