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Newfound Artifacts May Prove Aliens Visited Mexico 5,000 Years Ago

by Matthew Loffhagen               January 29, 2018              (outerplaces.com)

• A YouTube video by ‘UFOmania – the truth is out there’ (see 2:33 video below), shows a series of 5000-year-old artifacts that look a lot like extraterrestrial beings and spacecraft.

• The artifacts have been in the possession of the local Mexican farmers who presumably found them. There are “tons more where they came from” say the farmers. They apparently brought in veteran relic researcher, Klaus Dona.

• It remains uncertain whether these are the genuine article, or whether the artifacts truly depict aliens and spaceships. They could be just run-of-the mill humans with big eyes and over-sized heads, showing off their fancy dinnerware.


Mexico is experiencing a surge of alien activity, recent reports suggest.

Earlier this month, witnesses reported a mysterious craft flying over parts of the Central American country, providing us with our first noteworthy UFO sighting of the year.

Then, archeologists discovered what they believe to be a loose map of the universe in a crater in Mexico, based on the knowledge that the natives had at the time, and depicting spheres as floating in an inky black sky.

Now, many dedicated alien truthers are getting excited about much older accounts of alien encounters as recorded through the medium of ancient Mexican art and sculpture.

A YouTube video from UFOmania – The truth is out there shows off a series of intriguing ancient artifacts, purported to be 5,000-year-old relics in the possession of Mexican farmers, which seem to depict humanoid beings that look very similar to our typical interpretation of aliens in the modern era.

A text-to-speech voice that starts the video explains a little of the backstory behind these artifacts, but as is always the case with these kinds of conspiracy theories, concrete details are sketchy at best. The pictures have no sources nor explanations, and the video merely implies a tangential connection to artifacts that have been studied by researcher Klaus Dona, a recurring player in the UFO truther community.



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