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Colorado Springs UFO Group Attempts to Contact ETs

Article by Heidi Beedle                                        December 23, 2020                                         (csindy.com)

• When Mike Waskosky was 21 years old, he believed that there wasn’t anything to the UFO phenomenon. Then he came across Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project’s May 9, 2001, press club event on YouTube. The 2001 Disclosure Project press conference featured testimony from a number of former and retired military personnel, serious men who claimed to have witnessed undeniable proof that an advanced, non-human intelligence had visited the planet and at times even interfered with military equipment. Seeing sober-faced career military men describe unexplainable phenomena set Waskosky on a mission. “I completely did a 180 with my life after I realized I had no way of explaining all of this incredible testimony,” says Waskosky. “After I watched that two-hour presentation, I realized …I have to research everything to get to the bottom of it.”

• Waskosky’s dive into UFO research led him to Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor turned UFO researcher who founded CSETI (the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and Greer’s ‘CE-5 protocols’ to initiate contact with aliens and summon UFOs through meditation. In 2006, Waskosky attended Greer’s ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ training in Joshua Tree National Park, California. This weeklong training session focused on meditation practices, remote viewing training, and fieldwork at a cost ranging from $2,500 to $3,500. Although Waskosky admits to not actually seeing any ‘lights in the sky’ that week, he did hear strange tones in the desert. His fellow students claimed to have seen mysterious beings suddenly appearing and disappearing.

• When Waskosky returned home to Irvine, California, he kept up with the meditation training under the stars. “I was strongly desirous of having contact and not getting anything,” he says. But when he allowed himself to project forgiveness towards someone with whom he had been having a ‘personal situation’, he suddenly felt a feeling of love. “[W]hen I felt that forgiveness, I saw this massive flash and then (I saw) this light appear and quickly move across the sky,” says Waskosky. “I don’t hear many people with CE-5 experiences describing this level of interaction, but this has been very consistent for me now.” “When I’m in a really positive state… they will appear as either a stationary bright flash of light… or they’ll appear as what you could call a shooting star, but they move in different directions and turn.”

• Waskosky moved to Colorado Springs where he connected with other CE-5 enthusiasts. They would go out to a field and practice the protocols together. The closest they came to a contact phenomenon was a light appearing on the ground, in the distance, behind trees. “In my opinion it’s like they’re trying not to scare anyone,” he says. “I think people might be freaked out by too much contact.” This year, Waskosky’s monthly meetings were held on Zoom. They discuss things like ayahuasca experiences, past-life regression, childhood abduction experiences, the true nature of objective reality, and traditional UFO conspiracies.

• The principles behind the CE-5 protocols tapping into human consciousness has its roots in research conducted by the Stanford Research Institute and the US Army. Remote viewing is the practice of sensing unknown or distant targets with the mind, and recording those impressions for a variety of applications. During the Cold War, the DIA and the Army recognized the potential intelligence value of “psychic spies,” and conducted research into the phenomenon, building on the work started at the Stanford Research Institute in 1972 by Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff. The DIA/CIA closed the ‘Project Stargate’ program in 1995, claiming the work of remote viewers was “vague” and “general,” despite some prominent operational successes such as the 1976 locating of a downed Soviet spy plane.

• Debra Katz is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of West Georgia, and a remote viewer herself. Katz studied with remote viewer Michael Van Atta and has done research with the International Remote Viewing Association, a group founded by Targ, Puthoff and other veterans of Project Stargate. Katz says remote viewing is a skill that can be honed with time, patience and practice, and she teaches a 12-week, $1,200 course on remote viewing.

• “It’s a lot of work to do remote viewing,” says Katz. “Even with the people who aren’t showing great results, if they hang in there and really practice a lot and push themselves, I’ve had students that have blown me away.” But remote viewing isn’t an exact science, and a lot of the information she gets is vague and general. “Let’s say a target was a pyramid. You might just see one corner of the pyramid, or you might just see a triangle, but you’re not even sure. It could be a whole complete image, or a part of an image.” “[I]t doesn’t always seem to be consistent.”

