Alleged Humanoid Mummies in Peru: After July 11, 2017

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Updates of the situation regarding the alleged humanoid Nazca mummies found in Nazca will be continuously provided for a few days…

Update: July 12

First of all, a Summary of Findings by the team of scientists working with Gaia TV, Jaime Maussan, and Inkari Institute. Translated with Google Translator from Mr. Jaime Maussan’s Facebook page:

“We present a summary of something of the most outstanding in the conference offered in Peru on July 11, however, we invite you to follow the research in the chapters that we present in Third Millennium, as well as the conference that we will offer later presenting the results In the DNA of these beings.

The small mummies of 25 to 30 cm have features of reptiles, one of them Josefina with three eggs in its interior.
The white material with which the pieces are covered is not gypsum, but mineral diatomaceous earth of algae-like plants were buried in an area where thousands or millions of years ago it was sea.
Two more Mummies were presented, one named Victoria, which has no head and is very similar to the mummy Maria that everyone already knows, as well as a baby tridactyl whom they have called “Wawita”.

Radiocarbon dating was performed by the UNAM, as well as a laboratory in the United States, where in both cases the different pieces date from 1000 to 1800 years old.
They emphasize the orbits of the eyes in the Maria mummy, as well as the greater separation of the bones of the arm.

The fingerprints of the fingertips are straight and have fingerprints
Mummies have organs inside them, so they would be dissected corpses.
Absence of metacarpal and metatarsal bones not palms or standing plants
Square shape of the foramen magnum, different from the human one that is oval.

The Albert mummy of 60 cm presents horizontalized ribs, correct biomechanical skeleton, swallowing function, but not chewing.
María, has fingers with angled ends of 90 degrees
They do not have mammary glands, therefore they are not mammals.
In addition to the relationship that exists with the Andean representations such as the Nazca and Paracas cultures among others, we invite you to continue closely this research that is just beginning.”

Strangely, Mr. Thierry Jamin from Instituto Inkari was not present during the July 11 presentation by scientists, Gaia, Mr. Maussan at the Swiss Hotel in Lima, Peru. His associates from Instituto Inkari (including Instituto Inkari’s vice President) said that he was sick or not feeling well. However, he presented some information in a parallel internet broadcast in French.  I do not know if the team has split. More information should be coming up soon. Results from some DNA tests apparently dating to May 2017 were apparently presented by Mr. Jamin while the rest of the team did not present any DNA results stating that they were not ready yet. Perhaps Mr. Jamin’s DNA results refer to finding human DNA in the sample tested but I don’t know if this means that only DNA is present. More information should be forthcoming very soon.

YouTube link to declarations by Mr. Jamin (in French and Spanish)

On July 11,  the Inka Room at the Swiss Hotel in Lima was probably 50% full. This reminds me of the rather scarce room attendance at the 2013 Citizen’s Hearing for Disclosure in Washington, DC.  although in Lima it was not a call for all citizens, but  primarily a call for the press and there were many empty seats remaining. Few if any scientists experts in archaeological remains, anthropology or research on mummies were present, except for one that I knew. However, several cameramen from different news services besides GaiaTV were present. Not many newspapers gave the news in Lima the following day. One Peruvian scientist related to research of mummies came. He had been part of a highly skeptical official declaration that took place on July 10th against the research conducted thus far and against the illegal obtaining and subsequent manipulation and testing (without going through the proper channels) of what would be part of Peru’s national heritage. I had asked them in person to come to the Gaia, Inkari, Maussan, scientists presentation but only one came.

The following pronouncement by Peruvian (and international) mummy experts from the scientific community was presented on July 10, 2017 (Translated with Google translator):



The adherents to this document, members of the national and international scientific community, experts in the study and conservation of human remains (mummies and skeletons), we communicate the following:

1.- For some time the alleged discovery of “extraterrestrial mummies” has been publicized in our country, through an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.

2.- The testimonies and published images allow to assert that these findings correspond undoubtedly to pre-Columbian human remains – Cultural Patrimony of the Nation -, maliciously manipulated and even mutilated to obtain an ‘ad hoc’ appearance for commercial exploitation. Moreover, the exclusion of the entire archaeological context is absolutely contrary to the scientific investigation of this kind of cultural property.

3.- It is the responsibility of the authorities to make the corresponding accusations, since this ‘production’ has violated numerous national and international norms that watch for the defense of the Cultural Heritage. We hope that these same authorities will seek the protection and adequate investigation of these remains, as well as the place of origin of them, in order to stop the huaqueo (illegal digging and selling of archaeological artifacts) and trafficking of human remains. We also expect exemplary sanctions for those responsible for this depredation of the heritage that is of all Peruvians and humanity.

