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Navy Laser Creates Plasma ‘UFOs’

Article by David Hambling                          May 11, 2020                        (forbes.com)

• In the 1990s, ‘Laser-Induced Plasma Filaments’ (LIPF) were first developed using intense, short, self-focusing laser pulse to create a glowing filament or channel of plasma, which can be projected a distance of hundreds of meters. This technology underlies the Navy project, which uses LIPFs to create phantom images with infrared emissions to fool heat-seeking missiles.

• The effect is described in a 2018 US Navy patent (see here) “wherein a laser source is mounted on the back of the air vehicle, and wherein the laser source is configured to create a laser-induced plasma, and wherein the laser-induced plasma acts as a decoy for an incoming threat to the air vehicle.” The patent explains that the laser creates a series of mid-air plasma columns, which form a 2D or 3D image by a process of “raster scanning”, similar to how the old-style cathode ray TV sets displayed a picture.

• The LIPF decoy can be created instantly at any desired distance from the aircraft, and can be moved around at will, providing protection for as long as needed. According to the patent: “There can be multiple laser systems mounted on the back of the air vehicle with each laser system generating a ‘ghost image’ such that there would appear to be multiple air vehicles present.”

• “The potential applications of this LIP flare/decoy can be expanded, such as using a helicopter deploying flares to protect a battleship, or using this method to cover and protect a whole battle-group of ships, a military base or an entire city,” according to the patent. The patent’s lead researcher, Alexandru Hening, wrote in the Navy’s IT Magazine that he has been working on laser-induced plasma at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific since 2012.

• In the early 1990s, in response to the American ‘Star Wars’ initiative, the Russians claimed that they could produce glowing ‘plasmoids’ at high altitude using high-power microwave or laser beams to disrupt the flight of ballistic missiles. While nothing came of the project, Russia may have refined the technology over the decades.

• In 2011, a Japanese company demonstrated a rudimentary system that created moving 3D images in mid-air with a series of rapidly-generated plasma dots. (see video below).

• Until now, jet aircraft had to eject ‘decoy flares’ to lure a heat-seeking missile away from targeted craft for only a few seconds. The Laser Induced Plasma Effects ionize an intense laser pulse to produce a burst of glowing plasma. These plasma bursts act as ‘flash-bang’ stun grenades to disrupt a heat-seeking missiles. A rapid series of such pluses can even be modulated to transmit a spoken message. (see video below) Because LIPFs conduct electricity, they have been investigated as a means of triggering lightning to create a ‘lightning gun’.

• Technology will no doubt evolve to allow heat-seeking missiles to distinguish the plasma ghosts from real jets, leading to further refinement of the decoy technology, and so on. Still, this laser-plasma research offers a game-changing method of providing aircraft and even larger targets protection from heat-seeking missiles. It may also provide a clue about the source of some recent UFO sightings by military aircraft.

[Editor’s Note]   These laser-induced plasma filament decoy shield can be expanded to protect a battleship, battle group, military base or entire city, according to its patent. I am reminded of the Tesla Shield patents that Dr Michael Salla wrote about in August 2019: “US Navy Regards Electromagnetic Propulsion & Tesla Shield Patents as Operable”, and “Are US Aircraft Carriers secretly protected by Electromagnetic “Tesla” Shields?”

I reached out to Dr Salla to see what he thought about the LIPF decoy shield. “This is a very interesting defense concept,” said Dr Salla. “Extension of current defense technology to throw off heat seeking missiles. Very different concept to the High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator I discussed in the aircraft carrier refit article which effectively creates a Tesla shield. Possible that this is one of the new defense technologies used for the classified upgrades happening at naval dockyards. Don’t believe it’s related to the UFO videos released by the Navy.”


The U.S. Navy has patented technology to create mid-air images to fool infrared and other sensors. This builds on many years of laser-plasma research and offers a game-changing method of protecting aircraft from heat-seeking missiles. It may also provide a clue about the source of some recent UFO sightings by military aircraft.

The U.S. developed the first Sidewinder heat-seeking missile back in the 1950’s, and the latest AIM-9X version is still in frontline service around the world. This type of sensor works so well because hot jet engines exhausts shine out like beacons in the infrared, making them easy targets. Pilots under attack can eject decoy flares to lure a missile away from the launch aircraft, but these only provide a few seconds protection. More recently laser infrared countermeasures have been fielded which dazzle the infrared seeker.