• For devoted UFOlogists, such vague conclusions are the norm. It’s a “science” with enough credible evidence to spark intense curiosity, but often with frustratingly bizarre “answers” that are easily dismissed by skeptics. Still, says Waskosky, “It’s a life-changing thing to have an experience you know absolutely, one hundred percent, this is something paranormal.”


         Mike Waskosky

UFOs are back in the news after Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, told

  2001 Disclosure Project press conference

Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper that UFOs belong to a “galactic federation” and that President Donald Trump was on the verge of revealing their existence to the public.

Here in Colorado Springs a group claims to be able to make contact with extraterrestrial intelligences using meditation and thought projection. While such claims might seem far-fetched to lay people, the principles behind the practice — the untapped potential of human consciousness — has its roots in research conducted by the Stanford Research Institute and the U.S. Army.

CE-5, or close encounters of the fifth kind, named after famed UFO researcher J. Allen Hynek’s classification scale, is a set of meditation protocols developed by Dr. Steven Greer, a medical doctor turned UFO researcher, that he claims allows humans to initiate contact with aliens — to essentially summon a UFO. Every month a group of Colorado Springs residents, led by Mike Waskosky, meets to discuss all things UFO, meditate, and potentially bear witness to strange lights in the sky.

Waskosky’s trip down the UFO rabbit hole began after he was presented with what he saw as credible evidence for the existence of UFOs.

“When I was 21 years old I had no belief in UFOs. I was in the mindset there wasn’t anything to it,” he says. “The documentaries I had watched weren’t really convincing. I randomly came across Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project’s May 9, 2001, press club event on YouTube. I completely did a 180 with my life after I realized I had no way of explaining all of this incredible testimony. It was so shocking to me that there was so much out there that wasn’t on TV, that there was so much documentation. After I watched that two-hour presentation, I realized if that’s true, if this isn’t just a big hoax, I have to research everything to get to the bottom of it.”

                           Debra Katz

The 2001 event Waskosky watched on YouTube featured testimony from a number of former and retired military personnel, serious men who were trained to fly cutting-edge aircraft or to operate nuclear weapons, who claimed to have witnessed, to them, undeniable proof that an advanced, non-human intelligence had visited the planet and at times even interfered with military equipment. Seeing sober-faced career military men describe unexplainable phenomena set Waskosky on a mission.

“I listened to 15 hours of audio from the Disclosure Project testimonies,” he recalls. “I started downloading everything I could from conspiracy websites, and I just did tons and tons of research. That led me to the point where I believed there’s definitely something to it, so maybe I should see what else Steven Greer is into. That led me to discovering his organization, CSETI [Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence], and then five months later I attended their ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ weeklong training in November 2006. That was in Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.”

Greer’s weeklong training sessions, which range from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on facility costs, focused on meditation practices, remote viewing training and fieldwork, or actually trying to summon alien beings through meditation.

1:40:36 Corey Goode and Mike Waskosky 12-28-20 (‘SphereBeing Alliance’ YouTube)



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‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind’ Offers an Alternative Way of Thinking


Article by Jeri Jacquin                            April 6, 2020                               (patch.com)

• Following his previous documentaries, Sirius and Unacknowledged, Dr. Steven Greer has digitally released a new film entitled Close Encounters of the Fifth Time which challenges what the government knows about the existence of extraterrestrials and why they are here on our planet. While the government has created a fear-based narrative around extraterrestrials, Greer promotes the creation of a positive relationship between humans and ET. (see 2:19 minute film trailer below)

• Greer is a globally-recognized authority on extraterrestrials and the founder of the Disclosure Project. Directed by Michael Mazzola and produced by 1091 Media (formerly ‘the Orchard’), the film is narrated by Jeremy Piven and contains interviews with Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR lab, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan, and CIA’s Dr. Russel Targ. Close Encounters of the Fifth Time shatters the bounds of the ET phenomenon secrecy with groundbreaking video/photographic evidence and reassures us that “scientists have known that ‘The Force’ is real for a very long time”.

