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UFO Creators ‘Looked Exactly Like Us’ Says Author Who Backs Einstein Theory

Listen to “E60 8-9-19 UFO Creators ‘Looked Exactly Like Us’ Author Backs Einstein Theory” on Spreaker.

Article by Ciaran McGrath                      July 27, 2019                   (express.co.uk)

• KM Lewis, a UFO researcher and author of the book on Area 51 entitled: The Thirteenth Guardian, believes that a saucer did in fact crash near Roswell, NM. However, Lewis says, “I don’t believe the occupants were little green men.” “We have been searching for the truth,” says Lewis, “… but the wrong truth, in my opinion.” Lewis says that the truth that we have been missing is that, while the Roswell occupants came from a different star system, they are in fact our distant ancestors. “The question is: What happened to them? Why did they leave Earth? That’s what I believe the secrecy is all about,” says Lewis.

• “What if all those futuristic sci-fi movies (flying cars, intergalactic travel at warp speed, teleportation etc) is not the future, but the past?” Lewis reasons that if these advanced humans are the UFOs that we see in our skies, then the UFO’s that the government is keeping in Area 51 are actually from a civilization that began on Earth. So this “’extraterrestrial technology’ in Area 51 turns out to be pretty terrestrial.” says Lewis.

• “Our forebears, people just like you and I, were much more intelligent than we acknowledge,” says Lewis. “The tech to travel from planet to planet in very little time is not new; it is forgotten. We have done it before – but a very long time ago.”

• Lewis continues, “Albert Einstein, an avid student of the UFO phenomenon, once said that UFOs are man-made flying machines built by a very advanced ancient civilization that left Earth 20,000 years ago for some unknown reason.” “The idea that some of our forebears left Earth for some unknown reason according to Einstein, would explain why our planet is so special to them. It’s home.”

[Editor’s Note]  With all due respect to Albert Einstein, and not having read The Thirteenth Guardian, it seems as though this author is determined to isolate the human race in a vacuum of uninhabited space. But the galaxy is said to contain thousands of human-like civilizations at various levels of development. These humans look nearly identical to us, except they have a variety of skin colors and hair patterns, and they are typically smaller than Earth humans. Do all of these originate from a human species on the Earth from 20,000 years ago? No. Also, would these advanced humans themselves crash their saucer in New Mexico? Or would they use more ‘disposable’ android beings to pilot and crash these saucers (perhaps on purpose to provide us with new technology), rather than risk their own lives? KM Lewis and Albert Einstein may not have thought their theories through completely. Or it could be that they simply didn’t have the level of knowledge of extraterrestrials that we do today. Still, I would say that they were on the right track. Ours is a galaxy dominated by human-like civilizations, waiting for the right time to reveal themselves and offer their assistance in ridding our planet of the negative extraterrestrial beings that have enslaved us in this false reality, and help us to advance our technology, our social system, and our spiritual consciousness.


The base was in the news recently after a Facebook event entitled Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us, and fixed for 3am on September 20, attracted vast numbers of people who have pledged to take part, with the current total standing at 1.8 million. KM Lewis, who has written a novel about Area 51 entitled The Thirteenth Guardian, fully acknowledges the Facebook event was started as a “joke” – but believes the truth really is “in there”. He told Express.co.uk: “We have been searching for the truth… but the wrong truth, in my opinion.

“According to some researchers, Albert Einstein, an avid student of the UFO phenomenon, once said that UFOs are man-made flying machines built by a very advanced ancient civilisation that left Earth 20,000 years ago for some unknown reason.

“It’s a crazy idea, on the face of it – but my research suggests that it is not as far fetched an idea as one might think.”
Mr Lewis, who said he had been researching the subject for ten years, added: “I believe something may very well have crashed in Roswell/Area 51… but I don’t believe the occupants were little green men.

“They looked exactly like us; but they came from the stars.

“They looked like us because they are our far, distant forebears.

“The question is: What happened to them? Why did they leave Earth? That’s what I believe the secrecy is all about.

“The ‘extraterrestrial technology’ in Area 51 turns out to be pretty terrestrial.

“What if all those futuristic sci-fi movies (flying cars, intergalactic travel at warp speed, teleportation etc) is not the future, but the past?

“As I did my research, I was so shaken to my core, I thought the only way to tell the story was through a novel – The Thirteenth Guardian.



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India Scientists Dismiss Einstein Theories

January 7, 2019            (bbc.com)

• Under Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist BJP party in India, pseudoscience has moved from the fringe to the mainstream. Academics are embellishing science with instances of Hindu mythology and religious-based theories. And the hard-line Indian scientists don’t like it.