4.- Finally, these illegal and criminal actions in a human body violate human dignity. In particular, the exploitation of pre-Columbian mummies carried out by these people assaults and offends the Andean Culture, implying that their achievements were due to alleged ‘foreign aid’.

The undersigned we offer our best offices to collaborate with the authorities to demonstrate our affirmations in the corresponding instances. We also offer to participate in activities that contribute to defend and highlight the importance of our cultural heritage, legacy of our ancestors.

Update July 13

As expected, reactions have been varied, occasionally measured but, for the most, highly opinionated, usually simplistic, polarized, often insulting of the integrity of others. Many otherwise rational, thinking persons dismiss all of this as an “obvious” hoax. Others also otherwise rational thinking persons express that authorities and scientists are prejudiced and don’t know what they are doing. Many simply state that the mummies are “obviously” non-human and or extraterrestrials. However, the scientists that have conducted the research have not stated that they are extraterrestrials. Many criticize the authorities for not responding faster, whether they want them to protect the remains, or allow for further research. Many persons side against Jaime Maussan and don’t want to consider anything that he presents. Others are suspicious of authorities and accuse them of hiding or preventing the truth from coming out. partial news are taken to strongly held attitudes. The evidence and circumstances are cognitively processed according to strong personal preferences.

The reasons why Mr. Thierry Jamin didn’t participate with the rest of the team including Gaia TV, Mr. Maussan and the scientists were apparently form-based and not content-based. They were explained by Mr. Jamin in French in an interview with Nurea TV. Many thanks for Mrs. Claudine Varesi’s translation. Link to video: 

At NureaTV yesterday Thierry Jamin explained his reasons for separating from Maussan and GAIA, for differences and in what they had agreed, Jamin expresses great frustration and even ‘anger’ in his own words, unfortunately it is in French without subtitles.

Indeed, in this video Jamin (min 00:11) states that on Friday (July 7) they met with the team Gaia and Maussan with whom he was going to present at the Swisshotel, to meet with the unpleasant surprise that the plan they had decided to follow through with the plan as well as the agreements of collaboration they had established had not been respected, having proceeded at the presentation of the event without first consulting with Jamin to whom this seemed unacceptable.  So, despite of the anger that this caused him he decided not to participate in things that were not within the criteria of Inkari Institute … his friends at the Inkari Institute, Jose Casablanca and Dr Edson and (?) were much more diplomatic than he and went to the Swisshotel “calming the situation a bit” while he preferred to abstain from participating to avoid any trouble. (At 16:00 min of the video he mentions something about “interests” that do not agree with Inkari’s principles).

Jamin emphasizes the excellent work and professional diagnoses performed by Dr José Jesús Zalce Benitez (at min. 18:00) on Dr. Edson, who has been with him since the founding of Inkari, performing a very thorough job and he hoped that the detractors would hope pay more attention to what he has to say. (He also mentioned) the biologist Jose de la Cruz Rios, an excellent professional and friend, who made the discovery and analysis of Josefina’s eggs.

(In the video) there were mentions of the Russian Korotov, professor of the University of Saint Petersburg, a good researcher who conducted much work on ‘Maria’, as well as geneticist Michael Aseev, PhD. According to Jamin, the first encounter with the “huaqueros” (unofficial grave diggers for commercial purposes) was in January 2017 in La Paz, Bolivia.

Inkari wants to share the tomographies with the whole world for free for the investigations to continue, being its main objective is to determine if it (the case) is authentic or false and Dr. Edson Salazar asks the scientific community to help in confirm this since there are anatomical parameters that leave doubts, although as far as the skull and thorax body and limbs are concerned, these (parameters) are completely harmonic, while the debate centers upon the hands and feet, although until now no internal or external modifications have been found.

The general feeling of Dr. Edson Salazar in these 8 months of work is that he foresees many more years of research, since there are questions that have no answer, and is no longer one or two scientists, but (asks that) the entire scientific community to collaborate with their contributions and their studies to arrive at a final conclusion based on evidences (even if perhaps in that they differ of Maussan and Gaia’s that have already qualified them as ETs).  Dr.Edson Salazar said that his has to be studied in universities of the highest level and that they are completely disposed to collaborate for this. Furthermore, they agree that, if there has been any kind of modification (of the mummies), the authors should be punished rigorously. Now, if it was the Nazcas who made the modifications, then that would entail a (greater) appreciation of that culture, perhaps (pertaining) to a cult or a relationship with these beings if it is verified that they are ancient and that some (of the samples) have been modified in ancient times.

French interlocutors ask: in the hypothesis that they have been constructed, especially Maria, how was it was done? So far it is impossible to verify such thing because of the perfection of the body in its harmony of parts.


