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Seven Signs Suggesting You’re a “Starseed” & Here to Help Humanity

by Kalee Brown          October 26, 2017          (collective-evolution.com)

• There are souls here on this Earth that are not native to reincarnating on this planet, but who came from elsewhere to assist in humanity’s cosmically-scheduled shift to a higher level of consciousness. They are known as “Starseeds”.

• Starseeds feel as if they are somehow different from everyone else. They don’t “fit in” with the rest of this backward society. Starseeds have the following traits:
• – many feel disconnected, almost like they’re not even related to their family;
• – they tend to shy away from social gatherings;
• – organized religion, government authority, the educational system and the economic system make no sense to them;
• – they pick up on other’s emotional feelings and are susceptible to other’s vibratory energies, both positive and negative.

• Starseeds are assisting in raising the consciousness of people on this planet by helping others to increase their own awareness and becoming passionate about things that truly matter.

• Ultimately, the only way to discover who you truly are, beyond your personality and human identity, is to go within.


Planet Earth houses an estimated 8.7 million different species, with approximately 6.5 million living on land and 2.7 million in the oceans. We have an abundance of different animals and fish living all over this big blue sphere, and when you really stop and think about the vastness of this planet, it’s pretty amazing.

Keep in mind, this is only one planet; a tiny spec within this giant thing we call the multiverse. We know that 8.7 million different species live on our planet alone, so how many actually live out there?
It’s a puzzling question, and sobering, too. Even if just one more planet in the universe held the same diversity of life, that would represent a further 8.7 million species to discover. And if one more planet has life, it’s reasonable to assume others would as well.

To boggle your mind even further, let’s review just how small we are in comparison to the universe: For every grain of sand on every beach on Earth there are 10,000 stars, and the Milky Way includes billions of Earth-like, potentially habitable planets. The Milky Way itself is only one of billions of galaxies, and we may be living in an infinitely-increasing number of universes, otherwise known as the multiverse.

Keeping the infinite and incomprehensible size of the multiverse in mind, let’s focus our gaze within for a moment. We are all souls living in these human bodies, and we came here to gain experience and knowledge. Your soul has chosen to incarnate or reincarnate into your human existence right now, but what was it doing beforehand?

Were you living on Earth? Perhaps you’ve lived hundreds of lives, continuously reincarnating again and again onto this planet. Or were you a different species, one that we’d consider extraterrestrial? Or maybe, could this be your first time ever incarnating onto Earth?

Many of us feel there’s more that meets the eye when considering those 8.7 million species living on Earth. What if, within these shells, many of our souls are actually all from different species ourselves?

If you’ve always sort of felt like you’re not really “human,” that you don’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the crowd, then welcome. Take a seat, and know that you’re not alone. Many people who feel this way refer to themselves as Starseeds; they’re simply souls that are not native to planet Earth.
Are You a Starseed?

So, you now know what the concept “Starseed” means: a soul that is not originally from planet Earth. The real question here is, what exactly does that mean to you? Does this concept resonate with you, do you feel like Earth truly is your original home, or do you feel like it’s just some made-up term to justify not fitting in? I encourage you to read the rest of this article, and ask yourself those questions as you read it.

A lot of the time, if a topic doesn’t resonate with you, then it’s probably not for you. But, if you find yourself reading this article and you’re attracted to the word “Starseed” and are curious to learn more, then perhaps you were meant to read this information.

The term “Starseed” in and of itself is really beautiful when you think about it. It basically represents someone who’s simply come from a different star, planet, solar system, etc. that’s then been planted here as a seed to help us collectively grow and bring awareness and positive change to humanity.

It is said that many Starseed children were born in the 1980s, and even more so in the early 1990s. Many people who feel that they’re Starseeds also feel like they don’t fit in with society. Some other common traits that people feel coincide with being a Starseed include:
o Feeling like you don’t fit in with society, your social groups, or perhaps even your family. Many Starseeds may feel disconnected from their family, almost as if they’re not related. Well, perhaps that’s because you’re just new to Earth, and haven’t quite gotten used to the energies here in the same way that your family and many others in society have!
o You may have a difficult time understanding social constructs or societal norms. Small talk may not be your thing, and you might shy away from social gatherings or feel a little left out, even when you do attend them.
o You may not completely understand or support the economic system or the conventional education system, or even the cultural norms or religions you grew up with.
o You may question authoritative figures and hierarchy within society, or anything else that separates us on a societal level.
o You may dislike linear subjects such as mathematics and linguistics, and prefer more creative, out of the box subjects. You may find difficulty in expressing yourself through words and prefer to exercise creativity as a form of self expression.
o You might remember past lives that are very clearly not from Earth.
o You may be very empathetic and, as a result, can easily pick up on other people’s feelings and are susceptible to their energies. This isn’t always easy, as anyone who can easily pick up on other people’s energies are more vulnerable to them, taking on their negative feelings and stress.


