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Lifting the Veil of Secrecy to Advance Humanity

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Secret Space Program Reveals Facts about Black Op Programs and Technology Suppression

secret-space-program-and-breakaway-civilizationThe Secret Space Program held their 2nd annual conference in San Mateo, CA on June 28-29, 2014, where a host of influential speakers armed with well documented and straightforward facts and backgrounds in the military, space and financial systems presented compelling evidence of a Black Budget space program woven into the military industrial and defense complex thru a hidden finance system run by the Bilderberg group.

The vast and relatively yet unreported secret space programs underway are financed by the formation of President Truman’s 1947 Axis Plunder, the National Security Act and the Hidden Finance System the entire world has operated under since the post WWII era. Also known as the International Monetary Fund or World Bank this rather ingenious system of hidden finance devised by what some refer to as “ the Cabal” allows control of much of the world’s banking, economic and military/industrial activity.

The motivation or expected outcome of this alleged Global Domination scheme is unclear, but rumors of its existence have permeated the alternative media for years and it is widely suggested that they plan to create a One World Government, following the mandate inscribed at the Georgia Guidestones.

Conclusions about the availability of anti-gravity powered interstellar craft unveiled at the program are based in part on the testimony from previously classified documents and first-hand accounts made available thru whistleblowers often connected to the Disclosure Project, who made similar statements at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2013.

Jeroen van Straaten, the organizer of the Secret Space Program, also the founder of the Global BEM , or Breakthrough Energy Movement, feels that suppression of advanced energy technologies dates back to the early days of electricity. He says,” Since the time of Tesla, these technologies have been mastered by the “Blackworld. Breakthrough Energy (BE) technologies are indeed the next step in our evolution the release of this energy technology will completely revolutionize our society.” Straaten further states, “The push to release advanced technology for the good of society is our primary goal because every system of our culture will drastically improve when these technologies come online, creating a solution for the economic mess we are in.”

In reality, most of the tension is created by the suppression of information and many who cannot tolerate the lies and injustice are infuriated enough to speak at, even while they put themselves at risk by doing so. While Straaten feels that disclosure is imminent, he does not think it will be revealed to the public by any government. “The stakes for the governments are too high to come out with a disclosure…solutions for cancer that have been around for decades, alien abduction reality, false flag wars, assassinations, etc will outrage the general public and they can’t control that.”

Some of the most detailed evidence of a black ops space budget comes from the allegations of a vehicle produced by Lockheed Martin called the Alien Reproduction Vehicle or The Fluxliner that uses a tesla coil, mercury vapor zero-point or anti-gravity propulsion system known in the industry as “field propulsion”. Details of the design and engineering aspects of this and other space vehicles are carefully outlined by several speakers at the Secret Space Program event. Anti Gravity and Zero point energy systems used by various military organizations are also explained by the speakers.

Much speculation about the connection to alien technology retrieved at crash sites and exchange agreements between various governments and alien civilizations dating back to Nazi Germany and the Eisenhower administration have given rise to the birth of a new concept of what lies in outer space. Theories of extra terrestrial involvement in civilizations on Earth date back to hundreds of thousands of years ago when a tribe, known as the Annunacki, colonized South Africa and mined for gold. Evidence of highly evolved civilizations throughout history and reports of inter dimensional beings indicate an erroneous account of our history.

Additionally, new evidence indicates that the space/time continuum once thought to be linear, is clearly incorrect and this decade physicists concur that time is not linear and that all energy is made up of light particles both seen and unseen as matter and anti matter. And further that matter can travel thru time and teleport thru dimensions. Advances in human consciousness extend life beyond the physical realm into an immortal spiritual experience, advancing to accelerating levels of evolution.   Although these particular subjects were not directly addressed during the Secret Space Program, they indicate scientific advances yet to unfold.

It seems apparent that the government has kept information from the public and that the secrets are being disclosed by those who pursue a peaceful future. Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower recently gave her own testimony at a disclosure hearing confirming allegations of an alien treaty. Perhaps the time to understand the vastness of cosmic cultures and who to align with is upon us.

Interest in the details of the Secret Space Program has escalated drastically thru events such as this one, with vast numbers of esteemed scientists, astronauts, physicists, NASA employees and economists continuing to come forward with testimony, books and seminars to raise public awareness. One of these speakers, Carol Rosin agrees understands that we are at a crossroads. She pleads with heads of our governments to sign the Outer Space Security and Development Treatyto ban space based weapons.  The treaty changes the outdated and dangerous warfare paradigm mindset of the military industrial complex as it now exists and paves the way for earth to peacefully enter the Space Age. Space-based weapons have been a concern for decades as it prevents earth from participating in the galactic community in a peaceful way. Carol Rosin, who is the Executive Director of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth says, “This Treaty is the most important document of our time. We can transform the war industry into a global cooperative space industry with more jobs and profits and products on this planet than any other time in history.” Recent progress indicates that China and Russia are moving towards signing the treaty.

