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Aliens Could Wipe Us Out With ‘Coded Message’ That Shuts Down Electronics and Unleashes Killer Robots, Astrophysicists Warn

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Article by Harry Pettit                     September 24, 2019                      (thesun.co.uk)

• Research scientists from the University of Hawaii and the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany have published a paper warning that evil extraterrestrials could attack the Earth more efficiently by introducing a computer virus than by blasting us with space weapons: “After all, it is cheaper to send a malicious message to eradicate humans compared to sending battleships,” according to the paper.

• The theory is that aliens would send us a message through our Earth telescopes warning of an existential threat to humanity, perhaps where our Sun is threatened, or there is a pandemic, or our computer systems worldwide are shut down. Then they’d send us an artificial intelligence solution to the problem. Once this AI ‘fix’ is implemented, it will turn on us, ‘chewing up Earth or its inhabitants until there’s nothing left’.

• The scientists’ solution is to be careful opening or decoding messages from extraterrestrials. A type of targeted message might come from what are known as “Fast Radio Bursts” – strings of radio waves detected multiple times on Earth that could be messages from a distant alien race. China’s new state-of-the-art FAST telescope, the largest telescope in the world, is currently looking for these FRBs.

• To avoid disaster, we should “decontaminate” any messages received by aliens, though the researchers say this is next-to-impossible. We may be better off discarding them without ever reading them. Fortunately for us, the chances of us ever meeting – let alone being attacked by – intelligent extraterrestrial life are almost zero.

• David Morrison, Director of Space at NASA-Ames Research Center, recently admitted that contact with aliens is “extremely unlikely”. Morrison predicts any message exchange would come in the form of radio waves sent across galaxies, rather than a physical meeting.

[Editor’s Note]   Let’s see… scientists from universities in America and Germany, along with NASA, are warning people to be very afraid of clever alien attacks on the Earth intended to “eradicate humans”. We should be suspicious of anything that comes from an alien source. It sounds like the Deep State is preparing for extraterrestrial disclosure, and wants everyone to look to them to save the planet.

First of all, multiple advanced extraterrestrial species – both good and evil – have been present on our planet and throughout our solar system for millennia, and they haven’t destroyed us yet. The good ETs are waiting for us to work things out for ourselves to preserve our species’ sovereignty. The evil ETs have been manipulating our society in order to generate the resources that they need for off-planet purposes. They have been doing this at a whole new level since World War II. Until now, humanity has posed no threat to them and we are more useful to them by remaining in a state of mind-controlled incomprehension.

But the Deep State knows that the extraterrestrial presence, and the advanced technologies that we have been prevented from accessing, will soon be disclosed to the public at large. The Deep State elite have been the sole recipients of this alien technology thus far and have used it to create breakaway space programs that only enrich themselves. They want humanity to continue to believe that there are no extraterrestrials out there, but if there were they would destroy the planet. The Deep State uses co-opted institutions such as universities, the government (NASA) and the media to disseminate this negative propaganda.

In reality, the positive faction of humanity that has access to secret space program technology and knowledge, known as the ‘Alliance’, is quickly gaining an advantage over the Deep State faction in order to reveal all of this to the world. The Deep State is pushing hard now to fashion any extraterrestrial contact as dangerous for humanity so that when disclosure comes, the people will be so panicked that they can be easily controlled and persuaded to do what the Deep State tells them to do.


Aliens will choose to destroy humanity by “hacking” our planet over blasting us with space weapons.

That’s the bonkers claim made by one group of scientists, who warn a single message sent by ET could wipe out all life on Earth.

That message, loaded with computer viruses, is a more efficient way to attack our planet than a fleet of warships, a team of German and American scientists said.

It could shut down our computer systems or gift us the plans to an alien technology that will eventually turn on us.

“After all, it is cheaper to send a malicious message to eradicate humans compared to sending battleships,” researchers from the University of Hawaii and Sonneberg Observatory in Germany wrote in a paper on their theory.

The team said messages sent by aliens would likely first be picked up by telescopes on Earth.

There are a number of ways they could be used to destroy us.

One would be to suggest the aliens are about to destroy our sun.

Even if it wasn’t true, the resultant chaos on Earth would prove catastrophic for humanity.

Another way would be to introduce an artificial intelligence that takes over or shuts down our computers or electricity grids.

One suggestion from the team is that instructions on how to build nano-robots that are sold as a new miracle cure for cancer could be sent in the message.

These robots may eventually turn on us, chewing up Earth or its inhabitants until there’s nothing left.



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