Although a journalist from Panamericana Television attended the conference at Swiss Hotel, in what sounds to me like an alarming and tendentious report, on July 12 the TV network produced a not well-informed note beginning with the sentence “Mexicans that Announced the Finding of Extraterrestrial Mummies are Denounced”  A local medical anthropologist is interviewed and he mentions that the proper procedures were not followed. However, part of some declarations and arguments by Mr. Maussan were also included. The note states that “‘perhaps to avoid responsibilities,'”  Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan, conductor of the Tercer Milenio program stated that they had tried to coordinate with our government several times this discovery, a request that was not attended. ”

Another link:

In the website “Nuestro Pasado Extraterrestre” (and in his Facebook account) journalist, researcher Marco Barraza showed that Mr. Jamin had also reported in an interview with Nurea TV about the results obtained in May, 2017 of some DNA analysis. The following translation into Spanish is in Mr. Barraza’s web site. I translated it again into English.

That the study of 2 specific samples was already publicly known:

  1. Remnants of unknown tissue, eventually from brain biomaterials.
  2. Bone and tissue taken from the side of a hand (possibly non-human).

The conclusions for both samples are as follows:


The combination of the replication of the obtained samples, the procedures in the place of sterilization in the lab and the elimination of AND profiles from the lab suggest that the results ARE AUTHENTIC and that that do not have any contamination.

The results of this analysis were dated May 4, 2017 and obtained in the University of Lakehead in Ontario, Canada. The scientist in charge and signing the report is Stephen Frapietro, Technichal Director of the Paleo DNA Laboratory in the University of Lakehead.

Jamin obtained the DNA of his samples in examinations he performed in a parallel manner to the “MexicoSouthAmerican research team” and argued that he made this known because he was surprised about the little objectivity (he met) about communicating the scientific progress achieved.

(I hope I’m able to obtain a clearer image)


La imagen puede contener: texto


Note accompanying a video in French (translated into English with Google translator). Link to Nuria TV ‘s video “Reliques du Pérou: Les Explications Officielles avec T. Jamin, le Dc Edson e M. Ribardiére.”

The team of Alien Project having separated from Jaime Maussan and Gaïa, we organize an interview with Thierry Jamin and Michel Ribardière on the sidelines of the official “Disclosure” conference at 8 pm (French time) on Nuréa TV. We explain this new direction and of course talk about the “Relics of Peru”.


Always anxious to provide you with as much reliable information as possible on this issue, we have just published on, with the agreement of the Alien Project team, the pdf of the first official laboratory analysis reports (And their translation) that they had already authorized us to broadcast to you exclusively on the last show.

– Regarding DNA analyzes, although the Alien Project / Inkari Cusco team sent samples for analysis to various laboratories at the same time, only the “Paleo DNA Laboratory” (Canada) Proposed to carry out these analyzes free of charge, has already communicated the results of a full analysis.

– The Alien Project / Inkari Cusco team is still awaiting numerous results concerning analysis entrusted to several laboratories in the world.

We thank the Alien Project team for sending us these documents and for their transparency in the management of this file.

Commentary: Perhaps Alien Project/Instituto Inkari wanted to present some DNA findings but the rest of the team Gaia TV, Maussan and other collaborators wanted to wait and present their preliminary findings first. I will try to find out.  I think it is a disagreement of form, not of essence or content. It also suggests a willingness to present incoming results whatever they may be.

Posted by reporter, researcher Marco Barraza in his Facebook account (translated with the help of Google Translator)

We now share 2 EXAMINATIONS carried out in MEXICO (outside of Peru) to different samples.

The first of 14C Radiocarbon made to the following pieces:

  1. LEMA 880 Brain
  2. Lemma 894 Hand 001 Skin
  3. Lemma 895 Maria Bottom skin
  4. Lemma 897 Hip medium scated 00-12 Victoria skin

The results of the studies are addressed to the user Jose Jaime Maussan Flota with the number of Report 17, dated May 23, 2017 and with reception of samples on May 25, 2017.

The analyses were carried out at the Institute of Physics of the Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM from the Quality Management System. The studies were prepared by Dr. María Rodríguez Ceja and approved and signed by Dr. Corina Solís Rosales.

The dates of the samples are as follows:

  1. MOTTO 880 1.1. Brain 1,052 years + -30
  2. LEMA 894 1.1 Keratin 1,205 years + -30
  3. LEMA 895 1.1 Keratin 1,771 years + -30
  4. MOTTO 897 1.1 Keratine 791 years + -30

Photographs of the analyzed samples are attached.

The second test is called the AUTOMATIC GENETIC STRIP (DNA).