A sufficiently intense laser pulse can ionize producing a burst of glowing plasma. The Laser Induced Plasma Effects program uses single plasma bursts as flash-bang stun grenades; a rapid series of such pluses can even be modulated to transmit a spoken message (video here). In 2011 Japanese company Burton Inc demonstrated a rudimentary system that created moving 3D images in mid-air with a series of rapidly-generated plasma dots (video here).

A more sophisticated approach uses an intense, ultra-short, self-focusing laser pulse to create a glowing filament or channel of plasma, an effect discovered in the 1990s. Known as laser-induced plasma filaments (LIPF) these can be created at some distance from the laser for tens or hundreds of meters. Because LIPFs conduct electricity, they have been investigated as a means of triggering lightning or creating a lightning gun.

One of the interesting things about LIPFs is that with suitable tuning they can emit light of any wavelength: visible, infrared, ultraviolet or even terahertz waves. This technology underlies the Navy project, which uses LIPFs to create phantom images with infrared emissions to fool heat-seeking missiles.


1:34 minutes video ‘Talking lasers and endless flashbangs: Pentagon develops plasma tech’ (‘Military Times’ YouTube)


1:53 minute video ‘True 3D Display in the Mid-Air Using Laser Plasma Technology’ (‘Deepak Gupta’ YouTube)



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Project Blue Book Episode 4 Review: Operation Paperclip

Alejandro Rojas                  January 30, 2019                          (denofgeek.com)

• Episode 4 of the History Channel series, Project Blue Book, is entitled “Operation Paperclip” and delves into the events in Huntsville, Alabama in the late 1950’s, when the former Nazi rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun, was heading up the US military’s development of its own rocket weaponry. The show’s protagonist, J Allen Hynek, is led to Huntsville after he sees a UFO darting around his commercial airplane and his partner, Air Force Captain Michael Quinn, feels certain that it was a rocket from the Huntsville base. While there, they are introduced to Von Braun and other Germans that were brought here under Operation Paperclip to assimilate into American society and work on the rocket program. They see a humanoid alien floating on a vat of liquid, and a UFO or replica that disappears when a force-field is activated around it.

• Operation Paperclip was real, and Wernher von Braun was a real rocket scientist brought to the U.S. The German rocket scientists were first brought to Fort Bliss, Texas, but in the ‘50s, von Braun and his team were moved to Huntsville, Alabama. The Americans wanted the Germans to create the world’s first ballistic missiles for them.

• During WWII, the Nazi’s communicated with aliens (Draco Reptilians) and were able to develop technologies based on alien technology. There are pictures online of saucer-shaped craft with Nazi symbols and guns mounted on them, although firing the weapons disrupted the propulsion systems and would not work. The Germans were able to develop rudimentary anti-gravity propulsion with a “Nazi Bell” craft. The propulsion system consisted of two cylinders filled with a mercury-like substance that spun in opposite directions.

• In 1943, the USS Eldridge, a 300 ft long Navy destroyer, was used to experiment with cloaking technology. When the invisibility machine was enabled, the ship disappeared. When it reappeared crewmen reported feeling sick, and some were killed by somehow being embedded into the bulkhead of the vessel. Known as “The Philadelphia Experiment”, this is the technology alluded to in this episode of Operation Blue Book when the prototype spaceship disappears at the end of the show.

• This Project Blue Book episode seems to suggest UFO sightings are actually due to civilian sightings of our own experimental aircraft, or in this case, experimental rockets. This is a ruse that the CIA has often used. The problem is that the U.S. Air Force began investigating UFO sightings in 1947 with Project Sign and Project Blue Book began in 1952. The U.S. did not conduct test flights of the U-2 spy plane until the mid to late 50s. So it is not possible for the U-2 test flights to have been the UFOs that caused the creation of Project Blue Book.

Project Blue Book, the TV show, is getting more exciting. This particular journey into conspiratorial sci-fi is intelligent in that it is expertly incorporating the UFO and conspiracy mythologies while making the viewers think about alternate explanations to the UFO mystery.