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Dwight D. Eisenhower Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review

by Duke Brickhouse   –   Part Three in the Channeling Series

Reptilian extraterrestrials… were actively working with the Nazi leaders and the Nazi scientists during World War II. This, researchers have correctly determined.” But it is actually “the Anunnaki [who] are the great taskmasters underlying all of the alien agenda and presence… allowing the other aliens (such as the Reptilians) to be the instruments of our destruction.” “This is very much a consequence of mind control. Your military officials… are hapless dupes in this, in the same way everyone in the public and other aspects of society are similarly programmed to be in a state of complacency about the mounting number of UFO sightings, the growing number of alien abduction accounts, and so on.” “It is not just that the people are self-serving or evil in some way. They… have been programmed.”

Dwight Eisenhower

Thus, through renowned hypnotist Karl Mollison’s channeling of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in another installment of Denny Hunt’s ongoing “Why Is This True?” YouTube channel series, the spirit entity of Dwight Eisenhower gets straight to the point in his typically inimitable style.

I was aware of the existence of physical extraterrestrials… interacting with us in a variety of ways.

I was very eager… to see what they would be willing to do to help us in the world effort to achieve lasting peace and stability.” “I never dreamed there would be an evil underside to what was happening. I certainly am surprised now at how naïve I was in thinking this might be a first occurrence and a new initiative that would likely bear great fruit in… at last achieving a worldwide stability.”

The extension of the Nazi regime [was] being orchestrated and manned by the Reptilian extraterrestrials.” “If a world leader and world power can be made to subjugate all of humanity, then this takes all the burden away from them (the Reptilians) as they desire to do the same thing, but they know this would cause casualties for them. It would be messy despite their (the Reptilians) superiority, and so they use the human as a tool and a weapon to do the dirty work for them.”

It was all orchestrated, engineered, planned, and put into motion through mind control manipulation of the German people first, then the Italians and the Japanese, to create a series of militaristic regimes who could work in concert and gain global dominance. This was the objective and it mattered not to the Reptilians how reckless, savage, or ultimately self-destructive it might prove to be because they simply do not care or value what happens to any human beings.” “The entire saga was an alien manipulation to promote that regime, to encourage its emergence and to cause the greatest possible harm to the human community.”“With the end of the war and the collapse of the Nazi regime, the Reptilians simply moved on to other targets.”

This information was channeled by Karl Mollison who, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, was a hard core scientist working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Being in the medical industry, Karl was always looking for insights to new methods of healing. Rather than turning a blind eye to the mounting empirical evidence of psychic and hypnotic healing, Karl decided to explore this himself by taking classes in hypnotherapy. To his surprise, he discovered that he was especially adept at channeling the Divine Source and higher beings.

            Karl Mollison

By 2006, Karl had made hypnotherapy his vocation. Since then he has conducted hundreds of channeling sessions. He’s developed a trust in certain Spirit Realm sources and has honed his channeling protocols to achieve the most honest and accurate of readings. With each channeling session, Karl will set his intention in genuine love and goodness, without ego, fear or self-interest. Then he will begin by falling into a lucid trance, contacting the highest Divine Source and working his way down to the particular spiritual being that the interviewer wants to channel, while making sure that no outside negative forces elbow their way into the conversation. During a channeling session, Karl is able to monitor and recall these channeling conversations as a third party witness.

When asked directly by Denny Were you given the name or names of the extraterrestrial group you dealt with?” Spirit Eisenhower responds, “They were not revealing of their origin, only saying they were from the stars and were here in a learning capacity to do scientific observation with the aim eventually to make a diplomatic outreach once they felt comfortable in doing so. This was very much disarming and was received in a positive way by me and the military as well. [We] were so conditioned to maintaining secrecy about all things that were new and, in particular, that could confer some military or political advantage for the United States.” The United States’ leaders were interested in extraterrestrial aircraft and spacecraft technology, to be sure, but also in “all manner of alien capabilities, especially the telepathic abilities and the ability to manipulate energy which they had seen demonstrated.”

