Stanley Fulham dies – leaves legacy of UFO/ET predictions

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Stanley Arthur Fulham (Capt, ret. RCAF)

Stanley A. Fulham, a retired Captain from the Royal Canadian Air Force, died on December 19, 2010 after a battle with cancer. Fulham came to the attention of the UFO/exopolitics community with his recently published book, Challenges of Change, where he made a number of predictions concerning the appearance of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. His prediction of UFOs over New York City on October 13 attracted international media attention when unidentified objects did show up and were witnessed by thousands. The closure of New York’s three major airports on the same day has been claimed to be linked to the UFO sighting. He next set of predictions concerned UFOs appearing over Moscow in early January 2011, being followed one week later with UFOs showing up over London.

If UFOs do appear over Moscow and London, as Fulham predicted, then further predictions in his book will gain closer scrutiny. Among these is his prediction that UFOs will appear more frequently in 2011 culminating in a face-to-face encounter between extraterrestrials and major world leaders at the United Nations. He said in his most recent public statement on December 3:

Interventions will then accelerate, not so much over our cities, but dispersed over our continents with sightings increasing in duration. The intent of these interventions is to increase mankind’s acceptance of the alien phenomena, so that hopefully, we will be prepared to accept a face-to-face encounter and communicate, perhaps as early as next year (2011)…. Objective—a dramatic introduction of the alien reality—an appearance at the United Nations.

Details of Captain Fulham’s passing was released by his family after a memorial service on Dec 23. An obituary of Captain Fulham’s life is found here. Stanley Fulham’s website featuring articles, interviews and information about his book is available here.

Some articles about Stanley Fulham:

Stanley Fulham was a brave man who lived the final years of his life dedicated to disseminating the truth about extraterrestrial life. He will be missed by many. May he rest in peace.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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  • it is a sad fate that someone has to live his or her friends and family. this sad fact entails money to give that person a good burial. speaking of which, i found here something interesting.In accordance with AOL News, the cost of making a dollar bill exceeds its value. That’s why Senators Shelby, Casey and Harkin are continuing a battle that in one form or another has been fought since U.S. President Andrew Jackson held office in the 1830s. With respect to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Senators are calling on Congress, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury to pull $1 notes from circulation and substitute them outright with $1 coins.

  • For centuries, furtune-tellers made their predictions for the future with an already built-in excuse. In the space-age mythology of the exo-UFoolOistic fortune-telling, this isn’t any longer riquired. Every augur can 100% rely on the fact, either a sky-lantern, meteor or a plane will be misidentified on the predicted date and location, or, a willful hoaxer will spend a handful bucks to release some helium-balloons (or something else) at the right time. The New-Yourk ‘UFO’ incident was clearly caused by a bunch of party-balloons – while the ‘upcoming’ Moscow-event might be caused by sky-lanterns. Preferrable released in the triple-configuration to create the right exo-ufoistic impression of a huge ‘flying triangle’. And it will work – just because exo-ufoism is based on faith instead of science.

  • At just before 8:00 this evening, five orange lights appeared in the sky by my home in West Milford, NJ above the lake. Three came first and then two more appeared. I counted them twice…there were five in total. I was afraid at first, thinking terrorism, but then they seemed to dance around a bit. I screamed for my husband and daughter. They both witnessed the event as well as my neighbor. Another witness was driving down our road, stopped the car and asked what the h*** is that? I called 911, but by the time the police arrived the lights were gone. They were in the sky for what I would say was about two minutes. No rigid geometrical formation…just almost like a dance. I have to say it is the weirdest thing I ever saw, yet very beautiful at the same time and I almost feel blessed. The police took a report, I was NOT drinking. After trying to contact the FAA (please leave a message) and Homeland Security (sorry this doesn’t sound like a terroristic threat)…I felt at a loss. I’m not a loony, I have witnesses to what I saw. I started to do some searching and came across this site. I read that Fulham predicted the lights over Moscow in January…I live in northwest NJ and the lights were here. Thanks for listening…I just wanted people to know.

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