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Exoconsciousness: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright Leads UFO Class


downloadThe International Metaphysical University launches an online paranormal class taught by Exoconsciousness expert Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD

VIENNA, WV, April 25, 2013International Metaphysical University (IMU) is proud to announce a new course in the emerging fields of ufology and the paranormal—Introduction to Exoconsciousness—by Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright.

As creator of the term, as well as researcher and expert on Exoconsciousness, Rebecca’s course prepares students to move into the next phase of academic analysis in ufology—Consciousness.

According to Rebecca, “an Exoconscious world-view 1) clarifies the intention of our relationship with extraterrestrials, 2) constructs the framework for distinguishing between various extraterrestrial motivations and behaviors, 3) matures and advances us to higher states of consciousness for progression as an inter-planetary species and 4) opens possible communication and relationship with extraterrestrials.

Rebecca taught one of the first ufology courses in the nation. She works with zero point energy scientist and Apollo 14 Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and was trained by a Dr. Ruth Hover, a peer of Harvard Professor, Dr. John Mack.

Rebecca believes that “It is time for us to complement our commitment to the analysis of UFO sightings and craft with an examination of the influences and possible activation of consciousness via extraterrestrial visitation.

Through a series of twelve lectures, Rebecca opens the field of Exoconsciousness:

  • Foundational Pillars of Exoconsciousness: Quantum Physics and Subjective Experience
  • Survey of Types of Extraterrestrial Contact:  Experience, Abduction, Contact, Supernatural, and MILABS
  • Overview of Religion and Extraterrestrial Contact
  • Human- Extraterrestrial Origins: Historical, Scriptural, Mythological and Spiritual Evidence
  • History and Analysis of Mind Control: Research, Projects and Experiments
  • Quantum Holographic Consciousness: Principles, Manifestations and Subjective Experiences
  • Embodying Exoconsciousness: DNA, Genetics, Epigenetics
  • Exoconsciousness as Eighth Intelligence: Theory of Multiple Intelligence Proposing 8th Psychic Intelligence
  • Extraterrestrial Motivations and Hybridization
  • Exoconscious Abilities: Examination of Human Extraterrestrial Abilities
  • Creating an Extraterrestrial Reality
  • Exoconsciousness: Implications for Advancement of Human Consciousness

Rebecca welcomes students to the course and values their wisdom and experiences. “Practicing Exoconsciousness we embrace both science and psychic abilities. We learn to live in the non-local with our feet on the ground.”

For more information about ufology and Rebecca Hardcastle Wright’s class, please visit http://intermetu.com/courses/paranormal/exoconsciousness/ or call 1.304.295.4411.

The International Metaphysical University is an online metaphysical university offering a master’s degree in metaphysics and majors in fields such as consciousness studies, holistic health, intuitive arts, paranormal studies, shamanism, or ufology.

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright is author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind.

You can follow Rebecca on her blog http://rebeccahardcastlewright.com/ 


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Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD


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