The examination was conducted at the Institute of Science and Genomic Medicine ICM in Torreón Coahuila Mexico and is dated May 22, 2017. The result of the examination is addressed to the “patient” Jaime Maussan and is signed by Dr. Rafael Arguello Astorga, Department of Immunology and Molecular Biology.

This examination was compared to 3 pieces as explained in the reports:

  1. May 16, 2017, Autosomal Genetic Footprint Sample: Bone
  2. May 22, 2017, Genetic Footprint of Autosomes Sample: Brain and MARIA.

The most outstanding results revealed are in the same order:

  1. Genetic system Bone: AMEL X, Y (“man”), FGA 23 (“human”).
  2. Genetic Brain System: AMEL X, Y (“man”), MARIA: X, Y (“MAN”).

Commentary: The dry body and/or mummy known as “Maria” is said to have the anatomy of a female being. Why weren’t these results presented by Jamin and known for some time not presented by the rest of the team? I will try to find out.  Are the anomalies such that morphology disagrees with DNA as we understand it? I will try to find out.


Response from Mr. Maussan:

Translation of salient parts: “According to reports we have been receiving, a great number of persons feel somewhat uneasy in the social networks due to the apparent DNA results obtained from the analyses performed on some of the samples, especially to the mummy that has been called “Maria” which is said to have a human DNA.  

Apparently, she has a human DNA, like a mouse also has human DNA; as we also have mouse DNA; as a chimpanzee also has about 99% of human DNA.  To be really able to reach the deeper aspects that allow us to differentiate one species from another a much more complete and deeper analysis is required. We were told that such analysis takes several months. 

In the month of May we contacted Dr. Rafael Argüello who has a genomics scientific and technical laboratory in Torreón, Mexico. He performed very preliminary analysis and told us that these had been superficial, as those typically applied to persons and that, since they didn’t have a more specialized equipment, this would have to be sent to the U.S. at great expense. 

Therefore, it was decided not to take into seriously consider these results in which the possibility of dealing with a masculine sample was suggested. However, other analyses performed in Russia with more complex laboratories determined that we were dealing with a feminine sample. Therefore, upon evaluation, while considering other physical aspects of “Maria” we honestly thought that it would have to be a woman or, rather, a feminine sample in order to be clearer about this. 

That is all that is taking place. Beyond that, it simply is ignorance, All those that don’t know anything but that are speaking about these issues as if they knew are the ones creating all these doubts, which is what they really pretend.

July 27

Images of 3 fingered mythical creatures in some Nazca textiles. Not all such depictions have 3 fingers. But these are suggestive.

July 28

Archaeologist Cesar Alejandro Soriano Ríos announced that he has been contacted by progressive individuals (perhaps including huaqueros and members of the local civil society) that want to give to Perú and to the world knowledge of the site (or sites) where at least some of the humanoid mummies are allegedly found. Images of what appears to be a reptilian humanoid hybrid child’s head have been given to Mr.Soriano. Some people in Nazca apparently know where reptiloid humanoid mummies can be found. Apparently, they want to preserve the unique patrimony that remains in Perú or that has not been sold to collectors. Mr. Soriano explains that a committee of citizens from Nazca wants to assist society in the revelation and preservation of these unique samples if he is allowed to act as an intermediary. Mr. Soriano is seeking an authorization from the Ministry of Culture to be able to go to a site that has a pyramid where supposedly some of the humanoid mummies are found. Mr. Soriano claims that he is representing civil society in spite of the attitude of the Ministry of Culture and its mains local representative in Nazca. Soriano wants to go with the persons that know where the site is found under an organized official field research since the local civil representatives basically forming a patronage (apparently involving other archaeologists and organizations) in Nazca do not trust the Ministry of Culture, nor the National Institute of Culture. Apparently, the civil representatives/patronage working with Mr. Soriano as an intermediary and as their representative want to make the alleged humanoid mummies available to the state but also want the state to build a field museum in the town of Nazca. Mr. Soriano will request a 4×4 vehicle and wants to organize an official, controlled, formal archaeological type of research.


New alleged mummified heads. Images were first sent to Mr. Soriano, an archaeologist.


