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Third Navy Crew ‘Ordered to Stay Quiet’ About 2004 Nimitz UFO Incident


Article by Kyle Perisic                             February 21, 2020                          (americanmilitarynews.com)

• On February 10th, host Jim Breslo interviewed Dave Beaty of the Nimitz Encounters documentary series. On Breslo’s The Hidden Truth Show podcast (see full interview below), Dave Beaty told of meeting a new witness to the “Tic Tac” UFO that was seen by Navy aviators with the USS Nimitz carrier group moving in ways that defy known physics, off of the coast of Baja California in November 2004, as first reported by the New York Times in December 2017.

• Beaty tells of a US Navy E-2 Hawkeye surveillance plane technician who, (as stated in the YouTube video description) was flying with a crew in support of the F-18 jets that were sent to intercept the Tic Tac UFO that had appeared on the USS Princeton’s radar. “The technician stated that he could see a Tic Tac from the window of his plane which appeared to be flying at about the same altitude.”

• Beaty said that the Navy tech didn’t want to come forward because he and the rest of his crew members were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement compelling them to stay quiet. “It wasn’t really a volunteer process, it was more a ‘sign this and don’t ever talk about what you saw,’” said Beaty of the technician and crew. “Even going out on a limb and speaking to me was sketchy for him.” Beaty reveals he has also spoken to a second anonymous witness who saw men come aboard the Princeton to take all evidence of the encounter.

• This anonymous E-2 Hawkeye technician joins five other former US Navy personnel who have come forward as witnesses to the “Tic Tac” occurrence. They are Gary Voorhis, Jason Turner, Patrick Hughes, Ryan Weigelt and Kevin Day. Hughes and Voorhis said that mystery individuals only known to their command came aboard and took away all recorded evidence of the Tic Tac UFO videos and radar telemetry. Hughes claimed to have had ‘extra footage’ stored on hard drives beyond the grainy black and white video made available to the public in 2017, but they were ordered to turn it all over.

• Voorhis reported that two guys came aboard by helicopter. A short time later, he was ordered by his command to turn over all the data recordings for the AEGIS radar system, and then wipe all of the remaining tapes in the shop clean, including the blank tapes. The US Navy has officially admitted that the series of UFO videos are real.

• The Navy pilot who first saw the Tic Tac UFO from his F-18 jet in 2004 and who came forward in the 2017 New York Times article, Commander David Fravor, says he has doubts about these sailors’ stories. Still, Fravor described the object as “something not from this world.” Fravor described it as “a white Tic Tac, about the same size as a Hornet, 40 feet long with no wings”.

• Fravor recounts that the UFO was “… hanging close to the water.” “As I get closer, as my nose is starting to pull back up, it accelerates and it’s gone…. [f]aster than I’d ever seen anything in my life. ”

• On an October 5th Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Commander Fravor also told of an incident that occurred to a sailor who was diving in the ocean to inspect a torpedo. The diver is only a few feet below the surface working on the torpedo when he suddenly sees a “dark mass” emerging from below him in the ocean depths. He starts screaming through the intercom system for the crew to reverse wench and pull him up. As he is being pulled up, the torpedo is suddenly sucked down into the depths. Fravor quotes the witness saying, “The torpedo ‘didn’t sink,’ it ‘literally looked like it got sucked down’.”


There is possibly a third aircraft to have witnessed one of the most infamous UFO sightings in recent history, according to a person familiar with the matter.

         image from “Tic Tac” UFO video
                    David Fravor

As part of his Nimitz Encounters documentary, Dave Beaty told Jim Breslo on The Hidden Truth Show on Feb. 10, that he interviewed witnesses of the UFO that were “ordered to stay quiet” and signed non-disclosure type agreements immediately after the incident occurred on Nov. 14, 2004, off the coast of San Diego.

“The gentlemen I spoke to, I checked his background and he did fly in the [surveillance plane E-2 Hawkeye],” Beaty said.

