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Authentic ET Craft Demonstrations To Increase Between 2012-2015: UFO Witness & Contact Document Released

By David Griffin, M.Sc.

In the wider ‘alternative’ knowledge community -  the channeling of apparently distinct, sentient entities by individuals that enter a slight trance-like state is often associated with attention seeking hoaxers or plainly deluded kooks. However – this non-local form of communication and contact has a few individuals who undoubtedly appear to have the ability to access novel information which often includes significant changes in personality and in some respects elicits a noticeably increased ability to conceptualise more complex spaces.

Phoenix Lights - Channeling Change
Author of new UFO Witness and Contact Document Predicted Phoenix Lights Eventt

One famous channeler from recent decades in J Z knight who channels Ramtha and is generally accepted to be authentic but currently the growing attendances at events staged by Daryyl Anka and his ET other Bashar attest to this phenomena gaining more acceptance as a valid method of communication. Having watched Anka’s ability to flawlessly enter the mindset of this being improve over the years [obtain sessions from the late 90s and compare them to his vast array of current video public meetings to see what I mean] it’s obvious that whilst this is an ability that is for a selected few, it’s also one that builds in efficiency in some sort of feedback loop between channeler and non-local entity. Some would suggest that this practice is like anything you continued to perfect -  ie: some form of deluded ego-trip. However -  I challenge anyone skeptical of this previously fringe field to provide the light-speed intelligence and off-world humour of Bashar given double the years Daryyl Anka has been displaying this engaging talent.

Bashar is a cosmic prankster, Neuro-Linguistics master, galactic historian and a lot more all rolled into a few hours of intense sessions and Q&A follow-ups. It should also be noted that Daryyl Anka has been hooked up to E.E.G. devices and has demonstrated that different areas of the brain actually
light-up as the being is introduced into his relaxed ‘sleep’ state. In addition – Bashar claims that the large triangular craft sightings seen in the UK and Belgium in the 1990s as well as the hugely witnessed Phoenix Lights case of 1997 were all demonstrations of the ET presence and are in fact his civilisations ships. He even accurately predicted a second showing in the Phoenix region ahead of time in one channeling session.

Daryyl/Bashar spoke in 2006 at the Hawaii Exopolitics and World Transformation event and introduced the idea of a “Contact Act” – highlighting the point that the more we as a terrestrial species reflected our desire for contact with his and other races in our lives and public institutions, the more extraterrestrial groups were able to bring forward their own agenda of contact also. This is the basic premise of the First Directive – made popular by Star Trek etc – that developing cultures cannot be overtly influenced by higher groups of similar beings. Bashar also made the rare reference to a recently written book on the Disclosure issue authored by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel – After Disclosure.

Six years on – it is claimed that more overt communication is about to take place with dates even being suggested for two main stages of increased ‘open’ contact. As a precursor to this a new document has been released in a recent session by the Bashar Organisation. The document can be downloaded here in its original form and it is encouraged to distribute this to any persons in political, civilian or military structures worldwide.


FACT: From 1982 to 1985, large triangular and boomerang-shaped UFOs were
reported over the Hudson Valley by over 7,000 credible witnesses, including
police and officials at the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.

FACT: In 1989 and 1990, large triangular and rectangular unidentified flying
objects, one the size of an aircraft carrier, were reported over Belgium by over
2,000 witnesses, including police and military personnel.

FACT: In 1997, multiple sightings of a mile long boomerang-shaped UFO were
reported over the state of Arizona by over 10,000 witnesses, including police,
military personnel and Republican Governor Fife Symington.

We make no claims as to the nature or origin of these UFOs. However, those
who have taken the time and effort to conduct serious, in-depth investigations
into these reports know that these sightings are of real, physical crafts and are
indisputable FACTS. Thousands of such sightings of physical crafts of unknown
origin have been reported throughout the world for decades by credible
witnesses, yet most who report such sightings are treated with ridicule, disbelief,
scorn and even threats.

In light of the facts, we who have witnessed such unexplained crafts no
longer accept this cynical mindset as realistic or credible.

Those of us who are witnesses to the UFO phenomenon know they exist for a
fact. This is not an issue of speculation for such witnesses. However, we do not
insist that non-witnesses must believe such objects exist, only that witnesses be
treated with respect and that we deserve the same fairness and courtesy
afforded to any individual or group who honestly expresses their point of view
without fear of ridicule, punishment or persecution.

Recent polls clearly demonstrate that more than 50% of Americans believe that
UFOs are a real phenomenon that deserves legitimate recognition and serious
study by open-minded, qualified scientists, rather than being summarily
dismissed as misperceptions, fantasies, hoaxes or hallucinations by cynical,
unqualified debunkers. Over 36 million Americans have seen a UFO.

To put this statistic in political terms, these witnesses are also voters.

Therefore, we urge all who agree with the spirit of this declaration to send copies
of this letter to their representatives, public officials, the media, the police, the
military, airline officials, NASA and all candidates running for any public office to
assure them that our votes will go only to those who acknowledge the UFO
phenomenon as real and deserving of serious scientific investigation and who
publicly endorse fairness and respect toward any witness who reports a UFO.

Bashar’s recent presentation on the UFO Witness Declaration is available from the organisation’s website.

bashar phoenix lights UFO witness agreement

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  • Indeed – and exopolitics as a research community has, since 2003-ish, always tried to move this field forward by focusing less on the ‘lights in the sky’ discussion and more on the broader ramifications of contact and planETary, satellite government collusion.

  • There is little wonder why the subject of aerial phenomena has gained so much attention and following. Sightings are on a vast upramp but even so, one still has to wonder about the assumptions of their origin.

    Speaking just for myself, I’m no longer of the mind to jump the simplistic, extraterrestrial origin of ALL sightings. Humanity is the target of a lot of attention and the intentions of these unknown watchers, is not clear.

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