July 28

Dr. Roberto Salas-Gismondi researcher from the the Dept of Vertebrate Paleontology of UNSM University published a report in which he shows that a human hand whose little finger and thumb have been excised cut and that whose fingers have been cut all the way to the wrist to make the metacarps seem like phalanxes would explain the “bluff” of the Nazca alien mummy. The report is found here:

Although I am not an expert, I must say that if we start to count the number of bones from Dr. Salas-Gismondi’s explanation and the bones from the mummy called “María,” I think that Mr. Salas-Gismondi’s proposal will not be the right one. According to reports of the scientists who studied these remains (with the team that came with Gaia and Mr.Maussan from Mexico and elsewhere), the number of phalanxes of at “Maria” (one of the supposed humanoids) is 18 in three fingers. 6 in each finger (6 x 3 = 18). Moreover, in his explanation, Mr. Salas-Gismondi does not show an x-ray of “María’s” hand, only a regular photograph and, if the bones in three fingers of each hand is 18, even if we add metacarpals to the human hand, the proposal of Mr. Salas would not be correct  because there would be less bones than what are found in Mariá’s hands. And, if the x-ray of the mummy “María” was interpreted as if she had 5 phalanges (instead of 6) and 1 metacarpal in each of its 3 fingers, there would still be 15 phalanges in each hand. More than a human hand. If we modify a human hand to add a human metacarpal to the phalanxes we will also remain with 12 bones in each finger, a total of 4 bones in each finger, which is less than what Dr. Salas Gismondi shows. It is always a smaller number of bones.

July 30

Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald of Phenomena Magazine went to Perú and had access to the alleged humanoid mummies. Here’s the link to an interesting report by Brian Allan. THE STRANGE CASE OF THE PERUVIAN MUMMIES: PART 1 OFFICIAL UPDATE – JULY 2017.


A fake mummy was fabricated in Argentina to show that is it possible to make objects that look similar to the mummies. But it was made with tweeds, sticks, wires, and alternating layers of vinyl gum, napkins, and newspaper. While it looks like the alleged mummies from the outside, it would not withstand the preliminary tests already done to the supposedly genuine mummies. After making the fake mummies the craftsman opined in favor of the ones being studied and said that scientists negating any possible truth to the mummies should at least try to demonstrate their position by showing how such mummies can be built.  Here’s a link (in Spanish)

August 03

Images of a second large alleged humanoid mummy have been circulating for several days. For instance, the following images allegedly sent by a group of “huaqueros” to a video blogger. Other video bloggers had received other images as well. Most of the recent news is constantly reported by Hispanic video bloggers that receive information from the huaqueros. There are rumors that this second large mummy (also covered with diatomite earth) was sent to a European collector after being sold or sent to an intermediary in Brazil. IF the alleged humanoid mummy is not fake or IF it is not an altered human mummy, it would be a loss for humanity if the “collector” doesn’t allow it to openly investigate this second specimen for the world to know. In this mummy (being called “Petra”) we can see that the three fingers in hands and – especially – feet are longer.  The jaw also is larger and it seems to show some flesh or fibers under some open spaces. If you don’t understand Spanish you may want to watch a raw footage from minute 28 onwards:

August 05

Important: All serious studies have to be considered to arrive at the truth.  The truth is more important than our preferences. In his video, Dr. Walter Nuñez (Professor of Medical Informatics and Research Methodology) explains in English (with subtitles in Spanish) his analysis of the DNA studies thus far known. His scientific opinion is that the DNA results report from Lakehead University Paleo DNA Laboratory. Analyst Stephen Frapietro and the Mexican analysis are enough to show that the mummy called “María” has been sufficiently identified as homo sapiens. The Mexican report is an Autosomal Genetic Report. The Canadian report is from the sequence S and from a Mitochondrial genetics. The mitochondrial report of bone and tissue from a hand shows a 100% homo sapiens and the sample from the head as 99% homo sapiens.  The 1% difference would be due to DNA damage. Dr. Nuñez also says that the reports in the Mexican DNA report and in the Canadian report correspond to a male.  Further results from the nuclear DNA result were positive and are soon to be revealed.

Does this mean that the mummies are only hoaxes? I think that we need to contrast scientific opinions and research more.


The Ministry of Culture apparently gave permission to archaeologist Cesar Soriano Rios to reach at least one of the alleged sites of the findings. More information will be upcoming.

July 08

In the Radio Program “Viaje a Otra Dimensión” conducted by Dr. Anthony Choy Montes (Radio Capital, 96.7 FM, Lima, Perú), archaeologist Cesar Alejandro Soriano Rios reported from Nazca. He had traveled with a small group and Nazca civil society representatives. He reported having localized 1) The burial site of the alleged humanoid mummies near a hill containing a great amount of diatomaceous earth. The place (a hill) is called “El Millonario” and the burials would be midway between its base and its summit. He also reports intact burials in places that look like caves, some located in cliffs which will require ropes to get in and 2) He reports also having found another hybrid mummy abandoned inside the Maria Reiche Museum between Nazca and Palpa. He calls her the “Maid of Nazca” or “Nazca Princess.” However, he mentioned that she was being exhibited (but how could she not have been noticed?)

According to Mr. Soriano, she would be a hybrid woman with human and non-human characteristics (doesn’t make clear if she is three-fingered) and would be highly tattooed as a sign of recognition and status much as the revered Lady of Cao from the Mochica Culture in northern Perú.