The Hawkeye would be the third aircraft to have been in the area to witness the event, with the other two being the F/8-18E Super Hornets, one of which Commander David Fravor piloted, as the Daily Star reported.

            Gary Voorhis

Fravor brought the incident to the public’s attention in 2017 in a New York Times report that detailed his experience in the encounter.
Since Fravor’s report, others have come forward as witnesses of the incident on that day.

             Patrick Hughes

Beaty said that the individual he interviewed didn’t want to come forward because he signed a document that compelled him to stay quiet.

“Even going out on a limb and speaking to me was sketchy for him,” Beaty explained. “It wasn’t really a volunteer process, it was more a ‘sign this and don’t ever talk about what you saw.’”

In what is possibly the most credible UFO sighting in human history, five other former sailors have also come forward as witnesses to the “Tic Tac” occurrence.

These five witnesses, Gary Voorhis, Jason Turner, Patrick Hughes, Ryan Weigelt and Kevin Day, say more evidence beyond the publicly available footage was destroyed by unknown officials.

The only footage available is a grainy black and white video that shows the “Tic Tac” shaped object moving in a way that defies known physics.

As Commander Fravor put it, the strange object he saw was “something not from this world.”


1:18:41 minute Feb 10th interview with Navy tech Dave Beaty (‘Hidden Truth Show’ YouTube)



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Evidence Grows that Tic Tac UFOs are Secret Air Force Spacecraft

After the November 4, 2019 emergence of a former USAF Intelligence Specialist, Mike Turber, claiming that the 2004 Tic Tac sightings recorded by Navy pilots were antigravity spacecraft belonging to the USAF, three Navy witnesses have come forward confirming key parts of Turber’s ground-breaking testimony. Turber and the Navy witnesses testimonies are important since the US Navy has confirmed the authenticity of the video showing the Tic Tac incident, and given an official briefing to Congress and President Trump about what transpired.

Turber says the fleets of Tic Tac shaped craft recorded by ships and aircraft belonging to the Nimitz Aircraft Carrier group between November 10 to 14, 2004, were being flight-tested by the USAF against the Navy’s best radar recording technologies and intercept aircraft. Turber asserted that Air Force personnel boarded different Navy ships to confiscate the flight recordings of the UFOs that attained speeds of 24,000 mph in the air and over 500 mph under the water.

Turber claimed that there were five Tic Tac craft that had been sighted and recorded by the carrier group, but Navy commanders were not too perturbed. He said senior Navy officers were aware that the Tic Tac craft were highly classified USAF craft being tested against the Navy’s best surveillance, tracking and intercept technologies at the time.

Corroboration of Turber’s key claims emerged on January 20, 2020, when Patrick “PJ” Hughes, a Petty Officer on the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, was interviewed by Jim Breslo, who was the first to interview Turber back on November 4, and again on December 2, 2019.

Hughes says that he was responsible for preparing the electronic recording and communications systems for the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft based on the Nimitz, which provide eye-in-the-sky command and control functions for air traffic near the battle group. Hughes explained how all radar and other electronic surveillance data, some of which remains classified even today, was accumulated by the Hawkeye for subsequent analysis by Navy intelligence specialists.

The Hawkeye recorded all the radar and other electronic data acquired by the F/A-18 Super Hornets intercepting the Tic Tac craft, as well as its own data recordings.

An-2C Hawkeye about to land on the USS Nimitz: Source: Wikimedia


Hughes says that after the Hawkeye landed with all the radar and other intelligence data accumulated of the flight behavior of the Tic Tac shaped craft, two USAF personnel were accompanied by his commander, and took the two bricks (hard drives) from the Hawkeye that Hughes had placed in a safe. Hughes added that when he began to sign out the two bricks as part of his standard operating procedure, his commanding officer told him to stop and made it clear that the bricks were to be taken by the Air Force personnel without any record being kept.

This incident is key evidence that senior Navy officials were aware that the Tic Tac craft were involved in some classified project, and that there was high-level cooperation between the USAF and Navy over the course of the week when the Tic Tacs were sighted and recorded.

