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What Really is the U.S. Space Force?


Article by Alex Polimeni                            March 23, 2020                              (crimson.fit.edu)

• Space has become an increasingly contested environment. The United States relies on satellites for missile warning, GPS navigation, secured communications, and intelligence gathering, all which are essential to America’s national security. But China, Russia, and India are among the countries that have rapidly advanced their anti-satellite weaponry to pose an extreme danger to American assets.

• If GPS satellites were to go offline, the financial system would crash, public navigation would be hindered, the power grid would be affected, military aircraft would lose navigation, and GPS guided bombs and missiles would be rendered useless. The US Space Force was formed late last year following increased hostility from other nations in space.

• At the initiation of Space Force, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said, “Now is the time for the US Space Force to lead our nation in preparing for emerging threats in an evolving space environment.” With Space Force, the US will be in a position to defend our national interests and outpace potential adversaries. Today, all GPS navigation satellites are controlled by the Space Force.

• Before the inception of Space Force, when satellites were seemingly out of reach, the US Air Force Space Command was responsible for the defense of our military assets in space. But in recent years, Russia and China have increased their aggression in space, deploying military satellites near US commercial satellites and building anti-satellite weapons within range of nearly all Earth satellite orbits. Space is now a warfighting domain.

• General John Raymond, head of Space Force, told the House Armed Services Committee, “Let me be very clear, we do not want a conflict that extends into space. But one way to keep that from happening is to make sure that we’re prepared for it and [can] fight and win that conflict if it were to occur.”

• Although Space Force remains under the supervision of the Department of the Air Force, it is separately funded and has a Joint-Chief of Staff that directly advises the President. Former Air Force bases at Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg are to be renamed and transferred to Space Force.

• Space is the next battleground frontier. America’s military-might now depends on space. It is paramount that we are ready and willing to counter aggression and protect our space assets at all costs.


Missile warning, GPS navigation, secured communications, and intelligence gathering; all of these share

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

one commonality— they are essential to America’s national security.

The United States Space Force was formed late last year following increased hostility from other nations in space including China and Russia.

Space has become an increasingly contested environment. The United States relies on a plethora of defense satellites, spanning through multiple orbits. Orbits thought to be safe and out of reach. However, anti-satellite weapons have rapidly advanced, and pose an extreme danger to American assets.

According to an NPR report, countries including China, Russia, and India all have demonstrated anti-satellite capabilities through test launches.

       General John Raymond

Yet, as most Americans are not aware of these critical space-based assets, they could not even picture life without these unique capabilities. These satellites orbit overhead, in the shadow of the public eye. The satellites of the United States Space Force support every warfighting domain; including land, sea, air and space.

Daily life is intertwined around satellites owned by the Space Force. All GPS navigation satellites are controlled by the United States Space Force. If GPS satellites were to go offline, the financial system would crash, public navigation would be hindered, the power grid would be affected, military aircraft would have no sense of navigation, and more, according to an article from The Atlantic. Furthermore, GPS guided bombs and missiles would be rendered useless, according to a 60 Minutes interview with Bridger General Bill Cooley, the Commander at the Air Force Research Laboratory located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

In addition to the well-known GPS satellites, America relies on several other constellations, or groups of satellites, to monitor the globe for missile launches, provide secured communications, and more.




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Space Force Needs to Prepare for a Cold War in Earth’s Orbit


Article by Luke Dormehl                            March 14, 2020                           (digitaltrends.com)

• The United States launched Explorer 1, its first satellite, into space on January 31, 1958. Since then we have ramped up our reliance on these orbiting objects with every passing year. Today, there are over 2,000 active satellites in orbit belonging to both governments and private industry with more going up all the time.

• Three-star US Air Force Lieutenant General Chris Bogdan, who retired in July 2017, is worried about satellites. He’s not worried about the tremendously increasing number of satellites in Earth’s orbit. He’s worried about other nations’ capabilities to disable them or knock them out of orbit. Says Bogden, “Space is a new warfighting domain. Our job is to try and help the Department of Defense to become space warfighters.”