Spirit Eisenhower continues, “We had no reason to question their motives, but we looked to their counsel and leadership as being clearly advanced beings. [We] shared the concerns they recounted about not causing mass panic and the disruption of the existing institutions and recommended that we go slow and develop a long-term plan to eventually begin to share such knowledge when the proper foundation was in place. So these were the early impressions and the early recommendations.”

This was deemed top-secret or above in all levels at all times and in all ways until we could find out what the implications might be, and the decisions were made to keep this secret from the public and we were advised quite strongly about this by the extraterrestrials themselves who we had already begun to trust, seeing no evidence of weaponry, no evidence of hostility, other than their presence being a violation of our airspace.” “ This was all complete propaganda from them as they never intended to support us in a meaningful way and never wished to have their doings broadcast more widely.”

Earlier, Spirit Eisenhower referred directly to the Reptilians as the warring species that manipulated the Nazi’s in World War II without concern for how reckless or destructive it was to humanity. Now Spirit Eisenhower is discussing the extraterrestrial beings who came forward to work with the leadership of the United States. Although uncertain of their identity, Spirit Eisenhower says that these extraterrestrials had shown no evidence of hostility and expressed concern for the well-being of the people of Earth, and he had no reason to question their motives. It appears that the unnamed beings that U.S. leadership began to trust were extraterrestrials other than the Reptilians.


A hint as to which ET race Spirit Eisenhower is referring, other than the Reptilians, is given with Denny’s next question, “What is your understanding of the long-term plan [of the] powers that have ruled this planet for the last several thousand years?  Spirit Eisenhower answers, “The long-term plan of those who were here first to do the greatest damage is the ultimate enslavement of humanity… [and] eventually to eliminate humans and have the planet for themselves. … We are speaking of the Anunnaki here.

The others here (Reptilians, etc.) have other self-serving motivations and they are being tolerated and exploited tactically as minions to do some dirty work. Again this simply serves the Anunnaki by taking some of the heat away from them and allowing the other aliens to be the instruments of (Anunnaki-imposed) destruction.” But in the end, the Anunnaki “…also wish to push out the other aliens present.”

Spirit Eisenhower does not shy away from delving into the darker information. “We will not mince words with you or try to put a happy face on this. It is the literal truth and always has been. They (the Anunnaki) started thousands of years ago in subjugating humans and altering and manipulating them to be subservient, and used humans as a slave race to do mining and acquisition of materials, minerals and such… and this they are doing now. They have taken many (humans) to their own planet and those individuals are truly lost in their world and living terrible, terrible lives.” “This served two purposes.” It gave the Anunnaki a cheap form of labor, and “it became the means to begin the process of control and subjugation, for humans need something to do. It is easier to create slave camps, slave work projects, and so on, than it is to create prisons because humans are not happy being contained and being idle.”

Denny asks Spirit Eisenhower about Secretary of Defense and MJ-12 member, James Forrestal. I was close to him and I had tremendous respect for him. I considered him a true friend and a patriotic American. We did have a difference of opinion about the disclosure of the alien presence and this caused some rift between us, but it was only a working issue in the sense of one colleague disagreeing with another. …I knew his loyalty could be counted on.”

I was not aware of any plan he (Forrestal) may have had to disclose things independently in a public fashion. This would have been a quite alarming development and I never expected this would happen. This was really of greater concern to the intelligence agencies who saw this possibility and were monitoring him and keeping him under observation. Their reach is quite large. They have connections within all branches of the military and that was true even during World War II and beyond. And so they are the most dangerous human link to the extraterrestrials desiring human suffering because they are part of the very infrastructure of government and the military and in a position to do great harm.”

The level of mind control is the most intense and the most successful among those individuals in such key positions of authority. …No one can truly be trusted in this kind of situation. …It is certain there has been corruption on multiple levels within the person which makes them lean in the desired direction. Such individuals will either not be sympathetic to an opposing perspective or will actively oppose it and fight to the death against it, against all reason, logic, common sense, or feelings of charity, or any kind of divine impulse.”

