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ZlandCommunications to sponsor Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Press Release


Toronto, Canada – [ZNN] The ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Corus Entertainment to sponsor Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on Talk Radio AM640 in Toronto. The on-air sponsorship will begin Monday October 29.2012.

Based in Toronto Canada, the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork is an independent news service dedicated to the compilation, distribution and analysis of news and intelligence related to the national security and political implications of the Disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence now engaging the human race.

By examining the massive compendium of declassified government documents that reside in international and North American government archives and, by investigating the testimony of former military and intelligence personnel, ZNN has discovered – beyond any doubt – that the UFO/ET issue has been discussed, analyzed, assessed and sequestered at the highest levels of governance and military authority on the planet.

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, believed to be the most popular late night radio program in North America, provides stimulating discussions of the paranormal phenomena, UFOs, time travel and all things curious and unexplained – stories the mainstream media never touch.

Coast to Coast AM airs on over 500 stations in North America and is heard by three million weekly listeners including fans across Southern Ontario who tune in the program exclusively on Talk Radio AM640 in Toronto.

Tune in to Coast to Coast AM overnights on Talk Radio AM640 in the Greater Toronto Area or listen live on the net at: Talk Radio AM640

Visit the ZlandCommunications NewsNetwork for breaking news on UFO Disclosure and to be brought up-to-date on related events through press releases, editorials and web links to the most profound issue of our day – We are not alone.

UFOs are real – The government knows it and now… so do you.



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