• One of the greatest threats to American satellite assets is the new ‘hunter-killer satellites’. These can fire jets of plasma to blast objects out of orbit. They are claimed to be useful in cleaning up space junk – shooting at an inactive satellite until it eventually disintegrates in the Earth’s atmosphere. But a hunter-killer satellites can also knock an active satellite from its designated orbit, rendering it useless. Bogden says that these hunter-killer have already been deployed by rival nations into space.

• Bogden is also concerned about foreign satellites getting too close to our satellites, or even smashing into them – called a “conjunction” of satellites. But hunter-killer satellites can also disrupt an active satellite by merely getting close to it, disrupting its maneuverability and its electro-magnetic field.

• Another threat involves anti-satellite missiles fired from the ground. China, India, and Russia have all demonstrated such weapons as a show of force.

• Knocking out satellites has the potential for massive damage. From a military perspective, satellites carry out worldwide sensing and imaging, and space-based communications, which are crucial for global voice and data communications on Earth. We also rely on satellites for GPS, or the global positioning system. Loss of these capabilities, says Bogden, could put America at an enormous ‘warfighting disadvantage’.

• For example, in January 2015, the US Air Force took just one of its GPS satellites offline. Somehow a fractionally wrong time was accidentally uploaded to the remaining satellites and caused twelve hours of severe problems. Global telecommunications networks were compromised. Police, fire and EMS radio equipment in parts of the US stopped working. BBC digital radio was knocked out for a couple of days for many people. And an anomaly was detected on electrical power grids. All from a time discrepancy of just thirteen-millionths of a second. If several satellites were disabled, it would be nothing short of a disaster.

• To avoid this type of scenario, we rely on a 1967 ‘Outer Space Treaty’ among Russia, Britain and the United States that provides guideline in settling disputes regarding the allocation of resources in space, and a 1963 treaty prohibiting nuclear explosions in outer space. But sixty years ago we didn’t consider space a ‘war-fighting domain’ as we do today. As Bogden says, “[W]e felt that no-one would [ever] threaten our space assets.”

[Editor’s Note]  Just like our electric grid and the internet, we are completely dependent on the 2218 satellites currently orbiting our planet (that we know of). And the world’s military and commercial titans are just starting to ramp up the number of satellites that will be deployed in the near future. The Pentagon has announced a National Defense Space Architecture (NDSA) satellite constellation consisting of seven layers of military capabilities. The first layer alone will deploy hundreds of satellites. (see Exoarticle here) The US, Russia and India all have its own GPS navigation system satellite constellations. (see Techworm article here) And one of the Pentagon’s NDSA layers will be an entirely new back-up GPS system. Yet all of these government satellites will be dwarfed by the commercial use of satellites in the future. Elon Musk alone plans to deploy up to 45,000 internet satellites in a SpaceX Starlink mega constellation. It’s no wonder that the Pentagon’s ‘first offensive space weapon’ is a ground-based satellite communications jamming system. (see The Drive/The Warzone article here)

Of course, this ‘modern’ anti-satellite weapons technology is primitive compared to what we truly have in space already, unknown to the vast majority of the world. It appears that the deep state will use a new military space race as their next Cold War distraction from what is really going on. Still, our inexorable encroachment into space only increases the odds that the secret space programs and the ubiquitous extraterrestrial presence will have to reveal itself to the world.


“The bottom line,” said retired three-star general Chris Bogdan, “is that we want to learn how to fight in space. Just as we know how to fight on air, land, sea, and, in some respects, in cyberspace. Space is a new warfighting domain. Our job is to try and help the Department of Defense to become space warfighters.”

