Most Extensive Search Through Space Confirms We Are Alone

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by Jessica Dunne                    June 19, 2019                       (

• The most comprehensive search for alien life to date has found we’re alone in the universe. For three years, the Breakthrough Listen project has searched 1,327 stars within an area covering 160 light years of Earth for signs of intelligent life. But the University of Berkeley researchers compare it to “searching for a needle in a haystack.” They came up with nothing.

• The Berkeley researchers used the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia and Australia’s Parkes telescope to find ‘technosignatures’ (i.e.: evidence of technologies) from other planets, while sifting through the plethora or signals coming from human technology on Earth.

• Tens of millions of signals were discarded through filtering techniques, and the team was then left with a handful of potential signatures that fit the bill. Researchers said that, “The few remaining technosignature candidates were carefully examined, and determined to be outlying examples of human-generated radio frequency interference that survived the two cuts.”

• But the team isn’t giving up hope of finding life out in the universe, says Breakthrough Listen Project scientist Dr. Danny Price. “We found no evidence of artificial signals from beyond Earth, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t intelligent life out there. We may just not have looked in the right place yet, or peered deep enough to detect faint signals.”

[Editor’s Note]   Once again, this “scientific” program plays right into the Deep State agenda of letting the public think that science is doing everything it can to find evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Does the fact that they’ve had no success prove that we humans are all alone in the universe? Or does it show that highly advanced extraterrestrials won’t be found so long as they don’t want to be found, and so long as the Deep State maintains its official government cover-up of a widespread extraterrestrial presence on and around our planet.


The most comprehensive search for alien life to date has found we’re alone in the universe, but scientists aren’t giving up hope.

Over a three-year period, the Breakthrough Listen project searched an area covering 1,327 stars within 160 light years of Earth for signs of intelligent life.

The University of Berkeley was behind the search for extraterrestrials, using the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia and Australia’s own Parkes telescope.

They said it was like “searching for a needle in a haystack”.

Researchers had to sift through the vast majority of signals coming from human technology to identify ‘technosignatures’.

“[Technosignatures are] evidence of technology (such as transmitters or propulsion devices) built by civilisations beyond Earth,” researchers said.

The first technique used looked for ‘narrow’ signatures that were too well-defined to come from natural sources.

A filter then removed signals that came from fixed points in the sky.

Researchers then compared scans of the area surrounding the star being targeted and removed signals not coming from that direction.



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