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The Secrecy Surrounding UFOs Start at the Gas Pump

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Article by Ashley Jude Collie                      August 5, 2019                     (bbntimes.com)

• The world is choking on carbon emissions and drowning in plastic garbage, all primarily caused by the oil industry and fracking, which also adds environmental waste to the picture. But at the same time it appears that government entities have gleaned new energy technologies, such as anti-matter, anti-gravity and electro-magnetic propulsion technology, from sources including retrieved extraterrestrial UFOs. Why then is the government and industry aggressively continuing down this fossil fuel road toward a Blade Runner-type dystopia?

• Yes, we are a society addicted to and dependent upon fossil fuels. But the bigger problem is the lack of incentive for industry to convert to advanced, clean energy technologies that are apparently available. Continuing our oil use and production while changing our lifestyle, as some advocate – by recycling, driving less, eating less meat – won’t solve the problem. We need to convert our energy technology.

• It seems obvious that we should insist that industry make a grand effort to convert our energy technologies to save our planet. But we see no sign of such an effort. The present US administration has dramatically reversed course on climate protection policies, and has encouraged the development of new fossil fuel projects. It is clear that Big Oil and its well-heeled backers and lobbyists plan to continue drilling new oil and gas wells and pump them until they are dry.

• In his 2017 documentary, Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret, Dr Steven Greer offers that the world’s elite intend to do all that they can to ignore advanced technologies, and downplay any mention of the extraterrestrial UFOs that could provide us with incredible new technologies to power and clean up our planet. It’s not about hiding the fact that the galaxy is teeming with intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations. It is about hiding the fact that technologies exist that are far superior to fossil fuels. The wealthy elite who control the government know that the introduction of such advanced technology would spell the end of the petrodollar, public utilities, and Big Oil.

• Filmmaker Stephen Zoller who recently suggested that aliens are actually advanced Earth humans from our future (see ExoArticle here), says that a new energy paradigm “would threaten the status quo of the powerful elites that have enjoyed untold wealth at the expense of our planet’s health.” Says Zoller, “[The global elite] want to delay this new fuel’s introduction as long as possible until they can milk every last ounce of profit from fossil fuels. Then [they plan to] make astronomical profits with the quick fix to all our environmental woes. If that indeed is the case, then we need to put the people who run the fossil fuel industry and the shareholders who profit from it behind bars.”

• Zoller references Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where Lazar agreed that the ‘prize is technology’, and that the powers that be are not putting enough effort into developing anti-gravity and other advanced technologies for the betterment of our society. Zoller also speculates that his “futurians” are not allowed to tamper with the timeline and just hand us the blueprints to new technologies. “It’s up to us to figure out how to build them,” says Zoller.

• So how do we ordinary citizens make our government work for us and not for the wealthy elite? Zoller says that Storming Area 51 is not a good idea. Violent action is not the answer. “But,” says Zoller, “something like forming a human chain around Area 51 would at least draw global media attention and motivate people around the world to get off their complacent asses and demand action.” “[W]hat people around the world can do is demand that our scientific communities concentrate on solving this problem and not on building bigger and more powerful weapons. We need to demand that nations get off the ‘economic growth at all costs merry-go-round’, and reverse the effects of climate change before we choke on our air and drown in our garbage.”


Want to see something to make you wretch?

Go check out the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), the largest of five offshore plastic accumulation zones in the world’s oceans. The GPGP is twice the freaking size of Texas, and plastic containers are destroying our oceans worldwide. But our addiction to fossil fuels is partially to blame as companies acquire financial gain, even though they’re destroying our environment, through fracking and then manufacturing plastic.

Then recall the visionary 1982 Ridley Scott sci-fi thriller, Blade Runner, which painted a smoggy portrait of Los Angeles as it might be in 2019: dirty, smelly, crowded, polluted, damp, desperate and diverse…as acid rain spews down from on high, where the elites live in the light. Which is kind of where they do live today. Just ask the poor people who live near garbage heaps around the world.

We surely cannot let this polluted dark future happen, can we?

Getting off the Gas Pump

Which is why, in the last while, many of us have been seriously reducing our carbon footprint, including: eating no or less meat — greenhouse gas emissions from animal agriculture are an even bigger problem than fossil fuels; recycling as much as possible, among many other alternative methods of living; and, driving less —walking, biking, and taking public transportation — or using a hybrid or electric vehicle and getting off our addiction to the GAS PUMP.

Sounds good, right?

Except, you want to throw up your hands when you see the present US Administration dramatically reversing course on many climate policies: repealing the Clean Power Plan originally designed to curb pollution from coal plants; gutting stricter climate standards for auto vehicles; signing executive orders aimed to streamline the development of new fossil fuel projects; withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement; and, just recently declaring nuclear waste to be safe. Sheer madness.

In fact, some scientists suggest that without strict laws to curb carbon emissions, an individual’s choices matter very little. That even if everyone who cared about climate change reduced their carbon emissions to zero, it still wouldn’t change very much. That to promote systematic change it’s actually better to agitate, write letters, and VOTE.

Even then the battle against Big Oil and its well-heeled backers and lobbyists will be immense, as they plan to continue drilling new oil and gas wells and pump them until they are dry.



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