Cesar Alejandro Soriano Rios will contact the representative of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. Alberto Urbano to inform about the findings.  Mr. Urbano should produce the official minutes /initial official document about the finding. Mr. Soriano – who doesn’t claim to be the discoverer –  will localize the geographical parameters of the site with a GPS and travel to the Ministry of Culture…    The Radio Report (in Spanish) can be listened to at  

Mr. Soriano claims that the images of the entrance to the site shown before in the Marcelo Larin (YouTube hangouts) and the images known by reporter Jois Mantilla (and by extension the Maussan-Gaia team) are not genuine and differ from what he is finding.

Mr. Soriano reported that he also located not previously mentioned pyramids. He had to pay for his security. Dr. Choy asks the Ministry of Culture to accompany Mr. Soriano with its own archaeologists and to provide security to him. Mr. Soriano also asks the Ministry of Culture to participate openly for the truth to come out. Thus far he has been spending money from his own with no official support. He asks for donations.  He has contacted Argentinian paleontologists that should arrive to study the new bodies that could be found.

Dr. Choy asks the Ministry of Culture to accompany Mr. Soriano with its own archaeologists and to provide security to him. Dr. Choy mentioned a widespread mafia in the area.

July 09

RUMORS that authorities have allowed Nat Geo to go to the alleged humanoid mummies area are circulating.

Archaeologist Mr. Soriano wrote on his Facebook that local Ministry of Culture authorities are asking 650 dollars from him to allow him to publish what he has found thus far. He is requesting donations via Western Union

July 10

Mr. Cesar Alejandro Soriano Rios (who is an iconographic archaeologist) communicated and asserted that he is being charged an average of 650 USD to conduct field work, videos and photographs but still not excavations.  He mentioned there is a dangerous widespread mafia in which some authorities and institutions could be involved. He said that he was told not to mention the word “extraterrestrial” in connection with the research or else suffer legal consequences and he is trying to inform the National Institute of Culture about the findings. He also confirmed that National Geographic is working in the area. What they are specifically doing is not clear.

Mr. Soriano requests the assistance of legal experts for the Government not to demand a daily payment of about 650 USD to conduct survey field work. He also wants permits to be able to show the videos and photographs. Since he was about to be summoned to the Prosecutor’s Office he presented official declarations to the Ministry of Culture Representative Mr. Alberto Urbano and claims that some authorities seem to be astounded by what he has thus far shown them.  He claims to be 99.9% sure that three-fingered humanoid entities were known in antiquity. He wants to let others know that he has not been detained by authorities as was being speculated on the internet. He said that he and his expeditionary team are being continually followed by the Ministry of Culture with 4×4 vehicles which they had never used before.

Mr. César Alejandro Soriano Rios is spending his scarce resources on a daily basis to lead the Wawita Exploration (formed by a civilian group) and requesting donations to be sent (to his full name) via Money Gram or Western Union, asking the sender to keep the receipts for legal purposes in case there’s a need to validate source.

Interview link (in Spanish): 

Mr. Soriano next to two 3-finger humanoid iconographic representations.

July 11

Mr. Thierry Jamin and two members of Instituto Inkari (Eduardo Valenzuela Gil and José Benigno Casafranca Montes) present 3 news alleged humanoid mummies that were briefly loaned to them for 2 days to allow them to conduct some analysis. They would correspond to the smaller of the two species being considered. The bodies measure 53cm, 45.5 cm and 44cm and (like previous similar ones) would have 10 pairs of ribs and three fingers in hands and feet, each with 3 phalanxes (unlike the larger mummy called “Maria”). Tomographies and X Rays were taken from them. The following video is in French and Spanish

July 15

Upper extremities of the humanoid Reptile. Some characteristics: 

-The forearm consists of a single bone, there is no differentiation between the radius and cubit. (ITS INVOLVEMENT IN THE EVOLUTIONARY HOMOLOGY WITH TERRESTRIAL SPECIES IS EVIDENT)

“There are no carpal bones.

-In terms of a wrist, there only is a crescent shaped bone that makes the flexion and extension joint between the forearm and the fingers.

“There are no bones in the metacarpus.

“There is not a palm.

-The hand is only in pronation position and it cannot be supinated.

– Each finger is composed of 4 phalanges.

– It has nails covering 90% the surface of the distal phalanx while in Homo sapiens it is only 50%.

Biologist José De La C. Ríos López

Doctor Edson Salazar Vivanco

Researcher Thierry Jamin.