“We can end the arms race, prevent the weaponization of space and apply the technology directly to solving the problems on this planet,” states Rosin, who is also founder of the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, and World Peace Ambassador for the International Association of Educators for World.

While the quest for truth continues, the Secret Space program is planning a follow up Breakthrough Energy Movement event (BEM) and continues to post news and information on their site. Playbacks of the entire presentation are available by contacting the SSP organizer.


Deborah West is a freelance journalist with a weekly radio show called Lost Knowledge on Revolution Radio. Her website is and her columns are CNN ireport and

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Alien Intervention and Souls – A look into the Reality of Human Life

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The reality of the existence of ancient extra terrestrials is becoming more apparent by the most recent findings presented by scientists and archaeologists. Notably, among the most recent and significant is The Ancient Alien Question by Phillip Coppens, Forbidden Archeology by Michael Cremo, The Sirius Documentary by Dr. Steven Greer, the Bosnian Pyramid discovery by Dr. Semir Osmangich, archaeological research by Dr. Klaus Dona, and evidence of ancient civilizations newly reported by the work of Michael Tellinger. This combined with the work done by Erich von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin deciphering ancient Sumerian text and comparing it to the Christian Bible and other what we consider our oldest written accounts of ancient earth present a compelling story for a new version of our history, the evolution theory of man-kind and the interaction we have had in the past and are presently experiencing with civilizations from other planets in our solar system and across the universe. The material in the Law of One and in Marshall Vian Summers Allies Briefings and many other accounts clearly depict a version of the earth as a planet in a very populated part of the universe that has been colonized, observed and interfered with since before our recorded time and that the earth’s surface has undergone transformations eliminating some of these civilizations. Evidence now shows us that these civilizations like Atlantis as described by Edgar Cayce’s readings did indeed exist and thrive and that they nearly destroyed the earth with weapons that were designed to change the climate and the cosmic structure around the earth exactly like NASA is now experimenting with using HAARP and trying to bring planets and/or meteorites into earth’s atmosphere.

The message from highly evolved civilizations such as the high council from Sirius is that they need us to understand our past and prevent the same result in this crucial time of soul evolution for the group soul of planet earth. As the guardians of earth, the beings on this planet must evolve into a higher dimension of the heart chakra and resonate with the vibration of the heart. This will result in the soul evolution of the species and will result in leaving behind the other soul’s on earth whether they are the current earth beings or alien hybrids who aren’t ready to evolve. The other races from planets know this and understand the genetics of the earthlings but they do not have the capacity to give light or to infuse the soul as the beings that seeded earth did and this is what they are seeking. The Sirians and Pleadians brought light to the earth and are here now to complete the mission of helping earth evolve. Be aware but don’t be distracted by the doings of the beings who only want to capture the genetic technology of light/love and soul that they can only achieve by evolving as a consciousness just like we did and just like the earthlings are doing.


Below is an interview with Diane Grimmel, The New Era Times at The Edgar Cayce Center in Houston. that taps into some of the information and gives sources to investigate to help understand the reality of our existence as spiritual beings in the cosmic universe.

Well so you are reporting on some exciting news these days and doing a radio show. What kind of subjects to you cover on your radio show?

On Lost Knowledge, I have interviewed scientists and PhD’s who are reporting on exciting revelations about the history of the earth and providing scientific evidence of the reality of the existence of many species not of the earth who have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. The message is that in order for us to join the Galactic Federation of planets we need to become a peaceful society and this is done by the elevation of our consciousness. And further, we need to do this quickly for 2 reasons, one now is the time of harvest and also we need to declare our sovereignty as a nation.

I cover some complicated topics that challenge us in the sense that we have to expand our senses to reach a level beyond the 3 D dimension of earth. We live in a multi dimensional universe and so we have to expand into new ways of seeing our world.

Q: I noticed that you talked to Carla Rukert from the Law of One.   What kind of information did that interview reveal?

Well the Law of One material was channeled in the 1980’s. It is a social memory complex called Ra which is also called a group soul. This entity has made contact with humans before during the time of Atlantis and also during Egyptian times teaching us about the cosmic world and how to evolve as a species. Ra is from the 6th density, while earth is currently in the third and since 2012, moving into the 4th density. According to Ra, there is a harvest of souls at this time and those who are more evolved into the heart chakra will ascend into the 4th density and the others will repeat to continue to learn those lessons.

