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The Real Reason the US Government is So Secretive About UFOs

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Article by Tom Rogan                          December 17, 2019                       (washingtonexaminer.com)

• Is the government behind a conspiracy to cover up the proof of alien visitation to Earth? Is the government in cahoots with alien species? Why do our politicians like Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama make joking non-denials when asked about UFOs? Why does the military brass maintain its secrecy about UFOs?

• The Pentagon is concerned about UFOs appearing in the vicinity of nuclear weapons and reactors: on faraway Navy aircraft carriers where they often encounter Navy jets in the air; on Navy submarines deep in the oceans; and on Air Force nuclear weapons bases. As reported by UFO researcher Robert Hastings, UFOs have shut down nuclear weapons systems at U.S. and Soviet Union/Russian nuclear sites. This interference by UFOs has occurred since the (atomic bomb testing of the) Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, New Mexico. Has humanity’s perfection of nuclear energy piqued someone or something’s curiosity in us?

• There is no indication that UFOs are hostile or that these UFOs are all coming from the same place. On the contrary, UFOs appear to be quite friendly unless provoked. But the demonstrated capabilities of UFOs – intelligently operated, instantaneously reaching hypersonic speeds; anti-gravity technology; cloaking technology rendering them invisible – makes the capabilities of the US military, and every other military on Earth, look like an absurd joke in comparison. If they intended to harm us, we wouldn’t stand a chance.

• It is clear that civilian and military government agencies maintain active UFO research programs, and even have meta-material from crashed UFOs in its possession. The Pentagon may want to keep what they know of UFOs and their advanced space-time technology a secret so that Earthly adversaries such as China and Russia do not gain this knowledge to use against us. So there are indeed some in the US government who know about UFOs, but don’t know how to deal with them.

• It is we the public that needs to keep pushing the issue. It will take time, but we’ll get to the truth eventually. After all, UFOs keep popping up. Considering their ability to cloak, it is apparent that they want to be seen by us.


Two years ago Sunday, the New York Times broke the stunning story of a secret Pentagon program to study unidentified flying objects. That story led me to delve into this strange world. I’ve learned some interesting stuff about UFOs (“unidentified aerial phenomena,” or “UAP,” as the Pentagon refers to them) since then. But there’s one problem.

The United States government makes it very hard to figure out what and where UFO-related stuff is going on.

Is that because the government is behind some great conspiracy to cover up the proof of alien visitation to Earth? Is it because the government is in cahoots with alien species to create human-alien hybrids?

Perhaps, but I suspect not.

What I believe is really going on here is that the few individuals in the U.S. government who know about this issue believe the phenomena might be a threat. And that they don’t know how to deal with it.

So, what informs the government’s fear?

Well, first off, the nuclear issue.

If you ask a Pentagon representative about a specific UFO incident, as I did most recently last week, you’ll get a boring response like: “Our aviators train as they fight. Any intrusions that may compromise the security of our operations, tactics, or procedures is of great concern. As the investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena sightings is ongoing, we will not discuss individual sighting reports or observations.”

By “aviators,” the Pentagon is referencing the particular frequency with which UFOs tend to interact with U.S. naval aviators operating off aircraft carriers. But what the Pentagon is leaving out is why the UFOs tend to run into those naval aviators. And that cuts to the heart of why the Pentagon is concerned about UFOs.

Because the government’s assessment, though they won’t admit it, is that the UFOs are popping up near the aircraft carriers due to those carriers being nuclear-powered. Note also that UFOs also like to pop up near nuclear submarines and Air Force nuclear weapons bases. Now recognize that this paradigm has been occurring since the Manhattan Project operations at Los Alamos, New Mexico, and also at nuclear sites in the Soviet Union and Russia.

Oh, and as Robert Hastings documents, these UFOs have sometimes even temporarily shut down U.S. nuclear weapons systems. Interesting, right?



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Giant Chinese Telescope Joins Search for Alien Radio Signals

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Article by Dirk Schulze-Makuch                    December 10, 2019                         (airspacemag.com)

• After more than three years of testing, the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope—the Five Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, or “FAST” in southern China (pictured above) – is about to become operational. Chinese officials claim that FAST is already three times as sensitive as the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, the second-largest single-dish telescope in the world.