• Mainstream Indian scientists have criticized speakers at conferences, such as the recent 106th Indian Science Congress, for making irrational claims including: Hindus invented stem cell research thousands of years ago; the ancient Hindu epic, Ramayana, revealed that India had 24 types of aircraft and a network of landing strips in modern day Sri Lanka; Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were both wrong and that gravitational waves should be renamed “Narendra Modi Waves”; cosmetic surgery was practiced in India thousands of years ago (as evidenced by the Hindu god Ganesha – whose elephant head is attached to a human body); the Hindu god, Brahma, discovered dinosaurs and documented them in ancient Indian scriptures; and that nuclear tests were conducted in the sub-continent more than 100,000 years ago.

• Lawmaker Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank prompted outrage in 2014 when he said that “science is a dwarf in front of astrology”.

• The Indian Scientific Congress Association expressed “serious concern” at these types of remarks. Critics say that while ancient texts should be read and enjoyed – it was nonsense to suggest they represented science. Indian economist Kaushik Basu said, “For a nation to progress it is important for people to spend time on science, mathematics and literature instead of spending time showing that 5,000 years ago their ancestors did science, mathematics and literature.”

[Editor’s Note]   There is evidence to suggest that much of the advanced technologies described in ancient texts, particularly Hindu texts which contain abundant references to ancient technology, are more real than myth. But this threatens mainstream science which doesn’t want us to imagine any type of technology beyond the status quo, because this is reserved for the elite and powerful who regularly employ advanced technologies in their secret space programs and secretive breakaway civilizations. The elite would prefer that we wallow on the surface of this planet using our regulated electrical power sources and petroleum-based combustion engines while they benefit from anti-gravity, electro-magnetic propulsion, warp drive, temporal drive, dark energy, zero-point energy, wormholes, portals, stargates and other ‘exotic’ technologies in their off-planet endeavors. I applaud the new wave of academics and scientists who refuse to be constricted by the limits placed on our society by the disingenuous elite who have manipulated our Earth society over the past century.


Scientists in India have hit out at speakers at a major conference for making irrational claims, including that ancient Hindus invented stem cell research.

Some academics at the annual Indian Science Congress dismissed the findings of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.
Hindu mythology and religion-based theories have increasingly become part of the Indian Science Congress agenda.
But experts said remarks at this year’s summit were especially ludicrous.

The 106th Indian Science Congress, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, runs from 3-7 January.
The head of a southern Indian university cited an old Hindu text as proof that stem cell research was discovered in India thousands of years ago.

G Nageshwar Rao, vice chancellor of Andhra University, also said a demon king from the Hindu religious epic, Ramayana, had 24 types of aircraft and a network of landing strips in modern day Sri Lanka.

Another scientist from a university in the southern state of Tamil Nadu told conference attendees that Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein were both wrong and that gravitational waves should be renamed “Narendra Modi Waves”.

Dr KJ Krishnan reportedly said Newton failed to “understand gravitational repulsive forces” and Einstein’s theories were “misleading”.

Critics said that while ancient texts should be read and enjoyed – it was nonsense to suggest they represented science.
The Indian Scientific Congress Association expressed “serious concern” at the remarks.

“We don’t subscribe to their views and distance ourselves from their comments. This is unfortunate,” Premendu P Mathur, general secretary of Indian Scientific Congress Association, told the AFP news agency.
“There is a serious concern about such kind of utterances by responsible people.”



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Massive Pole Shifts are Cyclic according to Declassified CIA Document

Ben Davidson, founder of Space Weather News, began his six part Earth Catastrophe Cycle video series by discussing a 57 page booklet called “The Adam and Eve Story” authored by “Chan Thomas”, which was classified by the CIA at some point after its 1963 publication, and declassified in part on June 24, 2013 with the release of a sanitized digital version on the CIA’s website. Thomas’ analysis of cyclic pole shifts was different in key respects to what was being proposed at the time by Charles Hapgood in his seminal book, The Earth’s Shifting Crust (1958).

According to Davidson, it was Thomas more accurate explanation for how a pole shift happens, which led to the CIA classifying Thomas’ book.  The Adam and Eve Story was first published in 1963 by Emerson House, with a third edition published in 1965, and then republished by Bengal Tiger Press in 1993. It is not clear when, why and how the CIA classified Thomas book, but the fact that the CIA chose to release a declassified sanitized version in 2013 is very significant.