• Although UFO sightings are not a new phenomenon, the proliferation of UFO photos and videos caught on cell/smart phones have made these sightings impossible to deny. Something is definitely happening in our world. With the information that he has gathered, Greer has submitted briefings to five US Presidents on the subject.

• In the film, Greer discusses how he was visited by ET beings as a child. Through joint learning and meditation with the ET’s, he was able to create the ‘CE5 protocol’ which, through telepathy, invites the ET beings to know where the good guys are and to communicate with emissaries on Earth. Greer has established a CE5 retreat where attendees can pay $2,500 to $3,500 to spiritually connect with extraterrestrials.

• One thing is certain, Dr. Greer emphatically believes in the existence of alien beings and their proximity to Earth. Of course, the viewer will decide whether to believe Greer’s fascinating assessment or not.


        Dr. Steven Greer

Available on Digital from director Michael Mazzola and 1091 comes a look at straight forward revelations about CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND.

Dr. Steven Greer is a global authority on extraterrestrials who has previous works with Sirius and Unacknowledged and now founder of the Disclosure Project, brings this documentary to talk about shattering the bounds of secrecy of the ET phenomenon.

   attendees to a CE5 protocol session

People seeing UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects) is not a new phenomenon. What has been sightings spoken has turned into sightings being video’s with cell phones making it impossible to deny that, at the very least, something is happening in our world. Dr. Greer has submitted briefings to five presidents on the subject and with information that he has gathered.

While the government creates their own narrative based on fear, Dr. Greer wants to put the facts together in this brutally honest documentary. He believes that it is possible to create a relationship between humans and Extraterrestrials (ET).

This documentary brings groundbreaking video/photographic evidence along with the interviews of Princeton’s PEAR lab Adam Curry, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan and CIA’s Dr. Russel Targ. These interviews are as equally important as with what Dr. Greer has to share.

The most important is Greer’s story of being visited as a child and through learning joint meditation with the ET’s, he was able to create the CE5 protocol which allows goodwill telepathy inviting ET’s to know where the good guys are.


2:19 minute “Close Encounters for the Fifth Kind” movie trailer (YouTube)



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“Xendra” Domes of Light: Mission Rahma’s Dimensional Portals

Toward Convenient & Constructive Exopolitical Contacts

By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera

A Mission Rahma Extraterrestrial Guide

Conscious contacts after invitations are happening right now. Many Mision Rahma (for the most part, Hispanic) contactees have discovered other worlds physically, mentally, astrally, telepathically, and through holographic projections. They have befriended respectful extraterrestrials that in my view- exist in a higher physical level, a reason why the contactees’ bodies, minds and energy fields had to be prepared to achieve healthy encounters. Elements of a once lost complex history of humanity have been recuperated which unfortunately,  includes various forms of abusive and mistaken extraterrestrial interventions. However besides indigenous Earth genetics- we may have been genetically combined with at least 12 major extraterrestrial species relates us to “them,” to their tendencies, their abilities, their genetically associated descendants and offshoots and to their spiritual and psychic potentials. Thus, there is a great expectation among many ET groups and subgroups because they want to learn from us how to move ahead in evolution. While most adhere to strict ethical norms and principles and are aligned in respect to Earth’s representative the universal sovereign Master Jesus the Christ– with what we could term a large Confederation also under the spiritual guidance of 24 Elders in our Galaxy and 9 Elders in the Andromeda Council there are some (human, reptile and grey looking) who may follow their own independent, non-aligned paths. Some are Orions under a Luciferian influence. Although some of these ET varieties may have some rights to intervene in a limited way on planet Earth (also called Merla by other civilizations) all are monitored and supervised. Moreover, since Earth is in a type of ‘cosmic quarantine’, some rogue ET types having nothing to do with our special human history are not allowed to interfere and there are overseers that stop them. Those (both positively and negatively inclined) already participating are allowed specific kinds of intervention according to need but must follow specific protocols because the interests of many ET groups as a whole are at stake. This is why not one group has simply and crudely invaded us. There’s a general agreement and supervised control mechanisms so that not one group excedes itself as it may have happened in the past.