• While the FAST trials have focused on detecting neutron stars, one of the goals during the telescope’s operational lifetime will be to search for signals from intelligent extraterrestrials. Do they exist? Are they bound by a non-interference ‘prime directive’? Many claim that UFOs and alien visitation has been covered up by the government, such as the 1947 Roswell UFO crash. Of course, this was only a high altitude balloon used by the U.S. Air Force for Project Mogul.

• In fact, 99 percent of all UFO reports can be easily explained as natural atmospheric phenomena like sprites – which produce dancing flashes of bright light when lightning is exciting the electrical field above a storm. Scientists focus their investigations on the one percent of UFO events that are stubbornly difficult to explain – not that the investigators have any evidence of aliens. But any scientific investigation has to be based on experiments and reproducibility. And when it comes to alien visitations, those standards can be difficult or impossible to apply.

• Considering that we still have no answer for the Great Silence of the elusive aliens, we have to leave open the possibility that aliens have been visiting Earth. From a practical standpoint, science may be better suited to analyzing alien artifacts or possible alien objects in space, such as the interstellar asteroid ʻOumuamua’. As our observatories improve, and better telescopes like FAST come online, we may find ourselves with many more such mysteries to solve.

[Editor’s Note]   Wow. This writer has guzzled so much of the deep state’s kool aid, he is completely mind controlled and devoid of independent thought. He accepts without question that the Roswell crash was a weather balloon. He believes that 99 percent of all UFO sightings are mere atmospheric phenomenon. It is hard to take anyone with such cognitive dissonance seriously. Hopefully, Chinese astronomers won’t be as hampered by deep state propaganda as are the hapless scientists in America. Humanity will welcome the truth for a change, regardless of where it comes from.


The world’s largest single-dish radio telescope—the Five Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) in southern China—is about to start operation after more than three years of testing and commissioning. While the trials have focused on detecting neutron stars, one of the goals during the telescope’s operational lifetime will be to search for signals generated by intelligent extraterrestrials. Since Chinese officials claim that FAST is already three times as sensitive as the Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico, the second-largest single-dish telescope in the world, we surely expect new discoveries.

We don’t know, of course, whether the giant telescope will detect signs of extraterrestrial technology. But we’d love to have an explanation for what’s been called the Great Silence, also known as the Fermi Paradox: If there is intelligent life out there, why don’t we see any evidence of it?
There are many possible answers, including the idea that we live in a kind of designated nature preserve, or zoo. Or, if you like Star Trek, maybe the aliens are applying their version of the prime directive and trying not to interfere with life on Earth.

When I was in New Mexico recently for a workshop on extant life on Mars, I also visited the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. While the museum did have some interesting exhibits, including artwork and depictions of aliens in science fiction movies, its focus on the famous 1947 Roswell UFO incident seemed to suggest a government cover-up of an alien visitation. Never mind that the Roswell event likely has a much more mundane explanation: the crash of a high altitude balloon like the ones used by the U.S. Air Force for Project Mogul.



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USAF Secretary & Congressman want to Declassify Secret Space Programs

On December 7, attendees at the Reagan National Defense Forum held at the Reagan Presidential Library were told by the Secretary of the Air Force, Barbara Barrett, and US Congressman Mike Rogers, that they are in favor of declassifying information about the Air Force’s secret space program in order to get the public to support a US Space Force. Their comments confirm that the US Air Force is on the verge of disclosing the truth behind rumors of a secret space program and that the Space Force is a vital part of a series of stunning disclosures that lie ahead.

Barrett and Rogers’ comments were published by Defense News in an article by reporter Nathan Strout with the eye-catching title, “Barrett, Rogers consider declassifying secretive space programs”. Barrett and Rogers were speaking at a panel on “Next Steps in Space: Launching America’s Sixth Military Branch”. In the panel Barrett said:

Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea… You would have to be careful about what we declassify, but there is much more classified than what needs to be.

Rogers, a co-sponsor of the original House of Representatives Bill to create a Space Force/Corps, agreed and said that information about space programs was “overwhelmingly classified”.

Rogers elaborated further on the need to declassify the Air Force’s secret infrastructure in space in order to win public support for Space Force:

As members of the Armed Services Committee and the defense appropriators, we get it. But we have to have our other colleagues in the Congress to be supportive of us making the changes we need and the resources we need into this… It’s not going to happen until they understand the threat and the dependence we have. And I don’t think that can happen until we see significant declassification of what we’re doing in space and what China and Russia are doing, and how space is in their day-to-day lives.