Hughes’ testimony confirms Turber’s account that two Air Force officials took all the data of the Tic Tac craft, and that over the course of the week-long sightings, USAF officials were working closely with the Navy in controlling information about the UFO sightings.

This is important corroboration for Turber and his confidential sources on the true origins of the Tic Tac craft seen near the Nimitz carrier group, and the related January 16, 2015 UFO incidents off the coast of Florida Coast that were witnessed and recorded by military personnel from another carrier group led by the USS Roosevelt.

Hughes also confirmed that the two pilots and three crew members of the Hawkeye visually sighted the Tic Tac craft which flew only a mile away from them before speeding off. They gave similar descriptions of it being a white Tic Tac shaped craft that was about 40 feet long, and capable of fantastic flight maneuvers.

Hughes explained that all five crew members were debriefed after the incident and had to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). This again helps corroborate what Turber revealed in his November 4, 2019 interview. Fortunately, Hughes was not required to sign an NDA on the Tic Tac incident, even though signing NDA’s was a regular occurrence during his Navy career.

In addition, Gary Voorhis, another Navy whistleblower has come forward to say that something similar happened on the USS Princeton, where two men in plain clothes confiscated all the ship’s sophisticated Aegis and other electronic tracking data recorded of the Tic Tac craft.

These technologies included the newly installed SPY-1 radar according to Paco Chierici, a former Navy pilot who wrote the first article on the Tic Tac incident based on a classified Naval Intelligence study he was given. In his March 14, 2005, article, Chierici said the SPY-1 radar tracked the Tic Tacs from as high as 80,000 feet to 50 feet above sea level in a few seconds, a capability that was not possible with previous Navy radar systems.

Voorhis was also interviewed by Breslo as part of an in-depth series of interviews casting new light on the true origins of the Tic Tac craft, and the mounting evidence that these were secret USAF craft being tested against the Navy’s best recording devices and pilots.

While Voorhis was unable to verify that the two officials were USAF personnel, he pointed out that the Princeton carried state of the art electronics surveillance equipment, which would be the logical place for testing prototype aircraft. Precisely what Turber had pointed out in his first interview.

Similarly, Hughes pointed out that the 2015 UFO incidents captured on video and generally known as the Gimbal and GoFast videos also involved the Navy’s latest generation of electronic surveillance and intercept craft.

Finally, Breslo interviewed another Navy witness to the Tic Tac events, Kevin Day, who was stationed on the USS Princeton and was in charge of the newly installed SPY-1 radar that was monitoring all air traffic. Day described the radar tracking of the Tic Tac’s dropping from 28,000 feet to only 50 feet above sea level in a matter of seconds, which in his opinion defied the known laws of physics.

Day described both the Captain of the USS Nimitz and the Admiral in charge of the Nimitz battle group showing a surprising “lack of curiosity” over the UFO sightings. This corroborates what Turber had to say about senior Navy officials having been briefed about the Tic Tacs.

Additionally, Day said that when he tried to find the radar tracking of the Tic Tac craft and the Navy interceptors to file an after-action-report, all data was gone. This corroborates what Voorhis claims happened after two unknown persons confiscated all the recorded data.

Consequently, Mike Turber’s testimony that the Tic Tac sightings in 2004 involved the testing of classified hybrid aerospace vehicles capable of traveling underwater and into space is supported to significant degrees by three Navy personnel who were eyewitnesses to events that transpired during the November 2004 Tic Tac sightings.

Hughes, Voorhis and Day’s respective testimonies adds to growing confidence that the Tic Tac shaped craft will be among the first declassified aerospace platforms to be revealed by the newly formed Space Force as predicted by Turber. Given the rapid advances in the setting up of Space Force, we may not have to wait to long to discover the truth behind the Navy UFO sightings in 2004 and 2015.