Q: This sounds like the Biblical, Hope or other religious prophecies in some ways.

Yes actually all the prophecies seem to highlight that there is going to be a shift to a higher level of consciousness. Some of the energy workers and psychics are reporting an 8th chakra appearing on people that is the portal to the heart consciousness. And there are reports of children being born with expanded abilities and new DNA. So although some people were expecting something like the apocalyptic event and the scenario describe in some Christian text where there is rapture and people just disappear, Ra explains that this harvest of souls happens upon our natural death.

Q: I also understand that you have had guests on your show that remember their previous lives and connection to other planets such as Sirius and Pleiades.

Yes I have had Patricia Cori as a guest who channels the Sirian High Council and Virginia Barrow who has contact with an oracle from Pleiades. The contact with our star ancestors is nothing new. The ancient people did this all the time. We are so afraid to admit that we are not the most advanced civilization that we have tried to shut out the possibility of their existence. But the reality is that earth is right now being contacted by many other societies who have many agendas. The Sirians are much evolved and are more like the cosmic police. The see planets like earth trying to evolve and only intervene when it is absolutely necessary like when we are about to cause great damage to the solar system using atomic energy or HAARP technology to control weather. For those that seek the council from the Sirians, they will receive as Patricia has enormous amounts of information about the origin of the earth, the reality of our present situation and how to implement new healing concepts. The pleadians were part of the original group of star people who came here to help seed planet earth with a light body human. Valerie Barrow tells the story of how they all came on a mission to seed the planet with a light infused race and was attacked by a race that were here at that time. Their ship was nearly destroyed and they lost many of their geneticists in the attack. Nonetheless, they achieved their mission and helped to genetically engineer the existing ape-like creature to upgrade the species. It is being proven now that the Annunacki were here colonizing the planet and genetically engineered a race to help them but did not want them to be immortal and to have souls. All of this information is now coming out and the archeological sites are proving the truth behind the information.   Much of this sound far-fetched but our records are now proving that there was manipulation of human genes in our past from various species who inhabited this planet.

Q: I know that you also talked to Nick Redfern, Andrew Collins and Dr. Semir Osmanagich on your radio show about ancient archeology. Do their findings indicate aliens in our past?

Yes they do support that claim. In Nick Redferns, book Pyramids and the Pentagon, he talks about the remains of a space ship that was found in Mt. Ararat that the governments thinks could be from our flood myth of Noah’s ark and also he has claims of pyramids on Mars and colonies on the moon. Andrew Collins has recently reported that there are portals of entry at various locations around the earth where other dimensional beings can come and go. He goes into detail in his book Light Quest. Dr. Sam from the Bosnian Pyramids is continuing to scientifically prove that the Pyramid Complex in Bosnia is the oldest and largest ever built and was an ancient energy machine used for technologies we are only just beginning to discover. In the halls of the underground tunnels in Bosnia they have found hieroglyphic inscriptions from ancients about the portal. The inscription says,”The portal is closed, we must stay and defend unitil it reopens.” Who could have left this message? Was it the original builders of the pyramids?

We are in an amazing time where we have the opportunity to learn about the past and use the information to advance our species without making the same mistakes as our ancestors. We have to open our minds and as a society is able to reexamine what we know is a pile of disinformation to reveal our truth.


Q: There is a lot of skepticism about UFO and extra terrestrials. How are we going to be able to understand our past if we don’t admit that other species exist?

Many people think that is all about to change. Since the crash at Roswell, there has been a government conspiracy to suppress or ridicule information about contact with ET”s in modern times. Some think this is because the government has made technology exchanges with ET’s and they don’t want the public to know because they could panic. There has been so many informants that have come forward recently from astronauts to NASA employees, to abductees and now most recently Laura Eisenhower, granddaughter of President Eisenhower. Nick Redfern and other reporters have used the Freedom of Information Act to get copies of documents on government reports from the Bookings Reports, to Project Blue Beam to Majestic 12 but mysteriously, there is no information from the last 20 years. The fear that some have including Carol Rosin is that the government will use disclosure as a way to create another war/conflict and this time with a fake alien threat. She has been actively seeking a peace in space treaty that helps Earth enter the Galactic Federation.

Q: Is there a disclosure event coming that will reveal the existence of extra terrestrials?