Bogdan knows a thing or two about militarized combat. Over a 34-year career in the U.S. Air Force, Bogdan rose from a test pilot, flying no less than

   Lieutenant General (ret) Chris Bogdan

30 different aircraft types, to the rank of lieutenant general. For the last five years of his career, before he retired in July 2017, he was program executive officer for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program for the Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and 11 allied nations. He has one of those grizzled, no-nonsense voices which suggests that he has forgotten more about warfighting before breakfast that day than you’ve ever known in your entire life. On balance, that’s probably not a bad guess.

                  a hunter-killer satellite

Right now, Chris Bogdan is worried about satellites. But not for the same reason that many people are. Recently, satellites have gotten a bum rap. Astronomers have sounded the alarm regarding the plan of individuals like Elon Musk to launch enormous, sky-blotting mega-constellations of satellites. Bogdan doesn’t seem to be so tied up in knots about extra stuff being shot into space, however. Instead, he’s far more concerned about the stuff that’s already in space being shot down. Or, at least, being tampered with.

He’s particularly uneasy about things called hunter-killer satellites, deployed by one of the United States’ “pure adversaries,” being used to screw with America’s network of “space assets.”

A new kind of threat

A hunter-killer satellite represents a new kind of threat. In a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports in 2018, researchers from the Australian National University describe a hunter-killer satellite that can fire jets of plasma to blast objects out of orbit. They suggested that such a satellite could be used to help clean up space junk; shooting it down until it eventually disintegrates in Earth’s atmosphere. But such a tool could be used for more malicious purposes as well. A hunter-killer satellite might damage or purposely knock off-course a crucial active satellite, thereby negatively impacting its ability to operate.

“What we’re most concerned about is what we call conjunction,” Bogdan said. “That’s a space term describing two things colliding in space. But you don’t need to actually hit something in space to affect it or reduce its capability. You can fly a hunter-killer satellite close enough to a satellite that you can disrupt maneuvering or its electro-magnetic field to do a host of different things.”

How far away from deployment does he think these hunter-killer satellites, developed by those who don’t have America’s best interests at heart, might be? “I believe they’ve already been deployed,” he said.



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Is Coronavirus a Deep State Bioweapon Attack on China Planned in 2005?

In an interview and letter made available in 2010, an anonymous official within the City of London revealed a secret plan supported by high-level Masons to support a biological warfare attack against China designed to cripple its economic growth and growing military power. The biological weapon was to be part of a timeline of both contrived geopolitical events and a natural disaster that would eliminate half of the planet’s population.

The whistleblower was first interviewed in January 2010 by Bill Ryan from Project Camelot, who released a transcript along with his video summary of the interview the next month. The interview was followed by a letter from the whistleblower to Kerry Cassidy, who made it available through the Project Camelot website on March 19, 2010.

Prior to his interview, Ryan was able to confirm the whistleblower’s credentials as a former serviceman with the British military who later accepted a senior position in the City of London, which is an autonomous financial enclave within the Greater London.

In his interview, the whistleblower described a meeting held in June 2005 involving high-level Masons who were discussing how to put into effect a timeline of events developed by a more senior group of unknown persons:

From what I heard, they weren’t a decision-making group. They were like an action group. They were people who needed to come together now and then to discuss together what needs to be done, or what is getting done, and what should be getting done. And then they disperse and go back and do what they need to do, as a result of these

The whistleblower [W] explained to Bill Ryan [B] a planned biological weapons attack on China after a contrived limited nuclear war in the Middle East planned to occur sometime before 2012 that involved the direct participation of China and the US after Israel launched a preemptive attack against Iran:

W: … it’s in this ensuing chaos of a post-nuclear exchange that these biological weapons will be deployed in such a fashion where there will be no structure, no safety-nets, for anybody to counter this type of biological onslaught.

And it should be mentioned, for those who are not aware, that biological weapons are just as effective as nuclear ones; it just takes a while longer — that’s all.

B:  Yes. Now, the deployment of the biological weapons following the ceasefire, is that something that happens covertly, like all of a sudden people will start getting ill and no one knows where it came from? Or is this an overt weapon deployment that would be very obvious?

W:  I don’t think it would be overt, because the Chinese people are going to be hit by the flu! So there’ll be a worldwide flu epidemic, perhaps, with a country like China — or China, because China is mentioned — being the one that’s going to suffer most.

