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Amateur Astronomer ‘Captures 35 UFOs Zooming Through Space’ While Examining Moon

by Callum Hoare                    September 5, 2018                      (dailystar.co.uk)

• Amateur astronomer, Alessio, in Rome, Italy, was using a small telescope to video record the surface of the Moon on August 1st when he recorded several dozen UFOs flying across the screen. (see 1:18 minute video below on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly)


A video was shot by amateur astronomer Alessio in Rome, Italy, which may prove aliens are real.

The man was using a small telescope to take a closer look at the lunar surface when he noticed a number of anomalies fly across the screen.

He detailed that there is no possibility they could be bugs or birds due to the altitude they were captured at.

Alessio says he was recording on August 1, a day after the Blood Moon, to get a good look in the clear weather.

The clip was shared on YouTube channel The Hidden Underbelly yesterday, where it has racked up more than 3,200 hits already.

And viewers were quick to share their opinions.

“Very odd, they don’t look or behave like birds, being the first thing people will say, other than that they’re all flying in the same direction,” one comment revealed.

Another added: “Wow! This is incredible! This video validates many claims of military bases on the moon or in space.

“Or could it be an alien school of UFOs?”

1:18 minute video of multiple UFOs traveling across the surface of the Moon



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