There have been some rare persons who have escaped their (mind controlling) influence and this creates the seeds of opportunity to have a counter-force and a kind of inner guerrilla activity to put roadblocks in the way of some of the worst plans and darkest agendas. But such individuals typically don’t last for long because they eventually come to the attention of the more darkly influenced and then become outcasts within the organization for not being with the program, and then eventually are phased out through reassignment or discharge. In some cases… they are eliminated and there have been many, many, killings to maintain a tight grip on the government and military. In Forrestal’s case this is in fact what happened. He was assassinated to prevent him from sharing his knowledge with anyone. The risk was great with that mindset and perspective that he would tell too many people, not all of whom could be as trusted to maintain secrecy and confidentiality, and that was the greatest risk. So steps were taken to eliminate him.”

This was a tragic loss, not only for [Forrestal] and his family, but for the nation as well. Looking back now, it is clear that if he had been allowed to blow the whistle this could have greatly accelerated the ability of humans to rise to the occasion and take back more power, and begin to shift things in an earlier time frame and to a greater degree. This …possibility existed for a time but was then snuffed out.”

The stories of the Roswell crash and recovery of debris including a living extraterrestrial are quite true, and there were other recoveries as well.” says Spirit Eisenhower. He explains that while he did not personally view the Roswell crash site, nor the recovered physical materials, nor did he have any interaction with the surviving Roswell extraterrestrial being, he was given some feedback on all of it. Then the intelligence he received on the extraterrestrial presence began to steadily decrease. “It was not long before there was a huge communication gap that raised alarm bells for me and almost ended my Presidency and my life as well. Looking back, I know there was a plot against me, and this almost came to fruition. So I was skirting with great danger without truly realizing what was happening.”

This set the scene for a more public awareness of the alien presence and that was very much supported by the Light in bringing forward this information. [This was] followed by many impulsed sources of knowledge and insight that led to many screenplays about the existence of extraterrestrials both good and bad – some raising fear; some giving false hope. The reason for it all was to help everyone become more aware of the …alien involvement. This is an essential step in raising every one up and achieving …the Shift in Consciousness.”

Denny then asks Spirit Eisenhower about his great granddaughter, the popular spiritual crusader Laura Eisenhower. “I am with her often and support all she does… She is a shining example of the continuation of this legacy. … [I] am working directly with Creator and with [Laura’s] higher self to impulse her with thoughts, with ideas, and encouragement, and sending love as well to raise her up and to help her to stay strong. This is what we do as Light beings in helping one another. And so she will be another point of the many spears who are advancing the awareness and knowledge needed to truly help humanity in a positive way.”

            Laura Eisenhower

I am still connected with very, very, strong loving bonds to my family and descendants. All are part of a soul group who have been together for a huge span of time and we work together in our projects again and again. We support one another when present together in the physical and we support one another when some are in the physical and others back in the Light. This is where I am, and from this vantage point I am in the best position to provide support and encouragement.”

Spirit Eisenhower points out the potential pitfalls in assisting in humanity’s shift in consciousness. “All light-workers leave their mark and all have greater potential than they themselves know. The difficulty …for them is not appreciating themselves enough, not understanding the truly great power they have, and this is better understood by the opposition. So when they are identified as risks and then manipulated (by the dark side entities) in a way to sideline them, there is a great loss to the cause and in most cases the individuals themselves. If [sidelined] early enough, [they are] not aware of what they were capable of and would have accomplished.

There are still “many humans who may have a kind of personality or an inner alignment with certain leanings in terms of authoritarianism that might lead them to see an appeal in Nazi regalia or the kind of thinking involved with their (dark) legacy. And so there can always be new acolytes brought into a group to carry out that sort of focused agenda once again. And you see this in various groups that appear, the skinheads and so forth and the neo-Nazi movement.” Invariably, this is the result of continuing Reptilian mind control. “These are all forays into human manipulation. They are not unilateral choices by those people in creating the organizations and drawing followers. It is always the case that an alien agenda is showing itself in causing those leaders who emerge to take that role and put it into practice. So anything of this kind that you encounter is first and foremost a Reptilian-led propaganda effort at sabotage, infiltration, and domination eventually down the road. This is not to say they will be successful, but this is an ongoing kind of arm wrestling that human[kind] is doing with the interlopers.”