Project Blue Book episode 4 takes a nosedive into the rabbit hole, but the wild storylines follow real conspiracy and UFO mythologies that are popular on the web. It also presents an intriguing alternate theory to the idea that UFOs have anything to do with aliens at all.

   the real Wernher von Braun

Take an odd part of history, add a bit of conspiracy mythology, then sprinkle with magic Hollywood dust and up sprouts a huge, beautiful tree of fantasy. That would sum up my feelings on “Operation Paperclip.” I am a student of history, so I relish in historical accuracy. However, I am also a sci-fi buff, and this latest episode frustrated the history buff in me while exciting my sci-fi side.

Let’s get into it. The show begins with Hynek on an airplane. The first mystery presented was that the passenger cabin of the aircraft looked more like a train with curtains over the windows and seats that faced one another. However, in a tweet, show creator and writer David O’Leary wrote: “Yes, these old 1950s planes really did have train-like booths that faced each other. And lots more leg room!” Score one for historical accuracy! Granted, it’s one of the few points that I will award in this category for this particular episode.

Hynek then sees a UFO flying around the airplane. We are lead to believe Hynek is experiencing this sighting, but then he wakes from a dream. He was dreaming about his most recent UFO case – a sighting by the passengers and crew of a commercial aircraft near Huntsville, Alabama.

          the real J. Allen Hynek

Quinn feels certain he knows who is responsible for this UFO incident and he is not very happy about it. Quinn explains that after World War II, German scientists were snatched up by the U.S. as part of Operation Paperclip. He says Huntsville was set up to house German scientists working on rocket technology, led by Wernher von Braun. Having fought in World War II, Quinn is with the situation.

Hynek and Quinn travel to Huntsville to find out what the Germans are up to. Quinn is convinced that the UFO that buzzed the airplane was a rocket built by the former German scientists, who he believes were not concerned with endangering the lives of the passengers.

Security denies Hynek and Quinn access to the base, but Quinn crashes through the barricades anyway. This does allow them an audience with Von Braun but also lands Quinn a suspension. Von Braun says he is familiar with Hynek’s work, shows them a secret rocket launch and offers Hynek a job. He admits it was one of his rockets that buzzed the airplane, but Hynek doesn’t believe him.

To make a long story short, after leaving, Hyenk and Quinn break into the base again. This time they sneak around and find a body floating in a suspended animation container. It looks like an alien. The base alarms sound, so the two race off, only to be caught. Von Braun tells them what they saw was a monkey that had been sent into space and was undergoing testing as to the effects of space on its body. Hynek tells him he is suspicious of their project because the rocket explanation for the UFO sighting did not fit the witness testimony. There is something von Braun is hiding.



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QAnon Corroborates Hawaii Missile Attack & Hunt for Rogue CIA Submarine

On February 11, the anonymous whistleblower “QAnon” posted information that corroborates claims that a false flag ballistic missile attack was launched against Hawaii on January 13, and that a submarine linked to the CIA is currently being hunted by the U.S. and other regional military forces.

QAnon has quickly grown in popularity since first appearing in late October, 2017 discussing the “coming storm” of revelations, document dumps, trials, events, etc., linked to Trump White House pledges to “Drain the Swamp”.

Today QAnon has an estimated audience of millions who closely follow his/her posts. Major media sources such as Newsweek have published highly critical stories in an attempt to dismiss QAnon as just the latest incarnation of unsubstantiated right wing conspiracy theories.

QAnon’s cryptic style of communication involves questions, links, photos, acronyms and codes, which are used as breadcrumbs for the reader to learn about highly classified efforts underway by White Hats in the government/military opposed to Deep State corruption and human rights abuses in the U.S. and around the world.

The most telling official document that substantiates QAnon’s claims to date is an extraordinary Executive Order passed by President Trump on December 21, 2017 declaring a national emergency and freezing the financial assets of anyone involved in human rights abuses and corruption anywhere around the world.

The mainstream media has strangely ignored Trump’s “Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Abuse or Corruption”, and its deep significance, especially given what QAnon has previously stated. If Trump’s Executive Order was indeed targeting the Deep State, it’s not surprising that it would provoke a strong reaction by powerful groups suddenly cut off from their financial assets.

That’s where the ballistic missile alert on the morning of January 13 in Hawaii becomes relevant. As discussed in three previous articles (see here, here and here), there have been a number of whistleblowers, witnesses and analysts who have all said the missile alert was genuine, and not a false alarm at all, as public officials contend.

QAnon followed the Hawaii missile alert the next day warning about an upcoming week of false flag attacks by the Deep State. This implied that the Hawaii incident was part of a series of false flag attacks, and not a false alarm.