There was a hearing on April 22 in 2013 in Wash DC aimed at pressuring the government to make their information public. Some people are expecting the ET’s to make themselves known soon which will eliminate all the skepticism entirely. And we all see the Vatican preparing for their announcement; they have already declared in press releases that the extra terrestrial is their brother and that there is no limit to God’s creation.

Q. One thing that frightens people about ET’s is the alien abductions that have been reported. What do you hear about that from your interviews?

Well this is huge phenomenon. Over 5 million people in the US alone have reported being contacted by aliens and many report being taken onto space craft. I have spoken to the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, one of the most widely reported cases of alien abduction back in 1961.   In her recent book,Alien Abduction Files she reports that some of reported alien contact with humans is for medical examinations and genetic modifications but that they are not trying to hurt us at all, just trying to help upgrade our DNA and promote the evolution of our species thru genetic engineering, same as they have done in the past.

Q. How many races of alien being are out there according to your sources?

Well I hear that earth is a highly populated area of the universe. I have talked to people who can describe all the species from start near us including Acturians, Pleadians, Greys, Adromedans and some of the less human like species such as reptilian, dracos and insectoids. Abductees all report similar experiences with descriptions of the aliens and people in government facilities claim they have had contact with the different races especially the Greys. Just like earthlings, they are different even though they might be “from the same planet”, there is a lot of cross breeding as well and many of the less evolved, what we would term meaner species are coming around and turning to the Galactic Federation and away from their old ways.

Q. What does all of this have to do with soul evolution?

Well from what I am hearing, each planet has a vibration and the species who live there share the same energetic vibration as the planet. As earth evolves into a higher energetic vibration of the 4th density, all of the souls currently incarnated need to evolve along with the earth. Those souls that aren’t ready to evolve can reincarnate elsewhere. Many of the souls that originally came to earth according to Ra and other sources from Pleadies and Sirius were from Mardek a planet that was destroyed. The Galactic Federation agreed to let them come to earth to continue evolving and also those from Mars when their planet could not sustain life came to earth along with many other repeaters from other star systems. Earth became a sort cosmic “melting pot” of souls. As souls we can incarnate in many places throughout the universe to evolve and the goal is to continue to raise our vibration to the higher levels of consciousness. On earth, we are trying to shed our lower chakras of service to self, greed, control, jealousy, anger, etc. as we evolve to the heart vibration. The other beings from Sirius and Pleiades are eager to help us and they want nothing more than to see us evolve into the 4th dimension and not destroy this planet.

Deborah West is a columnist at The New Era Times where she has a column called Lost Knowledge. She formerly worked in mainstream media for 20 years. To see her articles go to:

The Reality of Alien Life in the Universe & the Newly Activated DNA in Humanity

New truth chakra helps Humanity Discern Reality of Existence

dna activationThis Galactic Alignment of the solar system, which occurs every 25,772 years,  just occurred again on Dec 21, 2012 and resulted in an energetic vibration change in the earth’s frequency that activated a dormant DNA in humans.  This newly activated DNA had been sitting in our system waiting for an activation switch. The physical detection of the enhanced DNA can already be witnessed by medical intuitives who see a new chakra forming outside the human energy field.  This new chakra, often referred to as the eighth chakra is the energy portal of unity consciousness that allows humans the ability to experience an expanded consciousness beyond current perceived limitations.

The seven chakras of the personality/ego body only define us in three dimensional terms, the opening of the new chakra is the portal that connects us to the fourth dimension of the universe, where much of what we thought we knew will be discarded and replaced with a broader more truthful concept of who we are in the universe. In this fourth dimensional vibration, humanity can recognize and discern the truth and this will ultimately shatter the incorrect beliefs of our origin and help us as we begin to interact openly with the other nations across our universe.

Contact with civilizations from outside our third dimension began hundreds of thousands of years ago when they seeded planet earth. Many attempts at colonization have failed.  The Annunacki, who reside in the fourth dimension attempted to colonize during the times of Lemuria and Atlantis.  Pleadian beings from the fifth dimension and Sirians from the sixth dimension as well as those from Orion and Andromeda and many others have been making contact with people on earth. Their message is of hope for inner peace for our souls as we reach a higher level of knowing and struggle in the fight for our freedom from the current enslavement.