The overall situation involving the many extraterrestrial civilizations, groups and subgroups intervening on Earth is much more complex, unified and interrelated than normally expected and cannot be reduced to a simple explanation. However, there are underlying patterns that can be elucidated and the word complex should not be a turn off against learning. Additionally, in my own view, a shared degree of transdimensional technologies force all extraterrestrial coming into our shared reality to abide by mutual respect rules because the waywardness of one could also be adverse to the needs and projects of others.

A Positive Orion & Apunian Mission Rahma Guides

As part of the process signaled by the end of the more known long count Mayan calendar humans are supposed to gradually reconnect with (and to become aware of) a timeline that involves most extraterrestrial groups involved in humanity’s seeding. Allegedly, from the ETs perspective their timeline will be affected sooner and in my understanding- we will affect them as if we had an “internal” locus of control with respect to to them. However, from our terrestrial perspective, we will gradually connect with their timeline. Furthermore, a third timeline (resulting from the fusion) is emerging.

Now, besides becoming more aware of our history; besides remembering who we are, understanding cosmic principles and gradually joining or participating in the multidimensional Cosmos; besides becoming aware of our full manifestation potential as highly unique beings (according to God’s Plan), capable of connecting the three main realms of God’s Creation(without technology), many extraterrestrials of our forgotten history hope that once we find out- we’ll find the inner strength and fortitude to forgive them from the terrible mistakes committed against us. They want to become more wisely emotional and to recuperate some atrophied chakra functions. They want to learn from our emotions which can also connect us with the greatest power: God’s Love, something which they forgot or inhibited by incorporating too much mental wisdom and technology due to a history of excessive dependence on powerful non-physical beings. They want to understand how with our high degree of free will we might overcome our highly polarized state within a dense, effervescent physicality as it gradually shifts to subtler influences.

A Xendra Dome

There have been many levels of contacts in Mision Rahma and one of the more important ones have been through the dimensional portals called xendras. Over the years perhaps a couple of dozen Mision Rahma participants have been allowed to travel to a colony in the moon of Jupiter we call Ganymede and which the confederated ETs call Morlen. Morlen was founded by individuals from a region in Orion and by others who didn’t adhere to a Luciferian-influenced rebellion stemming from a non-physical realm. It is a colony made of several kinds of colonists and, in the 1970’s, some Mission Rahma participants were taken as a group through a Xendra portal to experience a direct encounter with their wise governing elders: The Minors of Morlen. There, peaceful life is sustained in semi underground dwelling complexes through advanced technology and I think that their living physical frequency is not as dense as on physical Earth. However, through what could be called an ‘energy cloak’ surrounding contactees when taken there after some preparation (involving discipline but not an insurmountable rigor), current Earth humans can for special purpose occasions travel there. Some of these occasions have served to receive information as when they were showed a book preserving a complex but meaningful cosmic history, or when Master Jesus (who apparently possesses a resurrected body capable of traversing all seven levels of the Physical Universe or Realm and of perfectly connecting the Mental and Spiritual (Causal) universes or realms) wanted to inspire workin on Earth through a direct message.

Quite often the preparation takes the form of a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, regular daybreak solar and nighttime Moon energy incorporation meditations, meditations on our (telepathically received) cosmic name, psychophysical (tai chi and moving, yoga-like) exercises, intuition and psychic development exercises, self-control practices (such as being alone and in silence in a dark place in the countryside), regular camping excursions to get close to nature and the development of a healthy, socially responsible and emotionally balanced life. An aid to preparation has also been the energetic implantation in the chest area of a pair of semi materialized cesium crystals which are then absorbed into the astral body and help to assimilate a shift of programming energies coming from the center of the galaxy (decades before the end of the known long count Mayan Calendar in 2012).

When some participants develop telepathic and-or automatic writing abilities, dates, times and places are often given to verify the communications through spacecraft sightings. Sightings should preferably be unequivocal and not to be confused with satellites, airplanes, etc. and the communications should not promote a single person or an ego but be non-forcing, respectful and constructive with coherence and specificity as need be while the spiritual guiding aspect should trans temporally build upon previous and subsequent communications. Sometimes, these communications are received in different places by different â’antennas’ (rather than channelers) simultaneously or consecutively but complementing each other. In time, an easygoing rapport of trust and friendship with friendly extraterrestrial beings needs to develop without lies or manipulations.