Rogers’ comment that the US, China and Russia have secret space programs, and that the public needs to know more about these in order to support the creation of Space Force is stunning acknowledgment of the existence of rival military programs with space technologies far more advanced than the rocket-propelled technologies used by NASA and other national space programs.

This echoes comments by a recently retired USAF Lieutenant General Steven Kwast in a lecture where he described China developing a space navy:

They are building a navy in space with the equivalent of battleships and destroyers that will be able to maneuver and kill and communicate with dominance.

China’s future space navy will be able to decimate America’s satellite systems and space assets overnight.

In his Defense News article covering Barrett and Rogers’ comments, Strout said:

The two declined to say how much of the black space portfolio could move into the public, nor when changes would start happening. But Barrett pledged that it would be a focus for her office moving forward, a sign that progress could come during 2020.

Two days later, it was announced that the Congressional Conference Committee set up to resolve competing Space Force proposals from the House and Senate had reached an agreement.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2020 would contain the Space Force Act that would officially launch Space Force in early 2020. I explained the key provisions of the Space Force Act in an earlier article available here.

On Wednesday, December 11, the House of Representatives passed the bipartisan agreement reached for the NDAA/Space Force Act and the Senate is scheduled to vote on it next week. President Donald Trump has already tweeted that he will immediately sign it into law making the creation of Space Force official.

The comments made by Barrett and Rogers about the need to declassify more of the space activities secretly conducted by the USAF followed only one day after the December 6 news of an agreement being reached in Congress for the passage of the Space Force Act. This is not coincidental.

In fact, this sequence of events is stunning confirmation that Space Force is being used as a means for declassifying key elements of a USAF secret space program that possesses advanced propulsion and energy systems that will revolutionize the aerospace industry.

The linkage between the creation of the Space Force and the declassification of advanced space technologies process is precisely what I predicted in the US Air Force Secret Space Program. Put simply, the rollout of Space Force provides the means for disclosing futuristic technologies used by the Air Force in a way the boosts public confidence, setting the stage for even more remarkable disclosures.

The creation of Space Force marks the beginning of an official disclosure process that will confirm the source of many UFO sightings were, in fact, advanced space technologies developed by the USAF, or the aerospace forces of major nations such as Russia and China.

Recently, the US Navy authorized the release of five patents of revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion and energy systems that one of its scientists acknowledged are being actively developed by China. China has a secret space program that is greatly worrying US national security analysts such as Lt. General Kwast, and this is a key factor behind Space Force’s launch.

After Space Force deploys in 2020, the stage will be set for further disclosures about revolutionary aerospace technologies. It can be expected that explanations for the origins of such technologies will be initially said to be talented scientists such as the US Navy’s Dr. Salvator Pais, the inventor of the five Navy patents, and similar breakthroughs by scientists in other national space programs. It will nevertheless be much harder to hide the truth of their real origins.

Many of the technologies used in secret space programs developed by the US, China and Russia have been reverse engineered from artifacts retrieved from the ruins of ancient civilizations and from crashed extraterrestrial vehicles, as a number of insiders have recently claimed. Among these is a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Vice Admiral Tom Wilson, who learned that a major defense contractor was actively reverse engineering such technology back in 1997.

Eventually, the disclosure of technologically advanced extraterrestrial life will be announced, but only after the creation and deployment of Space Force has reached the point that public confidence is such that the societal collapse predicted in the 1961 Brookings Report would not occur.

The Brookings Report, titled “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs,” described an alarming scenario of what might happen to society if humanity was not sufficiently prepared for the discovery of technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations:

Evidences of its [extraterrestrial] existence might also be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets. The consequences for attitudes and values are unpredictable, but would vary profoundly in different cultures and between groups within complex societies; a crucial factor would be the nature of the communication between us and the other beings…. Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of their place in the universe, which have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways; others that survived such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and attitudes and behavior.

The major takeaways from the Air Force Secretary promising future disclosures of a classified military space program and the launch of Space Force is that an official disclosure process is now firmly underway. 2020 promises to be an exciting year for all wanting to learn about secret space programs created by the US, China and Russia, and eventually learn the true origins of these technologies.

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