July 16

Peruvian surgeon, Dr. Walter Nuñez comments that the bone structure of (at least some) the smaller humanoid-like mummies have bones of different lengths. He also opines that teeth of the larger mummy “María” have been placed upside down and that, therefore, the entire case must be a hoax. For those capable of understanding Spanish, his videos are found in

However, a dentist may say that the twisted angle of the mummies head is making the teeth look like this. I will ask a dentist or two.

Dr.Cruz Rios asks: Can teeth be placed upside down in a mummy with her mouth closed? Why would anyone do that? He also observes that, since the head is tilted, the teeth seem to be inverted due to perspective. In other words, the root looks wider because it is closer to the X ray device.

July 17

Translation of Archaeologist Cesar Soriano Rios’ preliminary report: CULTURAL PATRONAGE WAWITA FROM NAZCA – PERÚ
Being close to conclude our first investigations in the area of cultural and pre historic co-tradition of the valleys and ravines of Nazca-Peru, we arrived at these preliminary conclusions:
5.-THESE INTELLIGENT NON-HUMAN BEINGS WERE ASSOCIATED WITH FOSSILIZED CLAMS AS WE SEE IN THE VIEWS (Choromytilus chorus) and the burial patterns correspond to one of the images presented here (taken from the Antonini Museum of Nazca) but which in a second phase, we will be able to know which one corresponds to the hybrid humanoids and which to the reptiloid beings that in this view are real, NOT FAKE.
Archaeologist Cesar Soriano Ríos
Wawita from Nasca
September 1
Archaeologist Cesar Alejandro Soriano Ríos hopes to make contact with what he believes is a non-human civilization living inside the Nazca area.  He is preparing with shamanic practices under a curandero. Moreover, The following letter was written two days ago after the formal expedition team led by archaeologist Mr. Soriano in association with the civilian group Wawita de Nazca was harassed in the city of Nazca by several police operatives trying to arrest Mr. Soriano (until it was duly noticed that they had no arrest warrant).

August 30, 2017 – Dear and honorable readers,

We would like to give you a summary here of the first part of our expedition to Nasca, which took place during the month of August. We are pleased with this first phase of work carried out by Peruvian archaeologist Cesar Soriano Ríos and Wawita team, as we begin to glimpse the true dimension, and importance of these investigations. The objective is to corroborate the studies carried out by doctors, scientists and laboratories, beyond the sensationalism that has been perpetrated by media and detractors on this subject.

Many people ask us whether the presence of mummified tridactyl humanoids has been evidenced in tombs scientifically and objectively still intact. We are all still under the impact of the mysterious findings of rare Tridactyl specimens. The news has spread like electric current, leaving us all in a state of bewilderment. We all yearn to know more, and above all, we want proof. Tridactyl specimens found are so different from anything our story has told us, they inevitably comes with a litany of challenges:

It is necessary to perform various specialized studies, C14, tomographies as well as costly biology and biomolecular genetic tests in order to correct detractors and their subjective criticism. Just as important, is the location and research of sites where the dissected specimens were found. It is impossible to fully grasp the meaning of these remains without placing them in an archaeological, anthropological, and historical context. In order to fully explain and confirm their authenticity, it is necessary to know where they came from, and what role they played in the course of human evolution. Wawita is not just out looking for mummies. Wawita deals with something more profound and relevant: context and corroboration. A challenge, because it denotes the time factor, the collaboration of different specialized teams, and of course, tons of patience. It takes time to make these observations and studies.

Archaeologist Cesar Soriano Ríos did not perform excavations in this first phase of the expedition. His objective was to do a general recognition and inspection of the Nasca Palpa arqueológical territory and collect iconographic data, in context with the monographic evidence in the area. That means observation, measurements, calculations, take pictures, and give an order to what is exposed – from the perspective of the expert eye. In a greater scheme of things, we seek to verify and rescue lost knowledge, to find what we have lost and forgotten: the memory of our origins and true identity – sociocultural, humanistic, and spiritual.

Obvious became, as everyone who has so generously supported and accompanied us in this first phase knows, the expedition has been a true odyssey. We have seen not only a total abandonment and hurdles placed by official authorities, we have observed and evidenced the presence of a terrible, dangerous and extensive organized mafia of looting, smuggling and illegal sale of our archaeological heritage.
Despite having gone through some very serious moments, we have started to see the extent of the problem that Nasca is suffering, and it is something that very unfortunately has been repeated throughout the modern history of Peru in many other communities. Metaphorically, we are like an orphan exposed to abandonment. Many people are forced to survive illegally and that is one of the sad reasons for the huaqueo.

We recognize this, and we want to do something to change that. Within Wawita’s vision is the foundation of a patronage, as well as a museum worthy of all the wonders buried and forgotten in this ancient land.

The people deserve it.