Notwithstanding, Spirit Eisenhower exhorts all light-workers to come forward at this time. “This has rarely been more greatly needed, and not because these are the darkest of times but simply because humanity has never been closer to an ultimate tipping point, to have the Light burst forth, and to have a state of heaven on earth. This is within reach now and all are working in earnest to speed the day forward, and this is what she (Laura) does. And all who live in our memory are contributing too.”

Everyone here in the physical has a soul purpose and many are continuing to struggle and suffer, and they live very restricted and primitive lives in many cases. This is not without purpose. There are important karmic reasons for this, and there are important lessons for all of the rest who look on in shock and horror at the seeming impossibility of helping so many who are seemingly in a quicksand of their own making or by cultural history and predisposition that seems intransigent, and so trapped in the past there is no way to bridge that gap.”

Those things are still ongoing because they need to be worked out and in the old-fashioned way, so to speak, through a karmic rebalancing – the hard way as you would describe it – paying one’s debts, incurring personal suffering in the re-balancing of suffering caused to others, and so on. This is an old paradigm that will be changing. Part of the repayments by so many in the level of suffering that you observe is accomplishing the turning of the wheel to a point when things can move in an entirely new direction. And this will eventually lead to a world where the healing of karma will be extremely rapid and will not involve pain. It will simply be a self-realization and will happen almost without thinking. The beings in the Light would find it almost unthinkable to harm another and would never ever do it. You can contrast that with the many human dramas playing out across the planet and see quite starkly how far things are away from that simple description.”

It is very much about overturning the alien suppression, both the long-term alteration of the human in disconnecting us from the spiritual core, as well as the cultural disconnection and miscommunication leading to all manner of grievances and combat. So this is the number one subject of great urgency, coupled with dealing at all levels [of] the spirit community of the dark ones. This cover-up and suppression has been quite effective but is growing in the level of friction and the intensity required to keep a lid on things.” “There will be a turning point and a tipping of the energies towards what the Light is supporting here. So all can take heart in this. It is not as dire as our words might suggest. At the present time the Light is winning, but this does need to be maintained and anything that can be added to the cause will accelerate that eventuality and this would be a tremendous contribution.”

This is what is in store for humanity in the future and what we mean by having heaven on earth. The ability to heal the self and one another will be profound, rapid, and understood completely by everyone. There will not be lingering pain or any darkness spread, and this will completely change the nature of existence. This is how things were always meant to be and what everyone is striving for who are progressing on a soul journey. This [Earth] is not the only dark place but it is one of the darkest. The upliftment and the growth of the light-worker community is carrying the energy forward to a great new day that is coming. So we applaud all who are involved in the effort and support our loved ones first and foremost, for that is a deep, deep, soul connection. As you can imagine from my service, I have a deep, deep, soul connection to all I helped to serve in my last incarnation, and that has not changed and will not disappear.”

We are happy to be of further service if you wish at a later time, to revisit this or other topics. And we would be happy to help you in any way we can to shed light on things and to help support your efforts to spread knowledge and awareness. That is step one. If humanity as a whole could be awakened to the reality of what is happening, the world would change instantly because of the power of human consciousness to make it so. The task is harder when there are only hundreds to a few thousand light-workers who are focused on the problem. That is carrying a huge, huge, load. It is not that they cannot succeed, it is only that it takes a bit longer. The more you reach, the more you awaken, the greater the energy grows, and [with] the collective effort this will turn the tide. So we wish you all the best success in everything you do. We are now connected and we are in your corner.”


Spirit Eisenhower tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugar-coat the influence that the negative entities had during his lifetime, and which they still hold over humanity today. He concedes that the Earth is one of the “darkest places” in the universe. Spirit Eisenhower does, however, reassure all active light-workers that this struggle is necessary, that the movement toward the Light is gaining momentum, and that “at the present time the Light is winning”. The work that the light-workers do “will completely change the nature of existence”, and a “great new day” is coming.