The shift of 2012 is the fifth cycle of the earth and will result in what Edgar Cayce coined as the emergence of a fifth root race.  This theory of evolution to a higher dimension is shared by physicists and scientists throughout history and in our current time.  One such theorist, Dr. Robert Pettit, describes the seven major chakras we currently hold energetically as energy vortexes that have a seal in them, explaining their current cone shape.  In the process of the activation of the new energy coming thru the earth’s completion of this current cycle, the individual must clear out the old mental and emotional debris stuck in the cone shaped personality based chakras.  “The chakra’s structural features were deliberately limited prior to this alignment,” explains Dr. Pettit.  “As we enter into this new energy, we have the capability of recreating a new less dense physical body. The new light body is silicon-based, replacing our old carbon-based bodies.”  More about the light body activation and the process of ascension that the human body goes thru during this process is available in Robert Pettit’s books Wake up for Ascension and You can Avoid Physical Death.

The restructuring of our chakras with the activation of the new “truth” chakra which is a blue/green color allows us to attain a soul/heart connection that stops the fractal patterning of energy formerly controlling our psyche.  This old patterning makes us stay stuck in our old beliefs even when presented with new truths.  Dr. Jude Currivan, scientist, healer, mystic, and author of the 8th Chakra tells us that we will now reveal a revolutionary new perception of the cosmos, reconciling leading-edge science with Spirit and a new universal model of consciousness.

“The seven chakras of the human personality are familiar to anyone working with healing or spiritual awareness. But that consciousness is essentially incomplete. It is the universal heart of the eighth chakra that can offer us the missing key to remember who we truly are,” explains Dr. Currivan.   “The chakra is visible now in many people and is part of our completion in our human experience,” explains gifted physic and spiritual teacher Naomi Knowles.  In her new book The Soul Essence Knowles outlines how the merging of our Trinity of Self with the Trinity of the Spirit completes this human cycle of our existence.

But who are we really?  We are earth souls incarnated in human bodies on a planet that is finally coming of age and entering a stage of spiritual awareness that allows us to participate and interact with the broader galactic universe.  This greater community is described in Marshall Vian Summers book Life in the Universe.  

According to Marshall Vian Summers, “As it exists today, the region of space where earth resides is full of life forms and established trade routes. Free and sovereign nations who want to maintain control of their planet must be self-sufficient and operate with integrity and unity. Unification of earth and humanity as the stewards of earth must occur as we emerge into this galactic universe.” The understanding of what is taking place is explained by the Allies of Humanity  who are a group of our allies from other civilizations who know what is happening on earth and want to help us.

According to many sources, the intervention by the alien races currently on our planet is by use of deception and persuasion, enabling them to carry out their plan. In the universe, overtaking planets by military force and aggression is not permitted and can only happen if the existing species thru “free will” allows it to happen. Some of the current intervening races cannot exist on the surface of this planet due to biological hazards and are therefore using interbreeding to populate our earth with an alien-hybrid race, which explains all the human abductions in recent years.  The Allies of Humanity along with the Galactic Federation are here helping to guide humanity as we wake up and realize that we are in an ongoing battle to emerge as a free race.

The time of the “shock and awe” of alien intervention is over. The understanding that we have interacted with other civilizations and have had technology exchange programs with them is an undeniable reality as discussed by many eye witnesses from the Disclosure Project and  thousands of reliable sources. The awareness that there are groups of alien races that are attempting to colonize our planet, take away our vast resources and continue their reign of enslavement thru manipulative greed based organizations like the Bilderberg Group and those who transcribe to a New World Order,  needs to be understood as a certainty as we emerge into the greater community of the galactic universe.  In order to wake up, we must first realize that we are truly being infiltrated by alien races and accept that we must fight for our freedom.

Some may ask why can’t the advanced civilizations come and do this for us. To answer this question, Patricia Cori, author, teacher and spiritual guide shares advice from the Sirian Council.  “Remember that you are immortal beings and stay out of emotional fear-based control no matter what happens.  Stand up for yourselves as a species. Wake up and use your powers of discernment to recognize the truth which you will feel in your soul.”  She says they are here like so many other higher civilizations to help us but we have to come of age on our own just as they did. We have to grow up, so to speak, and they are here to guide us with their knowledge, wisdom, and love just as parents do with their children. The opening of our truth chakra which connects us to the expanded truth of who we are as universal souls will help them reach more people in more ways and help us all gain contact with the cosmos around us.

Many of us have not cleared our emotional baggage, allowing the new chakra to activate and it is the most crucial part of this process. Michael Hathaway, author of nine books on spiritual awareness and connection to inner self gives simple advice on how to clear old energetic blockages that we no longer need to hold on to.  “The purpose of our existence is to connect to our higher self, fulfill our soul contract and evolve as spiritual beings,” he explains.  “At this crucial time, we all need to humbly surrender to our own spiritual growth.”


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