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Further Reading

Witnesses Say USS Nimitz “Tic-Tac” Had Incredible Flight Capabilities, and That’s Not All


Article by Micah Hanks                         January 26, 2020                             (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• The ‘FLIR 1’ UFO video taken by Navy aviators assigned to the USS Nimitz carrier group which captured an ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’, now commonly known as the ‘tic tac’ UFO, is one of the most widely-discussed UAP instances of the modern era. In November 2004, these objects were tracked on radar over the course of several weeks. Former Petty Officer 3rd Class Fire Controlman Gary Voorhis reported seeing the UFOs through binoculars from the top deck of the USS Princeton in the carrier group.

• Voorhis and former Lead Petty Officer, Ryan Weigelt, who watched the ‘tic tac’ UFO on the AN/SPY-1 Bravo radar aboard the USS Princeton, described the “otherworldly maneuverability” of the objects. The UAP could go “up, left, down, forward…at any speed it wanted to go.” “[I]t would move sharp to the right, sharp to the left, up, down, any particular direction it wanted to go. It had no rudders, no props, no jet plume. You couldn’t tell which side was the front and which side was the back, except that you’d just assume that which way is going forward is front. But you can’t even assume that, because it would just move sideways.”

• Voorhis and Weigelt noted another eerie characteristic of the ‘tic tac’ UFOs. When Navy pilot Commander David Fravor and the Navy jet accompanying him were alerted via radio that the object had reappeared, they were given a “cap point” location to reach. Fravor told the New York Times, “We were at least 40 miles away, and in less than a minute this thing was already at our cap point.” Somehow, the UFO was aware of the designated cap point location and got there first. Could the operators of the ‘tic tac’ UFO have had foreknowledge or other access to this information? Was it able to decode the Navy’s highly encrypted communications?

• Various accounts of these UFOs indicate that they possess capabilities far beyond anything that the US military has, or any other military for that matter. While these UFOs have not made any overt offensive actions against Navy jets, it is a concern that these mysterious objects have such highly advanced performance abilities. Just how much information does the US military have on these UFOs? What steps is the military taking to identify and learn more about these UFOs? We don’t know.


“Up, left, down, forward… any way it wanted to go, at any speed it wanted to go. Which was hard for your brain to kinda wrap around at first.”
This was how Gary Voorhis, former Petty Officer 3rd Class Fire Controlman aboard the USS Princeton, described the behavior of an unidentified flying object that was tracked and observed across multiple systems during a 2004 Naval incident off the coast of California. The events described here, commonly known today as the USS Nimitz UFO incident, have become one of the most widely-discussed instances involving unexplained aerial phenomena of the modern era.

       Ryan Weigelt
                   Gary Voorhis

A number of key factors have contributed to the attention this incident has gained, which include the involvement of multiple witnesses, and more fundamentally, that it had been a military encounter with obvious national defense implications. Also contributing to the interest it has received had been footage obtained with the help of the Raytheon ATFLIR targeting pod systems employed by the Navy, as well as observations by radar operators and other technicians in the Navy’s Strike Carrier Group-11. All of these sources provided information about the operational capabilities of the craft, which has since been popularly likened to a bus-sized, flying “tic-tac”.

Gary Voorhis and Ryan Weigelt, both of whom served with the Carrier Group-11 at the time of the incident, related a number of unique details to me during a recent interview I conducted with them about the incident. Voorhis, as described earlier, had been a Petty Officer 3rd Class Fire Controlman aboard the USS Princeton, and was one of the system technicians for the Cooperative Engagement Capability and AEGIS Combat systems, which included the AN/SPY-1 Bravo radar. Weigelt, a former Leading Petty Officer, had been the power plant specialist of the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter at the same time.

One of the key elements that both men shared with me in our interview had been their recollection of seeing the now-famous intercept attempt led by Commander David Fravor, a former commanding officer of Strike Fighter Squadron 41 (and, notably, the officer to first compare the object or aircraft’s shape to a “tic-tac”). Fravor was accompanied at the time of the intercept by his weapon systems officer and two other pilots.



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