It is also becoming quite clear from this and past channeling sessions that mind control plays a primary part in the Reptilians’ subjugation of humanity, both at the top levels of our government and military, and at the lowest levels of ordinary humans who persist in their compulsion for “authoritarianism” and the dark “alien agenda”. A stark example from Spirit Eisenhower is his description of mind control manipulation as a cause for World War II. Typically, these people are not inherently evil, but they have been “programmed” to follow a “Reptilian led propaganda effort”. This is consistent with information that Corey Goode has provided where there is an energy frequency being directed at the Earth, along with a wide array of massive cloaked platforms that hover closely over high population centers to amplify and transmit these frequencies to the Earth below.

Finally, Spirit Eisenhower reinforces the notion that the Reptilians themselves are servants to the enigmatic Anunnaki. It is still unclear exactly who the Anunnaki are, whether they are a supremely powerful race from Nibiru; or if the term applies more broadly to a group of extraterrestrial beings who use humanity and the Earth for their own exploitation of resources; or possibly a higher fifth-density manifestation of evil slurping up the negative loosh energy produced by suffering humans as alluded to in the Gnostic Gospels.  At any rate, Spirit Eisenhower confirms that the Anunnaki are the great taskmasters underlying all of the alien agenda and presence… allowing the other aliens to be the instruments of our destruction.”

The apocalyptic battle between good and evil for the future of humanity and the Earth is being waged right now. Still, too few people can see what is going on all around them. While the Light-side forces are gaining momentum and are currently “winning” according to Spirit Eisenhower, it is imperative and most urgent that we light-workers intensify our efforts to spread awareness of the truth among the general population to achieve a geometric growth in the disclosure movement.  For awareness will manifest in heightened consciousness. And heightened consciousness will manifest in the global consciousness shift that will serve to eradicate the sinister control and manipulation of the Anunnaki over humanity and facilitate our ascension to a fourth spiritual density.

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Copyright 2017  Duke Brickhouse

Eisenhower Portrait Courtesy of the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas

From Contact to Ascension: extraterrestrial contact as a prelude to universal ascension

Officially launched Monday, January 13, 2014. Available at Amazon.com
Officially launched Monday, January 13, 2014. Available at Amazon.com

The main idea in a new book officially launched today, From Contact to Ascension: Timely Information from members of the Intergalactic Board of Council, is that not only the Earth, but the universe is undergoing an ascension process whereby life as we know it is about to change dramatically. We are told that the physical universe is evolving whereby lower energy frequencies are about to end. Incarnated souls will be facing a choice between moving into an ascended state of being described as the “upper triad” comprising the 5th, 6th, and 7th dimensions, or remaining in their present state described as the lower triad of 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions. While the upper triad is characterized by an all pervasive unity or “singularity consciousness” where all life is interconnected and unfolds in divine harmony, the lower triad is comprised of “duality consciousness” where individuals live by values based on right/wrong, good/bad, etc. Those choosing to remain in the “lower triad” will “migrate” into worlds in a new physical universe where they will incarnate in new bodies and become the creators of new dualistic value systems for the worlds they inhabit.

Those choosing to ascend, along with other souls, planets, and suns of this physical universe, will remain on the Earth as it also ascends into the upper triad. Ascending souls will do so by remaining in their physical bodies which will return to an original blueprint of perfect health and vitality. In the new Earth, ascended souls will be able to instantly manifest their personal will, leading quickly to a complete overhaul of all technology and physical structures very similar to what Arthur C. Clark described in Childhood’s End.

“Volunteer souls” that have ascended in a previous life time, but incarnated on Earth to assist it in its ascension process will be given the choice of keeping their present physical body, or regaining their ascended body that is being held in stasis in the upper triad. The ascension process involves not just sentient life, but also planets and suns.

While there have been a number of channeled books that have spoken about a coming harvest of souls to different destinations, From Contact to Ascension is the first to offer such a framework for the universe as a whole. In other words, the universe as we know it, the myriad of star systems and highly evolved civilizations, is about to change dramatically. Individual souls, planets and suns will be choosing whether or not they will ascend in this universe, or migrate to an entirely new physical universe. A kind of universal graduation day, where all options are honored as choices are made by the myriad forms of life making up our universe.