In part 1 of his video series, Davidson contrasts Hapgood’s wandering pole hypothesis with the pole shift described in the CIA suppressed book by Thomas. Hapgood wrote of a pole shift of up to 40 degrees that could recur every 5000 years or so in The Earth’s Shifting Crust where earlier geographical poles would wander on the Earth’s surface with each crustal displacement.

Instead, Thomas wrote of a massive shift of almost 90 degrees  that would move both poles into the tropics in less than a day, and then back to their earlier polar positions after the next cycle:

In ¼ to ½ a day the poles move almost to the equator, and all hell lets loose. The atmosphere and oceans don’t shift with the shell – they just keep on rotating West to East – and at the equator that speed is 1000 miles per hour. It has to be, normally, to make one rotation per day. So, while the shell shifts with the poles going toward the equator, the winds and oceans go eastward, blowing across the face of the earth with supersonic speeds, inundating continents with water miles deep….

You can see, then,  that ice ages are not a matter of advancing and retreating ice; it’s simply that different areas of the Earth are in polar regions at different times, for different durations of time, with the changes between positions taking place in a fraction of a day. [The Adam and Eve Story, pp.13-14]

Thomas provided a table illustrating how the North pole, for example, would switch back and forth between northern hemisphere regions after experiencing close to a 90 degree tilt.

The Adam and Eve Story, p. 17.

It is Thomas’ conclusion of cyclic pole shifts of almost 90 degrees that flip the poles back and forth over millennia that Davidson identified as the key reason the CIA classified Thomas’ work. If the North and South poles flipped back and forth 90 degrees, there would be little evidence of previous pole shifts since these would be buried under thick layers of ice.

This takes us to the science of paleomagnetics – the study of the record of the Earth’s magnetic field in rocks, minerals or archeological materials – which has been used to determine the historic movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles.

Davidson cited a number of scholarly articles which studied paleomagnetic data from volcanic hotspots. A highly regarded 1985 paleomagnetic study titled, “True polar wander: An analysis of Cenozoic and Mesozoic paleomagnetic poles” found “the pole has moved 22 deg + or 10 deg in the past 180 m.y.[million years].” This was far less than the 40 degree wandering pole hypothesis that Hapgood proposed in an approximate 5000 year period.

A subsequent 2001 study titled  “Stability of the Earth with respect to the spin axis for the last 130 million years” concluded that “the time-averaged position of the spin axis has deviated by no more than ˜5° over the last 130 million yr, indicating that mantle mass heterogeneities have not changed rapidly enough to drive TPW [True Polar Wander].” Davidson cited these and a 2018 study as the key elements of the body of scientific evidence refuting Hapgood’s wandering pole hypothesis.

However, as Davidson pointed out, the scientific data from paleomagnetic studies did not address Thomas’ theory of the poles flipping back and forth over geologic time, thereby giving the appearance that the poles had not moved over millions of years as researchers had mistakenly concluded:

All work crushing the theory utilizes these flawed studies, especially the long term average pole position and none address the problem of a ping pong shift where you would have that time average pole position appearing to be in the same position over millions of years.

Davidson goes as far as suggesting that Hapgood, who worked for the CIA’s predecessor the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, conducted a “limited hangout” with his 1958 book to get some of the truth out into the public arena, but doing so in a way that could be eventually discredited.

Davidson cited a 1994 book titled World in Peril about the once classified information provided by an Arctic polar explorer, Major Maynard White, who told his son, Ken (the book’s author), about secret Pentagon meetings in 1948 where suppression of evidence of cyclic pole shifts was discussed:

At one of the scientific meetings that Major White attended in the Pentagon in early 1948, the scientists discussed the advisability of alerting the public to the pending polar-flip phenomenon. None of the scientist would agree to withhold the information from the public, but, on the other hand, neither could they agree on how to release it. The knowledge of this phenomenon, some felt, could in itself destroy the moral fiber of society. Their fears were apparently unfounded when, in the early 1950s, information about the flip phenomenon was released in both a newspaper column and a magazine article, but surprisingly generated no responses from an apparently stunned parochial or incredulous public.

Given the amount of scientific data presented by Davidson in his Earth Catastrophe Cycle series, it’s clear that physical pole shifts of approximately 90 degrees have been historically recorded, and that this became known to government authorities as early as 1948.

This takes us to the critical question: “What is the trigger for a geophysical pole shift?”

Hapgood, along with Albert Einstein, who wrote the preface to Hapgood’s 1958 book, believed that the accumulation of ice at the North and South poles would be the trigger for a crustal displacement (geophysical pole shift). Einstein explained the triggering mechanism as follows:

In a polar region there is continual deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed about the pole. The earth’s rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited masses, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the rigid crust of the earth. The constantly increasing centrifugal momentum produced in this way will, when it has reached a certain point, produce a movement of the earth’s crust over the rest of the earth’s body, and this will displace the polar regions toward the equator.