Thankfully, the predicted nuclear war in the Middle East never happened due to White Hats in the US military, preventing Israel from launching a preemptive (nuclear) attack against Iran. According to the whistleblower, Iran had been secretly assisted by China in gaining several nuclear weapons.

During the Bush Administration (2001-2009), for example, Admiral William Fallon, head of US Central Command (2007-2008), famously declared during his Senate confirmation hearing that an attack against Iran “will not happen on my watch.”

Later during the Obama Administration (2009-2017), to his great credit, President Obama resisted powerful behind the scenes efforts to give Israel the go-ahead for launching a preemptive (nuclear) attack against Iran. Instead, Obama participated in high-level diplomatic negotiations that resulted in the multinational Iran nuclear deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) in July 2015 that warded off a possible Israeli attack for years to come.

President Donald Trump ended US participation in the Iran nuclear deal on May 8, 2018, and the US and Iran have engaged in a number of subsequent military skirmishes. The most serious was the US assassination of the leader of Iran’s Quds Force, Major General Qasem Soleimani, and Iran’s quick military retaliation.

Fortunately, Trump and Iran’s leaders have avoided crossing the threshold into outright war, and Israel has again been restrained from attacking Iran.

In his interview, the whistleblower stressed that the timeline of events that were to be activated had to happen in the precise order desired by those that put the plan together. If the events didn’t happen in the correct order, then they were destined to fail.

This takes us to the present moment where China appears to have been attacked by a bioweapon, which is linked to the rollout of a 5G network in the city of Wuhan. In a previous article, I pointed out the link between 5G and biowarfare, and the likelihood that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) was a biological weapons attack.

Senior Chinese officials have also recently begun promoting the idea that the Coronavirus was a foreign-sourced bioweapons attack, and have pointed to the US and its participation in the Military World Games held in Wuhan in October 2019. However, as former US Marine Corps Intelligence Analyst and CIA Case Officer Robert David Steele has declared, President Xi Jinping knows that the real culprit is not the Trump administration, but rogue elements in the US tied to the Deep State.

The similarity between the events in China and what the whistleblower described back in 2010 is uncanny, and firmly implicates the City of London in a Deep State attack on China. However, as the whistleblower pointed out, the group of City of London officials was merely an action group. The real culprits behind the planned bioweapon attack were higher-level groups associated with elite banking families on the European continent, especially in Italy and the Vatican, working closely behind the scenes with, according to the whistleblower, extraterrestrial entities!

The Vatican has long been rumored to be working closely with extraterrestrial visitors, as I have explained in another article. The whistleblower learned that extraterrestrials are much involved in the high-level planning of geopolitical events as he highlighted in his summary of the planned timeline discussed at the 2005 meeting:

Let me summarize what was discussed at the meeting:

Iran will be attacked, possibly within 18 months. China will come to the aid of Iran, to protect its own interests. Nuclear weapons will be used either by Iran or China, with Israel provoking the first use. Much of the Middle East will be laid to waste. Millions will die within a very short period of time. And for some reason this is here, and I can’t tell you why: China will move forcibly into parts of Russia to extend ceasefire lines. Thereafter, biological weapons will be deployed against China. China will “catch a cold”.

And my own understanding is that there’s some sort of malevolent ET alliance at work for 50 years by the UK and US and other Western powers, and this includes Japan.

And, again, when we talk about a malevolent ET alliance that’s in the context of black projects, and this is an exchange of technologies that’s been going on for some considerable time. So there is an involvement there, and that involvement I can’t fully explain myself.

And I also understand that there are more humanitarian and altruistic ET entities working against this timeline and are somehow maintaining a precarious balance without taking any direct intervention themselves. And again, I can’t fully explain that but it’s a certain intuitive feeling that this is working and there’s other aspects of my experience that’s led me to make that statement — but that’s another story.

So what we’re talking about is the Western powers seeking a ‘perfect war’ — doing so throughout the 20th century right up till the present day, because this timeline goes way back. So we’re talking decades or hundreds of years of time where this timeline has been in use.