The source of the information for From Contact to Ascension claim to be a council of Ascended Beings calling itself the Intergalactic Board of Council (IBOC), speaking through a human channel. The IBOC allegedly are a universe wide association of beings that have evolved from different worlds and galaxies, based on a universal state of mind they call “singularity consciousness.” I have previously described such beings as “celestials” that can be categorized as Type IV extraterrestrials according to modified typology based on the work of Nikoli Kardashev (1964).  Based on my research into the available literature on Ascended Beings, they have been helping humanity for millennia in raising our consciousness in order to deal with advanced extraterrestrial technologies that have become available in various eras. Now, the IBOC is here to help humanity deal with the challenges posed by the universe wide ascension process.

Graphical representation of An T’na Mission Volunteer Coordinator and Spokesperson for the IBOC . Credit: contact2ascension.com
Graphical representation of An T’na Mission Volunteer Coordinator and Spokesperson for the IBOC . Credit: contact2ascension.com

The IBOC spokesperson, An T’Na speaks through their selected channel or “oracle”, Gesanna, who currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Pahoa region. I have personally known Gesanna for eight years after she volunteered to assist in the work of the Exopolitics Institute which I had founded in 2005. She has also volunteered with various public information programs of observatories situated at Mauna Kea, Big Island of Hawaii. My personal opinion of Gesanna is that she is a well-grounded person not given to flights of fancy. She describes her own personal journey to becoming an oracle for the IBOC as beginning with her initial resistance to the information. Gesanna eventually accepted the authenticity of the telepathic information she was receiving and began verbally channeling the IBOC to a small group in Roswell, New Mexico in early 2013. Her initial four IBOC Communiques were taped and then transcribed. The six subsequent communiques, to date, have been psychographically received and released.

When I first read the information in the IBOC communications, it immediately resonated as something worth taking seriously. I have been familiar with the work of many channelers, and I consider the communiqués received by Gesanna to be on par with the best. Here I’m thinking primarily about the RA Material, which is widely respected as among the best, if not the best ET/UFO related channeled material. The RA material also describes an evolutionary process of Ascension and how this impacts on different worlds and societies. What Gesanna has transmitted from An T’na/IBOC takes us to a new level of understanding what Ascension means for us personally, and also what it means for the universe as a whole. Can the universe itself ascend in a way that ends physical live as we know it? This is the most dramatic piece of information contained in the Communiques and it’s worth considering whether such a process is possible.

Graphic representation of the Intergalactic Board of Council: An T’na (Council spokesperson) and members materializing into Physical Form. Credit: contact2ascension.com
Graphic representation of the Intergalactic Board of Council: An T’na (Council spokesperson) and members materializing into Physical Form. Credit: contact2ascension.com

Recently, there has been much scientific interest in the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle that was first theorized in 1964. The building of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland from 1998 to 2008 was largely undertaken to confirm whether or not something called the “Higgs Field” existed, and this could be done by discovering an associated particle called the Higgs Boson. The discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012 simultaneously confirmed the existence of the Higgs Field. The importance of the Higgs Field is that it is what gives the fundamental particles of the physical universe their mass. Without the Higgs Field, electrons, protons, etc., would have no mass which would mean that the universe, as we know it, could not exist.

What scientists have found with the confirmation of the Higgs Field is that it is inherently unstable. Due to the size of the Higgs Boson particle, the universe wide Higgs Field can change at any time which would mean that the mass of fundamental particles would also change. A change in the Higgs Field where mass increased, would lead to particles having a stronger gravitational force of attraction. This would lead to the physical universe imploding in the manner described as the “Big Crunch”, which is the reverse of the Big Bang. Rather than the Big Crunch being a remote possibility billions of years in our future, it is going to happen in the near future according to the IBOC. Such an alarming possibility has recently been the subject of a number of scientific studies speculating about what is known so far about the Higgs Field. Scientific American recently published an article titled, “How the Higgs Boson Might Spell Doom for the Universe,” and announced:

 Under the simplest assumptions, the measured mass of the Higgs could mean the universe is unstable and destined to fall apart.” But don’t worry—it won’t happen for billions of eons.

Scientists from the University of Southern Denmark were not as confident that the universe would fall apart billions of years in the future. In a Press Release titled: “Collapse of the universe is closer than ever before,” the University of Southern Denmark announced:

 Maybe it happens tomorrow. Maybe in a billion years. Physicists have long predicted that the universe may one day collapse, and that everything in it will be compressed to a small hard ball. New calculations from physicists at the University of Southern Denmark now confirm this prediction – and they also conclude that the risk of a collapse is even greater than previously thought.