Source: https://qcodefag.github.io/

Since January 14, however, QAnon has not said much to cast light on the Hawaii ballistic missile alert. That is until February 11 when QAnon provided a long post referring to a recent false flag missile attack intended to start a war. The relevant post appears below and the section of comments relevant to the Hawaii missile alert is highlighted in red.

Source: https://qcodefag.github.io/

It is worth examining QAnon’s questions in light of what has been previously learned about the Hawaii missile alert and Trump’s December 21 Executive Order. QAnon wrote:  

Ask yourself, who is trying to start a war?

The most obvious answer is those targeted by Trump’s Executive Order. Individuals and groups responsible for human rights abuses and corruption in the U.S. and globally, have the most to lose if their financial assets are frozen.

QAnon then wrote:

Ask yourself, if a missile was launched by rogue actors, what would be the purpose?

The purpose would be to create a false flag attack where blame would be pinned on a credible state actor capable of launching a ballistic missile that could hit Hawaii: North Korea. The “rogue actors” really responsible for the attack, would thereby have created a scenario where the U.S. military would have been forced to respond.

QAnon next pointedly asks:

Ask yourself, what would/should immediately start a WAR?

We know from World War II history that the December 7, 1941, surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, home of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, was the catalyst for America entering the war. The next day, the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly voted to declare war on the Empire of Japan.

QAnon is here telling us that a successful nuclear missile attack on Pearl Harbor would have triggered a similar War Declaration by the U.S. Congress against the alleged perpetrator. North Korea.

Were the “rogue actors” behind the attack, also hoping that an unsuccessful nuclear missile attack, in the event the missile was shot down, would also trigger war?

This possibility arises from what an anonymous Hickham Air Force Base fusion analyst says he overheard after the missile was shot down. In a post to a website protecting the anonymity of posters, s/he said:

Most significant here is what the analyst says he overheard a Federal Investigator and a Hawaii state official say about Trump’s refusal to order a retaliation, that this “demonstrated weakness in the Trump admin and a refusal to protect the people”.

QAnon’s next question is very important for identifying who was behind the missile Hawaii attack:

Ask yourself “would the PUBLIC understand the following statement: Rogue actors (Clowns/US former heads of State) initiated a missile launch in order to ‘force’ the US into a WAR/conflict against X?”

QAnon has previously referred to the CIA as “Clowns in Action”, and has described former Presidents Bush (Snr), Clinton and Obama as Deep State/CIA assets. In short, “Clowns” is QAnon’s codeword for the CIA.

In a previous article, I provided documentary evidence supporting insider claims that the CIA’s clandestine services division created a shadowy navy with its own aircraft, ballistic missile carrying submarines, and even an aircraft carrier battle group that all together comprises a “Dark Fleet”.

This is where QAnon’s cryptic references in other February 11 posts to “Red October” become pertinent. 

Source: https://qcodefag.github.io/

In response to a question seeking clarification on what he means by “Red October”, QAnon wrote:

Source: https://qcodefag.github.io/

QAnon is quite clear that s/he is referring to the famed 1990 movie, “The Hunt for Red October”. The plot of the movie described how the major powers were all hunting for a rogue Soviet submarine equipped with ballistic nuclear weapons whose captain and officers wished to defect with their new stealth technology.

QAnon’s repeated references to Red October is telling us that a similar scenario is currently occurring with the U.S. and other major world powers all seeking a rogue CIA submarine equipped with ballistic nuclear missiles and advanced stealth technology. Rather than the captain and crew wishing to defect however, the CIA submarine may be seeking a new opportunity to launch a false flag attack designed to precipitate a major regional war.

While QAnon remains controversial in the major media, multiple sources have claimed s/he is the real deal and deserves serious consideration. Many alternative media sites closely follow QAnon’s information including Dr. Jerome Corsi who has become the resident Infowars.com expert on QAnon.

QAnon’s references to a recent missile attack by rogue actors wishing to start a major war needs to be considered with what we know about the January 13 Hawaii missile alert.

QAnon is telling us that it was not a false alarm, and that it was a genuine attempt to start a major war by pinning the blame for a contrived nuclear attack, successful or not, on North Korea. The CIA linked submarine involved is apparently still at large, and capable of attempting further false flag attacks using ballistic nuclear missiles.  

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