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UFO Caught on Camera Moments Before Cloaking and Hiding

by Julio Cachila                      May 25, 2019                       (ibtimes.com)

• A four-year-old girl in Airdrie, Scotland, a town in North Lanarkshire, pointed out an object in the night sky to her father, who then video recorded the UFO above a tree line. The footage shows the UFO as it was hovering, but then it suddenly vanishes. The girl’s father can be heard saying “it just disappeared.” (see 2:34 minute video of UFO cloaking below)

• The eyewitness says “the craft engaging it’s ‘Cloaking technology’ because the UFO didn’t fly out of view, it simply vanished.” It did vanish into thin air, and was nowhere to be found after that.

• With today’s technology and a bit of acting, UFO “sightings” can be easily faked. A video from 2018, posted by YouTuber SECTION 51 2.0 titled “Ring-shaped UFOS in ICELAND (CGI)”, for example, shows how computer-generated UFOs can look real. The video shows two huge ring-shaped UFOs flying off the coast of southern Iceland. They are “caught on camera” by a woman who was making sounds like she was terrified. Despite the YouTuber’s honesty in saying the video featured CGI, some viewers still believed the video and thought that the UFOs featured were real because of the woman’s “petrified” voice. (see 3:33 minute fake CGI video of ring craft over Iceland below)


A UFO enthusiast shared some footage of what he claimed to be a UFO sighting in Scotland. The footage showed the alleged UFO as it was hovering, but suddenly vanished.

Self-titled UFO expert Scott Waring shared a video of a UFO flying above trees in Airdrie, a town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. He said the video was posted on YouTube by a “reliable UFO expert” with a YouTube account named “The Hidden Underbelly 2.0.” Waring shared the video on the ET Database.

The video showed something dark colored hovering in the sky above the trees near a house where the person holding the camera was. Waring said that according to an eyewitness, the flying object was first spotted by a four-year-old girl, followed by her father who, after a few moments, “realised that this was a UFO.”

Soon, the “UFO” moved slowly towards the trees, but before it could actually hide from plain sight behind the foliage, it suddenly vanished. A man, likely the girl’s father, could be heard saying “it just disappeared.”

2:34 minute video of UFO cloaking over Airdrie, Scotland
(The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 YouTube video)

3:33 minute CGI video of ring craft over Iceland (SECTION 51 2.0 YouTube channel)



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