The IBOC claims that this universe wide ascension process involving a dissolution of the “physical universe” is known on many worlds. The leaders on some worlds inform their citizenry, who then make the choice to ascend with the current universe, or migrate to a new universe. No judgment is held as to which choice is made as it is implicitly understood that the choice is what the indwelling soul of an individual, planet or sun, desires. On Earth, the ruling elite have chosen not to inform their citizenry with the purpose of creating as much chaos and confusion as possible to minimize the number of individual souls that will choose the ascension path. The IBOC tells us that the Earth itself, as a planetary embodied soul, has chosen to Ascend, and indeed has begun doing so.

From Contact to Ascension tells about frequency jamming technologies that have been developed to cut off the connection between the brain and soul. Cell phone technologies in particular achieve this subtle goal which results in increased materiality. Generally speaking, the communication technologies that have become a mainstay of our post-industrial society, have the effect of cutting off the connection between soul and brain, thereby making humanity easier to manipulate. The solution according to IBOC is to spend more time attuning to nature since the Earth herself has chosen to ascend. Spending time in nature, whether it is by the ocean, in forests, in gardens, etc., all help to reestablish the vital connection between the soul and brain that is vital for the ascension process that is envisaged to take between 20-25 years to complete for the Earth.

In addition to the ascension process, the IBOC tells us about an upcoming “Contact Event” that involves extraterrestrials openly appearing and interacting with humanity. This will be relatively soon according to the IBOC. The upcoming Contact Event comprises two broad groupings of extraterrestrials. There will be ascending extraterrestrials, those who like ascending human souls, will evolve with the Earth and other planets to the upper triad. There will also be non-ascending or migrating extraterrestrials, who will be traveling to a new universe. The choice of which extraterrestrial group to work with will be up to each individual based on their stance on the ascension process.

A vitally important distinction is made between “public disclosure” and “official disclosure” by the IBOC. Public disclosure refers to efforts by private citizens that have established contact with extraterrestrials to share this information with the public in an unrestricted uncensored way. It is through public disclosure that the world will learn the truth about the different groups of extraterrestrials interacting with our planet. Public disclosure will also reveal the existence of the benevolent extraterrestrials and ascended beings that are helping humanity deal with its many problems, and prepare interested individuals for the upcoming Ascension.

Official disclosure is a contingency plan devised by government and corporate entities involved in the decades-long extraterrestrial cover up to reveal some aspects of the existence of extraterrestrial life. This would be done deceptively in order to maintain the agendas and power bases of secret government/corporate entities. Official disclosure would focus on fearful scenarios that mislead the public about “evil aliens” in a way that results in political representatives giving carte blanche to the national security apparatus to deal with extraterrestials as they see fit. The IBOC thereby strongly recommends that public disclosure efforts are accelerated so that it preempts the official disclosure plan that is waiting in the wings to be released.  The IBOC recommends a world-wide program of citizen initiatives to educate the public about extraterrestrial life. Benevolent extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings would assist the public disclosure initiatives wherever necessary. The main benefit of the upcoming Contact Event is that individuals that are ready for it will receive the information they need in order to deal with the ascension process.

From Contact to Ascension: Timely Information from members of the Intergalactic Board of Council, gives the reader much material to seriously consider. A universe-wide ascension process, Ascended Beings silently assisting us, extraterrestrial contact, dissolution of the physical universe as we know it, etc. How much of the material is accurate and true? In my opinion, there is much in the IBOC that is consistent with what science is now telling us about the stability of the universe, and what other respected channeled sources such as the RA material have been telling us about Ascension. As far as extraterrestrial contact is concerned, I agree with the IBOC that it is imminent. This is reflected in the ongoing public disclosure events happening around the planet, and the saturation media coverage of the possibility of extraterrestrial life emerging from the ongoing scientific confirmation of habitable exoplanets.

The IBOC communiques are available for free online or in book form. Ultimately, it’s up to each reader to decide the relevance of the IBOC communiques for their lives. Whatever your personal choice, there is little doubt that in the next 20-25 years, life as we know it is going to change in ways that will seem fantastic to us in our present circumstances. I highly recommend being open to the possibility that the insights in the IBOC communiques are navigation beacons for a fantastic journey that lies ahead.

Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.
Founder, Exopolitics Institute
Jan 13, 2014

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