Antarel a Mission Rahma Extraterrestrial Guide

It would behoove wise exopoliticians to (through genuine, approachable, well-intended contactees)try to relate with the benevolent and respectful, positively spiritually-based kinds of extraterrestrials who are not willing to give us right away the technologies we can’t ethically handle. The path of assuming the general role expected for humanity in the Cosmos must start with spiritual principles, forgiveness, love, truth and wisdom. Connecting with more communicative extraterrestrials working under an organization aligned with Christ Jesus and positively-oriented galactic and inter galactic elders (also assisting Earth’s White Brotherhood) would be more convenient in the long run for humanity than focusing most of our attention on power feuds, cover-ups and technologies.

Perhaps cultural differences preclude segments of humanity from these kind of contacts. Perhaps they require simple, dedicated sensibilities like those of the many well-intended Hispanics participating in Mission Rahma’s contacts. However, it would behoove exopoliticians and other principled, idealistic persons of good will to prepare themselves for greater degrees of contact with these benebolent extraterrestrial beings (why not also call them “friends” and “older space brothers”?) either directly or through well-intended, genuine contactees. It would be a great way to begin learning the ABCs of the exopolitical situation outside our planet.

Regarding Xendras, contactee Sixto Paz Wells from Peru tells us that:

Among the least known contact experiences which nonetheless is one of the most extraordinary and incredible are the Xendra Interdimensional Doors. A ‘xendra’ is a dimensional door or space-time threshold. As they (ETs) told me, they have been able to concentrate energy in such a way that they can dematerialize a person, canceling his molecular cohesion and atomic weight and they can project or send him to another place.

The xendra is the projection of concentrated light that accelerates the person’s vibration and acts as a dimensional transference vehicle and threshold in space-time. (Again) the person going through a xendra depending on its intensity- can even be dematerialized to be tele-transported to another place, canceling his molecular cohesion and atomic weight. This experience can occur many times during the personal and collective preparation process. This means that one can re-live it many times in which case there are many kinds of xendra that allow from a physical experience to a mental projection or also a bilocation or also a conscious astral experience.

The types of xendras are:

a)  Xendra I: A kind of dimensional door designed for a single person in the company of an extraterrestrial being or guide. This xendra usually has the shape of a half Moon, about 10 meters (33 feet) in diameter and allows a physical experience of dematerialization with the local disappearance of the person and his projection to another place which could be the interior of a spaceship, an intraterrestrial or sub aquatic base or even another planet.

b) Xendra II: is that xendra in which up to seven persons can go inside while coordinated or accompanied by two extraterrestrial beings. This experience can also be physical or of a mental projection or bilocation and the shape can be that of a golden half Moon, oval-shaped, like an arch or different.

c) Xendra III-IV ‘Gimbra’: This is the kind of xendra that allows up to 12 persons to go at once inside and it is usually coordinated by the Confederation’s Council. This xendra varies its form from something like a greyish silver dome to a whitish or glistening blue cloud or a dome where sparks float above the ground having a whitish surface. It can measure a diameter greater than 10 meters (33 feet). Unlike the other types of dimensional passages this kind of xendra facilitates a profoundly spiritual experience of cosmic integration. The other xendras can provide physical mental or astral experiences but many persons go through the threshold and don’t manage to remember what they experienced inside and this is why they might have to work during their meditations and conscious regressions in order to remember it.

When one goes inside one of the (physical teleportation) xendras one feels dizziness, nausea, a sensation of losing weight. One feels as if the entire body is burning, a very strange sensation. In some cases one feels being like an inside-out sweater or jersey, as if one has been turned inside-out completely, somewhat similar to the story of Alice in Wonderland, meaning that they place you on the other side of the mirror. It really is an extraordinary experience, above all because when I first went into it I estimate I was between 4-5 days (in Ganymede) but upon my return found out that only 15 minutes had passed.

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