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DeLonge’s UFO Team Studying Alien Metal

by MJ Banias                     August 4, 2018                     (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• Tom DeLonge’s (pictured above) public benefit corporation ‘To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science’ has announced its “flagship” research project, the ‘Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials’, known as A.D.A.M. To collect and evaluate material samples from crashed UFOs.

• These ‘meta-materials’ are typically an amalgamation of alloys not found on Earth and of “unknown origin”, constructed from multiple elements to form composite metals. They have the ability to manipulate and absorb electromagnetic waves to allow a spaceship to cloak itself from view or radar. It can also enhance a communication transmission signal.

• It seems that with the recent prominence of To The Stars Academy, people have been bringing to them small pieces of UFO debris they’d been keeping. “Due to the widespread publicity that TTSA has received, individuals claiming possession of materials that might be from advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin have come forth and have agreed to provide them to TTSA for analysis,” said Dr. Hal Puthoff who serves as Vice President of Science and Technology for To the Stars Academy. Meta-materials seem to be the ‘next big thing’ in UFO research.

• The project is being headed up by Dr. Puthoff’s own EarthTech International under a “very straightforward contractual relationship” with To the Stars Academy. “The results will be provided to TTSA for their dissemination as they see fit,” said Puthoff.

• Asked whether they had any strange meta-materials in their possession, Puthoff responded, “Materials with interesting claimed histories have been provided, but technical evaluation of them is yet to be carried out, so it is too early to say.”

• Critics in the UFO community have suggested that this is just an attempt by To the Stars Academy to remain relevant. Others have suggested that this is just one big government conspiracy to scoop up UFO meta-materials and hide them away from the public.

• Looking at the overall history of UFO studies, no single project or program has ever succeeded in solving the enigma. Will the A.D.A.M. Project create a new type of conductive material for everyday use while the UFO phenomenon itself remains as elusive as ever? How will we perceive meta-materials in two decades when it is in our everyday gadgets? Once we have become masters of meta-material technology, what will become the ‘next big thing’?


Last week, To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA), Tom DeLonge’s public benefit corporation dedicated to seeking answers to the UFO mystery, announced that it was launching its “flagship” research project.

The Acquisition and Data Analysis of Materials, known as A.D.A.M., focuses on, “the collection and scientific evaluation of material samples obtained through reliable reports of advanced aerospace vehicles of unknown origin.”

              Dr. Hal Puthoff
This material often referred to as ‘meta-materials,’ is usually a bizarre collection and amalgamation of alloys. Not found in nature, meta-materials are constructed from multiple elements to form composite metals. The various elements are arranged in patterns, often on the microscopic level, to manipulate electromagnetic waves. They can bend these waves, absorb them, enhance them and block them for a variety of purposes. Technologically, this is an important frontier that has been talked about a lot in physics.

Building an aircraft, for example, out of a specific meta-material which absorbs EM radiation would fundamentally make it invisible on radar, and even, with the right combination of elements, the naked eye. Perhaps you wanted to transmit a signal, like a radio wave. If the antenna used to transmit the signal is made out of this fancy new meta-material, you could fashion it using certain patterns of elements that would significantly enhance the signal and cast it across a great distance.

The A.D.A.M. project is suggesting that anomalous aerial phenomena, UFOs basically, seem to be leaving similar materials behind. Basically, little bits of unknown aerial vehicles are showing up. While stories and accounts of UFO debris fill the narrative, like a crashed flying saucer outside of Roswell, meta-materials seem to be the next big thing in UFO research. While there exists significant disagreement on the whole UFO meta-material thing, the project is being headed up by Dr. Hal Puthoff and EarthTech International.

Dr. Puthoff has a long history in dealing with esoteric stuff, such as parapsychology and UFOs. That being said, he is an established scientist, educated at Stanford University, who focuses on exotic physics. While he has many critics, to any card-carrying member of the UFO community, he is a big name.


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