Wawita de Nasca Team

Description of what would be the smaller humanoid species found in Nazca. by biologist José de la Cruz Ríos Lopez


September 12

Investigative reporter Fernando Correa announced that the in-depth DNA exams show that the samples taken from the alleged humanoid mummies from Nazca corroborate that they are genuine and not altered samples of humanoid beings. He said that various labs are cross-analyzing the information and that 2 world-class experts are conducting tests. This is why it is taking a bit longer than expected. The complete DNA sequence of the nucleotid pairs that were obtained is ready. “The Nazca mummies continue being legitimate,” and “soon an important announcement will be made,” Correa said.  

T3M Noticias: (Specific news -in Spanish – about current ADN situation from minute 27)


On the other hand, there are news about continued harassment to archaeologist Cesar Alejandro Soriano. He tries to continue his prospection of the site and iconographic studies. He recently, interviewed a local woman guardian of part of the 500 square kilometer archaeological site in Nazca who told him that the “grave robbers (Huaqueros) come in at night. It seems as though they have influence on local authorities and that a mafia sells traditional and humanoid findings. However, there also is evidence that some of the mummies are fabricated. The huaqueros have been operating for decades. The Peruvian Ministry of Culture (too distant in Lima and managed more in a theoretical than a practical way) has not been heard much about any of this yet. 

JULY 11 Conference in Lima, Perú with SUBTITLES in ENGLISH

Important update: More evidence that at least MARIA the Nazca mummy is genuine and not modified. The “extra” finger bones of hands and feet have the same date under Carbon 14 as the rest of the body. The base of the cranium of several small humanoid creatures is different from that of humans and their chest has a prominent bone projecting outward.

UPDATE JAN 7, 2018: Jaime Maussan announced that the latest DNA tests have been completed. That the results will be revealed soon. 

Mr. Jaime Maussan: On September 5, the results of DNA analysis of the BioTecMol laboratory arrived. I gave the samples to them on June 15. Tests were carried out to arrive at an extraordinary conclusion: 30% of this DNA is similar to the human being, but 70% is not. As it is the report of a laboratory says that surely they are of bacterial origin. However, in a more detailed analysis, it was found that only 20% is of bacterial origin and 80% of that 70% it was not possible to establish its origin or find another species on Earth that shares it. About 2,000,000 more sequences need to be determined and this will take from 6 months to 1 year approx. These are preliminary results.

Biologist Ricardo Rangel (shown in a video interview by Mr. Maussan): Some 600,000 sequences/molecules with an approximate length of 150 nucleotides have been obtained through a massive sequencing process. Of the 4 samples that have been studied, between 19% and 30% of similarities to the human genome have been identified. We have tried to compare databases using a program known as BLAST (Basic Local Alignment Search Tool), an international database based on the complete human genome and other organisms and more than 2000 microorganisms, of bacteria. Sequences have not been found to have significant similarity to the human genome. Nor have they been found to have no similarities with the bacterial genome. We are comparing with animals like primates, the crocodile, the sea turtle to see if there are similarities and the results is that so far with the database we have there is no similarity. We still have a lot more DNA to sequence which will take us at least 6 months to 1 year.

August, 2018


Iconographic archaeologist Cesar Soriano with Leandro Benedicto, the tour guide that allegedly found the dry humanoid bodies. In August, 2018 they met to discuss the possibility of the latter releasing the dry humanoid bodies (now in his custody) for research purposes and for humanity’s sake. The communities of Nazca and Palpa might benefit with this if the Cultural Patronage from Rio Grande in Palpa and Nasca, Peru is formed and able to coordinate the event and perhaps create a local museum for this effect. This would function best with support from the state which would, perhaps, release Mr. Leandro Benedicto from legal implications. If genuine samples became thus available this would allow more Peruvian and international scientists to verify or reject what has already been researched by the team associated with Mr. Jaime Maussan and GaiaTV. 

August 2018

A second press conference by the team that has thus far researched the bodies (in association with GaiaTV and Jaime Maussan) is expected in Lima, Peru, perhaps for September 2018. The presentation should be about the up-to-date DNA, medical, anthropological research. I hope that this time more Peruvian mummy experts decide to attend the conference and engage in scientific dialogue.  

September 2, 2018

Archaeologist Cesar Soriano claims to have found a site where small dry, humanoid bodies are found in an area known as “La Millonaria.”  Mr. Soriano claims to have taken photographs of a dry, small humanoid creature but did not proceed to excavate the site without permission and so as to not damage the site. He claims to have verified that there are some artificial galleries, including an L-shaped entrance and evidence of cultural artifacts. Thus far, the Ministry of Culture and Instituto Nacional de Cultura don’t seem to have shown any interest. 









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