Cloned zombies used for training of covert operatives according to whistleblower

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CDC Poster that is part of a "tongue in cheek" Zombie Preparedness Program.
CDC Poster that is part of a “tongue in cheek” Zombie Preparedness Program.

A whistleblower using the pseudonym, Captain Kaye, claims that as part of his training to become a member of an elite Marine Corps unit that he and other “super soldiers” fought against cloned humans infected with a “zombie virus”. He claims that the zombie virus introduces genetic mutations into human physiology that makes individuals incredibly aggressive. He says that the Zombie Virus Protocol is a covert plan designed to release the virus into the public and wipe out between 50-85% of the human population within a five year period. As fantastic as Captain Kaye’s testimony appears, there is a “Zombie Preparedness” program that is being run, allegedly tongue in cheek, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Captain Kaye also describes an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) Manual that he was exposed to during both his super soldier training as a youth, and during his covert military service on a classified spacecraft carrier. The Manual had both medical and political information on up to 54 different types of alien races. Each of the races was given a color to designate how they would behave with humans ranging from friendly interactions to outright hostility. He identified up to ten different friendly extraterrestrial races wanting to assist in humanity’s evolution. Captain Kaye’s testimony is consistent with whistleblowers such as a retired 22 year Army veteran, Clifford Stone, who claims he saw a First Aid Manual for up to 57 extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with humanity.

Captain Kaye is currently seeking documents to corroborate his recollections of 20 years of military service that involved his memories initially being removed, and his earlier 12 years of training as a child supersoldier with the USMC Special Section. He offers his direct testimony as evidence of a break away human civilization that covertly recruits and trains personnel for military services in a variety of off-planet locations.

The fifth instalment in an exclusive series of interviews with Captain Kaye is now available on ExoNews TV. To watch the latest ExoNews TV episode featuring Captin Kaye, watch embedded video above or click here. To listen to the full audio of his latest testimony, click here.

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