And also I think it’s quite important to associate the timeline with its other reference which I’ve heard several times now: it’s called THE ANGLO-SAXON MISSION. I feel that’s important to add because that may ring some bells with some people as I don’t think it’s been mentioned before.

As a result of military White Hat and “altruistic extraterrestrials”, the above timeline never happened. Consequently, what are we to make of the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, and the Deep State’s plan for a biowarfare attack against China discussed back in 2005 in response to the latter’s rapid economic and military growth, which continues to alarm Western national security officials as detailed in my upcoming book, Rise of the Red Dragon: Origins and Threat of China’s Secret Space Program.

One explanation is that as a result of a global awakening to the machinations of the Deep State, the latter’s nefarious timeline of events has been derailed. This means that the biowarfare attack against China planned to happen after a limited nuclear war in the Middle East that would have severely weakened China and many nations in responding to a global pandemic, has instead occurred as an isolated event.

Consequently, China and many other nations have been able to use all their national resources to respond to the Coronavirus, making it all but certain that it will be eventually contained. China, in particular, implemented strict protocols that appear to have turned the tide in the fight against the Coronavirus, as Chinese officials are eagerly pointing out.

This takes me to a startling prediction made by the psychic Sylvia Brown in 2008, only three years after the City of London meeting, which appears to describe what we are now witnessing:

In around 2020, a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments. Almost more baffling than the illness itself will be the fact that it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived, attack again ten years later, and then disappear.

As mentioned earlier, China understands that it was the Deep State rather than the Trump Administration that was behind the bioweapons attack. The 2010 revelations by the whistleblower firmly point the finger at the Deep State, and their accomplices in the City of London, elite banking families in Italy called the Black Nobility and the Vatican.

It’s not coincidental that the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, which has recorded the most deaths outside of China, began in the provinces most associated with the Black Nobility and the rollout of 5G as observed by the blogsite, “State of the Nation”:

Northern Italy, especially the international financial capital of Milan and all of Lombardy, have been strictly quarantined because this region is the ancestral home of the all-powerful Black Nobility.  Very few are aware but it is Milan and Venice that really rule the financial powerhouses of London and New York City.  They locked down both of those Italian power centers in order to control all movement into and out of the region.  This unprecedented quarantine was planned years in advance by way of the purposeful rollout of 5G throughout the greater Milan metro area…. In other words, wherever the military deployment of 5G has taken place, the numerous 5G super-hotspots will provide a very conducive environment for the coronavirus bioweapon to be released into the population with the desired effect.  Just look at where the Coronavirus is exploding the most—countries that have the most 5G Hotspots!

This raises the possibility that the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy may be the Chinese military’s retaliation against the Deep State’s bioweapon attack, and the role played by the Black Nobility in attacking China.

It appears, however, that the bioweapon attack on China will not have the desired effect as originally conceived in the plan heard by the British whistleblower in 2005. Rather than a key step in a sequence of geopolitical events leading to global devastation, the Coronavirus is proving to be an isolated event that is being contained by nations and is raising many questions over its true origins.

Ultimately, as people investigate the true origins of the Coronavirus and the Deep State’s plan to attack China, there will be a global awakening as pointed out by the State of the Nation blogsite:

The bottom line here is that March Madness 2020 appears to be the beginning of the end of the New World Order agenda.  It really is a do or die situation for the power elite now that they have totally committed to staging an unsustainable global pandemic.  If they do not have the adequate enforcement mechanisms in place to police this pandemic as they conceived it, they’re in HUGE trouble.  Because when the dust settles, every inhabitant of the planet is going to be asking some serious questions.  There are no NIMBYs with this pandemic so everyone will want answers that will only lead back to that British officer’s damning 2010 letter.

Consequently, rather than the Coronavirus being part of an elaborate set of events designed to implement a New World Order controlled by the international banking elite through major Western nations, it appears to be a last ditch desperate effort by the Deep State that is doomed to fail. The exposure of the Deep State behind the Coronavirus pandemic will only accelerate the exposure and demise of key figures and institutions behind the Deep State, and an unprecedented awakening of global humanity.

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