Davidson asserts in part 1 of his series that Einstein eventually broke with Hapgood when he realized that the amount of ice at the poles would be insufficient to trigger a crustal displacement as he had earlier concluded from Hapgood’s data.

In contrast to Hapgood, Thomas believed the explanation was that something in the Earth’s interior was occurring that was the triggering mechanism. Thomas wrote:

… once every few thousand years neutral matter escapes from the 860-mile [1385 km] radius inner core into the 1300-mile [2092 km] thick molten outer core, and there is a literal atomic explosion inside the Earth. The explosion in the high energy layer of the outer core disrupts completely the electrical and magnetic structure in both the molten outer core and the outer 60-mile thick molten layer. Finally, the ice caps are allowed to pull the shell of the earth around the interior, with the shallow molten layers lubricating the shift all the way. [The Adam and Eve Story, p.14]

Thomas likens the “neutral matter” escaping Earth’s inner core to the plasma in a solar burst since these are based on what he claimed was the same governing universal principle found in the atom and galaxies. Consequently, Thomas is suggesting that the triggering mechanism for the sun emitting a solar flash or micronova, is similar to what triggers the Earth’s inner core to release waves of energy that ultimately shift both the magnetic and physical poles by as much as 90 degrees, in a cyclic pattern.

In World in Peril, the triggering mechanism is described as a flip in the Earth’s magnetic field as cited by Davidson:

It was determined through repeated experimentation that as the “magnetic pole approached the “geographic pole, the “magnetic” pole would at some point accelerate its rate of convergence as though pulled toward the “geographic” pole by centripetal force and jump to coincide; but instead of the poles coinciding, the “magnetic” pole would rapidly “flip” around the “geographic” pole, them spin off towards the equator as though by centrifugal force, ending up at a position where the two axes assumed an approximate 89-degree divergence. After this polar “flip” occurred, the axes would then gradually begin to reconverge over a long period of time.

According to the classified information received by Major White and his USAF Arctic reconnaissance unit, the magnetic pole flip would be the trigger for a crustal displacement leading to an almost 90 degree geophysical pole shift, as explained in the description to the World in Peril:

World in Peril … provides an explanation, based on the unit’s findings, of how Pentagon scientists determined our globe has evolved in prehistory, and how another earth-reshaping cataclysm is imminent!  Now we can understand why mammoths and mastodons found in the arctic permafrost had been instantaneously frozen with subtropical vegetation in their mouths and stomachs.  World in Peril may be the only book in print that accurately explains the elusive triggering mechanism for the phenomena known to scientists for over 200 years as “crustal shift,” and what it implies.

It’s important to emphasize the complementary nature of the triggering mechanisms found in Thomas’ The Adam and Eve Story and White’s information in World in Peril.

White essentially described an internal geological process by which a magnetic pole flip would lead to a crustal displacement so the two sets of poles (magnetic and geophysical) would briefly realign at opposite ends of the equator. The magnetic poles would then gradually realign with the new geophysical North and South poles until the cycle repeated itself with the former geophysical poles flipping back to their former positions.

Some unknown event inside the Earth would trigger both the magnetic pole flip and the crustal displacement according to the information acquired by White, and had been suppressed by national security officials.

Thomas’ book explains the internal mechanism which triggers the pole shifts. The neutral matter he described is basically the functional equivalent of a micronova or solar flare being emitted by the Earth’s inner core. Consequently, any evidence of the Earth’s interior generating something analogous to increased solar activity is an important clue to a pole shift occurring in the near future.

Davidson’s six part series makes a cogent case for a connection between cyclic micronovas and historic pole shifts of almost 90 degrees, which occur in a back and forth flipping action making it appear that the present poles have been in their respective positions for millions of years, as paleomagnetic studies have mistakenly concluded.

Furthermore, his emphasis on the information proposed by Thomas and White as crustal displacement being triggered by internal geological events, rather than external events such as accumulation of ice at the poles, leads to a correct focus on something happening inside Earth’s molten core.

The historic data and analyses presented by Davidson point to something simultaneously triggering eruptions of “neutral matter” from the inner Earth core, and from the sun in the form of micronovas. This takes us finally to the role played by cosmic rays as the elusive trigger mechanism, and recent scientific data showing these recently emerging out of Antarctica and a possible connection to mysterious global seismic waves.

To be continued. For Part 1, click here

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